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4/1/2008 - 7/8/2020Kody aka “Shmoo” was the most gentle and kind soul that you could have ever met. She lived 12 long wonderful years with so much life that no one could forget a dog like her. Kody was such an intuitive and compassionate dog with such a calm and collect personality. Kody loved to eat. If food was a hobby, she would have taken first place at it. From table scraps to extra treats, Kody never missed out. Relaxing, getting loves, treats, and laying on a comfy bed is where you would find Kody in her spare time. She will be missed and loved everyday, and never forgotten. Until we meet again my sweet girl, be free and eat all the goodies you could ever imagine. Rest in paradise Shmoo, you were the best dog anyone could ask for!Alysia LovatoWest Jordan, UtahJuly 10, 2020
7/24/2020 - 6/21/2020As we would always say..."if you don't love Bear, you don't have a heart." He was truly full of love and full of heart was larger than his magnificent size. He was his own superstar that was stopped on any walk to flirt and get pictures.

It was truly to short of a life, but he smiled to the end.
Chad PottsSalt Lake City, UtahJune 23, 2020
3/1/2001 - 5/31/2020Our Sammy immediately bonded with James. We really think she saw him as her rescuer. I was her caretaker!
Before my husband had his first stroke, she tried so hard to warn him that something was about to happen.
Since then she’s not left his side.
She is and will be forever a part of our hearts 💕
Lisa WyciskallaWest Valley City, UtahJune 1, 2020
Ginger (mama Roo)
11/12/2006 - 5/30/2020Ginger loved everyone and was the sweetest dog ever. We called her Mama Roo because she loved everyone and everything.
She taught all our animals who passed through or stayed in our home how to love and be loved. She occasionally would gently remind some "little thing" that they were not acting appropriately and put them back on the correct path. I was able to work out of our home from the time we brought Ginger home at 8 weeks until she passed. When I would leave I would tell Ginger to "watch over the little things". She always took her job seriously. When I received a call one day from my 20+ year old daughter and she stated "Ginger is bossing me around." I reminded her she was one of the "little things" and asked her what she was doing that would cause the aforementioned "bossing". There was silence on the other end of the line. LOL We loved Ginger as much as she loved us. She will be greatly missed by so many. We love you Mama Roo!
Marilene BennettWest Jordan, UtahMay 31, 2020
5/1/2017 - 5/24/2020Sweetie-kins was a once in a lifetime cat. I will love him and hold him dear to my heart forever and ever. I hope you're chasing all the birds, getting all the cuddles, and breathing easy my house panther.Tricia ClaphamMagna, UtahMay 26, 2020
6/1/2013 - 5/2/2020Trace was my best friend and he loved so unconditionally! I remember when I would be sitting on the couch and if anyone walked into the room he would immediately stand up and stare at them to let them know he was there, and he was going to protect me. You were always such a great friend! I miss you more than words can say and think about you every day. You will be forever missed until we meet again.Candice BellWest Jordan, UtahMay 22, 2020
Scarlett Jane
2/20/2008 - 5/18/2020To our dear Scarlett. You were the best dog in the world. From the moment we got you, you stole our hearts. You chewed up glasses, pens and ears off a bear rug and we did not really care. You ran circles and jumped off couches in the house., and we encouraged your bad behavior.You were very insistent about shaking everyone's hand with your left paw upon seeing them even if it was for the 100th time. It was a sad day when you lost that left leg to osteosarcoma on March 16 of this year, but you found other ways to make sure you greeted everyone properly. You never caused us any problems and never complained. I miss kissing that snout and miss seeing you with your fuzzy bone and watching you squint and bend your body in half while wagging your tail. Your sister Libby misses you very much and seems a little lost without you. We will never forget you and have lots of pictures of you in the house as well as the drawing of you and Libby. Your brothers Ben and Paul also miss you very much and are so sad that they could not be with you at the end. I know you are happy now since you are not in any pain, but it will take us a while to be happy again. Thanks for blessing our lives with your spirit and love. Love you forever. Your mom and dadClaudia FruinSALT LAKE CITY, UtahMay 20, 2020
Riley (tubby)
1/21/2005 - 5/15/2020To my sweet boy, you are missed more then you will ever know. Even with your two loud brothers still around, the house feels quiet and lonely without your presence. I miss you following me around from room to room, I miss the mess of blankets I would have to pick up each morning from you ruffling them, I miss your snoring, you scratching the side of my bed and the pitter patter of your paws on the floor. You have been the light of my life for the last 15 years and I don’t know that the ache in my chest from losing you will ever fade. Know that you were loved every minute or every day. I hope you are looking down on me and are in a place where you are pain free and can have all the food you ever dreamt of. I love you my sweet tubby! Gone but will never ever be forgotten.Whitney PackTaylorsville, UtahMay 19, 2020
12/23/2011 - 5/15/2020My big ole sweet boy. You were the world to me. You brought me nothing but joy and happiness. I believe you truly did more for me then i did for you. I new from the time i saw your photo at the Humane Society that you were meant to be with me, and i wasn’t wrong about that. You were always the first thing i saw every morning and the last before i went to bed. Nothing made me happier then seeing your face when i came home from work, and even better the days i had off with you. I will miss you singing to fire sirens, and how nothing every seemed to bother you from thunderstorms to earthquakes. You were my rock, and i just don’t Know what i will do with out you in my life. My world has become very empty since you passed. However i know you are now out of pain and your last few days were very hard. I hope i brought you some of the joy that you brought me. I will always love you.Brad IrwinSalt Lake City, UtahMay 18, 2020
5/14/2004 - 5/6/2020Oh Rocky, you are deeply missed right now my boy. After 16 years there's no denying you were a fighter. If love alone could've kept you going you would've lived forever. My only comfort right now is knowing you're waiting (probably impatiently) for me to reunite with you someday. Words simply aren't enough to express the grief and loneliness your absence has left. You were the loyalist dog I've ever met. You had your quirks, but I loved every one of them. Even your ridiculous stubbornness. I'm sure you're doing wind sprints like crazy right now because of your mobility issues the last 5 or so years of your life, and probably forcing grandpa to roll the ball back to you after you'd nudged it over to him for the thousandth time. I'm beyond thankful that you were by my side thorough thick and thin for all of those sixteen years. More than half of my life up to this point has largely been spent with you, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. You'll be happy to know your sister has been the strongest of all of us, you taught her well. You taught all of us well. Everyone always said you were wise beyond your years. You'll always be with me. You'll always be my "Bubber"
Until we meet again sweetheart.
Coltin AllenMidvale, UtahMay 8, 2020
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