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6/20/2019You were a huge part of our family for 17 years. Our hearts are broken & we will miss you so much.Hope you are running free now in heaven with Lucky, like you used to when you were a young & healthy pup!! You will always be in our hearts Chloe!Alissa MassimilloMassapequa Park, New YorkJune 30, 2019
Fortune Fiona
2/27/2006 - 6/15/2019Oh our Puppy girl! How we miss you so so much already. You were our girl who was loving to others, your furry cat siblings and everyone you met along the way. We miss your fun personality, your hungry appetite and your infatuation with treats. Who new you loved you! Our block is not the same everyone has and is asking for you. You were my girl, my walking partner, my garden assistant and my best friend. Our home is missing your nails clicking on the floors and your growl how you tried to talk to us. We will always love you ❣️❣️❣️Carolyn BarwickiIsland Park, New YorkJune 25, 2019
3/20/2008 - 6/21/2019Jasper was a true gentle giant. In the 11 plus years he brought us joy we never heard him growl. He was great with kids, animals, adults and just an all around mellow guy. We are devastated at his loss even though his health has been failing for a while and we knew this day was fast approaching. There is a hole in our hearts which hopefully time will help.Thomas BradyCentereach, New YorkJune 22, 2019
6/20/2006 - 5/28/2019Maggie, thank you for the past 13 years of love that you gave our family. You made us all better as people and allowed us to be in the moment and patient which certainly helped me. You made us feel safe and secure and didn't let any outside noise or intrusion go unnoticed. Yet, you were gentle and loving to everyone and loved to be pet and cuddled. You were so strong and such a runner and walked so far on our daily walks. You never missed getting the frisbee (toy) for Mom and you loved all your special treats for being such a good girl. We probably still have some of your bones or socks that you buried in the back yard so feel free to come back and get them as you probably remember where they are. We will always remember how you played in the snow and ran around the pool when the boys threw the ball chasing back and forth. You also assisted those boys in getting their hockey pucks on the ice or when they flew off the ice and into the snow. You were our first dog so you had a lot of teaching to do with us. However, you made it easy to know what you wanted and to do what you needed. You didn't bark much but when you did it made us pay attention. When we had company you always participated by looking for food when someone wasn't paying attention or grabbing a napkin. No holiday or event will be the same without your presence but I know you will always be there in spirit. We will always hold you dear in our hearts and never forget all those wonderful times.Lisa Mars McCabeCold Spring Harbor, New YorkJune 4, 2019
8/6/2002 - 5/28/2019To Joker:

You have brought great joy and fun to our family for almost 17 years.  We fondly remember the day we met you.  You were a perfect match to our family.  We enjoyed chasing you and letting you chase us.  Oddly, like Snoopy, you liked sleeping on top of your crate instead of in it.  We will remember the times you would fall asleep on the bed keeping us company while we watched golf.  Taking walks with you pulling every step of the way only to stop at every tree to pee.  We remember one particularly long walk to get frozen yogurt where you were too tired to walk home so we had to carry you.  You would run in a large circle in the backyard carving a path on the grass around the patio.  You loved your treats and would jump so high to earn them.  You particularly enjoyed the Peperoni.  We will miss you barking in the middle of the night when you wanted to go out.  Well, maybe not.  You liked to pee on he cinderblock the boys got me for father’s day.  Ethan and Sam loved to spend time with you playing.  We were so proud to have a dog who’s pictures were featured in a book.  You liked to run and pounce around in the snow, sit on a skateboard, and hid amount the stuffed animals in Ethan’s room.  We would often find you on the kitchen table.  You have always been a special dog.

You were always very healthy and lived a good life.  It is with great sadness that we have to let you go.  We know you will run free and be happy again.  Goodbye my friend.  It is time for you to go.  

Love, Randi, Ethan, Sam, Eslyn and Rich.
Richard GertlerWOODBURY, New YorkMay 30, 2019
8/17/2000 - 5/20/2019My Sophie stink face, I loved you with all of my heart and so did daddy and Savannah even though she had an odd way of showing it at 3 years old. You were always such a good girl and as the vet called you in your last days a unicorn, a truly loving and sweet chihuahua! I miss you on my lap at the end of the day now there is a huge emptiness in the house and my heart. You were my shadow for almost 18 years and I feel like I lost a limb. I will never ever forget the memories we shared, you will forever live in our hearts. From the moment I saw your face I fell in love and still loved that face white with age till the very end! So rest peacefully my best friend, you are in a better place than us and one day we will meet again! I will be expecting only the stinkiest of kisses when we do! Thank you for always being by my side through good and bad you were the one constant in my life. Till we meet again I love you and you were the best friend a girl could have!❤️❤️❤️Kimberly CallahanBellmore, New YorkMay 22, 2019
12/30/2005 - 5/19/2019Giovanni 'giant Gio'
My dear sweet Giovanni, words cannot describe how heart broken I am over losing you. You were my heart, my whole heart and I still feel your presence around me. It's only been three days and I know this pain will be with me for a long time. While your brother Gabriel is still with me nothing is the same without you. Every moment of the day is missing a huge piece of happiness. While I may have complained about all the care you required towards the end I would take it all back. Coming home to you covered in blood almost every day. Not knowing what else to do for you, watching you decline so quickly, I want it all back. I want you back, your life was cut way to short and you left with my heart in your paws. I hope you met your girl Gucci at the bridge, I'm sure that made your heart swell to see her again. I hope you are running and squeaking all the toys and eating all the foods you love. Please come visit us often, my love, my heart, my Giant Gio.
Penny NotarnicolaBabylon, New YorkMay 22, 2019
1/1/2004 - 5/8/2019Girly, I will love you always and never forget you. You were a brave and loving sole.Jonathan ChenkinFreeport, New YorkMay 11, 2019
10/4/2006 - 5/6/2019In memory of our boy Peanut. We love and miss you so much. Your paw-prints are forever engraved in our hearts. We Love you always, Mom, Dad, little brother Jon Luca, little sister Jaclyn.Tara FrucciMassapequa, New YorkMay 7, 2019
2/1/2003 - 4/15/2019Sunrise 2/2003 - Sunset 2/2019. The keeper of the Laughter, The Secrets and My Light.Tandi LebowitzLong Beach, New YorkApril 24, 2019
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