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Bear & Max
9/19/2017Bear was a big black fluffy ball of love and affection. He passed in May 2017 at the age of 12 under the loving guidance of our Lap of Love vet, Dr. Erin. Bear was one in a million, a best friend and a constant companion. He loved to sit on the porch with us and to have his chin scratched. He would sleep in bed every night right next to (or on) mom's head.

Max was an adorable seal-point ragdoll mix who was always "talking" and had something to say about everything. He passed in September 2017 at age 13 also with the assistance of Dr. Erin. Max was a sweet and gently spirit who loved to play with squeaky mice and to bask in the sun.

Both our special boys left us far too soon and will never be replaced. We feel comfort in knowing they are no longer suffering and they can play together forever.
Carrie ZahniserPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaSeptember 20, 2017
11/10/2002 - 9/5/2017Homie was my 'angel in puggy clothes'. My homiebaby was never sick. He was my baby and a piece of my heart will forever be missing because it will remain with my boy until we are together again. he is my soul mate and I am lost without him. He has been with me for 14 years 10 months, and for a small boy, he took up a lot of space. He would lick my tears when I cried, no matter where he was in the house-if he heard me crying he would come running to me licking his lips as he came, so he would be ready to lick my tears. If someone got in the way, he would practically run them over to get to me. Homie has been with me through many of the hardest times in my life. I had to quit my nursing career (which I loved and had wanted to be since I was 5), a near fatal car accident in which my parents were critically injured, their hospitalization, rehab, and moving them in with us to continue rehab. My dad couldn't walk, so Homie would stay beside him when he was in his wheelchair and walk with the wheelchair He always made my parents laugh.He was very welcoming of his human brother who came home to stay for awhile. He was with me during my knee surgeries and replacements and rehab, our visits to my mom's, our move to Florida, my dad's dying of cancer, and my mom's dementia. Many times my Homie would keep me sane by lending an ear while I talked things out. Our talks would end with lots of kisses and smiles. He loved to watch me go to the bathroom! He'd wait as long as it took, then inspected as the toilet was flushing. He really tried to stay as long as he could. He smiled until the last day and a half, when he just looked so depressed, lost his smile and cried continuously. They said he would tell us when he was done, and he did. In the last weeks, his hind legs gave out, then he couldn't control his bowels or bladder, and then his front legs gave out. I had already had Lap of Love's information ready for this time. I just couldn't believe this was happening. I would not let him suffer, no matter how much I wanted him to stay. He was too good for me to allow that to happen. we were there, feeding him treats while Dr. Lisa Littlejohn was giving him the meds to end his suffering. My heart was breaking although I know this was the right thing to do, My heart is aching and the house is quiet. Homie has. a little brother-Elmer Fuddge-who had been moping around and missing Homie. Sometimes in the past few days Elmer seems to bounce back, but he is really mourning. The most amazing thing happened right after Homie passed. Elmer was never one to give kisses, but while I was crying he came over to me and licked my tears! I really think Homie was there and told him to take his place and comfort mommy! Homie, you are and always will be the love of my life. You were so kind to me and gave me such unconditional love. You are my gift from God right when I needed you most! Your shift is over now baby, so run and play at the Rainbow Bridge with Bozo, Aja and Hottiedog! We will think of you, remember the good and funny things you did and miss you more than you'll ever know. My sweet boy I will love you endlessly and cherish our time we had together always. You can check in from time to time and I will wait......until we meet again my sweet Homiebaby.Debbie SchaierSpring Hill, FloridaSeptember 20, 2017
9/28/2004 - 9/16/2017Gigi was a friend to so many. I took her to work with me on a regular basis so she had many friends who loved her and she always brought a bright spot to their day. She was well loved in our family as well and often spent time visiting at Mommom and Poppa's house, or Aunt Brenda's. She had her own Facebook page and had a following of many friends around the country. But mostly, she was my constant companion and friend. She'd follow me around the house and just seemed to want to be near me most of the time. She loved to play ball, shake her stuffed animals, go on walks, go sailing with us, bounce through the grass, and sniff anything and everything. She also loved to lick feet. Some in our family didn't appreciate that, but others liked her attention. If she met someone new and they were wearing sandals we'd need to warn them that she would probably try to lick them! She had such a cute little puppy face and perky little ears that were so expressive of her every emotion. She truly was the best little dog and her sudden illness and death have left a hole in all of our lives. I'm so glad you were our little pup Gigi, but I'll be missing you for a very, very long time!Janine BoshSellersville, PennsylvaniaSeptember 19, 2017
3/10/2003 - 9/14/2017Benson made everyday a better day, he gave love unconditionally. He will be missed, and loved forever.Elizabeth BSan Rafael, CaliforniaSeptember 19, 2017
12/30/2006 - 9/18/2017Rest in peace our sweet Princess.CARRIE ENTSMINGERHIGH POINT, North CarolinaSeptember 19, 2017
Miss Markie
10/1/2002 - 9/14/2017Miss Markie was a sweet and loving dog who did not really know she was a dog. Her personality and attitude added life and vitality to our home. Although Markie was quiet and rarely barked, we could feel her presence in the house. When we came home after being gone for a while, the house was welcoming because of her. She had a big heart, an independent personality, and a fighting spirit until the end. She was and is a vital part of our lives. Without her, the silence in our house is deafening. We will miss her, and we will never forget her.Carol and Ray ParzikHoliday, FloridaSeptember 17, 2017
5/1/2002 - 8/14/2017Like Odysseus' wife, Penelope, our Penny always waited. She was a presence in our home, very zen - in the moment. - and always there. She had been declining, though never complaining. We were grateful for Dr. Laura's information, kindness and expertise which eased her transition. I knew the end was coming, but resolved not to make her train her replacement. That said, we have a new little spirit, "Tuppence." If you come from the UK, you know that means two pennies. When I call him, I am also remembering our one penny.Rosamond GianutsosSunnyside, NYSeptember 17, 2017
7/12/2002 - 9/15/2017Beautiful Peanut. I miss you so much. For 15 years you were there, unconditionally. My shadow wherever I went. My coworker, my company when it was lonely. Your giant bed was always a piece of our living room furniture. Nothing could be kept at tail level, cause it never stopped wagging. You were the best dog. The best.The house seems so empty now, you're missing. I know you were tired and you are no longer in pain. You were the best explorer big sister and best friend we could have ever been blessed with. I love you, I will miss you everyday.Vanessa HaroutounianOrlando, FloridaSeptember 17, 2017
7/3/1996 - 9/9/2017My Dear Little Sabrina,

