Care for your terminally ill or advanced aged pet can be complicated when you are faced with the most difficult decision you may ever make. Many pet parents feel confused, judged or abandoned by their family and friends. When you feel you need some guidance deciding when, how and why to either euthanize or continue medical management for your pet we are here to help.  

Our Lap of Love veterinarians offer in-home consultations to help explain the condition your pet is in, discuss symptom management, and help you prepare for end of life. We pride ourselves on our nonjudgmental, holistic approach to treating the pet's condition along with the family's needs and desires. 

Consultations typically last approximately 45-60 minutes. Our goal is to help you feel more prepared, educated, and aware of the condition and symptoms your pet is going through, what the possible progression of the disease may be and what we can do to help comfort your pet. Medications are usually prescribed to help ease pain and tension for your pet when appropriate. We will leave you with a vast array of information and education so that you feel comfortable, prepared, and empowered with the next steps.