Care for your pet’s remains is a very personal decision. Every family will be different and the choice is yours alone to make. Three options are available when considering aftercare of your pet's remains. Lap of Love veterinarians are equipped to transport your pet after they pass. Please visit your local Lap of Love veterinarian’s page for more detailed information including pricing. 

Lap of Love understands the importance of this last rite of passage and selects our aftercare providers based on our very high level for standard of care and veterinary approval. You can be assured that your pet is safely and respectfully cared for throughout this process. Lap of Love partners with both fire-based and water-based crematories, depending on where you live. Although the process is different, each method is respectful and offers ashes of your pet returned in an urn if you elect that option.

Two options (private and communal) are available if you choose to have Lap of Love handle your pet’s remains. 

Private cremation  

With this option, your pet is cremated privately at a licensed crematory. Please see your local Lap of Love veterinarian’s page for more detailed information and details about the ashes delivery. 

Communal cremation  

Pets are cremated with other pets and ashes are scattered together by the crematory. 

Home Burial

You may elect to bury your pet at your home (see local regulations in your area) - Lap of Love Veterinarians do not assist with burial preparations. Please click HERE for burial tips.

Additional Options

Another option is a traditional burial at a pet cemetery. This can be a very beautiful and elaborate option, complete with casket, wake, headstone, and grave plot. Prices run $1500 and up. Please contact Lap of Love in your area for more information on companies that provide this service.