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4/15/2007 - 5/27/2020Hershey was a very special dog. You were the most loyal companion I could have ever hoped for. Loved our daily walks, talks, hanging on the couch and so many other things. It was a very difficult decision for me to make but I do know it was the right decision. You were struggling and getting tired. The house is so quiet and I am grieving yet relieved for you at the same time.
We love and miss you so much everyday.
Vicki JackettiPottstown, PennsylvaniaMay 28, 2020
5/8/2020 - 5/19/2020May 8, 2005 was one of the best days… The day you were born… Today May 19, 2020 was one of the saddest days of our lives. Gary and I had to let go of our precious little man to doggie heaven ....Yoshi was the best dog we could have ever asked for… So thank you to our daughter Jennifer for this amazing gift for 15 years… We could not have loved you more… And you could not have loved us more...But we knew it was time to let you go, you tried to hang on for us… But you were so tired, and now you are at peace....I held you till the end and your heart stopped in my arms. I will never forget that moment.... it was so surreal…RIP our Sweet Boy💔💋Cynthia ConradLanghorne, PennsylvaniaMay 27, 2020
12/7/2001 - 5/13/2020For 18 1/2 years Harbor added both love and the opportunity to love into our home. He grew up with our children and was every bit a cherished member of our family. His relationship with Robin was unique in a way that seemed more like a dog than a cat. Her knew her voice and would come running whenever she called. You would never have guessed he was as old as he was. He had a young spirit for an 18 year old cat. Harbor's quality of life was a top priority for us and we are truly grateful for compassionate services of Lap of Love and Dr Sara for assisting us in this difficult time. We found great comfort in her counsel... a day early is better than a minute late. We will always love and dearly miss Harbor, and know there will be a sweet reunion at the Rainbow Bridge.Michael ArdHavertown, PennsylvaniaMay 15, 2020
12/16/2013 - 4/30/2020“It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and as loving as they are.”

Stephanie GompfMalvern, PennsylvaniaMay 11, 2020
5/28/2008 - 5/8/2020This girl came into our life when she chose us a her parents at the shelter. Never mind that we thought pit bulls were dangerous dogs. We were so wrong. Bounder "bounded" into our lives and stole our hearts. And when she earned her wings on that Friday, she took a large piece of our hearts with her. I always called her angel. Now she is my guardian angel. Before she earned her wings I told her no chasing kitties over the Bridge. They were now her friends. I hope she is behaving herself.Cheryl KriegerLanghorne, PennsylvaniaMay 10, 2020
10/17/2011 - 5/8/2020To my sweet Cassius,

There are no words for how heartbroken I am. Your love was unconditional and you had so much to give. 8 1/2 years with you was not enough.. no amount of time ever would have been. You were by my side through college, careers, a new home, an engagement (you were the star of the show!), a marriage, pregnancy and birth. Every single life changing moment, you were there. What a blessing you have been. You’ve taught me so much, and I will always be grateful for the joy you’ve brought me.

When I look out in the yard, I will always picture you sunbathing on your back, when your Dad puts mulch down I will imagine you laying down and rolling around in it, when I open a bag of cheese, I will always hear your feet running over to get some before I put it away, when I open the door to come in the house I will always see you running to greet me with Bruno in your mouth, when I’m sad and crying, I will imagine your sweet kisses wiping away my tears.

There are a million things I won’t be able to do or see without thinking of you and longing for you. For one more kiss, one more belly rub, one more monkey in the middle frisbee catch.

This is the hardest goodbye I’ve ever had to say. I miss you and I love you, Cash. You will always be my baby boy.
Ashley CampbellAtglen, PennsylvaniaMay 9, 2020
11/24/2007 - 4/24/2020Missing our Sadie, with every step.Downingtown, PennsylvaniaMay 5, 2020
1/1/2007 - 4/16/2020“No one can truly understand the bond we form with the cats we love until they experience the loss of one.” – Unknown
“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” —Charles Dickens (author, Great Expectations)
Marj HunsickerCollegeville, PennsylvaniaApril 18, 2020
Oscar Iv
11/9/2005 - 4/16/2020Simply the naughtiest puppy that ever drew the breath of life. Adorable, exasperating, mischievous, smart. Only inexorable, cruel time and arthritis could curb that spirit, but never touched the sweetness and abundant love underneath.
He was spoiled as no dog has ever been spoiled. I wouldn't have traded knowing him for the world.
Jane HendersonWest Chester, PennsylvaniaApril 17, 2020
4/6/2020KC, you were a very special kitty to the Buchys family. We will remember you for your beautiful blue eyes and for the love and happiness you brought our grandmother with dementia. Thank you for keeping her company and being such a sweet boy for our family. We all miss you dearly, "Mr. Man".

May your sweet soul rest peacefully and may you reunite with your sister, Molly.
Katlyn BuchysLanghorne, PennsylvaniaApril 13, 2020
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