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9/6/1998 - 8/18/2017It’s been almost 19 years since we visited North Shore Animal Shelter and you chose us to be your family. At just 6 weeks old, you were a feisty gray fur ball with sparkling green eyes. From Day 1, you were our daughter’s best buddy, and filled all of our hearts with so much joy. You were a Queen - regal, glorious and a little scrappy all in one! We loved you so and know that you loved us too! We will miss you terribly, Iris but know that you are now at peace.

The Cook Family
Durham, North CarolinaAugust 20, 2017
7/1/2017 - 7/19/2017After 10 years together, including three years of neurological and cardiac deterioration, beloved schnoodle Bella passed away in our home. She was my best friend--I called her my "familiar," a sort of spiritual mini-me that helped me do the hard work of living--and my husband and I feel her absence keenly. As we readied ourselves to say goodbye, we talked to Bella about the happy hunting ground that awaits her, where she'll be able to walk, run and jump again, enjoy the sun and grass, and eat whatever food in whatever amount makes her happy. I talked to her everyday about the sort of house she would build for us to live in for when I join her one day--she prefers ranch style with an unfenced yard, though she's humoring me with a small rock garden--and all of the things we'll be able to do together now that her body is young and healthy again. That is how I choose to remember Bella: as the spry and sweet creature that she always was, even when that carefree nature was somewhat bounded by her limitations, and how that vigor is returned to her now that her soul has passed on.Danielle ChristmasChapel Hill, North CarolinaJuly 21, 2017
Forever in Our hearts🐾🌈🐾❤️🐾❤️Linda PittiHillsborough NC, North CarolinaJuly 17, 2017
12/25/2004 - 6/29/2017Boomer you are forever our sweet beloved “Cattle-Lab!” We miss you so often throughout each day. We miss seeing you as we wake, taking our morning walks, at dinner, evenings & the many, many hugs & kisses we gave you. It was Kismet the day we met you!! Mike found you on the Paw Prints website & requested to see you at the Garner Petsmart adoption day. After many weeks, we were about to give up our search, & I remember that day in January so well. I got down on my knees & asked you if you liked me. You answered by putting your paws on my shoulder & giving me a kiss.
You were such a loving, happy dog, greeting everyone we encountered with your soft sweet whimper. It was your way of saying, “Hi, I’m Boomer, welcome to my world!” More people in our neighborhood know you more than they know Mike or me. Your affectionate personality is why you have so many friends, (two & four legged)! Maggie, Toby, Cooper, Tiger, Stanley, Daisy, Alice, Chas, Watson, Jessie, Jet, Cinnamon, Bear & Mia to name a few. With a quick sharp bark you calmed Cooper when he was anxious, & with a short yelp you stopped Jet from running away from his mom. If Maggie saw you, she would make her mom & dad stop walking so that she could say hello. You loved Ms. Kingsley & if we walked by her house, you would stop & stare at it, wanting her to come outside, which she was happy to oblige! Ms. Janet who was afraid of dogs, was never afraid of you & looked forward to petting you. You were thrilled to see Ms. Mei, Mr. Chin & Mr. Kelly, who would periodically come to check on you when Mike & I were away for a few hours. You enjoyed entertaining guests, showing off how you could throw your rope in the air & catch it. Mr. Miles & Ms. Kitty were frequent visitors, & you were Mr. Miles’ “Roly Poly!”
You were such a good boy. Where ever we took you, you were at home & could be trusted. We loved taking you with us to the beach & on family visits to PA & MD. You liked to shop at the many stores where you were allowed. Your smile & face would light up at the sight of the beach; running near the waves, through the tide pools & chasing the birds was so much fun! You were so happy on your daily walks, getting love from the kids at the bus stops. You especially enjoyed the walks at the many local parks & greenways. If not for you we would not have seen so many beautiful areas. We will always remember your happy little trot with your tail up.
You also loved your at home time with us. You would curl up on the couch with me or lay beside Mike during evening tv time. You never begged at the table & would wait patiently for Mike to finish his plate & put his leftovers in your bowl. Even if we went to a restaurant, Mike would always bring something for you. At bed time, you had the cutest little wiggle going up the steps. You took your half of the bed out of the middle & we loved sharing it with you. If someone slept in late some mornings, you would join them in bed until they were ready to rise. Your grandma looked forward to letting you curl up & get back in bed.
You were so good at checkups, taking your shots & letting Dr. Riddle do what she needed to do. We were so fortunate to have found her. Her knowledge, caring and extra training on nutrition, vitamins and herbs made all the difference in helping you stay healthy, especially when we found out you had nasal cancer. It was a tough treatment program for you at NC State but you persevered & we were blessed with some terrific Dr.’s. The radiation shrank the tumor down to nothing for over a year, & thanks to Dr. Riddle, Melanie’s massages & your strong spirit, you were able to champion on for nearly two more years in spite of the tumor’s return in the recent months. You made a lasting impression with so many people who have sent us cards & remembrances for you. Boomer you are such a treasure to us. When God made you, he threw away the mold. We think of you each day and will always remember the love you gave us.
Pam & Mike
Pam & Mike Craig & BowerApex, North CarolinaJuly 14, 2017
8/14/2002 - 5/20/2017When It's Time to Say Good-bye
Last week we heard the news that we had been dreading, “that it might be time to do the kinder thing and let Lucy go”. Today we say good-bye to our beautiful girl.
