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7/15/2015 - 6/13/2019RIP Theo The Boxer
July 15, 2015 - June 13, 2019

My partner and I lost our best friend, Theo, to cancer this month. It’s been an absolutely heartbreaking experience to go through.

Theo means the world to us. He loves us unconditionally and without any expectation. We know how much he loves us, and I hope he knows how much we love him. Theo is gone far too soon but his memory will live on forever. The universe had other plans for Theo, but the impact he had on our lives can never be overstated

A word from your dads:


I’ll miss you, Theo.

I know I’ll still see you at every corner, in every hallway, every time I look at your collar or your favorite bunny toy. I’ll see you on your bed every time I look down from my desk. I’ll hear your cute snores for the rest of my life - even the times you used to fake snore despite being wide awake and staring at me! Every time I pass a dog bowl I’ll think of the way you snorted when you’d eat your favorite snacks. I’ll remember those famous zoomies and I will miss you every time I walk down that hallway alone. All those handshakes, every snuggle, every little bit of slobber that ended up on my clothes. I’ll remember the face you used to give me when I called you stinky or chunky. I’ll always remember the way you kept your daddy company on that big couch, snuggled on his lap like you’re a small dog. I’ll remember those eyes... they could look right through me and directly into my soul.

I’ll remember every single time you gave your Daddy and me those kisses, but especially the last set of happy smooches right before you passed.

I’ll remember it all and I can’t wait to see you on the other side. I know you’ll have some great stories about the adventures you had while you were waiting for your Dads.

I love you, Theo The Boxer.


You gave us so much love, so many cuddles that I already miss, your kisses, begging for food every time I was in the kitchen, losing your butt every time we got home from work, you just being crazy you every many memories. So many secrets we had together, like when I would send you to wake Chris up early on the weekends so we can get the day started, the way you smiled (or maybe was a painful smile) at me when I’d sing to you in Spanish, all the human food I would feed you without daddy knowing, or the extra scoops of food because you seemed like you were still hungry.
Christopher Anderson-VillalobosSeattle, WashingtonJune 26, 2019
11/15/2004 - 6/11/2019June 11, 2019 Dr. Hannah is the loveliest person to attend something like this...She is so kind, gentle, thoughtful, and professional. I would recommend Lap of Love to anyone going through this. I had agonized over this for a while, knowing the day had to come eventually and I called the right people. Max left us and flew away to peace...It was extremely hard to say goodbye because he was our family furry child. Max went gracefully with me whispering in his ear. He was such a sweet boy..Best Dog ever. He was about a year old when I got him...He lived to be 15..He had a good life.. He was so much a part of best buddy always by my side...Max has had a best friend next door for the many years we have been here. His name is John Dog (J.D.) and he is a Black Lab, and too old to come visit anymore...He and Max are (were) affectionately known as the two "old men" of the neighborhood. I am left with a deep sadness and an empty place where he was. We loved him so dearly, but he had an event that morning (not the first) that tells me he is suffering and I needed to let him go. He deserved to be free of the blindness, lame legs, and confusion and strife he felt a few times a week. I had given him supplements to ease any discomfort he had for months before this, but even the supplements were not working as well anymore, and I knew it was time. We had had a nice weekend together...very beautiful..Sunday and Monday..I mowed the lawn he loved to sit and watch me and let me mow around him until he was finally get up and move to another place in the grass. I took the day off work and we just sat together for hours. I was amply blessed having him as my pup.and will be grateful as long as I live and breathe...that he was my buddy for so long..We had an amazing run together. “Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.” – Dean KoontzLori ArndtSnohomish, WashingtonJune 23, 2019
8/5/2005 - 4/8/2019Nigel - we miss you, little buddy. Every time I walk in the door and you aren't there to greet me, my heart aches. I know that you're having a grand time across the rainbow bridge. You were so old and fragile when you came to us, I love imagining you filled with youth and vigor, running across rainbow heaven. I hope you watch us fondly, as we often think of you so fondly. I still cry when I think about you. I miss your meows, I miss your dramatic feet, (so dramatic!) and I miss your cuddles. I miss watching you try to climb onto the chair and look at me with incredulity, demanding help as the elegant old man that you were deserved. I miss the way you would greet me at the door every time I came home. You mean the world to us, buddy. Your dad and I miss you so much. Rest in peace, my love.Nicole JacksonSeattle, WashingtonJune 12, 2019
2/1/2005 - 4/14/2019My family was blessed with Rudy for 14 years. Rudy loved everyone and everyone loved him back. He was our best buddy and protector. Life without him won’t be the same, but we have many beautiful memories of him, along with all the joy and laughter he brought to us each and every day. Rudy will forever be in our hearts – our Rudy, RuRu, Ru, Rudester – you were the best dog ever, and will always be missed. Thank you for everything you brought to us including your “never give up“ attitude and fight for life. We love you!Donna YotterLAKE STEVENS, WashingtonApril 16, 2019
10/14/2003 - 4/14/2019This is my girl Blaze. She was my soul pup. I'm going to miss her so incredibly.Harold SkiddsEverett, WashingtonApril 14, 2019
3/1/2003 - 3/27/2019Jewels was a special cat. Her favorite past time was lounging wherever she chose but her favorite spot was out on our deck in the summer time. In her younger years she spent time visiting neighbors close by. She was named after Julia Child, the famous chef. She was found carrying her newborn kittens by the scruff of their neck across Cook Road up in Skagit Valley here in Washington. So she was appropriately names Julia Child. We shortened it to Jewels. Jewels was always in good health till she came down with diabetes a couple years ago. We managed it pretty well by diet and never had to give her insulin. Over the last six months we saw a decline in her health: losing weight, decreased appetite, less self grooming. Then 10 days or so before passing on she pretty much stopped eating except for the whipped cream she delighted in. Jewels will be missed. I'm thankful for the many fond memories.Al LettererRenton, WashingtonApril 6, 2019
10/25/2019 - 3/30/2019Evariste "Danger" Galois (evie)

