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8/9/2005 - 2/11/2018My Dear, Sweet Gracie,
It is now a little over a week since you slipped peacefully out of my arms and into those of God. Although I know you are safe, warm, happy and healthy in your heavenly home, my heart here is left broken and bleeding at your loss. I look for you in all the places in our home where you loved to snuggle up--the sofa, the bed we shared, your hand-me-down kitty cup , (because you would never use the one I got especially for you!!) your favorite chair where you would soak up the sun, and yes, even in the closet where you spent so much time in your last days.
I have such sweet memories of waking up in the morning , reaching out and finding your soft little body next to me , your little purr motor registering your very apparent contentment. And who could ever forget sitting on the couch with you where you loved being petted, looking up at me with your beautiful trusting blue eyes, gently kneading on my stomach or leg.
Never a very active kitty, you became even less so after you became ill in 2014. Your play consisted of laying on your back or side for five minutes or so batting at toys I dangled in front of you--so cute ! Over time, you began to ignore them altogether, preferring to just snooze, and cuddle. Whenever I sat down, you came from wherever you were, jumped up on the couch, and were there to stay.
You suffered way more than your share of illness in your last 3 1/2 years , but what a good girl you were about all the trips you had to make to the vet, and all the medicines you had to take. Anyone who ever met you remarked that you were such a patient, gentle, beautiful little girl to which I would reply " truer words were never spoken. "
Thank you for being my wonderful, beloved companion in life over these past seven years. Please know that I will always love you to the core of my being, and that I look to that day when we will be together again. Until then, sleep well my precious angel.
Love and Hugs, Mama
Dorothy WebsterChicago, IllinoisFebruary 20, 2018
6/4/2006 - 2/6/2018Tessie (named as a nod to the Red Sox) was THE BEST. I adored her from the minute I took her home. She was my instant buddy, following me around my small apartment, never further than a foot or 2 away from me. Even on my big couch, she'd be right there next to me. Like, on the same cushion! Or she'd sit ON me. We'd spend many hours together there during the long Chicago winter months.

Tessie was a fighter - she survived mammary cancer for 1.5 years after diagnosis and a pretty awful surgery, which is pretty remarkable. Those extra months feel like a gift, but I still wasn't ready. I don't think I ever could've been.

We had an amazing 9.5 years together. Time I will treasure, and time I will certainly miss. My heart feels empty and I'm not sure when I'll adjust to her absence. It's just not the same opening the door at the end of a long day to have her NOT sitting there - right in the way, her big beautiful eyes looking up at me - greeting me. I miss talking to her. And petting her. And kissing her right between the ears. And each morning when I wake up, it's a fresh reminder that she's not there waiting for me, sitting on me, to feed her. I miss taking care of her. I miss everything about her.
Samantha BernisChicago, IllinoisFebruary 14, 2018
1/1/2018 - 2/13/2018Our sweet Shelby had a good long run of 16+ years.
“It’s okay girl, you’re officially relieved from your duties”. “Thank you for your loyalty & always having our backs Chubs”. You were very loved, and will be tremendously missed ol’ gal.
A. B.Chicago, IllinoisFebruary 14, 2018
10/19/2009 - 01/27/2018This past Saturday we lost our best friend, our shadow, our loyal buddy, and a sweet soul. Nugget was full of life and could light up any room with her cheery face and feisty personality. She was my husband's side kick and he was her person until the end. We love her, miss her and will never forget her antics and the all love she gave us in return.

There are no words for the pain we are feeling and the emptiness we feel from this loss. Nugget was in end stage heart failure and fluid was starting to fill up in her lungs, she was having bad nights and could no longer lay down to sleep. We decided to end her suffering. We now suffer but also know the pain will subside and we will forever be comforted by all the happy memories she gave us for 8 amazing years. Her last day was an beautiful day that we filled with all her favorite things, she gave us everything she had until the very end.