I have been trying to write the memorial section of this dedication for 5 days now and every time I sit down to do so all I can seem to do is sit and look and the blank screen and cry. The joy you brought to my life simply cannot be put into words. You were my perseverant little fighter and showed me strength that I didn't know existed. You were and always will be an inspiration to me. You were also always stubborn :) haha and when the Vet said you had weeks to live - you showed him, overcame odds, and happily stayed by my side for nearly another 2 years. I know I should be grateful for all the time I had with you, but it was not enough, there is no amount of time that could be enough, and I selfishly wish you could still be here with me. I never believed in signs or messages from loved ones passed, but I can't help but hope that you are here with me and sending me little messages to say so. Such as the billboard I saw the other day with the student of the year - Sabrina, the favors at yesterday's wedding - a silhouette of a white cat with donation to the local shelter, and the little tug I felt on my foot today where you always used to lay even though there was nothing there. I miss you more than words my sweet girl, until we meet again...

Love always,
<3 Mom
Pam GormleyPeabody, MassachusettsSeptember 17, 2017
2/12/2006 - 9/15/2017Saying goodbye to Dakota was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Love, loss, and grief don't discriminate. Dakota left an imprint on my soul and I will treasure the time she was a part of our family. Dakota lived with our family kitties and she will be greatly missed by Miloh, our pixie bob cat who's been with her since he was only a few weeks old. Dakota's love, loyalty, and spirit has changed my family because we were truly loved. We were blessed with her and we will forever keep Dakota our hearts.Linda KrippendorfRotonda West, FloridaSeptember 16, 2017
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