Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
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Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica McAlpin"We're thankful to the Lap of Love team and to Jessica who assisted us with Sophie's final arrangements."Larry & Ginni KentJacksonvilleOctober 9, 2019Sophie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"I’m so thankful for Dr. Katie and Lap of Love for providing this service. Allowing Ginger to have her final moments at home was a true comfort to us."Becky NicklusJacksonvilleOctober 9, 2019Ginger Sweetie Nicklus's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica McAlpin"Dr. Jessica was the most caring, compassionate veterinarian I have ever had the pleasure of knowing..
Brutus was not the easiest to handle when it came to anything medical but he loved Dr. Jessica from the start.
I am forever grateful for having her help my precious love."
Lisa CrotsleyJacksonvilleOctober 1, 2019Brutus's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"I had no idea what to expect, but Dr. Katie was amazing. She clearly explained everything and provided plenty of time to say goodbye to my sweet Boomer. She also genuinely grieved with me, which was a comfort.

It was such a relief to give him a peaceful transition to the rainbow bridge rather than traumatizing him with one final vet appointment.

Dr. Katie provided the best support possible for one of the hardest decisions I'll ever have to make. I highly recommend Lap of Love when that dreaded time comes for any pet parent."
Heather KingryJacksonvilleSeptember 13, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica McAlpin"I just want to thank you all for being so great during a very difficult time. I honestly lost my breath when Dr. McAlpin pulled up and could barely open the door for her, but she took such great care of my dog (and myself) during his euthanasia. (I feel like my dog's transition was easier for him than it was for me.)