She still has moments that she is herself, but the confusion, the fear, the anxiety are becoming more frequent. The inability of her hind legs to support her and thus the falls occur more often. With our wonderful veterinarians we have done everything we can to increase and support the quality of her life and we are grateful for the extra time we have had with her.
Lucy, who came to live with us when she was about 16 months old, is the daughter of Suzy (Lola) and Roki, both brought to the States from Hungary and the dogs of James’ mother Iris. She is the last of their first litter and with her passing we lose another piece of Iris yet again. Lucy will be 15 in August and that is old for a Vizsla. Her father and mother were both younger when they passed and her brother, our sweet Boris, was only fourteen months old when he died of cancer. Lucy came into our lives after the death of her brother Boris who was our first dog. When he tragically died in October after his first birthday we were devastated, especially Charlie. Iris was so sad for Charlie she sent Lucy to help heal his heart. She was such a different dog from Boris. She was tentative where he had been exuberant. Fearful where he never met a stranger. She had moved from the country to the city and it was a big adjustment for all of us. It took a while but Lucy eventually grew to find her place as a city dog and won her place in our hearts. She went from being the member of a dog pack to being the alpha dog in a family. Big shoes to fill but she found her way. She became the waker of the teenager each morning, with a simple, “Lucy get Charlie out of bed”. She has always been a vocal member of our family. Doing her job to announce when someone is walking by the house, when someone is at the door, if the neighbors are in the backyard and as her vision became more compromised her announcements have become more frequent.
I have never lived in this house without Lucy, and it will be emptier and lonelier. I will miss your joy whenever I walk through the door whether I have been gone 5 minutes or 5 hours. She has always been my constant including her role as my constant companion throughout the house. If I tarried too long upstairs she would seek me out. If I was under the weather and laid down on the bed she would come and lay beside of me offering me the comfort, warmth and the weight of her body. We always sat beside each other in the evenings on the sofa. I have often been reminded by my family of my famous words, “no dog will be allowed on my furniture” as she cuddled beside me in the evening. She needed me but I never realized how much I needed her until we almost lost Lucy four 1/2 years ago. Then it set in. That the day would come when we had to say goodbye.
We are grateful for our wonderful vets at Westside Animal Hospital who have helped and supported us in our care of Lucy and for the courage to have the honest conversation that they had with us. When they talked to us almost two weeks ago they also gave us time. The time to spend with you. To take one last trip to the coast and walk along the cool quiet paths through the trees. Time for you friends, from many different places to say good-bye to you. Time for Charlie to be back in the States and time for us to feel like we are making the best decision for you, our sweet Lucy.
We had one last walk through the neighborhood this morning and Dad went to get you your favorite egg and cheese biscuit from Biscuitville, which you prefer over the ones at Bojangles. This afternoon the good folks from Lap of Love will come to the house so that we can say good-bye surrounding you with our love.
Grandma Iris loved the book “The Incredible Journey” by Sheila Burnford and so I leave you my sweet Lulu, Lulabelle, Lucy Lu with these words;
“The late afternoon sun slanted through the branches overhead, and it looked invitingly snug and secure. The old dog stood for a minute, his heavy head hanging, and his tired body swaying slightly, then lay down in the hollow. The cat, after a good deal of wary observation, made a little hollow among the spruce needles and curled around in it, purring softly. The young dog disappeared into the undergrowth and reappeared presently, his smooth coat dripping water, to lie down a little away apart from the others.
The old dog continued to pant exhaustedly for a long time, one hind leg shaking badly, until his eyes closed at last, the labored breaths came further and further apart, and he was sleeping-still, save for and occasional long shudder.
Later on, when darkness fell, the young dog moved over and stretched out closely at his side and the cat stalked over to lie between his paws: and so warmed and comforted by their closeness, the old dog slept, momentarily unconscious of his aching tired body or his hunger.”
May you in your long sleep be comforted with the presence of those that went before you.
Deborah DobbinsDurham, North CarolinaJuly 11, 2017
Maggie Moo
8/2/2006 - 7/2/2017Maggie Moo was a sweet, loving English Springer Spaniel and constant companion. She brought much joy to all who knew her. While we are sad at her passing, she leaves behind many wonderful memories of the all-too-brief time that we shared together.Dayne BrownRaleigh, North CarolinaJuly 3, 2017
9/1/2003 - 7/2/2017We will miss Jessie and her amazing unconditional love. May there be many pancakes in heaven, Jessie. We can't wait to see you at the Rainbow Bridge.Deanna MitchellCary, North CarolinaJuly 3, 2017
6/10/2004 - 6/18/2017Jaxon, you were a wonderful companion to all of us. Thank you for giving us the best 9 years. You were 13 years old when you passed away, but you lived a great life! You have come so far in the 9 years that we have had you. Please enjoy doggie heaven for us and say hello to Max. Sweet dreams, sweet boy.Louise GainesFuquay Varina, North CarolinaJune 19, 2017
8/28/2003 - 6/15/2017Today I'm celebrating the life of a loyal companion and friend - Tinkerbell. By virtue of your unflagging devotion and unceasing desire to be ever by my side you can't be replaced and you're dearly missed.

