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3/14/2020Kingston was a sweetboy.Deborah WisemanWilliamsville, New YorkFebruary 17, 2020
10/8/2008 - 1/31/2020See you when we get there my beautiful big girl!!Bill, Norma, and Jillian PorterCheektowaga, New YorkFebruary 6, 2020
6/21/2014 - 1/24/2020Dec 16,2014 was my lucky day as I selected this frightened, traumatized, hairless, neglected homeless refugee from the SPCA, Wheatfield NY Niagara County. "Jasmine," 6 months of age must have had a very rough first 6months and transitioned into a beautiful, chatty, congenial, comforting Himalayan companion/best friend. Her life was too short, but I treasured every moment of the 5 years we had together. We were a most happy ,compatible couple!!
Jasmine was seriously addicted to the telephone and was always on every call chatting away. She made herself invisible to all guests except the one who hated cats.!!!!! (She knew!!!) She was also addicted to the internet,(loved scrolling) so this is the first time in 5 years that she has not been sitting on my lap or on the keyboard helping me write a message. (I always attributed the typo errors to Jasmine!!!) So... this is JASMINE'S STORY.. a much loved ,much missed and a most loving friend.
Patricia ScreminNiagara Falls, New YorkJanuary 28, 2020
3/24/2020 - 1/23/2020Skylar lost her will to go on yesterday..we called Lap of Love and helped her gain her wings.
Even though my heart is broken I feel so blessed to have had this amazing dog in my life.
Having a pet with this diabetes can humble you QUICKLY with the constant schedule, shots, testing and everything else that goes along. I am so sad our journey is over, but it was the best almost 14 yrs to have such a loving companion .
Skylar was truly “one of a kind“ with many quirks, one being she had to drink from white crock bowl because she was afraid of her shadow in a stainless water bowl.
Her favorite human was Daddy, she was his Baby Girl and she embraced that role throughout her life.
I will miss you Skylar forever. Thank you for coming into my life and the everlasting memories.
Till we meet again my heart will never quite be the same.
Cynda CroisdaleWilson, New YorkJanuary 25, 2020
7/7/2016 - 1/1/2020Emma was such a sweet dog. She loved everyone. She would sit by our front door and just watch the neighborhood. Anytime she saw anyone, she would sit straight up and wag her tail. She would then look at us, and you could see in her face she wanted us to let her out so she could say hi. After she passed we received over a dozen of cards all from people who live in our neighborhood who Emma touched.Michael DevriesAmherst, New YorkJanuary 23, 2020
8/1/2002 - 1/16/2020Oreo will be so missed. Thank you for bringing joy and light to my life.Kolleen CassidyBatavia, New YorkJanuary 23, 2020
3/5/2006 - 12/3/2019The hardest thing we ever had to do was to say goodbye to you!
We know it was time, but our hearts hurt. We know you are running again in
heaven and you are not in pain anymore. We will always remember you and have
Wonderful memories of the time you spent with us. We were so lucky to have you in
Our lives! Love you Gingy!!!
Lynette TavanoNiagara Falls, New YorkDecember 5, 2019
12/28/2009 - 11/15/2019The boy we love so much ....our Beau ...forever in our heartsJoEllen Bounds-SikorskiWilliamsville, New YorkNovember 18, 2019
12/20/2007 - 9/8/2019When we realized that Nikki was sick we knew that we could not keep her alive with expensive treatments that would extend her life span without quality of life. We kept her happy, loved and comfortable until the day she was unable to eat or walk. This was our first experience with Lap of Love, through the recommendation of my son, who had also used them.

We have no regrets that we chose Lap of Love to come into our home and take Nikki to a better place with us holding her and helping her transition. The idea that this could have happened in a cold, sterile environment was never an option. Nikki knew where she was, and she knew we were holding her.
Shelly SeelEAST AMHERST, New YorkNovember 4, 2019
8/1/2007 - 10/18/2019My beautiful girl who will always be remembered for loving many of my students with disabilities who wanted to love and be loved. The sweetest dog who helped me love through the trauma of all the children from foster care who came into our home and needed to be safe. Cali, you were exceptional in every way. Thank you for forgiving me when I was too busy to walk you when helping our little visitors. You helped me trust and be loved unconditionally.Erin RichealBuffalo, New YorkOctober 22, 2019
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