Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
5/27/2001 - 6/25/2018The sweetest girl...we miss you every day, Darby Ann! We hope you are not so much resting in peace but doing all the things you used to love: swimming, chasing squirrels, rolling in the snow, and exploring your new world. The house feels empty without you!Bob PlunketHillsborough, North CarolinaJuly 9, 2018
9/11/2010 - 6/27/2018Mulligan was never scared; not ever of the big dogs. She let them know she "owned" the neighborhood.
She was the smallest of the litter, but became best friends with Tao, Duke, Holly, Nikki, Max, and Mira. She went everywhere with Divot and Mommy and soon became adopted by Daddy. Mully, we will miss you everyday and night. You were a wonderful girl and our hearts break that you are no longer here for us to spoil.
Pam DavisonDurham, North CarolinaJuly 7, 2018
6/16/2001 - 6/18/2018The house is way too quiet. We miss the light click of her nails on the hardwoods, the rhythmic lapping of a drink from her water bowl, and even the startling bark to alert us someone or something is afoot. Seventeen years is a long time to have been lucky enough to have one special dog in your life, but now that she is gone, you realize that it wasn't anywhere near long enough.

Tess endeared herself to us from the start. Stealing napkins from our lap at the dinner table. Appearing at the glass door, beard and paws full of mud after a hard day’s work excavating the back yard. Crawling across the carpet on her belly while uttering something that sounded like “Woo,” which soon became her nickname. She loved chasing rabbits and squirrels (in vain), fetching balls, playing dress-up with her human sister, taking long walks with the family, and licking her bowl clean of the occasional vanilla ice cream treat. Upon the first sound of the electric knife in the kitchen, without fail she was underfoot, hoping for a tidbit of turkey to come her way. And it always amazed us how someone so small could take up so much space in the bed at night. An obedience school dropout, Tess upheld the terrier tradition of independent thinking. She could be both cuddly and aloof and was described by a family member as “a curious dog.” On the hottest of days, you could find her basking in the sunniest spot on the patio and, most other times, perched high on the softest sofa back cushion. As she got older, a large portion of her day was spent keeping a watchful eye out for unwanted intruders scurrying through her backyard domain.

We are the luckiest three people in the world to have had her love and companionship for 17 years. It is hard to believe she is gone and even harder to imagine life without our sweet girl. Tessie Woo, you are forever in our hearts.
Nan RobertsonPittsboro, North CarolinaJuly 5, 2018
8/4/2004 - 6/30/2018Aka: Adders
My beloved Addie- Thank you for showing me absolute unconditional love and the most fun I've had in a pool, ever! You're quirkiness always kept us laughing, and your acting ability was something to behold.. … were a movie star to me and I cannot wait to see you again! I love you, my darling girl!
Kathleen MohrCary, North CarolinaJuly 1, 2018
8/28/2009 - 6/21/2018Loki had his time unexpectedly cut short. He was a joy each and every day that he lived with Kathy and I. People were drawn to him with his happy hansom face and friendly demeanor he was such a good boy. He really never did any thing wrong he was smart sweet and always interested in you who ever you were. A stranger was just a friend he had not met yet. He will be missed until the day we die. He was full of love and he knew he was loved. He was a proud boy for good reason.
He passed peacefully at home surrounded by his pack. He is at rest now but his love stays with us and our love goes with him. Thank you Lap of Love and Dr. Dana.
Robert MayDURHAM, North CarolinaJune 22, 2018
3/10/2003 - 6/19/2018I brought Ebony home hoping for an exercise partner and a reason to come home from work on time. I never imagined the depth of the love, commitment and bond that we would have. Ebony was not only loved by me, but my friends and extended family. He was the life of many parties, and a favorite road trip companion. We shared so many adventures. I’ve seen so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets and spent pleasant afternoons outside because of him. Ebony only got to spend a short time with his younger brother Curry, but Ebony is the reason I recognize who Curry is and who he can be. Ebony lead me to some of my dearest, lifelong friends. I love him so much and miss him.Kim SparksRaleigh, North CarolinaJune 21, 2018
5/13/2002 - 6/12/2017In memory of Caspar, my handsome, wild boy. It has been a year - friend, I miss you.Clare WoodsDurham, North CarolinaJune 13, 2018
7/7/2003 - 6/4/2018Dear, sweet Bella Bean. You were the love of our lives. You were an integral part of our family for almost 15 years. You've been gone 4 days, but we still feel you around us. A song on the radio, the sound of birds chirping outside, even specific times of the day remind us of you and make us smile. You are no longer with us physically, but you will always be in our hearts. You shared your pure, unconditional love with each of us and we're so much better for it. Run free, our baby Bella.Tracy VittiCary, North CarolinaJune 8, 2018
4/14/2004 - 5/31/2018Sadie girl was a beautiful companion with a warm and giving soul. I will miss her so deaply.Fuquay Varina, North CarolinaJune 1, 2018
4/2/2004 - 5/14/2018Bella was an amazing member of my family. I fell in love with Bella from the moment I saw her. She was always such a gentle and kind soul. She loved other dogs and really loved her human companions (adults, kids and babies). The first thing she would do is lick someone non-stop upon meeting them! That must have been her way of welcoming others in our home. I have so many great memories with Bella but my favorite times spent with Bella include cuddling with her on my bed or on the couch. She was always so sweet and loved to cuddle. Like a real life teddy bear! Bella never met a person she did not like and people felt the same way about her. Bella was very loved by everyone that came into her life and she will always be loved for eternity. It's difficult to move on in life without her. Having Bella by my side for 13 years and then not having her there has been a challenge. I try to find comfort in her spirit and know that she is resting peacefully across the rainbow bridge. Each day it gets a little easier, but how I wish she could still be by my side today. One day I know her spirit will come back to me. Perhaps in the form of another pet. I look forward to that day, but for now I will continue to think about all the happy times and know that my sweet girl is at peace. One day I will be too!Jen BenedettoFuquay Varina, North CarolinaMay 29, 2018