You may be unsure what to do at this moment. You’re reading everything you can online, watching videos and trying to remember what your veterinarian said the last time you spoke. You feel like you need just a bit of guidance, but you’re not quite ready for euthanasia (or you need someone to tell you if you should be!).

This is why we started our Teleadvice service, to help give you some guidance and support when all you can think about is “what should I do?”.

Call (855) 968-1118 to book your Teleadvice appointment 

Our Teleadvice service is $100 and for about 30 minutes, we will chat via phone or Skype, whichever you prefer. We will go over many different ways Quality of Life can be addressed, including:

 Should I take my pet to the veterinary clinic or emergency clinic?
 What kind of husbandry or environmental changes can be made to make my pet more comfortable?
 What quality of life scale should I use?
 What happens to a pet when they experience this disease?
 How to I encourage my pet to eat, drink, or do other normal behavior?
 When is it the right time to consider euthanasia for a pet?
 How do I plan for euthanasia?
 How do I prepare for the loss of my pet?
 How will I get the help I need after the loss?

Call (855) 968-1118 to book your Teleadvice appointment. 

“This call was essential for my family and I to get on the same page with what Hershey was experiencing, and what the best decision was moving forward. We all had different opinions, but after talking with the doctor we felt much more prepared about how his disease would progress and at what point we should consider euthanasia. This call was invaluable to our decision making.”  
The Fiera Family

Disclaimer: Without previously conducting an in-person physical exam, we cannot diagnose, prescribe, treat, change, or prevent disease, illness, or pain. The purpose of our Teleadvice service is for general guidance.