I was in such a haze during the entire process that I don't feel like I thanked her enough. I'd also like to thank all of the people I spoke with on the phone. Everyone at Lap of Love was amazing. Thank you all so much for giving us this chance to say goodbye."
JacksonvilleAugust 29, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica McAlpin"We are so thankful for Lap of Love and Dr. Jessica. She was so friendly and considerate....I loved how she made herself at home on the hair covered floor with us as Murphy went through this process. She never seemed rushed and was very sensitive to our grief as Murphy passed away. Thank you so much"Kinna CostelloJacksonvilleAugust 25, 2019Murphy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"She was the nicest most compassionate person that I could have ever met. She listened to me talk about Dingo and how much he meant to me. She let me cry and blubber, and let me have all the time in the world to be with him. Thank you so much for giving this gift to me and my DIngo. You are doing God's work."Martha KennyjacksonvilleAugust 24, 2019Dingo's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica McAlpin"Dr. Jessica was absolutely perfect. We were all hugely grateful for her kind personality and tender demeanor. Her professional experience was clearly recognized and appreciated, but her joyful heart really shined through, which was a much welcomed attribute for such a sad day. A joyful heart is good medicine:)"Chris NicholsonJacksonvilleAugust 22, 2019Harry's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica McAlpin"My 19 and a half year old angel Ana Ng suddenly appeared disorientated and lethargic this past Sunday morning. She soon became unresponsive. I called Lap of Love and was connected to the most wonderful young lady who was beyond caring and compassionate. In between my sobs she was able to get my information and scheduled for Dr. Jessica to come out in the morning. I did not get the name of the receptionist, but she was a Godsend. She was incredible when I was at my absolute worst. I held Ana Ng all night and was with her as she took her final raspy breaths. She died feeling no pain prior to Dr. Jessica arrived. Dr. Jessica arrived in the morning as scheduled and was very pleasant. She took a paw print of Ana Ng and clipped a lock of her hair for me, and wrapped her in a blanket. Lap of Love allowed my to spend my last hours in the privacy of my own home with Ana Ng. Thank you!"Katie UngerJacksonvilleAugust 2, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"My 18 year old Lhasa Dixie Doo was going on to another journey today as Dr. Katie says.. She was cuddled on my chest and I gave her many hugs and kisses goodbye. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Dr. Katie of Lap of Love provided her one of the most peaceful, compassionate and respectful passing for our Ms Dixie Doo. Dr. Katie and Lap of Love, you are the best of the best. Dr. Katie is one of the most genuine, kind and caring ladies I have ever met. You all have a gift to be able to do what you do and to share and show your love for us and our pets in our most difficult moments. Blessing to all of you for all you do."TERRY SUE NOTCHICKJACKSONVILLEJuly 12, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"We want to thank Dr. Katie Stender for such wonderful care that she took of our Hoover and of us. We were such a wreck that afternoon, once Dr. Katie came in, she put Hoover at ease as well as my husband and myself. She talked us through the whole process explaining every step of the way. Our Hoover left this world
comfortably and peaceful, knowing he was loved. Once it was over, Dr. Katie said 'your baby's free', I'll never forget those words. I'll never forget what a compassionate, loving human being Dr Katie is.
She is a blessing to all fur babies and their families. I'll miss my Baby Boy forever but I know he had a safe and loving journey to the Rainbow Bridge."
Pamela ZaninYuleeJune 26, 2019Hoover's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica McAlpin"Dr. Jessica was amazing. She came in my open front door with tears in her eyes for our suffering. She assisted us with this transition that I would have thought impossible to get through. Her obvious love of animals and assisting with this final act of LOVE is a blessing to all pet owners who must walk this path with their loved ones. I am grateful that Dr. Jessica and Lap of Love is out there for all of us!"Terri DerkumNeptune BeachJune 21, 2019Johnny's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"It feels odd to say we were lucky to have Dr. Katie seeing how we were going through the heartbreaking decision to put our beloved dog down, but we know we truly were. The moment we met and she saw Dick Dastardly, you could see in her eyes how much she cared and how she recognized his pain and situation. She could not have been more patient, kind, or compassionate. I lost it and was crying right away as I was going through denial and guilt. She professional and medically answered all my questions to help me understand and continue down my journey in grieving. I honestly think her medical experience and evaluation of our boy's condition is what has helped me get through the process and week so far. You can feel her love for animals, she does this to help those poor animals who need to pass but with dignity and peacefully. She spoke to and touched our dog as if she had loved him for years and I will never forget that. Her kindness and compassion towards Bill and I was truly outstanding. What truly blew us away was the email a couple days later. We were thinking since everything was paid for, done, complete, that would be it. But the fact that she reached out, offered any help, an ear to cry to, it just was amazing and unexpected. I wish I could stop crying enough to tell her in person/over the phone what a wonderful person she is with how she helps our animals and us while going through the process. Lap of Love has an amazing Vet and human being with Dr. Katie. She is one of a kind. Thank you for everything Katie. Thank you for loving and caring for Dick Dastardly like he was your own."Christina MeierJacksonvilleJune 17, 2019Dick Dastardly's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"I don't know where I would be without this organization.
Time and age caught up with my dog rather quickly and very suddenly. I found him at 5 AM in complete failure. He was alert but his body was shutting down. After submitting information online and speaking with the organization, the on call vet contacted me to ask if the afternoon was good and if I was at peace. So grateful for the opportunity to not have my boy suffer, I agreed and the doctor not only came out but rearranged things to be out earlier. She was very informative, calming, and gave me as much time as I needed. She was very kind in the care she provided my angel as well as patient with my two who are still with me."
Alexis CartagenaJacksonvilleJune 7, 2019Abel's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"Katie Stender provided services for us. We could not have asked for more. She was compassionate, kind, thoughtful, and informed. We sincerely appreciate her professionalism. Thank you Katie for helping assist us through this hard time. In short, she was everything we needed that day! Sincerely, Matt and Shelly"Matt WessJacksonvilleJune 6, 2019Mimi's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"Dr. Katie was wonderful helping us with Maggie's transition. Our Maggie was a 12 year old Boxer with many ailments and a spirit that did not want to let go. Some good friends recommended Lap of Love, so I scheduled a consult for the following week, thinking it is not time, but I need to prepare. Unfortunately Maggie's health deteriorated rapidly a few days later.
Having Dr. Katie come to our home was truly a gift. She spent time talking to me and my son; getting to know Maggie, and getting to know us and our wishes for Maggie. She talked us through the entire journey, making it as easy as possible.
Dr. Katie is truly a kind, loving, thoughtful person that truly cares about helping families say good bye to these sweet pets that are so much a part of our lives. Thank you Dr. Katie!!!"
Angelique GoodwinJacksonvilleMay 31, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"We are so thankful for the help from Lap of Love and Dr. Katie. Our cat, Tiger was very fortunate to have grown to the ripe old age of 19. By the time he got really sick, he was also deaf and suffered from dementia. The last thing we wanted to do was drive him somewhere and traumatize him. Lap of Love were just great. Dr. Katie came into our home and took the time to get to know Tiger and the role he played in our family. She also allowed our two dogs to be present, which was very important to us. Dr. Katie was very gentle and had a very loving nature. She made a very difficult decision and time much easier.

We hope to not have to call Lap of Love again for a very long time, but when the time comes, it will be easy to make the call because we know our family will be taken care of.

