Pet Memorials
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Baby Girl
5/11/2003 - 5/23/2017Baby Girl the house is empty without you. We miss you so much. We miss the way you would sit in dad's lap and the minute I sat down you would move to mine. Your dad would call you a traitor. We miss having you here to come home to and the happy greeting we would get from you. I can see you turning round and round because you were so excited. Our hearts are so broken but we know that you are no longer suffering. Instead you are running around pain free like a young puppy again. You were a part of our family and will always hold a special place in our hearts. I thank you for giving us years and years of unconditional love and happiness. Love you Baby Girl!Eddy & Terry CannadyOxford, North CarolinaMay 29, 2017
Brownie Smores Shanks
8/8/2004 - 5/9/2017Brownie was a great pet! He was wonderful with kids and adults. Everyone loved him. People would meet him for the 1st time and say he was a sweetest dog. There is a void in our home and will be there for a long time as we get use to our new normal. We miss him so much.Dashia ShanksDurham, North CarolinaMay 10, 2017
8/8/2017 - 5/2/2017Smoky was my Son's dog. We rescued her at the ASPCA here in Raleigh. He was killed in a car accident when he was 16 years old. Smoky became my partner and gave me something to love and care for while I grieved and learned to live without him . She saved my life as we did hers. She was a wondrous soul who will be forever missed by all that knew her. She lived loudly with a quiet grace. I will forever miss her .Robert HartRaleigh, North CarolinaMay 5, 2017
2/14/2004 - 4/25/2017It has been a little over a week since Gracie left us, and I am finally beginning to adjust to the incredible hole in my heart enough to try to put into words just how much she meant to me. I have had many dogs over the years, but Gracie was special. It is difficult to explain, because I loved them all, but she was the one who really became a part of me and for a little toy Fox Terrier, made a huge impact on my world. I know I will feel her missing every day, but I am comforted knowing that we will meet again and she will be well then.Diane PowersDurham, North CarolinaMay 4, 2017
4/6/2005 - 4/25/2017Tank made out lives so much better! Our family as a whole misses you so much but we know you are in no more pain and waiting for us on the other side of the rainbow! We will never forget how you made and still make us smile! Always a part of our family! May your paradise be restful and happy, until we meet again!Bree & Jay JonesRaleigh, North CarolinaApril 28, 2017
5/1/2003 - 4/23/2017On April 23, 2017, we said goodbye to our best friend, companion and sweet boy.

Charlie was found wandering the streets of Durham as a three-year old the spring of 2006. Cindy answered the Craigslist ad of someone who was trying to find him a new home. When Cindy looked into the crate where he was hiding and saw those brown eyes looking back at her, she knew his new home was with her.

At first, Charlie was nervous and scared of everything, including quick movements from above and oddly enough, bicycles. Cindy assumed it was caused by bad experiences living on the streets or an abusive previous owner. He would drink mud puddles dry on his daily walks as if he didn’t have a bowl of fresh water waiting at home, so she joked he was still using his street smarts to survive. Cindy eventually broke him of his fear of bicycles, but still doesn’t understand what could have caused it.

Many people didn’t realize Cindy even had a dog for a while after she got him. He hid under the bed, only coming out to go on walks, which he loved, and occasionally for treats. But he eventually warmed up and started hanging out without being prompted.

Charlie had several health problems over the years, including heartworms and issues with his eyes, but he was always a good boy at the vet, no matter how much they poked and prodded him. After an extensive dental cleaning where the vet took out the majority of his teeth, Charlie emerged a new man. Cindy didn’t realize that those rotten teeth had made him uncomfortable most of the time. But once his mouth healed, he found interest in food and everything else life has to offer (but mainly everything related to food). He also developed a playful personality that was probably hiding inside him all along.

One of Charlie’s favorite times of the day was treat time. At 8:30 each night he reminded Cindy that it was time for a treat by walking to the fridge and looking up at where the bag sat, then looking at her. If he’d worn a watch he would probably have pointed at his wrist. He got excited about his treat and would throw it in the air and play with it before settling down to eat it.

Often known as a sous chef to both Cindy and Shaun, Charlie also loved to supervise as we cooked, hoping for scraps to rain down. He loved food.

Charlie was a quiet boy and generally never barked. On a trip to the mountains in the early 2010s, he did find his voice as he howled with his cousins, Nola and Cody, and revealed a rare beagle bay that his parents had never quite heard before, and seldom would hear subsequent to that trip.

Charlie also took delight in naps and providing comfort by lying beside his owners when they were sick or sad. He also liked to break out his Wolfpack bandanna and collar as he watched sports with Shaun.

