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11/1/2001 - 12/8/2017My Dear Sweet Sara,

It has been three weeks since we said our goodbyes. The house is so quiet without you.

When your health began declining a year ago I didn’t dream we would be saying goodbye this soon. I cannot convey how painful and heartbreaking it was watching your body and mind deteriorate knowing that I could not stop it; only try and make you as comfortable as possible.

I miss our walks together and watching your excitement when we were getting ready to head out the door. You really loved our walks, and wouldn’t dream of skipping them even though your arthritis made them painful for you.

I am thankful for the 15 years that we shared together. You were a great friend to me and a special sister to Brutus, Katya, Sandy and most especially Dusty. The special bond that you and Dusty shared was so beautiful. We both miss you.

I am grateful that on your last morning you were feeling well enough to enjoy a last stroll in the park and your favorite treats that you hadn’t been allowed to have for so long.

I am thankful that we were able to say our goodbyes at home, laying in the sunny spot of the living room that was your favorite. I know how much you had come to hate the car and the vet clinic.

I know you are running free of pain and anxiety with Brutus and your sisters and eating all of your favorite treats now.

Rest in peace my beautiful, sweet Sara. I will always love you and miss you.
Avon, IndianaDecember 31, 2017
1/2/2007 - 12/18/2017We said goodby to our beloved boy, Hank, the morning of December 18th. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. He was the most wonderful dog—the love of my life, really (him and my human son, Jack)—and mere words can’t possibly describe the pain his brother, Jack, and I feel with his passing. He would have been 11 January 2nd.

We've had a couple of terrible health scares over the years—he was inexplicably so sick for a few days each time—but he always bounced back. He contracted Lyme and tore both ACLs, and had surgery on one. Our 9yr-old boy recovered like a 2yr-old. In the last couple months of his life, though, he was diagnosed with cancer—an aggressive one that, despite major surgery, chemo and medication—only gave him a couple more months with us. I prayed for some kind of miracle, and made it my mission to make his last days the best a dog—or human, for that matter—could hope for. I cooked his favorite foods and he was rarely out of my sight. We cancelled a trip we’d planned for my birthday, unsure how much longer we might have with our boy. He was so loyal and loving to his family, I was determined to pay that back; there was truly nothing that I wouldn’t have done for him. I told him I loved him a hundred times a day, that he was the best son a mother could wish for, and that I wouldn’t leave him or let anything hurt him. I asked over and over and over to be given the courage to make that call when the time came and cried hard nearly every day of those last two months, wondering how I would bear life without him.

True to form, our beloved boy was healthy and happy right up until the last couple of days. I think he was waiting for his boy to come home from college. He wouldn’t have left without saying goodbye. When the time came, he was characterisically stoic, dignified and brave, leaving us as we laid on the floor next to him, whispering, “we love you so much, you’ve been the best boy, it’s okay to go now, we’ll see you on the other side, we’ll never ever forget you, you’ve been our angel on earth and now we know you’ll be watching over us.”

Condolances rolled in; he truly was loved by everyone he encountered, which is a comfort. I wanted so much for him to know how much he was loved. One friend described him as “pure good” and it was so true. All day long, the Paul McCartney lyrics played in my head “and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”. If that’s true our Hank went out on a sea of love.

