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3/15/2002 - 9/10/2017Dearest Bertie,

It's been a few days since you left a giant hole in my heart. For 15 years and a few months your spirit brightened my life, my home. I have been able to accept that it was time, that you were in pain and there wasn't anything I could do to make it better. I have talked about your passing to friends and family. I have mostly held it together.

But today I am sitting at my desk in my office trying to write about how much you meant to me, and there are no real words. Just tears pouring down my face. Because language is entirely inadequate to capture your sweetness, your spirit, your love of all creatures, your stubbornness, your intelligence, your everything. How you filled gaps in my life that I didn't even know existed.

My chellam, there will never be another dog like you. I hope you will always carry my love with you, wherever you go. Kutti & Patti miss you so much. We all wish you could have stayed with us forever.
Sowmya KrishnamoorthyWashington, District of Columbia (DC)September 14, 2017
3/14/2003 - 9/5/2017Dr. Nora,

I miss Tuffie so very much, she was my soul mate dog of all time. I have thought about her so much and miss all those times she would have greeted me at the door or tried to convince me not to go to work or joined me on the patio in the morning or curled up behind my knees for a nap on the couch or checking me out in the shower waiting for my washcloth so she could pick it up and take it with her ... and so many many more sweet memories. She always tried to be with me wherever I went.

Before you came to my home I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing for her at the right time. I suffered so much with that part of the decision. I want you to know you helped me a great deal when you confirmed her pain and what she was going through from a medical perspective. With what I had already seen of her struggling and knowing her the way I did - I knew then it was the best thing for her.

The actual process was so peaceful at home and surrounded by love .. and food (besides their humans, a Labs favorite thing). I only wish I had known about Lap of Love before. Tuffie was the sweetest soul filled with love and joy her whole life and she deserved her final moments to be stress and fear free and full of love and respect. And they were. I thank you so very much.

Lee, Tuffie's mom
Lee MoodyOld Town Alexandria, VirginiaSeptember 13, 2017
8/15/2017Our hearts are broken now that Sophie has left us. She was our joy, our light, our little girl. She was happiness, fun, and comfort.

It was like having a toddler around for 14 years! Bubbly, energetic, cuddly, devilish, sweet. Our home feels so empty without her and her personality. She brought us so many smiles and laughter – so much happiness from our little ball of fur! And she was full of life, love, and happiness up until the end.

We miss seeing her sweet face every morning and her ‘morning dance’, hearing her bark, chasing squirrels, giving us kisses, waiting for treats. We loved taking her for long walks and holding her – how we loved to hold her and she always indulged us that. She filled our home and our hearts up!

We will always miss her so, so much.
Ann & Gerard CassoWashington, DC, VirginiaAugust 18, 2017
7/29/2017In memory of our dear, gentle Ellie, who was part of our family for over 13 years. Ellie, you've been gone for 11 days, but it still feels so raw. My heart is broken. I miss you so much. You followed me from room to room like a shadow, even in your waning days when you had trouble walking. You slept right next to my bed at night. You were so sweet with our daughter. You adored her, and let her give you hugs. I keep thinking I see you, in the corner of my eye. The house feels so empty without you. I wish we had more time together. I wasn't ready to say goodbye when your legs suddenly failed. I kept hoping you would get better, but you seemed so sad. I was so worried about you. I didn't want you to suffer. You were a very special girl, and I will miss you forever.Laura BurdickAlexandria, VirginiaAugust 11, 2017
02/19/2008 - 08/06/2016For our sweet Ripley:
You were only with us for six years, but those were some of my happiest days. You brought me light after my darkest times. Whether cuddling on my lap, meowing for treats, “helping” me work by sitting on my keyboard or papers, or giving me a love-bite on the nose …just you being you made me the happiest cat mom ever. I thought I was rescuing you, but really, you rescued me. You my boyfriend (a former dog person) into a cat person. He loved being your cat dad. You didn’t deserve the kidney disease that took you away, but we tried to keep you as comfortable as we could. I hope you knew how much we loved you. A year ago today, you went to rainbow bridge and we miss you every day.
Debra DuffinReston, VirginiaAugust 6, 2017
12/6/1999 - 7/26/2017Yesterday, we said goodbye to our little boy, Cricket, also known as "Little Bear". I tried to imagine what the day would be like when it actually came to be, but I could never quite picture it - but now I know exactly. It was a warm summer day, with bright blue skies. In the morning, Cricket and I snuggled on the couch watching Disney movies, and momma came over to visit. When my husband got home from work early, we took Cricket and his "big sister" (our German Shepherd) for a walk. I carried Cricket in my arms while we walked on a quiet trail by our house, and we dipped his paws in the running water. When we got back, we all took turns holding him and he even got a scoop of vanilla ice cream. When the time came, I played music and he laid in my lap and gently fell asleep. There were many tears, and still will be when I look for him. This morning, as I was walking out of the house to leave for work, I caught myself calling out to him, "Love you boo-Bear", as I did everyday before. Last night I woke up and jumped out of bed at 3am because I'd heard something (I've become accustomed to doing this when I would hear him stir in the night in the last months of his life) but it wasn't him I found on the floor this time - it was my husband's cell phone playing music. When I reached to pick it up off the floor it was face down and on the back was the word "Cricket" (our wireless carrier). In that moment, I knew that Cricket was there and he wanted me to know that he was ok, no longer in any pain or discomfort. see...he is still around, and he'll show me in little ways and in big ways. I won't ever stop loving or missing him, and am grateful to have had him in my life for so long. Until we meet again little Bear....

