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My sweet Elsa- It is hard to find the words to express my love for you! You came to me at a time when I desperately needed to slow down. I learned patience and perseverance from watching you! I will never understand why your previous owner chose to get rid of you. You were the sweetest soul I have ever met. My only regret is that I didn't find you sooner. You came to us as a senior but I really had prayed we would have had more time. Today this house feels so empty without you. I will miss and love you forever! Thank you for loving me and Nevie! I hope you are running and playing with Simba! I will see you someday! Please wait for me at the bridge.Beth PennPlainfield, IndianaJune 17, 2017
Mini Cooper
03/09/2009 - 6/1/2017Mini Cooper came to us the size of a football, then grew into a 120 pound lapdog! She was the best dog ever! She loved her dog sisters and brother and especially her cat sisters and brother! She was the best dog ever and our experience with Dr. Dan was truly amazing!Shari KingMorgantown, IndianaJune 7, 2017
Dim Smith
2/14/2017 - 6/5/2017RIP, Dim. You were the sweetest-natured kitty in the world. You were always gentle and affectionate and never displayed even the smallest mean streak - not even to the vet. At the end of even the worst day, your complete adoration and total devotion made me sure I must have done something right. From the quiet padding of your feet on the kitchen floor, to the soft peeping noise that only grew into a full-fledged meow in your later years, you were an almost constant and much-loved presence in my life for eighteen years and it's hard to believe that you're truly gone. I keep expecting to see your sweet, little upturned face peering at me from around a corner or greeting me first thing in the morning. You gave your love and life freely and unselfishly to me and I only wish it could have been even longer.KM SmithIndianapolis, IndianaJune 6, 2017
2/12/2001 - 4/10/2017With sad hearts earlier this week we said good-bye to our family dog, Jack. Jack was more than a dog, he was a member of the family (immediate, extended, framily), neighbor (Highland, Bartlesville & Avon), friend to many. At 16 years and 2 months (113 in dog years), he lived a long life. He was called Jack, Pretty Dog, Happy Jack, Jackers, Jackson, Buddy, etc. He could tell time as he would ask for his evening treat at 8 no matter what we were doing. He loved vegetables, walks, wagging his tail while dreaming and getting pets and treats. He gave lots of love and he will indeed be missed. Sharing some favorite pictures.....Avon, IndianaApril 14, 2017
02/15/2003 - 4/10/2017Casey was welcomed into our home when my brother and I were i grade school. We had the pleasure to grow up with Casey at our side. There has never been a dog so loving and loyal. I remember how excited she would be whenever one of us would return home. She would immediately put a smile on our faces, so it was impossible to be sad at home. For how tiny she was, she was also very athletic. I remember chasing her around the backyard being playing "fetch", which mostly consisted of us chasing Casey around while she ran away with the toy. We never could catch her. She loved being outside, and oh boy did she love the sun. I remember sitting outside on the front porch in the summer while she would get her tan on. It's little memories like that; they made this dog so special. She could make you feel special just by the way she looked at you when you walked through the door; she made me feel special by greeting me with love every visit I made from college. Words can't express how much our family will miss this dog or how much better our lives have been the past 14 years with her in it. Rest easy Casey.Megan MurdochIndianapolis, IndianaApril 12, 2017
1/1/2002 - 3/17/2017Darcy had been my companion for nearly 13 years. Darcy is the one whom transitioned my dwelling from a house, to a home. Darcy was full of life and love to the very end. Darcy loved being with me, all… of… the… time! Darcy was a faithful companion and hated being apart.

Darcy was curious, loved adventure, and compassionate, with a fair mix of stubbornness. Darcy was very social, loving people, other dogs and, for the most part, patient with kids. And people, dogs and kids loved her.

Darcy loved the water, but hated baths. Darcy loved car rides on warm days, but hated having to ride in the back seat. Darcy loved snuggling on cold nights, but hated being under the covers. Darcy loved going for walks at the state park, but hated being on a leash. Darcy loved me and I loved her.

I feel privileged that God would entrust a dog as wonderful as Darcy to my care. Darcy will forever live in the hearts of those she’s touched, I know she will forever live in mine.

Rest in peace my sweet Darcy, rest in peace.
Scott ShowenFrankton, IndianaMarch 26, 2017
6/30/2001 - 1/4/2017Rest in Peace, Maximus!Avon, IndianaJanuary 5, 2017
12/6/2016I am so heartbroken without you my darling Shaddie. Thankyou for always sharing "your" hotdog with me at the horse shows you accompanied me too. I will never stop loving you and pray I will see you again. My life is so sad without you here. You were the best dog and friend anyone could ever hope to have. When we adopted you, it was us that you rescued.Lynn BatesSpeedway, IndianaDecember 7, 2016
1/6/2006 - 11/16/2016Bosco, you will always be in all of our hearts. The day you passed, was one of the hardest days of my life. Some will say you were just a dog and to those people I say NO he was not. He was my fur baby, my best friend, my world! I hurt knowing your no longer here, but I also take comfort in knowing your no longer in pain. I love you my furry face! RIP my fur angel. Momma loves you!Lisa BurgerIndianapolis, IndianaNovember 19, 2016
11/3/2008 - 11/8/2016We had Peyton brighten our lives from the day before President Obama was elected to the day President-elect Trump was elected.

She lived for 8 years (turned 9 last week) and embodied exuberant hope every day. Her kidneys failed her but her spirit did not.

We love you and will miss you so much.
Bryan and Lori SirtoskyIndianapolis, IndianaNovember 9, 2016
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