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Pet Memorials: 9
5/6/2005 - 6/9/2019Gizmo was one of the most fun and loving dogs anyone could ever ask for. He loved his family and would do anything to protect us, even as tiny as he was. We are so lucky to have had him in our lives. He brought so much joy and happiness by his playful and energetic self. Gizmo was family and our best friends for the 14 years he lived. Our only hope is that we provided the best possible life for him filled with happiness and joy. It’s hard for us to believe that your gone, but your definitely not out of our minds and hearts. We love you so much gizmo and hope you are in a better place now!Ortensia OlivaNew Rochelle, New YorkJune 11, 2019
4/10/1999 - 3/17/2019Rascal, you brought such joy to our lives! We miss you and you will always be in our hearts.Michelle MagnottaMamaroneck, New YorkMarch 20, 2019
7/4/2004 - 2/1/2019Roxy,
You were really a special cat. We all love you so much. We're happy that our 14 years together were filled with cuddles, treats, laughs, and playtime. Every single moment will be treasured. As sad as it is, we're glad you're at peace. Until we meet again.

Tommy, Trisha, Michelle, Tori, and Stella
Tori MacchiMahopac, New YorkFebruary 2, 2019
5/1/2002 - 8/14/2017Like Odysseus' wife, Penelope, our Penny always waited. She was a presence in our home, very zen - in the moment. - and always there. She had been declining, though never complaining. We were grateful for Dr. Laura's information, kindness and expertise which eased her transition. I knew the end was coming, but resolved not to make her train her replacement. That said, we have a new little spirit, "Tuppence." If you come from the UK, you know that means two pennies. When I call him, I am also remembering our one penny.Rosamond GianutsosSunnyside, New YorkSeptember 17, 2017
10/19/2017 - 4/28/2017Zombie – Thank you for being my little man the last 3 ½ years. We did not have a long time together, but you meant more to me than you will ever know. You were a fighter from day 1 and all the way until your last breath today. Thank you for being my companion, my teacher, and my friend. You were brave, strong, loyal, and loving. I will miss having you in my life, but you will always be in my heart.Lacey HenryQueens, New YorkApril 28, 2017
10/9/1999 - 7/14/2016Words cannot express the depth of my connection with you, Stashie. You were always with us, and you always will be. Until we meet again, my boy, my Bubba...Mommy loves <3Jennie BramThornwood, New YorkAugust 2, 2016
5/4/2005 - 12/23/2015Dear Jonathan, all black with a few little white hairs on his belly and his ears. He was so sweet, the nicest cat I ever
had, he never scratched or bit, even if he was playing. He used to perch on the windowsill in our room and watch the birds and cars and people. He looooved going outside, and if I had kept him in, as I promised the shelter I would, he would have been severely depressed. When we first brought him home he got out and disappeared. I thought we had lost him, but we found him two days later, hiding right in our garage. He was close by the whole time, probably watching as we frantically searched, maybe measuring, are these people really the ones who deserve me? He never ran away, but he would disappear at times and I would go all over the neighborhood looking for him. I'd get back home and he'd be sitting under our neighbor's tree that he liked to climb, with this "looking for something?" look, almost smiling. Very nonchalant and subtle, he was. On the other hand, he was like a dog and would come, most of the time, when you called him, bounding across the neighbors' yards, speeding to the door, so sweet. He was independent, like cats are, but he also showed his connection to you at crucial times. When our other cat, Muffin, was sick, he sat vigil by her side in the basement where she had taken up camp.
Melissa ChepuruScarsdale, New YorkJanuary 3, 2016
7/27/1997 - 12/18/2015On December 18th our journey with Harpo ended after 18 wonderful years. He was our beloved kitty and brought joy to our lives everyday he was with us. He let us know it was time and we will be forever grateful we could provide him such a peaceful end, in his home on his bed surrounded by love. He filled our hearts and home with joy the void is tremendous. Thank you Harpo for coming into our lives you will always be our beloved little kitty.

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."

- From an Irish Headstone
Liz & Bill D.Pelham, New YorkDecember 23, 2015
Ruby Tuesday
12/9/2015In loving memory of my baby Ruby Tuesday who has returned to her maker...Thank you for the un bounding joy you brought into my life every single day. Thank you for being my unfailing friend and companion, and for allowing me to be yours, My heart is breaking as I struggle to say goodbye, but your memory will be a blessing for all those who have loved you, for the remainder of our days. Rest in peace my sweet sweet girl.Batsheva WeissmanBrooklyn, New YorkDecember 12, 2015
Pet Memorials: 9