Thank you Dr. Katie, for helping our sweet boy, Tiger, cross the rainbow bridge while surrounded by his loving family in the comfort of his favorite fuzzy blanket. It really meant the world to us."
Kate and Arthur RahmesJacksonvilleMay 31, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica McAlpin"Our beloved Cody had kidney failure. We tried everything to keep him going but when it was time to set him free we called Lap of Love. Lap of love is the only way to go when it's time.
We were so blessed in the short time we had you Cody. We hope your new home and life was better than you could have imagined.

We love you and miss you Cody!
Kris PetersenJacksonvilleMay 31, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica McAlpin"Dr. Jessica and Dr. Green provided us with consultation and hospice care for our 16-year-old cat, Dakota. The consultation service was essential as we determined a course of action to address Dakota's progressive illness. When it was time to let Dakota go Dr. Jessica was supportive, attuned to Dakota's needs as well as ours. She was reassuring with Dakota and informative about everything she was preparing to do. The act of letting our cat die in peace in our home was something we will remember for the rest of our lives. As a hospice provider for humans, I was moved by the care provided and we respect and value the work of the folks at Lap of Love. Well done.
Dr. Dan and Cheryl"
Daniel ButtonPonte Vedra BeachMay 29, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"Thank you so much Lap of Love and Dr. Katie Stender for helping our beloved Poet transition over the Rainbow Bridge. I can't recall who I spoke to on the phone when I called to schedule the appointment, but THANK YOU! You were so patient and allowed me time to cry in between taking my information. Dr. Katie was so respectful, gentle, and patient with us as she discussed the process and actually took time to sit with us and see pics/hear stories of Poet through the years. She made such a heartbreaking decision into a loving moment of goodbyes and reverence."Laura HendrixJacksonvilleMay 24, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"Dearest Dr. Katie,
I am at a lost for words for your kindness. I lost my precious Sheprador, Daisey Mae at the end of April. Diagnosed with bladder cancer in August 2018, she lived a happy life of sunsets and cheeseburgers. She was my entire world, and had the type of soul that would make your heart melt. Whenever I was sad, she would lick my face, and let me know that all was right with the world. She was my "little spoon" and yet, the world's largest bed hog. You could never trust her around a box of donuts!
You were scheduled to perform a peaceful passing at our home, and unfortunately Daisey took her last breath at midnight, that morning....
Words cannot express your professionalism, respect, and ultimate devotion you showed us in our time of need. You took more care of her after she passed than I could ever have hope and dreamed.
I am truly amazed by your warm heart, the care you showed Daisey, and every communication we have had since her passing to ensure I am okay.
I would not have been able to make it through without your help."
Amber BondJACKSONVILLEMay 16, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"Dr. Katie was such a godsend to our family during this sad time. She said all the right things and showed such compassion and care before, during and after. Our dear kitty Uma was in the best hands and our family is forever grateful.

Thank you!"
Julia WilliamsJacksonvilleMay 15, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"I can't even begin to describe how hard it was for me to make a decision for Charlie to pass over the rainbow bridge. Charlie was my constant companion and the first dog to steal my heart and opening the door for me to foster rescues. Dr Katie was amazing! She put Charlie and I at ease from the moment she walked in. I cannot say enough good things about her. When it was Charlie's time to be pain free she cried along with me. She cared enough to remember the names of my other pets and followed up with me after to make sure all was well. The care and love she showed was incredible and it is apparent that God chose her to be a Vet for a reason...she was born to it!
I am forever grateful that Charlie and I were able to do this in our home surrounded by the people and that is what we want for our fur family members."
Sharee DeHartMiddleburgMay 15, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"Our sweet Zuko had been with me since I built my house 14 years ago. He's seen a lot... wedding, kids, and babies. My kids loved Zuko like part of the family. He'd been fighting cancer over the past year and at our most recent appointment, the vet said it was time. He suggested Lap of Love which was new to me. Dr Katie came over to help Zuko cross the proverbial bridge. She explained to the kids what she was going to do so they understood. She showed complete concern and compassion. Thank you Dr Katie."Jennifer RampOrange ParkMay 12, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"Katie Stender is the most compassionate and gentle person. God saved her just for Buster and my family. Had it not been for her true commitment to her work, this would not have been as smooth and easy as it was. We will be eternally grateful that she was chosen to help us with this goodbye. Thank you Dr. Katie and Lap of Love."Marta LewisMiddleburgMay 12, 2019Buster's Pet Memorial
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