Pet Memorials
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3/1/2009 - 8/20/2018Salem. My constant companion, my rock, my furry son, my dearest friend. You saw me through dark times, and you loved me unconditionally when I could not love myself. I promised you that I would love you, protect you, and spare you from pain. Yesterday, I kept that promise -- even though it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I hope you know I did this -- all of this -- out of deepest love. Until I see you again, my little love. Rest now. Be at peace. And know that Eleanor and I will always love you.Molly BoyleDurham, North CarolinaAugust 21, 2018
Mr. Betty
8/11/2016 - 8/4/2018Mr. Betty was a loving cat, he would be everywhere, following us around the apartment, and letting you know when something was needed. He would play “four corners” in the morning while his mom would make the bed, making the morning routine funnier even if it was just for a couple of minutes. He would use his paw to drink water from our glasses and his paw to try to steal food from our plates. He loved belly rubs and loved “paw pawing” our face at night. He would fall sleep with us in bed, on the top of mommy’s pillow and would accept that eyes closed meant no bothering but if a cell phone was being used it meant a free hand was there for him to be pet. He loved falling sleep touching you, either a paw on our face or laying on top of a hand or an arm, with his head on the pillow. His time with us was all too brief but it was good.

We miss you Mr. Betty, have fun with other fur friends on the other side of the rainbow bridge.
Matt and Judit ZimoCarrboro, North CarolinaAugust 5, 2018
3/2/1997 - 7/31/2018Socks, our beloved kitty went to Cat Heaven on July 31, 2018. He will be missed dearly by his family Andy, Robert, Johnathan, and especially by his "mom" Laura. Today our house feels so empty without our sweet little man in it. We cherish the 21 years that we were able to spend with you. RIP now our sweet baby.Laura and Andy LeeSouthern Pines, North CarolinaAugust 2, 2018
5/1/2018 - 7/25/2018Bailey, you were the best dog. We will miss you so much!Leacey BachhuberEfland, North CarolinaJuly 27, 2018
Tinkerbelle Simmons Fox
12/6/2003 - 7/14/2018Written 7.14.18

Yesterday you hadn't eaten for 5 days.
Yesterday you had refused water for 4 days.
Yesterday you couldn't stand without falling.
Yesterday you wouldn't lift your head off the floor, and you barely had the strength to open your eyes to look at me.
Yesterday I realized I couldn't remember the last time you played with one of your toys. Or climbed up into bed with me. Or actually enjoyed a long walk.
Yesterday I came to terms with the fact that this would be the time you wouldn't recover.
Yesterday I selfishly wanted you to continue to be here with me, as if you could live forever.
Yesterday I thought about the ways I could get you to take food, fluids, antibiotics to help you live.. And realized that wouldn't be helping, because that wouldn't be living at all.
Yesterday I could finally see it in your eyes. You were tired, your fight was over, you were ready.
Yesterday I thought about how you've been slowly declining over the past several years. So slowly that I didn't see it. I hadn't stepped back and thought about how miserable you may have been for a while.
Yesterday I thought about how extremely thankful I am to have had you in my life for this long. Over half of my life.
Yesterday I thought about all the major events and dramatic changes in my life that you have been there for.
Yesterday I prayed that after this week had been so very hard on you, that your last day would be a good one.

Today my prayers were answered. Your last day was a good day.
Today you got up and walked.
Today you spent a little time outside.
Today you drank some water when you got up.
Today you ate some food and didn't get sick.
Today you were able to eat a cheeseburger, after years of being on a limited diet.
Today you roamed around the house, taking a moment to rest or nap in most of your favorite spots.
Today the people who love you most surrounded you, cuddled you, loved on you.
Today you got lots of belly rubs and kisses.
Today Lap of Love came to our home to help you. First they gave you a medication to help take your pain away & relax.
Today you were pain free for the first time in years. I will cherish those moments forever.
Today you laid down and were truly comfortable. Next they gave you a medicine that helped you peacefully make your transition from this world to the next.
Today you peacefully slept. You snored. The kind of snores I used to hear from you, back when you could sleep comfortably.
Today I held your head, told you how much I love you & how thankful I am for you; I listened to those sweet snores, and then they stopped. Peacefully. In the comfort of our home.

