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Hugo Eugene Gilmer
12/15/2017 - 6/3/2019New house, new baby. That is what everyone said when we brought Hugo home only weeks after purchasing our first home. The life, love, energy, smiles, and laughs that he created filled that home. It made it complete. Our time with Hugo was short - way to short but the quality of life he had was one I try to find comfort in. He will forever be my little babe. Rest in peace my sweet baby..Deanna GilmerTemple, PennsylvaniaJune 4, 2019
9/17/2006 - 5/16/2019Buddy still had so much energy and got excited when I had company, but he couldn't stand anymore. It was hard to make the decision but he could not understand what was happening, and he would not get better. He relaxed than went to sleep. He knew I was there and kept licking me telling be everything will be OK, because I was crying. He always gave me comfort when I was upset. I would call him my Buddy Boo. I know he is now with my husband again walking around. It hurts everyday knowing he's not here.Marlene WrightCoopersburg, PennsylvaniaMay 20, 2019
Big Bear
3/31/2007 - 5/4/2019Big Bear was just that. A larger than life King Shepherd who loved with his giant-sized heart. He greeted you in the am with a mike long smile and spent his days and nights loving his surroundings. He loved his toys and yes, FOOD! HE was an uncertified therapy dog if someone needed uplifting and extra love. He was a support dog in our foster home for a dog from Charwills German Shepherd Rescue . He gave love and needed love. The world will surely miss this one of a kind love.Donnamaria GadsZionsville, PennsylvaniaMay 6, 2019
11/7/2006Otis, you were a huge part of our family for a long time and you will be missed everyday!Megan StormSlatington, PennsylvaniaApril 29, 2019
2/27/2007 - 4/27/2019She was more than our dog. She is our daughter. She is a “ sister” to our kids. She is family. Living a life without her, is the hardest thing we have to face. The love we have for her her is so, so deep. She made our house “home”......she made our family “us”. Her personality was one that we know will never be matched. She had spunk that came out on cue every time. She let her opinions known. She was a fierce protector. She loved spaghetti, steak, burgees (burgers) , ice cups (cream) pizza and SO much more. She was included in everything we did. She loved trips to the beach with us. She loved going to New Jersey to be with family. She loved sitting outback at home....and “bitching” to any other animal in sight so they knew who SHE was, lol.
I could sit here and write forever about how truly amazing she is. She, her life, her personality, her zest, spunk and immense love are the greatest gift.
The Kramer family will never be the same. We will take her with us, always. (We really will).
She is our angel.
Indelible- leaving a mark that cannot be removed. That was Kona.
Missy KramerEphrata, PennsylvaniaApril 28, 2019
6/25/2014 - 4/8/2019Words cannot express how saddened we are to have lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Apollo, aka Mr. Wonderful on Monday 4/8/19. We thank Lap of Love for helping us get through this most difficult time for our family. We miss him greatly but are at peace (the best we can be) knowing that he is now free from pain. Our very courageous boy battled lymphoma, melanoma and in the end a tumor was found in his shoulder which most likely was osteosarcoma. In a few weeks time, his health declined rapidly so we were forced to make the decision to let him go to earn his Angel Wings...we love and miss him so so much but our hearts are full of love to have had him as a member of our family for nearly 5 years...if only God had let us have him longer....Godspeed Mr. were loved by many!Jean & Sue MeloniMohnton, Pa., PennsylvaniaApril 10, 2019
3/10/2005 - 4/8/2019My precious Kate....Katie Kate as we always called you. Thank you for 14 years of unconditional love, loyalty, joy, and wonderful memories. You had the sweetest most endearing personality....such an easy going....nothing phases you approach to life. You loved being a couch potato but would never miss an opportunity to greet and welcome home anyone who was special to you and even those you didn't know. Our lives were made better because you were in it. You pushed through all obstacles that came your way....getting caught in a fox trap, ACL surgery, advanced arthritis, laryngeal paralysis, stomach mass.....still fighting....still wagging that tail....still forcing yourself up to greet us....still giving us kisses and love. Such a pure spirit that felt humanlike so many times. We feel so blessed that we could all be around you to say goodbye to you and give you a peaceful loving death. You so deserved that. I will NEVER forget that as you were falling asleep from the sedation, you still managed to give me....your last kiss. We find solace now in the fact that you are free and experiencing joy to its absolute fullest and have met up with so many other special souls of ours. One day we will reunite. Until then....the memories and love you gave us will be forever etched in our hearts and always be a part of us. We LOVE you FOREVER Katie Kate!!Dawn WilliamsMohnton, PennsylvaniaApril 10, 2019
2/1/2008 - 4/6/2019My dear boy Milo- you were always such a " talker"- the house is painfully quiet when I get home. I miss your sweet face.
We rescued you when you were a puppy and have loved you for 11 years....through allergy shots and surgeries you remained our happy boy. While Marley will chase his ball incessantly all you ever wanted was to be near us and touched and cuddled.
Dr. Amy was a blessing for us as she gave you such a peaceful passing. Her soft spoken manner and tenderness with our boy will never be forgotten.
It was also very healing for me to have her support when I was questioning myself even to the end. Dr. Amy - we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Elizabeth, Aubrey and Mark Abel
Elizabeth AbelOrwigsburg, PennsylvaniaApril 10, 2019
5/19/2004 - 3/16/2019Hammy was a crazy kitty cat. She was incredibly social. She was a weird cat...she could be moody, mischievous, and spastic. She had her claws but she didn't rip stuff up. And she was a loving little kitty cat. Hammy loved life and I loved her. And it seemed like she really loved me. She wasn't a lap cat but she liked getting near me and cuddling with me. She would lay up against me as hard as she could and I would pet her. She loved the Springtime when the windows were open and she could get in the window and put her nose to the air. And, regardless of how well I cleaned, she would find the little cobwebs left over from winter and eat them. AT which point she looked and acted 'stoned' Freakin' Hammy the Head. Ha! She liked Punk and Metal but didn't dig when I played guitar. I guess that tells you about my guitar abilities. LOL! She would jump in the shower with me in the mornings and, for some reason, really enjoyed licking my feet after a shower. Freaking weirdo! Ha! We went through so much together over the course of 14 years. She knew me and my emotions and feelings and reacted accordingly. She was a sweet kitty cat and I feel blessed that I had her in my life. I miss her but I'm glad she was part of my life. Rest in Power Hammy. I love you and you meant the world to me.Stan StanMaxatawny, PennsylvaniaMarch 23, 2019
10/4/2008 - 3/2/2019On March 2nd we had to say goodbye to our dear sweet loving friend, Ollie. We always hoped that day would never come as he was our best friend. Ollie, you gave us so much fun and laughter because you were quite the character. You were so funny and had so much personality I swear you were part human. We love you so much and we miss you tremendously. thank you for all the good memories and laughs we had together. We will see you in heaven one day my friend. We love you, mom, dad, buddy and all who were blessed to have known you, you are the best.Glenn & Vicky DavisBainbridge, PennsylvaniaMarch 16, 2019
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