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1/3/2009 - 4/17/2017Hi Miss Grace...'Maggie, Angel and Johnny and Alex' have realized that the 'absence of you being in the pack' has totally changed the 'dynamics' of our house...You, from your ALERT BARKS...SOMEONE IS TRYING TO 'STORM THE CASTLE' how you 'handled' all of us. Grace, you had all of us under 'your strong and confident spell'...'GOOD WORK!!!'...and now you can 'LAY DOWN, and, GO SLEEP'...Thank You Grace...Maggie and Angel...John NewmanFoxborough, MassachusettsApril 26, 2017
5/13/2004 - 3/2/2017In loving memory of my DEAR Sweet Cozmo... You have held a special place in our hearts & always will! Although you had your share of health issues over the years, you always had the most happy , caring nature over your almost 13 years here with us.. We dealt with all your allergies, over the years, & managed to find foods that you could tolerate.. Venison being your favorite, and your duck jerky treats. and your daily benadryl hidden in a piece of turkey to help with your seasonal allergies , but took it all in stride giving daddy his nightly BIG hug on his chair watching tv & my every morning kiss on my ear telling me it was time to wake up & go out to pee.

Then came the heart murmur.. for a few years all was ok, but then saw you tiring so fast, then the cough. put you on the medications they use for this, but know that you being you could not tolerate these meds. As we tried but soon found I was right... No eating, etc. & constant itching.. You were too sensitive & special to us to see you suffer with all the allergic reactions, & know we did the right thing... You gave me that "Look" in your eyes & my kiss on my ear that day & I know you were telling me , although you would try to keep up the best you could, you were VERY Tired..
I will love you forever, as I have had such an emotional connection to you since we or I should say YOU picked us out way back when , when you we only 2 days old.
Maureen SousaTewksbury, MassachusettsMarch 4, 2017
9/2/2006 - 1/12/2017Ace,
you were the best dog, the best puppy always, no matter how big you were. Thank you for giving us so much love and affection for 10 years. I am glad you are no longer suffering. We will always love and miss you.
Patricia EstrelaSomerville, MassachusettsJanuary 12, 2017
Harley "Lady Luck"
8/18/2001 - 1/4/2017Words can not express how one feels when they lose a pet. My Harley was a precious Ori Pei with so many memories. She turned 16 years old and basically grew up with my kids. She was raised with my two boys. They were 7 and 10 when we got her. She was a tough little sole. She kept up with both boys as though she was a full grown St. Bernard. She was always at my side when I had my surgeries, comforting me. She loved going to the lake and loved to swim. If I went in a boat and didn't take her with me, she would swim out to the boat trying to get in the boat. She was just such a incredible dog. For a little dog, she had such a big personality! She had a wit about her I will never forget. My other pug is heartbroken and I debate on getting another dog, no dog can replace my Harley. Thank you lap of Love for making what could of been a horrible experience at the vet a peaceful ending to my little Harley. Dr. Gollub was so caring and I can not say enough about you. RIP Harley. We Love You!Sonja HallidayWilmington, MassachusettsJanuary 9, 2017
3/3/1999 - 12/2/2016“I loved my friend
He went away from me
There's nothing more to say
The poem ends,
Soft as it began-
I loved my friend.”

― Langston Hughes
Katherine GrisetCambridge, MassachusettsDecember 13, 2016
Claudia Megan Kennedy
4/15/1996 - 8/19/2016My precious Claudia passed away on her bed, her favorite spot, Friday, August 19. She was born in my bedroom 20 years ago. She lived with mother Isabelle and her two sisters (litter mates) Amy and Bridget. She a happy and long life with her family. Bridget is the last sister left and misses her dearly. We love you Claudia!!!!!Andrea JakmauhQuincy, MassachusettsAugust 23, 2016
4/1/2003 - 7/25/2016Our beloved 13 year 4 month old Yorkie LULU slept peacefully at home to her resting place on July 25, 2016. She was an integral part of our family and my closest buddy. She was bought as my daughter's high school graduation present in 2003, but as she went off to college, LULU became my companion and ruled the house and our lives. We miss her talking to us and asking for this and that. She was my lap dog and always with me whether in the car or at the house. Our tears are those of sorrow even though we know that she is in a better place and not in heart failure or kidney pain any more. Until we meet again, LULU, our love only continues to long for you and we miss you so much.Jean MaxwellDedham, MassachusettsAugust 3, 2016
Records count: 7