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Pet Memorials: 3
1/14/2007 - 6/6/2019Midnight Maya, where did you go? Our home is so empty without you. 12 years young, you were full of energy, spunk, love and overall the best dog in the world. Life with you was better, life with you was safe, life with you was always exciting. Your nails on the wooden floor truly brought comfort to our hearts, you were always there. Your obsession with tennis balls and sitting on bath mats always made me laugh and your overall protective ways for our family will forever be missed.
Cancer took you away from us, it came out of nowhere and shocked us all. Even when you did have cancer, you really never showed us your pain. I wish I could have taken that pain on my shoulders and went about my day -- so you would be ok. We tried everything to protect you and we are so sorry you are gone. Mully misses you, I miss you and Dad, your best friend, will miss you the most. Maya girl, I hope you have crossed over that rainbow bridge and are playing fetch freely, swimming all over the place and making friends with all the angels in heaven. You brought so much joy and laughter to our lives. We are lost without you, sister. RIP and please show us that you are always around. Love you sissy, We miss you.
Sheena CochranHOUSTON, TexasJune 7, 2019
3/7/2002 - 6/4/2019Snickers was the best dog ever and the most loyal companion. He was always the most welcoming every time I walked through the door. He took awhile to warm up to strangers but he was a good judge of character. He would follow me around the house and look for me even in his last year when he was blind. His nose worked excellent and he used it when he could no longer see. My heart is broken but I know he's in heaven waiting for me to join him some day. He's gone but never forgotten because after spending 17 years of my life with him, he's left a big hole. Nicky, Mommy loves you so much and you're my good boy❤️Terri ConeKingwood, TexasJune 7, 2019
1/14/2004 - 2/2/2018Nicky was 14 years old and she was the last of five big dogs I’ve had. She was a very sweet and happy dog always smiling. I would wonder sometimes when letting her out if she’s literally smelling the flowers. She loved the outside and smelling around and chasing things. She will be missed something terrible. But I know she’s in doggy heaven playing with her other 5 friends that were waiting for her. Rip Nicky you were a good dog.Lynn HarrisBryan, TexasFebruary 6, 2018
Pet Memorials: 3