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12/7/2017 - 10/8/2019On October 8, 2019, we lost the love of our life Murmur to high-grade lymphoma. She was a fighter, enduring multiple hospitalizations, hard medications and constant monitoring. Despite this terrible time she never stopped being open to the love and affection her mama and papa overwhelmed her with in every spare moment that did not require treatment.

Small but mighty, Murmur had a personality ten times the depth of her human parents combined. She always made her opinion on any given subject known, especially when it came to food choice and attention. Our routine was on her schedule - every morning Murmur got what she needed as a first priority, sometimes leaving us scrambling to get ready in time for work! Not only did our routine revolve around her needs, but any visitor was subject to the same standard. To Murmur, humans were welcome so long as they were prepared to provide treats, a peacock feather and a brush, but no other animals were allowed - no exceptions. In return, she held conversations with us spawning the creation of our own family language and traditions. She knew exactly what she deserved and we were so blessed to have been chosen to give it to her.

More than anything else, she was the greatest light of our lives to date. Her undying, unconditional love and affection taught us how to love, properly, and how to sacrifice our own well-being for the sake of hers even if the choice was exruciating. We welcome the indescribable pain that has come from grieving her loss because it is the natural consequence of the nearly two years of exultation we received for having her in our lives.
Christina & Jason DunbarNewcastle, WashingtonOctober 14, 2019
Zoom Zoom
2/2/2005 - 10/6/2019Zoom Zoom
You were beautiful inside and out and I love you so much. You made me a better person when you came into my life 12 years ago. I had to take care of someone other than myself and you were always there to remind me. You greeted me at the door every time I came home and from that point, it’s always been about Zoom Zoom. I am so lucky to have been a part of your life. I miss you so much and will always love and miss you and I thank God for the time we had together. Your ever-loving cat guardian, Kat
Kathy WeitzSeattle, WashingtonOctober 10, 2019
12/31/2004 - 10/5/2019Beloved Paris, Having you as a part of our family for these past 13 years has been such a joy, blessing, and an honor.  We miss you so much, but feel so lucky to have had you in our lives. We're so thankful for all your love and devotion, and our hearts will be full of love for you forever.    Rest in Peace, dearest Paris.Beverly and Frank DeeringSeattle, WashingtonOctober 9, 2019
11/17/2004 - 9/13/2019Our dear sweet Roxy was a light in our life. She was always there to greet us, to cheer us up, to comfort us and to help clean up the crumbs. She completed our family so much so that we feel the hole that is there as we miss her every minute of every day. We know that she is in a better place, she is with our loved ones and her friends pain free and playing hard. She is our angel and we know that she is watching over us. Our sweet girl was ready before we were and it was so incredibly hard to say goodbye, but we knew she was okay to move on. We miss you so much our sweet baby, we keep your spirit alive by sharing and talking about you often. Thank you for choosing us to be your family! RIP our Roxy girl.Carmon WellsLake Stevens, WashingtonSeptember 26, 2019
2/14/2007 - 9/19/2019Shadow we love you and miss you very much! We can't thank you enough for all you brought to our lives, love, joy, & friendship.
You will always be in heart and thoughts. One day we will meet again and play ball with you!

Love you always and forever,
Momma & Daddy
Scott & Angie CastleEverett, WashingtonSeptember 21, 2019
8/8/2009 - 9/13/2019It was love at first sight. You came home with dad on your first plane ride and our family adventures for the next 10 years began. You were our baby girl who taught us so many things about ourselves and how to unconditionally love another being. The joy and energy you brought to our life and home was undeniable. You left pawprints and memories in our heart. We loved you so much and miss you terribly.Kat KalarchikAuburn, WashingtonSeptember 18, 2019
Herman And Fonzie
6/24/2006 - 9/15/2019These two brothers were so loved and they loved each other so much! They were together from day one, and left this earth together as well. They will be missed, Fonzie for all of his cuddling! Herman for playing ball relentlessly! The time we spent at the ocean with them are some of our best memories! We will see you again and you will be able to hear, see and walk!Kelli and Dolph ConradsBellevue, WashingtonSeptember 16, 2019
8/5/2001 - 9/1/2019This past Sunday with a very heavy heart, we said goodbye to our "little protector" and sassy girl Kiki-Kookani. We were privileged to have been part of her life for 18 years. She was more than just a cat, matter of fact, she acted more like she was a dog. She would always run to the door when someone came knocking, when we were alone if she got the feeling I was creeped she would growl at the door or any other noises, she was a great listener, a sweet cuddle-bug and a grounding force. We will miss seeing her sweet face. My only consolation is knowing we have another sweet soul watching over our family. Til we meet again Kookans, we love you.💖Lorene LedesmaCanyon Park, Bothell, WashingtonSeptember 4, 2019
1/16/2007 - 8/29/2019Tom passed peacefully and comfortably at home with a full belly of people food and tons of snuggles. He was lovingly assisted by Dr Christinia and surround by his Mom, Dad and big brother Tedy.Danette and Michael NadeauRenton, WashingtonAugust 30, 2019
7/20/2019Roland was a good companion, a great snuggler and a fiercely loyal protector.
Friend to all people and other dogs and most of all, cats, he dutifully notified us of the arrival of all guests.
He monitored the yard outside, and loved to burrow under blankets - even in the summertime - inside.
His favorite place was as close to us as possible, and he had his own spot on the couch and slept in bed with us every night.
He was a valued member of our family and a great dog.
Roland was a very good boy and he will forever be missed.
Isabella OrganSeattle, WashingtonAugust 23, 2019
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