“This call was essential for my family and I to get on the same page with what Hershey was experiencing, and what the best decision was moving forward. We all had different opinions, but after talking with the doctor we felt much more prepared about how his disease would progress and at what point we should consider euthanasia. This call was invaluable to our decision making.”  
The Fiera Family

You may be unsure what to do at this moment. You’re reading everything you can online, watching videos and trying to remember what your veterinarian said the last time you spoke. You feel like you need just a bit of guidance, but you’re not quite ready for euthanasia (or you need someone to tell you if you should be!).

This is why we started our Teleadvice service, to help give you some guidance and support when all you can think about is “what should I do?”.

Call (855) 968-1118 to book your TELEADVICE appointment 

Our Teleadvice service is $100 and for about 30 minutes, we will chat via phone or Zoom, whichever you prefer. We will go over many different ways Quality of Life can be addressed, including:

 Should I take my pet to the veterinary clinic or emergency clinic?
 What kind of husbandry or environmental changes can be made to make my pet more comfortable?
 What quality of life scale should I use?
 What happens to a pet when they experience this disease?
 How do I encourage my pet to eat, drink, or do other normal behavior?
 When is it the right time to consider euthanasia for a pet?
 How do I plan for euthanasia?
 How do I prepare for the loss of my pet?
 How will I get the help I need after the loss?


Some of our doctors that help in the home can also help with Teleadvice, based on their availability. However, Lap of Love has a dedicated Teleadvice doctor, which we are excited to introduce to you below:

Dr. Steven Schultz

I was a late bloomer, not deciding that I wanted to become a veterinarian until I was in college. I took the appropriate and necessary pre-veterinary courses and lived and worked on several farms because I had little experience with farm animals. Then I went to Cornell University and graduated with a degree in veterinary medicine in 1978. I took my first job as an associate veterinarian in New Jersey because my future wife was in graduate school in nearby New York City at that time. While there, I was enlisted to be the show veterinarian for the national show of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of America, a job that I did for several years while living in New Jersey.

I eventually moved back to my home town of Buffalo, NY and took over a practice in nearby Lockport, NY. For the next thirty years I owned and operated a multi-veterinarian companion animal hospital. One of my favorite aspects of practice was hospice and palliative care. Helping elderly pets to live as comfortably and pain free as possible in their latter part of life was most gratifying, and I always enjoyed the interaction with the caregiver/guardians of elderly pets. In 2012 I sold the practice and took some time to travel and visit friends and family around the country. My non-veterinary activities include regular exercise, recumbent bicycling, hiking-camping-backpacking, wolf watching (usually in Yellowstone National Park), and travel.

I have been married for more than forty years to Sara and have three adult children: Matthew, Jonathan, and Laura. I also have 5 grandchildren. My animal friend is Mel, an almost 17 year-old wire-haired miniature dachshund. Her favorite activities are eating and napping in warm sunny spots. Her next favorite activities are also eating and napping in warm sunny spots.

Dr. Sierra Hedrick

I grew up in the small town of Poca, just outside of Charleston, West Virginia. Throughout my childhood, I was constantly bringing home stray animals and trying to convince my parents that we needed to take them all in. Along with our many stray cats, we had at least two dogs in our home at all times and I was lucky enough to care for them all. I attended college at West Virginia University where I received my bachelor’s degree in Animal and Nutritional sciences. After graduating from WVU, I attended veterinary school at Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. I spent most of my summers during college and veterinary school working at my hometown veterinary clinic, where my love for working with animals continued to grow stronger. During veterinary school, I attended several lectures given by Lap of Love’s founder, Dr. Dani McVety. That’s how I became aware of this wonderful and humbling aspect of veterinary medicine.

Working with and helping animals is a passion of mine, and by extension, so is helping their family. One of the most rewarding aspects of my time in private practice was helping families during some of the most difficult days of their lives: saying goodbye to a beloved family pet.  Because of the deep satisfaction and honor I felt providing this service, I decided to focus my career solely on hospice and end of life care with Lap of Love. It allows me to continue doing such meaningful work with families and pets on a daily basis. 

Outside of work, you can find me cuddled up with my beautiful, senior dachshund, Coco; a vet school surrender tabby cat, Pepper; and a young, goofy Blue Heeler mix, Drogo. I also enjoy reading, weight lifting and spending time at the gym.

Disclaimer: Without previously conducting an in-person physical exam, we cannot diagnose, prescribe, treat, change, or prevent disease, illness, or pain. The purpose of our Teleadvice service is for general guidance.