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1/4/2008 - 12/16/2017CHARO was my most loveable 140lb. gorgeous English Mastiff . I loved hugging & massaging her while she'd look at me with her big beautiful eyes. She was my big "Teddy Bear". She never dug a hole outside or never chewed up anything, especially in the inside. I cooked vegetables & chicken in chicken broth along with her dry food everyday. She loved her boiled meatballs & rice. Tuna with her dry food was a favorite too. Only treats were apple/chicken cookies, pumpkin, & flexible yogurt bones. Her feelings for her me (her Mommy & Daddy) were so impressive. She knew when my hubby had cancer. She would give up eating breakfast just to stay by him. When her Mommy had her A-Fib (irregular heart beat attacks) she would come to sit in front of me & put her paw on my knee (as if to say "Mom, you're going to be OK). So, so smart & obedient was she. Every nite at 9:30pm she knew it was time for her & Mom to share an apple together. She would put her paw on my knee to let me know. After eating, I would say "go drink your water & go take a pee, it's time for nitey nite". She would listen, then go into the bedroom to her bed. She loved little kids that would make a fuss over her. She loved watching rabbits eating the grass & would never run after them. From 4mths old I always spoke about everything like birds singing, rabbits etc. I made up songs to sing to her mornings & nights which she just loved. Now I know she's laying peacefully with her Dad, who died of cancer on 11/28/2016. Charo had a tumor on her knee that became the size of a baseball. She was on 4 different pain killers. She was still eating, with me on the floor holding the bowl because she couldn't stand up on this leg anymore. I was greedy by trying to keep her as long as I could, but now I knew it was time to let her go. I truly thank "Lap of Love" for coming to my home to make her pain go away so she could rest in peace.Marilyn DeJesusRio Rancho, New MexicoDecember 20, 2017
Brandi Sue Rasmussen
10/20/2003 - 11/14/2017My Journey with Brandi started when my daughter moved out of state. The loss was traumatic for me, the empty nest syndrome in full mode. I decided to look for a dog to fill that void of losing my favorite redhead. My search ended when I found Brandi, the red headed Golden Retriever. My heart instantly fell in love with this pup who taught me much more than I am sure I taught her.

Brandi was very lovable, always giving lots of kisses, loyal to the end, making sure mamma was ok before she rested. She read me like a “book” at times. There are so many priceless memories with Brandi; playing Frisbee, watching Brandi guard the yard from deer, rabbits, birds, fetching sticks in the river, chasing her sister’s tail, and playing catch with her toys. She loved people and always wanted to be included in everything.

Thank you Brandi for being a constant companion in my life, for all your unconditional love, endless awesome greetings you gave me each time I returned home. I miss you deeply. The house is so empty, and the toy box undisturbed, but Brandi you are finally pain free. Run freely with your sister Ruby until we meet again.

My granddaughter wrote on the sympathy card she made for me, “Nana I read somewhere that a dog never truly dies unless it is forgotten, their love is always in our hearts forever.”
Connie RasmussenAlbuquerque, New MexicoNovember 20, 2017
10/20/2017Our beautiful Cameron was eighteen-years-young. Cameron and I found each other at Albuquerque’s Westside Animal Shelter, where she’d been marked HALF OFF(!) as she was due to be euthanized at the end of that weekend in 2004. Of course, without hesitation, I snatched her up. While I was dazzled by her beautifully matching eyelashes and ears, once home, Cameron’s sensitivity and gentleness became immediately apparent. Cameron was impossibly sweet. I brought her into our home to be comfort and best buddies with Yoda after he lost his brother/littermate Guinness. But along with taking care of Yoda, over the years, Cameron fostered my dad’s puppy Winifred, she took in one very grownup cat Mia and eventually kittens Cleofas, Corky, Oscar, and Richard. She pet sat every puppy and kitten with us, becoming playmates and nap mates with all... and so she had many, many friends of the four-foot and two-foot variety. This little soul’s ability to create, express, and absorb love was remarkable, incredible, inspiring. She has been my steady companion through illness, surgery, chemo, grad school, loss, victory, unemployment, awards season, and countless joys. And she never met an animal, a person, a day, or a season she didn’t like.Annette RodriguezAlbuquerque, New MexicoOctober 21, 2017
Alaska Girl
8/2/2004 - 5/9/2017We Lost our best Friend yesterday.

Alaska Girl 8-2-04 – 5-9-17

I didn’t grow up with animals and never knew the joy an animal could bring to someone’s life.

Some didn’t think I could live with a dog, and there was a little of me that wondered if I could. Then one day Donna and I spent some time in a driveway with a bunch of white little labs. She looked at a few and then picked up this little ball of fur and laid her in her arms and this ball of fur just laid in her arms and Donna gave me the look, “this is the one”.