Rest in Peace Nuggy, thank you for being ours, you were such a good dog.
Krysty EsserLindenhurst, IllinoisJanuary 30, 2018
12/6/2006 - 12/21/2017Brooklyn has been my buddy for 10 years and 10 months to the date. I had no idea how much love would fill my soul because of his companionship. He's lived in and visited some of the coolest cities in the country: Cape Cod, MA; Brooklyn, NY; Portland, ME; Milwaukee, WI; St. Louis, MO; San Francisco, CA; Glenview, IL
He made us laugh when I drove with my parents 6 hours to St. Louis for my younger brother's college graduation, dropped him off at the hotel and immediately left to take my brother to dinner. We came back to poop all over the top cover of the bed. Lesson learned - we will never keep you stuck in a car and then bored in a hotel room. I forever remove those covers in every hotel room and think of him!
He won the hearts of most people he would meet. The last flight he took from SF to MKE, even the pilot was charmed and allowed me to let him sit on my lap. He was my "emotional assist dog" but I think I was his emotional assist!
He knew how to trick people playfully. When my dad would sit on the sofa to watch tv, he would walk across the top of the sofa, lick his bald spot, and disappear before my dad could turn around. And repeat again, the next time he would let his guard down.
When my friend's husband was diagnosed with brain cancer (not the good kind), she asked to "borrow" Brooklyn. Ive never done that before, but it was a special circumstance and trusted Brooklyn in the care of my friend. He even helped them get through the difficult changes in their lives.
He was quite the acrobat and loved walking around on his 2 hind legs. It took awhile to find a harness that worked since he figured out how to escape by lifting up his front paws and walking backwards, it slipped right off!
My mom has been there with me from the beginning, through his slow decline, and up until the end. She did more for him than even I could and gave him anything he dreamed of (food, time, affection). He was particular about the material of his blanket or whatever he was laying on. He used to sleep with me at night and when my mom would watch him, she had special silky soft PJs just for Brooklyn that he loved to curl up next to.
Its hard to say goodbye to his companionship. I became more confident to be by myself as I no longer wanted anyone in my life; I would rather just be with Brooklyn. Because of this huge change in my personality, I now have some of the best friends I could have ever asked for.
Its hard to say goodbye to his constant presence. He used to wait for me outside the shower door, bathroom door, garage door, or wherever I was that he wasnt.
It is truly the end of an era, but I know he had a good life and a peaceful ending. He will remain in my heart forever.
Akhila VaishyaGlenview, IllinoisDecember 21, 2017
10/1/2000 - 12/2/2017Buster was truly 'our best boy'! We rescued him almost 16 years ago from a shelter and Amie knew instantly he was the one. From the moment he rolled onto his back, paws folded looking up at you saying 'rub me belly', we couldn't think of leaving him behind at the shelter. He blessed our home everyday for so many years and needless to say, we'll find memories of him for the rest of our lives. He was in great pain and we just could not see him suffer, so it was time to give him total peace. Buster gave us unconditional love for so long, which made the decision to let him go all the more painful, but he did not deserve to suffer. He will forever be with us and us with him. We hope he knows this chapter is only temporary until we have him again in our arms again.

Buster, you are and remain the best buddy ever! Looking forward to that next snuggle seeing you again. Forever, eternity and beyond!

You family (Mom, Dad and Coco)
Jeff and Amie DevineChicago, IllinoisDecember 4, 2017
5/15/2002 - 10/25/2017I miss you, my tiny, fierce, sweet, evil, nose-biting girl.Des Plaines, IllinoisOctober 27, 2017
10/4/1995 - 10/18/2017It’s a profound experience to watch someone age from baby to old person in 20 years. I feel honored and blessed that Fellini chose to be with me for so long.Greg SilvaChicago, IllinoisOctober 19, 2017
8/10/2003 - 9/20/2017Our beloved Washington, you filled our hearts with love and endeared us with your gentle presence. You surrounded us with your boundless fur, in our house, on our clothes and every else we never expected. But deep down that was your way of always letting us know that you were always near and those golden threads reminded us that we had a dog named Washington who was and always will be a part of this family.

My gentle giant, how your eyes spoke kindness and understanding as you patiently stood over smaller dogs as they calmed in your presence. How you always waited for me by the door, nose to the window, paws beside your cheeks, knowing that I would be back. You had a mischievousness that was easily forgiven as soon as you gave us that guilty look when you were found out.

As I reflect back on our time together, I realize that the true gift of your friendship was the simplicity of living life together. Cooking dinner while trying to climb over you as you stood by the stove, wiping up the trail of water in our living room as you walked back from your water bowl, bribing you into the tub for your bath (unsuccessfully), or trying to vacuum around you as you napped away the day, it was the everyday stuff that I miss the most.

Washington, you changed me in ways that I never realized until now. You taught me how to be a father before I had kids of my own. You also prepared me in time to be a better son, caring for my own aging parents in your final years with me. I will feel your presence in my life each day as if you were here, living my life in the example you set for me, to be loving, forgiving and grateful for the smallest of joys that life brings. Words cannot describe the amazing gifts you've given me. Maybe therein lies the secret. Your subtle actions spoke louder than words.

Will miss you and think of you everyday. Go run off and play now Washy boy, you deserve it.
David CheungGlenview, IllinoisSeptember 21, 2017
03/21/2001 - 8/9/2017In loving memory of Peanut who brought us so much love for 16 years. We all love you and miss you with all our hearts. You were a little doxie that brought us so much joy, the house is empty without you here. Rest in peace our sweet Peanut.Cindy SkelleyGrayslake, IllinoisAugust 18, 2017
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