Evie was the best dog. Even near his end, when he couldn’t get up or stand very long without help, his tail was always wagging, even if it lost a little momentum over the years. He loved people, almost as much as he loved food.

We made a document the other day titled “Things Evie Has Eaten,” including a stone, a dead bird, a loaf of bread, an octopus hot dog family, steak, full thanksgiving dinners, and bacon. He refused caviar and chicken liver, because he had standards.

Evie was a blind adoption, but we could never have handpicked a better dog.
Seattle, WashingtonApril 3, 2019
7/10/2002 - 3/23/2019The most important person in my life, my grandfather, passed away at the beginning of my senior year of high school. 9 months later, a magnetic little soul would come into my life and soon fill that void of importance in my life. Every move I made, break-up, break-through, happy celebration, success, death, she went though all of it with me. I am now 35 years old and had to say farewell to my sweet companion. Just shy of 17 years together. My life will most certainly never be the same without her but her memory lives on with so many lives that she touched. The house is much emptier without her there. Her brother, Patrick is still a bit confused as to where sister may have gone to. We will never stop missing my sweet baby girl. I hope you're flying high sweet girl, over all of us. Thank you for the love, joy and light you brought to my life. Especially in the times when I so desperately needed it. I hope we'll meet again someday sweet girl.Ashlee TomasLynnwood, WashingtonApril 1, 2019
5/16/2002 - 3/23/2019Loki was aptly named. A force of chaos in the shape of a calico cat, she stole socks from the drawer and water from drinking glasses. She was extremely skeptical of guests and strangers but demanded constant love from her personal humans. Her favorite form of love was being held on her back like a baby (we called it "shrimping" since she curled up like a little shrimp with all of her legs together), but she was also a glutton for lap time and slept on the bed every night, and sometimes under the blanket. Absolute snuggle fiend.

She gave every appearance of being immortal, until she stopped eating. We took her to the vet and her renal values were off the charts; we tried a few days of IV fluids but she showed no improvement so we took her home to make her as comfortable as possible for as long as we could. It turned out to be a day before it was only too obvious that she wasn't feeling well and was ready to go. We said goodbye on Saturday, in our bed, where we'd made a little spot with an electric blanket for her to sleep. There's a hole in my heart shaped exactly like her right now.

I'm going to miss this cat for the rest of my life. I hope I was as good of a human to her as she was a cat to me; she got me through so many dark and lonely times. The world is a little colder and emptier without her.
Tess VeloSeattle, WashingtonMarch 26, 2019
4/9/2003 - 3/23/2019Cookie will be forever in our hearts. May you be chasing rats and rabbits and eating anything you want!Rhonda CummingsKenmore, WashingtonMarch 24, 2019
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