Pet Nutrition Center & Consultations

As pets age or fight a life threatening disease, it is imperative to provide adequate nutritional support to help maintain good quality of life. Many families are in the dark on how best to feed their pet in a hospice situation. Our Pet Nutrition Specialist can teach you how to formulate and make a balanced home cooked diet to meet your pet's needs! 

Schedule a Phone/Skype Nutrition Consultation with Lap of Love's Pet Nutrition Specialist

Consults last between one and two hours and if applicable, include instructions on how to prepare home cooked food. A personalized report summarizing the information is supplied within 48 hours of the consultation. The report also contains links to suggested products and/or ingredients as well as recipes, when applicable.

To schedule a consultation with Jodi, please call (305) 527-7521 or email
Phone/Skype consultations are $150.00. In home consultations in South Florida are $200.00
($30 travel fee for Palm Beach county and South Dade)

Jodi Ziskin, MS has teamed with Lap of Love to provide Skype and Phone consultations to families across the United States who seek nutritional guidance with their geriatric or terminally ill pet. With a mission to create the healthiest and happiest lives possible for cats and dogs through a holistic approach to nutrition and overall wellness, Jodi is dedicated to coaching pet parents on how to make the best choices for their furry children.

Because each pet is an individual, there is not one set diet or lifestyle that works for everyone. That is why Jodi offers personalized consultations in the home, by telephone or via Skype. In addition to consultations, Jodi offers lessons on how to prepare species appropriate homemade food for pets in the comfort of a client's home. One of Jodi's great passions is helping geriatric and terminally ill pets. Her own personal experience caring for the kitty love of her life, Kayla, who experienced everything from kidney disease to cancer and lived 20+ years, gives her a deep understanding of the challenges facing many pet parents.

"It was because of Kayla that I chose to enter graduate school and study holistic nutrition and companion animal care," said Jodi. "When Kayla was diagnosed at 14 with kidney disease and then two years later with IBD, I knew there had to be a more natural way to help her. We visited a holistic vet who not only opened my eyes, but changed both Kayla's and my life."

Jodi holds a Master of Science degree in holistic nutrition, with a concentration in companion animal studies. She is also a Certified Pet Nutrition Consultant. She has provided cooking demonstrations at noted events including Miami Beach's Animalia 2011 as well as at more intimate gatherings hosted by the highly respected veterinary clinic, Hollywood Animal Hospital. Recently, Jodi was featured on Live Miami @ 11, a news and talk program airing on NBC-6/WTVJ-TV in Miami, where she prepared a holistic Thanksgiving feast for dogs. In addition, Jodi is the Fort Lauderdale Cat Health Writer for and the "Travel with Pets" Editor for


Jodi Ziskin is a gifted Holistic Nutrition Specialist as well as a natural coach and motivator. She consistently exceeded my expectations while providing me with personalized nutritional guidance to assist my terminally ill Persian, Ms. Scarlett. Jodi utilized her extensive knowledge of wholesome pet nutrition to assist me in making appropriate and responsible nutritional and vitamin supplement choices to ensure optimal nutrition, wellness, and disease management for my beloved cat. Jodi will always hold a special place in my heart.

Susan C., Tampa, Florida