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08/04/2003 - 1/8/2018In loving memory of our boy. Porter was our best buddy. He was the start of our family 14 years ago. He brought us much joy, laughter, and love. We knew this time would come but it is still very hard. It is pretty quiet around here. It's amazing how much a part of our routine he was. We are so blessed to have been able to say goodbye to him in the comfort of our home. We miss him greatly and will never ever forget him. Rest in peace Porter.Becky WooldridgeKansas City, MissouriJanuary 11, 2018
2/2/2006 - 12/17/2017Tess was so special. She was the sweetest and most gentle little girl . She would look up at me with her big brown eyes and melt my heart. There is such an emptiness in my life now that she's not here with me. I will always love her and miss her.Charlotte BlitschOverland Park, KansasDecember 24, 2017
Skipper Pooler
9/21/2017 - 7/30/2017No reason to go out in the morning
In my jammie pants
I used you as my excuse the whole time
It was just a little harder
To clean out the lint from the dryer
A persistent reminder
Of what a big part of my life you were
It was the small things we did for each other
That made the big difference
Once you made that last leap of faith
You knew I was with you all the way
My sweetheart, my geriatric little puppy
The one who didn't hesitate to love me
Caroline PoolerKansas City, MissouriAugust 1, 2017
7/29/2008 - 7/12/2017Bailey was the kind of dog you dream of. She was loving, kind to everyone, as sweet as can be and loved us as much as we loved her. She had a fan club filled with anyone who met her. Something about her just stole your heart. She was funny, silly, loved toys, hated plastic grocery bags, garbage bags and hot air balloons. She was the best snuggler in the world, even though she took over most of the king bed and woke us up with her snoring. We miss it all and would give anything to have it all back. You were the light of our lives, Mama Bear. Love you to the moon!Maureen and Ron HallOlathe, KansasJuly 24, 2017
12/16/2004 - 7/20/2017Tank was a loving, funny, smart, beautiful light in our life. It was an honor being his best friend.Mike & Tina CampbellIndependence, MissouriJuly 21, 2017
2/19/1998 - 6/3/2017Yesterday at 2:23 I let my epic companion go on his way, free from pain. Today is my first day in 19 years that I'm waking up without his sweet soul in my home. My heart is breaking over and over every minute. I can't even explain my grief, but I wouldn't take back all the years of joy and beauty he gave to me. My little man, please hold a place for me in the light. Someday I will hold you again and forever.Jennifer Janeskokansas city, KansasJune 5, 2017
7/1/2003 - 5/26/2017These past couple of days have been difficult without our boy Beavis. We miss him dearly. He is in a better place now with no pain or suffering. He was such a great cat and a member of our family. Most of all we miss hearing his meows and his purring. Seeing his beautiful green eyes. Petting his soft coat. Watching him play with his tail. Having him curl up in our lap. His long tail seemed to never stop moving unless he was sleeping! We are so grateful for all of the joy he brought to us. We love him so much.Becky WooldridgeKansas City, MissouriMay 29, 2017
4/22/2000 - 4/26/2017Sophie, the incredible Jack Russell terrier, was one of a kind! Even though all the dog books said to never make your first dog a Jack Russell, we did not listen to that advice. As a puppy she would run circles around trees, furniture, and people like a greyhound. When she needed to go outside, she would ring a bell. She loved to swim in a creek or lake retrieving sticks. While one of her owners, Amanda, was a student at MU Vet School, obedient Sophie endured being a "demo dog" to help further the skills of future vets. In her senior days, she didn't run circles anymore, but always had a friendly "slurp" for the cheek of the youngest members of the family. The dog books were wrong about this Jack Russell, she was the perfect pet!Louise BrehmLees Summit, MissouriMay 1, 2017
11/26/2003 - 4/27/2017Is being 4 days since my baby precious when to doggies heaven & I can't stop crying.Some people think dogs are just animals but to me my dogs are my kids my everything I know she's in a better place without suffering or pain but I still miss her so much. Her human brother miss her and her 4 legging brother Winston miss her too you will always be in our minds and hearts ♥️Juana MendezKc, MissouriMay 1, 2017
12/15/1999 - 4/9/2017There are many things I already miss about our sweet Monday - or Monday Butts, as we sometimes called her. She really was such a good girl. My constant companion, constantly following me around the house, no matter where I went. She just always wanted to be near me. I miss her nails click-clacking on the hardwoods. I miss hearing her "old lady groans" as she laid down. I even miss her hair all over the house - never thought I would say that. Monday was so loving. She always tried to sneak kisses, then would "act shy" afterward LOL She was the best snuggler in the world. I go outside frequently to say hi to her. The house is too quiet. And I don't like it. I know everyday these feelings will get better, but in the mean time, it is just very hard. I am grateful she was able to pass away at home. And I am grateful for everyone who was there both physically and in spirit. Your encouragement is helping our family more than you know. If you would like to say a few words of your favorite Monday memory, please do so. Enjoy some of my favorite pictures of my "good ole girl", aka my little squirrel. Rest easy, sweet Monday.Anna HazenKansas City, MissouriApril 11, 2017
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