Don't let a good name fool you - Tinkerbell had a ferocious growl right from the start. At seven weeks old, still with a pink underside and wobbly, uncoordinated legs holding you up, you meant business and quickly worked your way into the hearts of anyone who heard your off-pitch bark and watched your tail swag wildly. You matured quickly, but never lost your spunk.

Sorrow has weight - I can feel it. However, I think this is a good thing because it binds the thousand beautiful memories I can recall with the very real sensation of feeling their collective presence bearing down and making them that more vivid.

My heart is heavy because I will not find a friend like you again. You were so happy, so gentle and in good times or in bad you always drew out smiles from those who didn't seem capable of smiling in the moment. You were there for me when I needed you the most. You listened and then listened some more.

Tinkerbell, you will be missed for all that you were to me and especially for all those beautiful moments we shared. Surely all dogs go to heaven. I imagine you're there now winning over the hearts of a few angels who have the honor of enjoying that unbounded and timeless walk.

All my love,
Sean DeMatteoRaleigh, North CarolinaJune 19, 2017
1/20/2003 - 6/17/2017Savannah, our independent, kind and loving girl. We miss the sound of your nails clicking on the hardwoods, and your begging while we cook every meal. We laugh and smile thinking of you chasing rabbits, catching snakes and moles and getting bossed around by your sister. Your patience and loving nature to all people made you so special; every new house guest would agree...that you were the favorite. There is a hole in our family now, and your spirit will live there forever. We love you.Liz SandersDurham, North CarolinaJune 19, 2017