Your absence will be a hole in our hearts forever, our beautiful, beloved boy. Run, swim and play with your grandparents and Zipp, Zapp, Kasey and TAO. I know you’ll be the shining light in heaven. Death isn’t such a frightening prospect knowing that you’ll be there to greet us. We love you forever.
Pam LinsleyIndianapolis, IndianaDecember 20, 2017
2/25/1998 - 11/17/2017Smokey was the best kitty I could ever ask for and we will miss him so, so much. Smokey tended to be very skittish around other people until he started getting new older and then he just wanted to be loved on and petted, no matter who it was (although he did have his favorite people). We prayed for a peaceful passing for Smokey because I could not bear taking to have his last experience to be scary and stressful. He passed away with his head in my lap while surrounded by his family and now he is at peace and no longer in pain. We love and miss him so much.Charissa AmbroseINDIANAPOLIS, IndianaNovember 18, 2017
Louie Lewis
7/28/2001 - 11/15/2017This beautiful boy brought joy to our world. Louie was smart, funny, lively, happy and so very sweet.
He appeared to be dainty and delicate; but actually, he was a tough guy who loved to be told how pretty he was. He was an outstanding athlete who excelled at chasing balls and dragging humans on leashes. He taught us many things during our sixteen years together; it is hard to imagine life without him. His memory will live on in our hearts and minds forever. Rest in peace our sweet, pretty boy. We love you so.
Teri EvansIndianapolis, IndianaNovember 18, 2017
5/1/2017 - 11/13/2017Coconut you filled a void in our lives when our best friends moved out of town. Yet your entry into our lives was completely unplanned. Now, however, we could not even imagine what life would have been like without you. We have had other pets but for reasons unique only to you, you created a stronger sense of love than any other pet we have had. Your pure white coat clearly helped us come to a name quickly for you. We wont know the reason that you had to pass away from a brain tumor, but we do know that your passing has shown us a way to love another as fiercely as we did you...and perhaps, in turn, we can help that pet to be as happy.

Coconut, I believe that God has birds signing in Heaven. I believe that beauty in heaven includes all of his creation.
Matthew 10 says “Not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.” Revelations says “Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse.” Isaiah 11 says “….The wolf will live with the lamb,… They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. …and a little child shall lead them.” God created everything—including animals—for His pleasure and His glory. We thank you for the unselfish love you gave us for 13 years! So, for all these reasons, I believe you will be in heaven and we will see you again.

Rest in peace, my baby.
Indianapolis, IndianaNovember 15, 2017
8/29/2017What a joy you were to our family and friends, but mostly to our son who adored you. You were his life companion from age 4 yrs. to 20 yrs. Loyal, protecting and loving. At 60 lbs. you still thought you were a lap dog. I will never forget the day we brought you home. We will love and remember you always our Kapi Girl. -- Dan, Margaret and NickMargaret ElseaIndianapolis, IndianaAugust 30, 2017
4/1/2003 - 8/18/2017Sammie known as Sammie Jammie was the most loving tender gentle girl I've ever known. She lived a full active life and everyone that meet her immediately loved her. Her last 2 years were hard when her body started to age but her mind was still 100% puppy. She left us knowing she was loved and we only wished her a peaceful afterlife where in her mind she is running and playing catch with her sister and mom chasing after. I am forever grateful for finding and saving her. She will be missed immensely.Rita CarnesIndianapolis, IndianaAugust 19, 2017
10/23/2010 - 08/10/2017Laila was rescued at 6 months and quickly latched onto the heart of her Mom.Jennifer NewinghamBrownsburg, IndianaAugust 11, 2017
My sweet Elsa- It is hard to find the words to express my love for you! You came to me at a time when I desperately needed to slow down. I learned patience and perseverance from watching you! I will never understand why your previous owner chose to get rid of you. You were the sweetest soul I have ever met. My only regret is that I didn't find you sooner. You came to us as a senior but I really had prayed we would have had more time. Today this house feels so empty without you. I will miss and love you forever! Thank you for loving me and Nevie! I hope you are running and playing with Simba! I will see you someday! Please wait for me at the bridge.Beth PennPlainfield, IndianaJune 17, 2017
Mini Cooper
03/09/2009 - 6/1/2017Mini Cooper came to us the size of a football, then grew into a 120 pound lapdog! She was the best dog ever! She loved her dog sisters and brother and especially her cat sisters and brother! She was the best dog ever and our experience with Dr. Dan was truly amazing!Shari KingMorgantown, IndianaJune 7, 2017
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