Now you've left your pain behind.
Now you can run and play.
Now you can eat the things you want.
Now I miss you like crazy.
Now I feel like our home is empty.
Now I will grieve and try to heal.
Now I think about your good times; Long walks. Running with your hair blowing in the wind. Camping. The beach. The lake. Swimming (with your little nub sticking out of the water, waging back and forth). Riding in the car, but insisting on sitting with the driver. Barking at animals on TV. Putting up with all the Halloween costumes I put you in over the years, and looking super cute doing it. Ringing your little bell to go outside. Shocking mom and I by Grandma Moore allowing you in her house for the weekend when we would visit (you know you're stinking precious when that happened). Pawing me on the shoulder to let you under the covers at night. Sleeping curled up in the bend of my body while I slept. Even trying to share the pillow by laying on my head. Waiting to get the scraps after a meal (or the milk after my cereal). Chowing down on those big green treats Brandon and I would give you some nights. Rooting around all the living room furniture when we would get home because you were so excited. We had so many good times together, I can't possibly list them all.
Now my heart aches terribly, but I am thankful that we were able to give you a good death.
Now I understand how a “good” death is even possible. I'm thankful you did not have to suffer any longer.
Now I will try not to focus on the sadness I feel, but focus on the love we shared, and how lucky I was to have found you.

And to think, I had a choice for my 13th birthday. A big dance party or you. No question, I'd choose you every time.

Have fun in paradise, sweet girl, you deserve it. You've served your purpose well. I know I'm going to heaven one day. And I know in heaven there is no sorrow, only joy. So I know I will be seeing you again. Until then. I love you.
Abigail FoxRoxboro, North CarolinaJuly 18, 2018
5/27/2001 - 6/25/2018The sweetest girl...we miss you every day, Darby Ann! We hope you are not so much resting in peace but doing all the things you used to love: swimming, chasing squirrels, rolling in the snow, and exploring your new world. The house feels empty without you!Bob PlunketHillsborough, North CarolinaJuly 9, 2018
9/11/2010 - 6/27/2018Mulligan was never scared; not ever of the big dogs. She let them know she "owned" the neighborhood.
She was the smallest of the litter, but became best friends with Tao, Duke, Holly, Nikki, Max, and Mira. She went everywhere with Divot and Mommy and soon became adopted by Daddy. Mully, we will miss you everyday and night. You were a wonderful girl and our hearts break that you are no longer here for us to spoil.
Pam DavisonDurham, North CarolinaJuly 7, 2018
6/16/2001 - 6/18/2018The house is way too quiet. We miss the light click of her nails on the hardwoods, the rhythmic lapping of a drink from her water bowl, and even the startling bark to alert us someone or something is afoot. Seventeen years is a long time to have been lucky enough to have one special dog in your life, but now that she is gone, you realize that it wasn't anywhere near long enough.

Tess endeared herself to us from the start. Stealing napkins from our lap at the dinner table. Appearing at the glass door, beard and paws full of mud after a hard day’s work excavating the back yard. Crawling across the carpet on her belly while uttering something that sounded like “Woo,” which soon became her nickname. She loved chasing rabbits and squirrels (in vain), fetching balls, playing dress-up with her human sister, taking long walks with the family, and licking her bowl clean of the occasional vanilla ice cream treat. Upon the first sound of the electric knife in the kitchen, without fail she was underfoot, hoping for a tidbit of turkey to come her way. And it always amazed us how someone so small could take up so much space in the bed at night. An obedience school dropout, Tess upheld the terrier tradition of independent thinking. She could be both cuddly and aloof and was described by a family member as “a curious dog.” On the hottest of days, you could find her basking in the sunniest spot on the patio and, most other times, perched high on the softest sofa back cushion. As she got older, a large portion of her day was spent keeping a watchful eye out for unwanted intruders scurrying through her backyard domain.

We are the luckiest three people in the world to have had her love and companionship for 17 years. It is hard to believe she is gone and even harder to imagine life without our sweet girl. Tessie Woo, you are forever in our hearts.
Nan RobertsonPittsboro, North CarolinaJuly 5, 2018
8/4/2004 - 6/30/2018Aka: Adders
My beloved Addie- Thank you for showing me absolute unconditional love and the most fun I've had in a pool, ever! You're quirkiness always kept us laughing, and your acting ability was something to behold.. … were a movie star to me and I cannot wait to see you again! I love you, my darling girl!
Kathleen MohrCary, North CarolinaJuly 1, 2018
8/28/2009 - 6/21/2018Loki had his time unexpectedly cut short. He was a joy each and every day that he lived with Kathy and I. People were drawn to him with his happy hansom face and friendly demeanor he was such a good boy. He really never did any thing wrong he was smart sweet and always interested in you who ever you were. A stranger was just a friend he had not met yet. He will be missed until the day we die. He was full of love and he knew he was loved. He was a proud boy for good reason.
He passed peacefully at home surrounded by his pack. He is at rest now but his love stays with us and our love goes with him. Thank you Lap of Love and Dr. Dana.
Robert MayDURHAM, North CarolinaJune 22, 2018