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7/25/1997 - 4/11/2017In loving memory of my sweet Pinkie aka Pinkle, Stinky Pink, Pink, Pinkie Lou... I miss you so much every day, little one. How will I get used to you not being here? I can't imagine. Lucky misses you too...going to some of your favorite places and meowing. We had a lot of challenges Pink, but we braved through them in the 20+ years we lived together. You taught me a lot about love, accepting someone in spite of all the nasty things they might do; and you taught me about commitment and care. I did my best to make you comfortable and keep you healthy and we were lucky that for most of your life, you were super healthy and never needed a vet. Little Pink, you will always be in my heart. <3Lily MazurekPembroke Pines, FloridaApril 24, 2017
09/08/1999 - 04/23/2017Max was an adorable border collie / papillion mix who made everyone's world brighter, especially his mom's. Everyone loved his ears. His mom would joke that he could hear dogs barking one state away! He was incredibly smart, ridiculously fast, so sweet and the best friend anyone could ask for. Max loved long walks and hikes, and was quite proficient at chasing (yet never hurting) squirrels, cats and other animals.

Max was an incredibly caring dog. He always knew when someone needed extra kisses because they were sad, or help in some other way. When Max's beagle cousin Lilly became blind, he would guide her down the stairs, gently pushing her towards the wall, so she didn't fall. He was an 'only child' until mom brought home a human brother when Max was 14. One would think that he would be jealous. But in fact, he seemed to know immediately that his role was to care, love and protect his new brother in every way possible. Even when Max lost most of his hearing, the one voice he always heard was his brother's, and would be quickly by his side. Max lived a very long and happy life and provided so much joy to so many.

Rest in peace sweet boy, I pray that you are chasing squirrels and playing with Lilly and all of your other friends who were overjoyed to see you again.

Mom misses you beyond words, but know that someday we will be together again -
Rebecca ArmacostSt Petersburg, FloridaApril 24, 2017
12/7/2002 - 4/11/2017We are missing the presence of our sweet girl, Oreo. Her ever watchful eye on our whereabouts and following us around the house. Never to be left alone and always voicing her presence especially at mealtimes. She never met a stranger and considered every one her friend. We will love her forever.Beverly ThurmondRaleigh, North CarolinaApril 23, 2017
4/25/2002 - 4/18/2017You'll forever be my favorite.Charlotte, North CarolinaApril 23, 2017
04/13/2003 - 4/22/2017Shadow, my Belgian Malinois, was the best dog I could have ever asked for. So smart, under verbal command, went everywhere with me and touched so many lives in his 14 years. It is so hard to say goodbye to my best friend, as he takes part of my heart with him. I take comfort in knowing that he is jumping, running and playing with his friends now, waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge.Lynn ChallandesLand O Lakes, FloridaApril 23, 2017
3/4/2002 - 4/21/2017Lauper was our first Labrador we got 15 years ago. From the moment we saw her and she saw us it was a match made with years of fun to come. Lauper lived in San Francisco, Dallas and Malibu. She was a beach girl through and through, loved the water and frisbee games. She was such a loyal dog, always making sure her dad was alright. She helped us with all the other dogs that we adopted during those 15 years, giving them play, lessons and guidance. She even helped her dad raise his son by being the best "mom" she could be. Lauper was the loving head of the household until last Friday. Her mind was still strong and alert but her body was ready to move on. We gave her one last time and look at a beautiful Sunset in Malibu as she passed peacefully in the arms of her dad surrounded by her family of humans and dogs. I will miss my girl forever, Rest in Peace Lauper.Matthias BrandtLos Angeles, CaliforniaApril 23, 2017
03/24/2000 - 4/7/2017Butterscotch was an intelligent and loving cat. He was playful for almost all of his seventeen years with us, and we were so blessed to be loved by him. I miss his morning kisses, but I cherish the paw print he left behind because it reminds me of how he held my finger each night when I said"good night". Having him be at peace during his last moments with us was such a blessing. Thank you Dr. Annie and staff for your gift.Casselberry, FloridaApril 23, 2017
3/21/2004 - 4/21/20173-21-2004 - 4-21-2017

Santino, you filled our hearts with joy and brought us such happiness each and every day. Having you made our home complete. You were truly a magnificent dog and companion not only in your looks, but also your personality. You had such a strong mind and knew exactly what you wanted. There are so many things we will remember and cherish about you. Most of all your love for going swimming and floating in pool on your raft. You knew as soon as one of us was going swimming based on our clothing or if we had a towel it was time to go outside. There was no stopping you. You always wanted to please us and we loved you enormously. We miss you terribly and it we will never feel the same without you. We love you Santino (aka pretty peanut, our big boy)
Jacqueline BasoneShelby Township, MichiganApril 23, 2017
4/21/2016 - 4/21/2017You came into my life by mere chance when adopting your sister Buttons. And you stole my heart like no other. You were my snuggle buggle and your relationship with me made me truly realize how much the heart can love. I will do my best to honor you and support the cause to eradicate your awful disease. I cannot wait to be reunited with you someday. 7 months together was not enough. I love you Mittens.Kelly StranburgCharlotte, North CarolinaApril 22, 2017
Ruby Tuesday
04/01/2003 - 4/10/2017In loving memory of Ruby Tuesday, a sweet gray striped kitty with green eyes and a cute pink nose from Perth Amboy, NJ. Ruby was a rescue cat found by a Ruby Tuesday restaurant dumpster. Lisa, formerly an employee of Just Cats, fostered her until she was ready for adoption. 14 years ago the Durans were fortunate to bring this special kitten into their loving home. She was a very playful kitten but also very affectionate. The Duran’s other cat, Smokey, who was 5 at the time, took a liking to her and enjoyed cuddling while sleeping. Some things Ruby especially enjoyed were keeping warm by the space heater, cheese, laying in a new cardboard box, playing rough with her dad, and snuggling in her mom’s lap with her head tucked against her. She loved to eat, was a very vocal beggar, and never wanted to share! She was also very gentle, never bit or scratched anyone, and would even let small children play with her. When her parents were away she enjoyed being babysat by neighbor Stephanie, and her daughters Leeah and Ahsia. Ruby was diagnosed with kidney disease at the early age of 3, and under the care of Dr. Rottenberg of Just Cats, she lived a happy life for 11 more years. Thanks to Dr. Shannon she spent her last moments in her mom’s lap and left in a basket, looking at peace and covered with a soft pink blanket. The Durans miss Ruby so much and are so appreciative of the time they shared with this very special companion.Erica DuranPerth Amboy, New JerseyApril 21, 2017
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