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7/1/2006 - 7/18/2017My sweet Roxie loved love. There has never been a purer heart.Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaJuly 21, 2017
2/22/2008 - 7/8/2017Bodhi, you had a presence about you that can’t be put into words, and to us you were, and will remain, ‘the best cat ever.’ You entered our lives and our hearts on August 12, 2011, when you were three, and we knew instantly that you were destined to be part of our family. You were the smartest little guy we have ever known. We will miss our conversations; your soft furry tail brushing against our legs; and how you always came to our side when we called you. I can still see you by the back door where you liked to stretch out on your blanket, and watch the birds and the squirrels in our garden. Your beloved perch near our front window is so empty now. I see you next to your Daddy, your paw outstretched over his arm as he read in bed. Thank you for marking your favorite spots the day before you passed. Did you know? Thank you for being the best older brother to your feline brother Timofei. He sniffed you goodbye after you passed. We are comforted that we told you, and showed you how much we loved you every day, and that you returned that love; and that we found a way to have you leave us peacefully, without pain, or stress as you passed at home with your human Daddy and Mommy by your side. We will love you forever, and cherish our lives with you always. The love we shared with you will never die. It remains forever. After you passed, there was a light rain and, there in the sky was a Rainbow. God Bless you, sweet Bodhi, as you cross the Rainbow Bridge.Max and Anita CrandallLambertville, New JerseyJuly 10, 2017
Ti Ti
07/17/1998 - 6/11/2017Dear, sweet, crabby sissy-witch,
How can I ever put down in words how much you mean to me? To say you were my spirit animal is an understatement. I have so many words for you, Ti; so many things in my mind and my heart that I will speak into the wind now that you're no longer here. Poppy says the love is eternal, and of course he is right. Still, I wish you were here with me. Thank you for taking care of my heart more than I could ever take care of you. Thank you for 18 years of unconditional love.
Your Popples and your Googer continue to miss your disdain. Secretly, and also outwardly, they know you loved them. Those gentle head kisses were everything to them. Thank you for loving them.
It's so hard to adjust to being without you. The canyon is empty, and there's no one to usher me to bend, no buzzard-ry before meals, no bone biting, no craw, no baggages. None-dle.
We are eternally grateful for everything you gave to us --- the language, the laughter, the catitude, the love.
I know you went back to the light from whence you came. My heart will always miss you, Dolly. Rest In Peace, my baby. I love you.
Bridget BorlakBridgeton, New JerseyJune 26, 2017
5/28/1997 - 6/23/2017My best friend and companion is gone, and there are many empty spaces in my home where she used to be. My sweet Kitton was my lovey, and she was patient and loyal, yet totally independent. She liked to sit with me but juuuuuuust far enough away that we weren't actually touching because she valued her own space. I came to respect and love that about her, because we could sit together while I read and she napped, quietly appreciating the companionship of each other. She was soft, warm and cozy, and her purring body comforted me deeply. She liked to chase the end of my iphone charger cable, pouncing on it as I dragged it across the floor. She enjoyed the screened in porch, as it allowed her to safely stalk the squirrels and birds she couldn't get to. She "spoke" to me with meows, if I meowed at her, she meowed back, as if we were having a conversation. When I was away and came home, she would greet me in the kitchen, meowing enthusiastically, as if catching me up on all the gossip that had gone on in the house while I was gone..."where WERE you? I heard a squirrel in the attic, and then a bird was outside the window, and then I napped, and then I looked for you, and then I heard another bird!" My sweet little girl, I miss you so much my heart feels like it will burst with it. But you lived to be twenty and that is amazing and your passing was quiet, calm and peaceful and that is all I ever wanted for you at the end.Ridley Park, PennsylvaniaJune 25, 2017
7/7/2017 - 6/1/2017Baby mommy will miss you so badly you were my best friend you cute smart funny and we all loved you even gokce lolDawn Altieri-kabadayiLevittown, PennsylvaniaJune 3, 2017
10/22/2005 - 5/26/2017Noel was such a good dog and an absolute Sweetheart. Unfortunately our dear, sweet baby developed Lymphoma and did not last long after her diagnosis. However right up to the end she was willing to stand guard and (Her favorite activity) steal food. She was a foodie and nothing was sacred if left unattended. When being scolded for her thievery she would give a look like, Yeah whatever and walk away. The house seems so empty and quiet with her being gone. She became a member of the family when she was just 6 weeks old. She was always our Baby Girl and words could never express how much she will be missed..Stanley MoleskiPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaJune 3, 2017
6/24/2004 - 4/24/2017Kalli is a Hindi word meaning “black goddess.” I chose the name before I realized how highly evolved a soul she was. The only hint I had about her nature came from the woman from whom I bought her when she was three months old. “She’s very sensitive,” she told me.

