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12/23/2003 - 7/15/2019In loving memory of our sweet boy Beau. Beau was the BEST dog anyone could ask for. In his younger days he enjoyed car rides with his head and tongue flopping in the breeze. Wasn’t very fond of leashes, but did love going on outdoor trips with the kids. He was very fond of pizza. He hated getting his feet wet when doing his business and most of the time he would just squat right on the concrete walkway . He has seen us through all our ups and downs over the last 15 1/2 years. We will miss you more than words can describe.Robin TaylorGrove City, OhioJuly 16, 2019
8/25/2006 - 7/14/2019We said goodbye to our sweet Charley yesterday. It was a very difficult day and we miss him so much. He was a beloved friend and companion for many years. He was my buddy from the day I brought him home. From early on, he was my running partner and my swimming partner. He loved car rides, the beach, peanut butter, swimming in lakes, chasing squirrels and walking in the woods. He moved around the country with me and was with me during a lot of life changes. He was so energetic and full of life, and always brought a smile to people’s faces. Even as he slowed down during his older years, he was still excited to greet new people and old friends.

I miss you Charley. And we love you!
Abbey JohnstonColumbus, OhioJuly 16, 2019
7/8/2001 - 6/28/2019Jupiter, thank you for 17 years of love and purrs. Our house is a little emptier, but our hearts are full. Your favorite rug is still in front of the fireplace and will always be there for you. We miss you.Austin, Sandra, and Mike BoydColumbus, OhioJuly 8, 2019
7/8/2001 - 6/28/2019Thank you, Jupiter, for a great 17 years. We’ll miss your purr and love of neck scratches. We’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge. Rest well our furry friend.Austin BoydColumbus, OhioJuly 5, 2019
Rufus Davis
3/3/2006 - 4/26/2019RUFUS
The day I saw you on the RESCUE Site sitting in a field of grass you touched my heart immediately. From that moment on you were in my life. Rufus, you were and always will be my best friend, my confidant, you knew more about my inner thoughts than any human. We had so many good times together, there will not be a day that goes bye that I will not think about you.
As I always explained your personality to people, you were my "Forest Gump" of Rottweiler's. Such a sweet sweet boy you were, you loved the grand kids you loved every other rottie rescue we brought into the home.
The house will never be the same, but in my heart you will carry on forever!!!
Jeanna DavisReynoldsburg, OhioMay 1, 2019
10/15/2006 - 3/31/2019Ringo, we are so grateful for the time we had with you. May you be running free and healthy now, on the other side of the bridge!Columbus, OhioApril 9, 2019
12/19/2002 - 3/18/2019Oscar rarely met a person he liked. He loved his Mommy and his Daddy, but was very discriminatory about others. He especially loved to bite at men's feet. He was a gourmet. When I'd take him to the kennel before we'd head out for a trip, I'd pack little baggies of homemade pot roast, meatloaf, chicken, add a little flavor to his food. The last 4 months of his life, he went to the vet three times a week for fluids for kidney failure. The staff always wanted to know what was on Oscar's menu for that day. They always said they were "jealous." Oscar had three beds in our house, actually 4 if you count the couch, to reside wherever he felt like he wanted to at the time. One by the fireplace, one heated, and one by Mommy's desk. Trips out the back door and down to the river were his favorite. He loved roaming (with his Daddy) our 3-acre property smelling all the critter smells he could find! He had his very own cup of water by our bedside, a little treat jar and his favorite stuffed puppy dog he'd play with every single night. Basically, he ran the place and we just were here to bring Oscar joy and happiness every single day of his life. And he gave it all back tenfold. My heart is breaking. There's a huge gaping hole. Over time, it will heal, but forever I will hold my little Oscar Meyer close in my heart.Vickie HutchinsDelaware, OhioMarch 19, 2019
5/30/2002 - 2/7/2019My sweet boy. A month has gone by since your passing and I miss you so very much. I feel you in every corner and hear your paws on the floor following me, just as you did every day for 17 years. You will forever live in my heart. We miss you more than words can tell.Robyn CorlDelaware, OhioMarch 8, 2019
3/22/2019 - 3/2/2019My sweet Suzie.... I couldn't have loved you more. With you goes a piece of my heart. We will love you and miss you every day. See you at the rainbow bridge.Carson McGarrityColumbus, OhioMarch 5, 2019
4/13/2013 - 2/18/2019My Mora, I can see you taking a sun bath on the deck and chasing squirrels out of your yard and playing fetch with three balls all at the same time.
I can picture you chasing the deer on our early morning walks and when I experienced health issues last year you never left my side. When we adopted you in 2013 we promised to give you a forever home and know that you are forever in my heart Rest In Peace.
Linda AustinColumbus, OhioMarch 5, 2019
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