"If you never stop when you wave goodbye,
You just might find if you give it time,
You will wave hello again,
You just might wave hello again
And that's the way this wheel keeps working now
That's the way this wheel keeps working now
You can't love too much, one part of it"
~Wheel (written by John Mayer)
Stephanie BarnettWoodbridge, VirginiaJuly 27, 2017
4/2/2009 - 7/16/2017Gabby, Our closet is empty without you hiding in the back. Our nights are quiet without your sweet snore. I'm "starting the dang day" without you and it isn't easy or half the fun. No matter how much I miss you, I'm glad you can finally breathe easy.

I hope heaven is everything I imagine it for you. I hope you were greeted with a giant ice cream cone that made you wag your sweet little tail until your entire body wiggled. I hope you stop and sniff everything and you bark in any direction you choose. I'll miss your sweet smile and big eyes, and your excitement for me (and only me), but I know I'll see you again someday. No need to be afraid without me, you're on the other side of the rain clouds and fireworks now. Find an angel to snuggle with and get your belly rubs in. Until then, I'll be missing you, my dear.
Amanda PurrierManassas, VirginiaJuly 17, 2017
08/20/2002 - 07/01/2017Nico, Thank You my love for creating such awesome memories with Jack and me, and then with Bryan. You changed the minds of many of my so-called "non-cat" friends and acquaintances with your charm and loving nature.
We miss you so, but I sense that you are aware of us, and near us, despite the divide.
Until we meet again, my King, we love you always.
Andrea F.Springfield, VirginiaJuly 6, 2017
5/25/2006 - 6/13/2017Dearest Sweet Nena- I've been truly blessed to have the sweetest, most gentle and wisest little lady dog to ever walk the planet. You were regal, elegant, soulful, loving and how you loved animals, children and parties. You were the type of calm and wise dog that puts even those fearful of or indifferent to dogs at ease. You were motherly, patient and always exuded understated authority around all dogs. How you loved cats--but they just wanted to swat at you! You were valiant, brave and cheerful for the vet, the oncologist, the surgeons, the laser technicians, etc. You were the model dog everywhere you went! Everywhere except where someone wore a mailman's uniform, toll booth vest or the trifecta of glasses, hats and gloves. You did not like uniforms but you made everyone a fan and were a gentle friend to all.

Towards the end I think that you were just smiling for me, trying to comfort me, and always so sweet and gentle. Your five senses, mind, soul, and heart remained completely sharp...only your body betrayed you. You tirelessly fought cancer, Cushings disease, debilitating arthritis and hip dysplasia. I will always love you and you have a piece of my heart forever.
Alexandria, VirginiaJune 15, 2017
5/7/2002 - 5/19/2017Buddy was a fighter. He survived three different types of cancer and it was old age, mobility and nerve issues with his spine that affected his quality of life.

It was not an easy goodbye, but we could not see you suffer. Always in our hearts. We love you, Buddy.
Kim GoffHerndon, VirginiaMay 19, 2017
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