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9/22/2018 - 1/20/2018Pumpkin had such a distinct and lovable personality. From playing chase games around the house on rainy days to big adventures out mountain climbing or biking, Pimkin continually impressed with her stamina. These adventures made for cozy evenings when she loved to snuggle. Her personality never failed to amuse as she was eager to please for treats, playful, vocal and of course stubborn from time to time. Pumpkin was a great companion to our family and will be deeply missed.Ben GroverMaple Valley, WashingtonJanuary 22, 2018
3/1/2002 - 1/3/2018I never thought i could feel such loss in my life until the day i had to let you go. You were my best friend...partner in crime....last 4 years we spent almost 24/7 together since i was finally able to work from home. I don't know who i am yet without you and I will never forget all the love you so selflessly gave me ...even when i didn't deserve it. The ache of losing your company is almost more than i can bare sometimes but i will go on and carry your spirit with me. You were my sweet angel, my pooca shell, my Bama booooo and one of the biggest goofballs in my life. I love you so much sweet girl and hope you're running in that endless field you always dreamt about.bettina pageVashon Island, WashingtonJanuary 18, 2018
8/20/2003 - 10/13/2016In loving memorial of our lovely Samantha ,
This memorial is being posted late, but we want to post it so that others have a reference for this incredibly significent service which helped us so much. Being able to read others' posts gave us a confident feeling about the Lap of Love organization and such a wonderful veterinarian - Dr. Ashleigh Rhoades.
Samantha was our constant companion from the time she was a two-month old puppy who we adopted from the Seattle Humane Society – a Labrador retriever/shepherd mix who they thought would get to be about 70 pounds. She grew to be a big girl – 107 pounds, and she had the best and sweetest personality. All it took was one bark and the turn of her head for us to know she wanted a cookie from her cookie jar on the kitchen counter, and if more than one person was home, she would sit and wait until a second person came into the kitchen so that she’d get a second cookie.
In her last year, she suffered from severe arthritis and bone spurs, and although we tried everything possible to ease her pain – water therapy, laser treatments, and chiropractic and medication, we could no longer help her.
Because of her large size and inability to walk and our desire for her to pass at home in the comfort of her family and on her comfortable pillow, we contacted Lap of Love. Our regular veterinarian provided us with their brochure. From the first conversation through the next difficult day when Dr. Ashleigh Rhoades came to our home, we appreciated everything they did to help us and for Samantha to pass without pain. Dr Ashleigh's concern, kindness and professionalism, was very much appreciated. We are very very thankful and greatful for her coming to our home so that Samantha was at home with us when she passed.
Carol CarrasRenton, WashingtonJanuary 14, 2018
6/15/2003 - 12/23/2017What a character! Cleo was, in turn, feisty and sweet. For much of her life, breathing and purring were synonymous, which belied a distinctly ornery streak inside her. People always remarked on her distinctively beautiful face. She never met food that she didn't like. And she never met another 4-legged critter that she DID like, though she (barely) tolerated a couple of fellow pets. In her heyday, she was an 18-lb bowling ball with legs who loved to luxuriate in the California sun. She always demanded life on her own terms. She battled two different cancers and bounced back from a serious back injury that partially paralyzed her back legs temporarily. At the end, even as a shaky <7-lb shadow of her former self , she wanted to LIVE. It made the decision to let her go so very hard. I love you so much, Cleo.Issaquah, WashingtonDecember 29, 2017
3/9/2009 - 12/4/2017I tried so hard to keep you here with me. Everyone said pancreatitis wasn't a biggie, that you would be ok in a few days, a few weeks. But you weren't getting better. The accompanying gastroenteritis and peritonitis were too much for your little body. You got to where you were so scared everytime we went to the vets because it meant so many more pokes. I was selfish for trying so long at at the same time I feel like I didn't try hard enough. I keep thinking maybe a feeding tube, maybe this may be that. In the end the only dependable thing I could give you was a peaceful, painless death. You wiggled your tail for Dr. Ashley, you even tried to bark. You were so happy about this new and special guest in our home. She helped you go to sleep, and brought an end to your pain. I'm so sorry my baby...I'm so, so, so, sorry.Sara PerrottAuburn, WashingtonDecember 4, 2017
1/15/2005 - 11/15/2017Abby was our Baby. She was an angel; the best therapy and companion dog; best cod skin cruncher; best “floatie” fetcher; most tolerant costume-wearer; most inept bunny/squirrel/cat chaser; most aloof girlfriend to her boyfriends Mitch, Duffy, and Cooper; stinkiest tent farter; persistent kong squisher; and cutest Puppy ever. We may have another dog someday, but we will never have another Abby. We consider ourselves very lucky and blessed to have been part of her life.Rich and Annika TugadeSeattle, WashingtonNovember 24, 2017
12/01/2001 - 11/18/2017With sadness we let our Cherokee cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Forever in our Hearts.Toni SchneiderAuburn, WashingtonNovember 19, 2017
Henna Banana
7/15/2006Henna was larger than life. She looked us directly in the eye with a sharp and insistent meow that was more like a bark, especially when insisting it was time for a piece of salad, or a treat in general. He would hide from most strangers, but completely welcome others, bestowing upon them a kitty honor that made them feel special. Her personality was so unique and human like, that it made her adorable. No heart was so hardened could withstand her charm when she turned it on. This was especially true when she would roll over on her back, Carter head in your direction, and barked out a terse meow. I miss her presence so much, but I have to say I did feel a tremendous sense of exhilaration and freedom, from her, when she passed. No more struggles, no more confinement in a reluctant body.Tom Des BrisaySeattle, WashingtonNovember 17, 2017
4/1/2006 - 11/8/2017When we found out that you had multi-centric lymphoma four months ago, I was devastated. I swore to try as hard as I could to make you comfortable as long as I was able. But then a week ago, we found out that it had spread to your central nervous system, and there are only two types of chemotherapy that can treat it. We tried both, and you didn't respond to either. There was nothing more that I could do for you, and that made me feel so helpless. I watched you quickly decline until I knew that it was time. You were now skin and bones, no longer the tubby boy that loved when I kissed his tummy. You didn't even purr anymore, and before you were sick, you never seemed to stop purring. You didn't want to eat, when you used to scream at me for food the minute I'd wake up in the morning. I knew then that it was time for you to be at peace. You left this world with your head in my lap, the place that you always belonged. The house feels so empty without you now, even though we have two other cats milling about. I feel the lack of your presence everywhere I look. All I want is to cuddle you again; fat, happy and purring away. Three years with you was not nearly enough; I'll miss you for the rest of my life.Danica KloesMukilteo, WashingtonNovember 9, 2017
4/3/2003 - 10/13/2017Rest in peace beautiful girl. I'm so sad you're gone but I know that you are in a better place. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and for all the wonderful memories we shared. I hope you know how special you are, and how much everyone will miss you. I love you so much!Seattle, WashingtonOctober 15, 2017
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