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3/30/2010I never dreamed i would of loved this deep. You are my best friend. I am sorry you were in so much pain. I loved sleeping on the floor with you when i thought u were going. I know i said please not yet so many times. I just needed u. What an honor it is to have known you. I look at your paw print and sleep where you where when you took your last breath. I know u are free frim pain and i am in aginy without u. I do not think i have ever noticed a pet cry until i saw you crying. I hope we are together soon.
I kept u here far to long. I love being your momma🥰 i think of u every day and i know Jesus sent u my way.
You were so attentive to me and i know u always stared at me lol but that was your love. I am totally alone now. My sorrow runs deep. Scampers 11 you are the best thing that has ever happened to me!!
Today is 11/11 so i thought i should do this today. I hope there are treats in heaven. I am not afraid to be alone now because if u.
What more can a simple hulan say about a very superior being.? Kiss kiss. I still say i love you my Scampers before bed. 💔🐶
Jodi CampbellWest Jordan, UtahNovember 11, 2019
5/7/2003 - 11/5/2019COCO
Sixteen and a half years ago
You came into my life.
You were in a pile of puppies that they called “lab mix”
Because so many are.
We never found out what “type” of dog you were.
We only know that you are
A friendly dog
A sweet dog
A smart dog
You were my first dog in many years.
The first ever that I picked out
As a grownup.
Your ears flopped down at the beginning,
Then slowly rose to attention.

Your color
Your zest for life
Gave me your name
Coco, after Coco Chanel,
Who famously said,
“Beauty is zest.”
But like that other Coco
Your beauty wasn’t the only thing
That defined you.
Zest for life
A fierce independence,
(The latter made many believe you were part husky.)
A love of running on canyon trails
Chasing balls
But never really returning them.
You never cared that much about
People pleasing.
But you did please everyone anyway with
Your constant smile
Your wagging tail.
You have lived in three houses
The last one being the best because
Jacques joined our little family,
The nicest, kindest man we ever met.
You bonded instantly.
You tolerated your little brother Jack and never
Acted like the alpha dog you were
Unless he stole, or tried to steal,
A particularly yummy treat!
You have many nicknames
Coco Puff
Coco Nut
Coco with the marshmallow paws
Your proud spirit will live in me always.
We will never forget you.
Kathryn AtwoodSalt Lake City, UtahNovember 8, 2019
7/5/2005 - 10/13/2019Romeo our handsome boy, we will always remember the love you brought to our family and those you met.
May you frolic in daffodils, chase lots of squirrels, go on long walks, buzz around with your brother Koa playing lots of tug-o-war, eat the tastiest of treats including whipping cream and bacon, go on long car rides with your head out the window and lay in the grass in a nice sunny spot (your favorite) for the rest of eternity.
We will miss you sweet boy, but know you are at peace and not suffering anymore.
Bret, Hillori & Sienna HansenHolladay, UtahOctober 14, 2019
12/15/2008 - 8/6/2019Annie, you are missed beyond words. Our hearts and home feels so empty with out you here laying on the many beds we have around the house for you. Know that we love you so much.Kathy ReesBluffdale, UtahAugust 9, 2019
11/24/2002 - 7/12/2019We had the privilege of Ginger in our lives for over 15 years. Almost two years ago, she was diagnosed with kidney disease that was approaching failure and given 30 days to live. She knew we were not ready for that adjustment and managed to give us more time. She handled treatments and medications like a champ to stay with us a little longer. We will be forever grateful for her determination, strength and lessons she taught during her brief life. We love you so much Gigi. We look forward to the day we meet again.Tiffany BurgamyWest Jordan, UtahJuly 17, 2019
12/1/2012 - 6/21/2019We will all miss you, Sheldon (Minner nelnon and sometimes, Heldon). We will always remember your love of sweaters, hot blankets from the dryer, and sitting in the laps of your family.Andrea KaplanHolladay, UtahJune 22, 2019
Princess Buttercup
9/11/2007 - 6/13/2019Princess Buttercup was so sweet, she was friends with anybody and everybody. She loved cats, especially kittens . She was always by my side. She followed me everywhere.... even to the bathroom in the middle of the night... wherever I went she went. She was always there for me, she knew when I was sad and she would lay by my side and give me kisses, she spent a lot of time with me in bed when I was pregnant, and when I was sick. And she was always with me through all of my studying days/ nights.... she was a true companion! “Cheers to one of the worlds most perfect dogs”Jennifer RodriguezWest Jordan, UtahJune 16, 2019
11/11/2003 - 4/7/2019Chloe, you were the sweetest, gentlest dog I could imagine. You came to me at a time when I was in great pain, and you helped me heal--and you were a patient and loving companion. I loved the expression of joy and adventure looking back at me when we went on a walk in a new or different place (not nearly often enough). We usually walked in the neighborhood, and all the neighborhood kids loved you and wanted to pet you. Even though you were a little afraid of kids, you were patient and let them pet you. I loved the little honking-wheezing sound you made when you were feeling playful and excited. I loved the way you waited for me anytime I went upstairs or downstairs. Near the end, you were so debilitated by the seizures, disoriented, lost, sad. I'm so sad you went through that, and so sad I lost you. Thank you for all the gifts you brought to my life.Sherri VanceSalt Lake City, UtahApril 9, 2019
7/25/2019 - 3/11/2019It's just not the same without you son!
Dad and I miss you terribly and pray that you are truly in a better place without pain. You were wonderful; you and Penny were the best dogs we ever had and we have had some very good dogs!
Mary Beth BradleySandy, UtahMarch 13, 2019
10/26/2018 - 10/26/2018"Death is not the opposite of life, death is the opposite of birth. Life is eternal and has no opposite." –Eckhart Tolle

Even with that quote, I sure miss my good friend, Chance.
John BradySalt Lake City, UtahOctober 27, 2018
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