Well almost thirteen years later, lots of hair, tons of wonderful memories that I for sure will never forget, diabetes, blindness, limping, and her personality I will never regret having such a wonderful friend. Every day for thirteen years, even after she became blind she met me at the door, a tail wagging, leaping a foot in the air to see me and to say hi I miss you. Or the times when Donna would let her sit in the front yard to wait for me, even being blind she knew the sound of my car, she would get up and meet me at the driveway to say hi, or the times she would sit in the living room window and wait for me to come home. Oh the little joys will certainly be missed. I am amazed that something that never spoke a word could communicate with a human the way she did. The home already feels different, empty. I wonder how long it will take me to stop looking for her when I get home?

These last few weeks with Alaska we knew the time was coming, she wouldn’t come to the door to see me, I went to her to give her her snack and to hear that tail wagging on the floor. Feeding her was a nightmare sometimes and then sometimes she would eat everything up. We would get frustrated but after all was said and done I believe my beautiful, loving wife and I would do it all over again for our Alaska.

For thirteen years Alaska never slept on the ground unless we were camping, and even then she slept on a fur blanket, she always had a memory foam bed, imagine a dog with memory foam bed. Well Monday night she slept outside in a certain spot that she always sat in when she wanted attention from us while we watched a movie. I lifted her up at 2:40 a.m. Monday to bring her back in and when we woke up she was back at her spot. Now mind you she is blind, could hardly stand on her own, we had to lift her up, she somehow walked out her doggy door all the way around the back yard to this spot. I came home yesterday and picked her back up to bring her in the house and she did everything to get back that spot. We helped her get there and sat with her for almost 6 hours holding her, crying.

We did something yesterday that I pray no one will ever have to go through. THE HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER GONE THROUGH. We had to have her euthanized. It was peaceful, no pain for her, tons of pain for Donna and I. Donna held her in her hands for her last breath.

A good friend of mine told me the hardest thing about owning an animal is saying good bye. He is so right.

We sure miss our Alaska.

I pray she is running in the canyon, chasing rabbits.
Al & Donna RadicioniAlbuquerque, New MexicoMay 18, 2017
Angelskye Finnegan's Dream
1/4/2003 - 4/25/2017To my best friend and soulmate. thank you for beeing with me for more than 14 years. I will miss waking up with you in the mornings, strolling the neighborhoods with you and sitting on thee couch watching our favorite programs. You picked me to be your forever mom and I will never forget you. I love you forever.
When I get to heaven, he first thing I am goiing to do is find you and never let you go.
3/6/2004 - 4/10/2017I will be forever grateful that you came into my life Cooper and sincerely hope that one day your spirit and mine will meet again.Irene KoepkeBernalillo, New MexicoApril 12, 2017
10/25/2016My Girl -- I miss you more than I can say. gramps is also on his way to be with you.. Please show him the way, nudge him and love him. I hope to see you both soon.... <3 I hope the stars are a passage of light to let me know you are OK. I love you :o( Katers...Teresa GallegosAlbuquerque, New MexicoNovember 27, 2016
11/5/2002 - 10/1/2016Mugsy was and will forever remain a very cherished and special time in my life that was most difficult to see through. Without her sweet love and constant presence I feel sure I wouldn't have made it without her. She was my everything and I miss her so much. Our home will never be the same without her. She was always so happy to see me when I came home. She'd wag her butt and give her smile. She loved her walks and always gave her sweet smile as others approached and smiled back at her. She also loved our trips to Santa Fe and Taos as she looked out the window in anticipation of running and playing in the parks or on the trails. I will miss her forever as I hold our memories together so close to my heart.Loretta RissoAlbuquerque, New MexicoOctober 19, 2016
Sir Bentley
8/7/2008 - 10/14/2016Going to start this page do what I can and add more later, heartbroken.Debbi PhiferAlbuquerque, New MexicoOctober 15, 2016
2/1/2000 - 9/23/2016Matilda was a very special cat, a social butterfly, a real cuddle bug. Her Animal Humane profile said "very friendly, sweet cat", and truer words were never written. She had the most wonderful personality, and when friends visited she made sure to personally greet them. At our annual Halloween party, she was the center of attention, going from lap to lap and charming even "non-cat" people. She loved to cuddle with me and watch movies, and every night she slept right next to me. I loved how she wrapped her paws around me and clung to me like a little monkey. When Matilda was fourteen years old, she had her first stroke. When I took her for her MRI, the specialist paused during her examination and told the vet tech, "This is the sweetest cat that has ever been here". She recovered, but she had several more small strokes. A tough little girl, she continued to be my best friend and confidant. At age sixteen after all the strokes and some other health problems, we realized it was time to let her go. It was very hard, because I knew they broke the mold when they made Matilda. There will never be another like her, and I will carry her in my heart forever. Thank you, sweet kitty, for sharing your incredible life with me, and for making me so happy.Debbie MilesAlbuquerque, New MexicoSeptember 28, 2016
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