Charlie was a sweet, caring, gentle and lovable old soul who got along with children and other pets alike. He was shy around other animals, but never had a mean bone in his body. Charlie had deep, human-like eyes that made it evident just how intelligent and loving he was. Everyone who met Charlie remembered him and frequently asked about him, no doubt indicative of his charming and memorable personality.

Cindy and Shaun wanted to give Charlie a backyard that he could roam free in. When they purchased a home in July of 2016, Charlie arrived on scene for an inspection as important as any engineer could provide. As he circled the fence and sniffed the backyard, both Cindy and Shaun couldn’t help but get teary-eyed finally seeing him in his new yard.

Earlier that year, Charlie had survived one bout with cancer, when he had to have one of his front right toes removed from his paw. Within a matter of weeks, the familiar pitter-patter of Beagle feet and nails on the hardwood floors returned as Charlie won his first fight.

Labor Day weekend of 2016 brought news of a return of his cancer when Charlie was rushed in for an emergency splenectomy. He was diagnosed with canine lymphoma and given only a matter of weeks to live. Charlie, however, wasn’t ready to give up his new yard quite yet and lived until April 23, 2017, and did so with vigor. He bounced back almost immediately, and was in great health for the majority of these months providing many more laughs, hugs, pets and memories while he was with Shaun and Cindy.

Charlie was a strong dog, a tough dog, and a fighter. His fight was one of love, as to the very end he did whatever his parents wanted, and did so out of his undying loyalty, love and appreciation; a feeling that was certainly reciprocated by his family. Charlie left this Earth with peace and dignity, and a piece of Cindy and Shaun’s hearts that will never be filled.

We will always miss you, Charlie Brown.
Shaun & Cindy Taylor & WhittRaleigh, North CarolinaApril 25, 2017
12/7/2002 - 4/11/2017We are missing the presence of our sweet girl, Oreo. Her ever watchful eye on our whereabouts and following us around the house. Never to be left alone and always voicing her presence especially at mealtimes. She never met a stranger and considered every one her friend. We will love her forever.Beverly ThurmondRaleigh, North CarolinaApril 24, 2017
10/26/2003 - 4/16/2017In loving memory of my pretty girl, you were with us when Angel was 5 you were just 6 weeks old when we adopted you. When you turned 4 we got you a four legged companion, Jubie. Then Eli was born. We bought our first house and you were there, always our loyal companion. When we decided to move to NC you gave me a big scare. I thought I was going to loose you then. But no, you stayed strong for me. Then we bought our second home and we welcomed Kai into our family. And still you kept me company. You grew older and weaker and then in late June 2016 I got the news. The vet said "I should count myself lucky if you lived until your birthday" he gave you an average of four months. But my pretty girl you proofed him wrong you made it to 10. I never wanted to make this decision, for my heart breaks to know I will no longer see your pretty face. But it pained me more to see time pass. How you slowly started loosing more weight, the cancer was spreading and becoming more visible. On that awful Sunday morning I knew I had to make the decision to let you go. I'm glad I got to hold you tight and tell you how much I loved you and how much I was going to miss you. It was hard for me to look into your pretty eyes to know that was the last time I would look into them. My heart aches for Angel who has grown with you. He is almost 19 and in collage now. Eli will be 7 next month and he too morns your lost. Kai is 1 1/2 he will probably grow up hearing about you and how great you were. I will keep Jubie safe for you.
Until we meet again my pretty girl!
Monica BurgosApex, North CarolinaApril 19, 2017
12/22/2009 - 4/12/2017Gill had the sweetest nature of any dog I've ever known. She loved kids, walks, and Frisbees. She hated storms, basketball games, and squirrels in her yard. She was a big talker. All she wanted to do was please us, and she did. Every day of her life.Lynn FellPittsboro, North CarolinaApril 14, 2017
6/1/2007 - 4/10/2017Tawny. Smart, sensitive, faithful, and loyal to a fault. For all these years she's given so much love and joy, selflessly without jealously or anger. Never requiring anything back except for a treat and snuggle. Beings like Tawny are who we should aim to surround ourselves with. To learn from them and hopeful become better people. Though are hearts are aching and our house feels a little more empty we take comfort in knowing that Tawny is no longer suffering and she is free to roam and play as intended. May every dog get the chance to touch a life the way Tawny touched ours and my every person get the chance to receive such unconditional love. Mommy and Daddy love you Tawny, AKA Toons, AKA Tawntawn, AKA Stinko, AKA Ronny.
Tawny is survived by
Brian's son Sean O'Connor and daughter in-law Jackie O'Connor
Caregiver Molly Abreu
and fur brother Budrick (Buddy) O'Connor
Jackie O'ConnorRaleigh, North CarolinaApril 12, 2017