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8/15/2005 - 9/7/2017Leah was a wonderful, beautiful dog who was adored by many friends and family members. When we let people know that she had cancer and was going to be put to sleep at home, on my bed, by Lap of Love, everyone wanted to come over to kiss her and say goodbye. So many people came with hugs, kisses and cookies(!) that she had to know how loved she was. Her passing was very loving and peaceful, and we miss her like crazy. I know I’ll see Leah again. I’m so looking forward to being with all the wonderful animals that have been a part of my life. Thanks to Dr. Lori for making Leah’s passing so peaceful and serene.Kay CrawfordTigard, OregonSeptember 22, 2017
5/24/2001 - 9/5/201716 years is a long time and saying good bye has been very difficult. We have many great memories that will be forever cherished. Good bye my sweet dog.Gayle TaorminaOregon City, OregonSeptember 7, 2017
8/13/2004 - 8/14/2017We miss you little girl, but it was time to relieve you of your pain. That was the hardest thing we have ever had to do. We miss your gentle kisses on our hands, your wagging tail stub, and your beautiful blue eyes. You were our constant companion at home and on the road traveling in the motorhome. Whenever we started to pack the motorhome, you jumped right in and told us you didn't want us to go without you. We miss our long walks in the neighborhood and around the many RV parks we stayed in. You were always eager to go for a walk no matter how much you might have been hurting. And you loved playing ball from the time you were a tiny puppy. Our arms got tired of throwing the ball before you tired of chasing after it. Our home is quiet now and our hearts are grieving. You are loved!Bev CarrickTurner, OregonAugust 27, 2017
3/24/2007 - 7/8/2017We said goodbye to our Gus yesterday. Our hearts are broken, our house seems a lot bigger and quieter. His presence was BIG and his sweet soul was even bigger. We miss Gus terribly. The decision to say goodbye was the hardest. We knew it was time when he showed us his mobility was declining. We wanted to stay loyal to him and help him pass peacefully and comfortably. Dr Lori came and helped us with this. She helped give Gus the best final moments. She showed compassion and love. We will be forever grateful to Dr. Lori and also to Lap of Love.
Gus was a big Great Dane. He was a half European Dane. He came to us after we lost our other dog Deuce, and from the very first day brought so much joy and laughter. He was the sweetest dog. For most of his life, Gus would go to work with us. He was known around town as the big dog in the truck that was always smiling. He loved to greet people and make new friends. Gus is missed greatly. His last week was spent camping, enjoying the outdoors and lots of yummy treats. There was a lot of snuggling and hugs. Gus will always be in our hearts. We loved him to the fullest.
Kelly StarbuckStayton, OregonJuly 10, 2017
7/12/2009 - 3/24/2017Rajha,
Thank you. You were everything I needed and everything I thought I didn't need. You changed the way I see the world. You changed my heart. You had the softest ears and chest feathers. Your freckles on your nose were my favorite. I promise when I am ready to share my heart again, I will give all I have to save another dog. I know there are so many out there in the world in need, though my love won't be quite the same as it was with you. I miss you Rajhi and think about you every day. Logan still asks about his sissy. He asks where you are and when you're coming home. We have to tell him you're in Heaven and that someday we'll see you again. When my time comes and I get to the rainbow bridge, I hope you come running for me. I can't wait to see you again. My first baby, my Princess Gingercup, Rajhi Girl.
Your mama
Angela ThompsonHappy Valley, OregonJune 20, 2017
10/11/2002 - 6/9/2017My sweet Kita. I will miss you so much!
From your crooked teeth, to your crazy mohawk, to your extremely protective nature of your people...or anyone you were sitting next to for that matter!
We watched you getting slower and less agile, you slept more, barely barked at cats passing in front of the fence...we knew the time was getting closer when you didn't bounce back from that stomach bug, but we held out hope and made a deal with you to hold on till we got relocated back home and you did!
Thank you for the beautiful memories we have of you on our last trip across the states...I wish you could have seen the Grand Canyon but the way you slept with the sun on your face was beautiful!
Thank you for being a part of our family for nearly 15 years!!
(The very last picture is the soap my daughter and I made in honor of Kita)
Brandi LimonCornelius, OregonJune 19, 2017
4/26/2000 - 4/30/2017Paco you are so very loved. The 17 years that you gave us will always provide memories that will sustain our hearts. Knowing that you were able to pass at home was a blessing.Mark & Lorre WorthingtonGresham, OregonMay 15, 2017
9/4/2016Sammy loved the water but not the rain. We took her camping on Memorial weekend the first year we had her. The rain fell in buckets. My husband Jesse opened the truck to get something and Sammy jumped into the front seat and whimpered. She would not get out until we went to bed in our tent that night.

Sammy loved camping, swimming, catching balls and sticks in the water and in a field. She loved going on Boy Scout outings, Camp Fire outings, the beach, chasing balls, taking walks, and she always got muddy helping us pick out our Christmas tree. As long as she was with us she was happy.

Sammy suffered separation anxiety but after a few month with us and constant reassurance she felt better.

Sammy protected our children and gave us so much love. She was patient and forgiving. The decision to let her go was for her not for us. I know she is in heaven with my dad and grandparents.
Loretta SmithSalem, OregonSeptember 6, 2016
Records count: 8