The offspring of an unplanned breeding between a black-and-tan German Shepherd and a white Standard Poodle, Kalli was distinctly “un-doglike” -- especially in the way she related to food. It was not unusual for her to leave some of her dinner uneaten -- and I am not speaking here of dogfood, but of a plate at least half filled with fresh meat. And she never went near the grocery bags (often containing meat) that I placed behind the driver’s seat, right in front of her nose, while she lay on a blanket across the back seat. She accepted doggie treats from strangers just to be polite, but often let them drop to the ground afterwards.

Her own personal favorite treat was pistachio nuts. I shelled them as she sat by my chair -- three for her, one for me -- and she ate them from my palm. The funny thing was how long it took her to chew those tiny morsels before she swallowed. She would sit there and chew and chew and chew -- more like a well-mannered person than a dog. A friend of the family once told us, “She’s like a person in a dog suit.”

She didn’t jump on a sofa or bed unless asked to do so, and even then she stayed only a few minutes, just to satisfy whoever had called her. She preferred the solitude of her own big bed where, in her last few weeks, I often lay beside her. She wouldn’t step in puddles; she either jumped over them or walked around them. And if her ball rolled into the street, she sat by the curb until someone retrieved it.

Kalli was a therapy dog at Pennsylvania hospital for a while, and I was told by a staff member that she was the only dog in the program who would walk over to a patient’s side without being enticed by a treat. All she needed to hear me say was, “Kalli, go say hello.”

Kalli’s physical beauty was remarked on by many, but most people also recognized some indefinable spiritual quality about her. Like the man who often saw Kalli lying out alone on my top step, and stopped one day, when I was sitting out there with her, to tell me that she was “mystical.” Or the five-year-old girl who stood petting Kalli while I talked with her mother, and eventually looked up at me and said with absolute certainty, “She’s an angel!”

And now I face the end of something that doesn’t seem to have had a beginning. It was so natural for us to be together. We just fit -- perfectly! Nothing about her annoyed or disturbed me. If I had had to describe the perfect dog, it would have been everything that Kalli was, and everything that Kalli wasn’t.

How on earth did I ever get on that website where her puppy picture was posted? I have no idea. Why did I make the telephone call, the decision, and the commitment, all within twenty minutes? No idea -- except that I could see her soul in her eyes. Why did the person who was originally scheduled to adopt her back out at the last minute? Don’t know. And how about the fact that, when I called back the next day to find out if she had been born under my own astrological sign, I was told that she was born on June 24th -- my birthday! All that makes it easy to believe what a friend once told me: “You’ve been together many lifetimes.”

No photo can convey Kalli’s beauty, for that beauty was in her presence. And no words of mine can describe her magnificent spirit; that, too, was in her presence.The loss of that presence, and the peace and joy it brought into my home, into my life, is painful every day.

I burn incense in the morning, and when evening comes, I light the candle in front of her photo. But none of that can bring back the feel of her fur under my fingers, or the softness of her face when I kissed her muzzle.

Yet if I were asked to trade even one second of my precious time with her for relief of my grief, I would not do it. It was my honor and my privilege to share her life with her, and, in her last few years, to give her the special care she needed.

I will be forever thankful for the grace that brought her to me.
Lorraine GardnerPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMay 16, 2017
08/25/2002 - 02/24/2017Our sweet baby girlfriend, we miss you terribly each day and remember all the loving, hilarious, fun times with you. Your bed is still set up with your bone blanket ready for you to lounge. The house ISN'T the same without your sweet presence and stoic watchfullness. You picked a beautiful, unseasonably warm and sunny morning in February to take your last breaths (which were on your terms) and leave your ailing body. I will always be reminded of you, especially on a warm, sunny day when birds are chirping and butterflies and dragonflies are all around.. You are truly an angel who was extremely loved by your family and extended family. I will miss those miles of walks that we went on for many, many years. You always loved to run like the wind up until about 2 years ago. It was a great pleasure to see you happy and running free. We hope you are running and flying like the wind without pain and discomfort and wearing a huge ear to ear grin :)

Mom, Amanda and all the other humans you touched in your lifetime
Kathy WarneboldJobstown, New JerseyMay 4, 2017
9/7/2017 - 4/27/2017Tugger - T-Bone, Mommy's Boy

It's been almost a week since we said goodbye to our dog Tugger. I miss him in the morning when I would give him a treat before my shower and take him for a walk before going to work. I miss him when I come home from work when he would great me at the door and bring me his kong for a treat. I miss after dinner when he would start begging me for his evening walk. I miss him when I go to bed when he would snuggle next to me in bed. It's was hard to say goodbye but he lived a good life and I am a better person for having had him in my life.
Melanie SciochettiHolland, PennsylvaniaMay 3, 2017
1/23/2013Shiloh was a sweet faced little black pug. He was always ready for a cuddle, a hug, or just a pat on the head. If you happen to have a cheese curl in your hand at the same time, that was double pleasure. He brightened the day of all who met him. God Rest his Kind Soul. He is missed and was loved as much as we could ever imagine loving anyone. Xoxo until we meet againSharen UlmerPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaApril 20, 2017
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