Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Miranda Shaw"Our long haired tortieshell princess had arthritis for years in her back hips. This made it difficult for her to go to the bathroom. My husband and I always said she was tough and could live another few years. It was heartbreaking for the that last month to hear her throw up and yelp when she tried to use the bathroom. After taking her to our vet for enemas, pain shots, etc. we reluctantly knew it was time. Dr. Miranda was incredibly patient, kind, comforting, and accommodating. My husband and I are at peace knowing we sent our baby to a place where she is forever pain free, eating treats, and basking in the sun."Stephanie BuonsantePark RidgeMay 10, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Miranda Shaw"Miranda was terrific-caring, respectful, professional and made us feel as comfortable as could be expected.. What really blew us away was when it was over, she placed Snags in her blanketed basket that had a pillow, laid him down gently and covered him with another blanket with his head showing. He truthfully looked comfortable and at ease. Thank you Miranda for helping us with a very sad day."DON KAPLANBuffalo GroveMay 7, 2020Snaggles's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Miranda Shaw"After 14 years it was time to make a very tough decision about my boy Duke.
My daughters pointed us to Lap of Love and what a great find it turned out to be!
The support staff and Dr Shaw listened to our concerns and help us realize we
were making the right decision. It was so comforting for us and Duke to have this in
our home instead of us all being nervous at the vet. I think his last moments were
relaxed and not full of fear. Thank you Lap of Love for making this tough time a little
easier to deal with"
Sam GonzalezNorthlakeMay 6, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Maura Lehmann"Sammy our Dalmatian mix was adopted at approximately 5 months old in 2004 along with his brother Charlie (no relation- a red heeler) from Chicago's Animal Care and Control traveling adoption-mobile. Sammy has always been a nut and we often talked about the elderly woman who wanted to adopt him after we claimed him. We thought he never would have been a good fit with her and we knew he was for us. Sammy and Charlie joined 2 sisters Tessa (yellow lab) and Carly (black flat coat retriever) and made our lives complete. Thru the years we mourned Tessa, Carly, and Charlie too. Nikki our Cheagle (chihuahua/beagle) joined the family when Charlie was still around. When it was just Sammy and Nikki they bonded even with him having 10 years on her.
They often ran together as Sammy still would charge out the door heading to jump at the 6 foot fence in the back of the yard until his last 6 months. When his rear legs began to go, I slept on the main floor with him helping him up and out, and supporting him to feed him. He was still healthy although he had lumps taken off 5 months earlier which where cancerous. When I know he was not enjoying life as he should I made the hard calls. The regular euthanasia home vet I have used in the past was unable to do visits if you were not a regular client due to the C19 quarantine. I reached out to Lap Of Love as I had heard of them in the past. They were so kind in taking my information and I said I would call back when it was time. On the morning I knew I had to reach out the only time they had was mid afternoon and that was close to the closing time of the Hinsdale Pet Cemetery and Crematorium, where we have personally taken our babies every time they have gone to the bridge. After telling Lap Of Love that the appointment would run close to their closing time they offered to help with Sammy in a few other ways until he could be transported the following day. As we weighed the options we received another call telling us that another vet who did not work that area normally offered to step in a little earlier so we could get everything taken care of that day. Dr. Maura Lehmann arrived and spent an hour with us in our back yard feeding Sammy a complete rotisserie chicken and other treats that he could never have before. She laughed and cried with us as we told our stories and spent this special time with our boy. We never felt rushed in any way and it was perfect with the sun shining gently on a comfortable day and his bed in his backyard that he loved so much. As he left us the sun was replaced by clouds and a slight drizzle came down, which was so fitting as Sammy used to stand in the rain just staring out as he loved the rain too, probably more than the sun!
Dr. Maura helped wrap our boy and helped him into the car so we could take him to Hinsdale. Nikki stood guard over him in the back seat before we left home. After we dropped him off and started our drive home Gigi said, "look Mommy, it's Sammy's rainbow!"
There it was- a double rainbow in the sky! And we cried again but happy tears too! We picked Sammy up a few days later and brought him home to be with us once more. Sammy was a beloved member of our family and he left on April 8th just one week before his 16th birthday and he is truly missed. He was a silly nut who also acted like a cat, very aloof if he didn't care for you but protective to those he loved. Even 6 months before he left he cornered a possum on a fence, jumping up and down, we are pretty sure he didn't know what to do but he had that same Sammy spirit he always had as a youngster and we had to chase him into the house. For a week after he ran to the same spot in the yard and tried to jump up.
I have nothing but gratitude for Lap Of Love. From our contact person on the phone to the first vet who reached out to Dr. Maura to Dr. Maura herself we are eternally grateful. We thank Dr. Maura for being a big part of that day and we felt that she was more like a family member who also loved Sammy than a stranger meeting us all for the first time. God bless you Dr. Maura for all that you do and for the comfort that you provided our sad family!
With our warmest thanks,
Maureen, Gigi, and Nikki"
Maureen and Gigi P.ChicagoMay 5, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Miranda Shaw"Dr. Miranda was our angel of mercy. I told Tessa about her 24 hours before the procedure, after I had made the appt., so she would be prepared for Dr. Miranda to come and help us take Tessa to meet Johann and Sebastien, my last two beautiful feline companions who had gone on 17 years ago. Dr. Miranda was compassionate, clear, knowledgeable and kind and assisted us in ways we can never forget. I am eternally grateful for the option to have Tessa put to sleep in our home and not have to take her out to the vet’s office as that scared her so much. Instead, she died peacefully in my arms in the room where she and I spent the last 5 weeks every day sitting beside each other. Thank you, Dr. Miranda. You will always be a part of our experience."Camille GiffordChicagoMay 4, 2020Tessa (la Contessa)'s Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Christie Comm"Dr. Christie is beyond amazing! I feel like whatever I put in writing can't even begin to express my sheer graditude for this beautiful person. She has to be one of the kindest people I've ever met and to put it in my mom's words, "this profession suits her perfectly and I hope she continues doing this for a long time." She made something so difficult a little smoother (well, probably a lot smoother, actually.) I felt like she was truly there for my dog those last couple months through hospice, just as much as my mom and I were. And she definitely didn't rush those final moments; she told us to take all the time we needed and I KNOW she truly meant every word. Everything was so perfect and beautiful; worthy of my girl who was so perfect and beautiful. You’ve been truly, TRULY amazing and I’ll never forget it."Stacey SchwiesowArlington HeightsMay 1, 2020Dingo's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tyler Johnston"I am so grateful that I found Lap of Love. This was truly one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make in my entire life and Lap of Love did everything they possibly could to make it easier. From the very first second I was on the phone to the very last second that Sweetness was taken away, I felt so held and supported. Dr, Tyler could not have been more kind and compassionate in assisting her with her transition. He has a very gentle soul. So so much gratitude and love to Dr. Tyler and the team at Lap of Love."Jennifer KecChicagoApril 25, 2020Sweetness's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tyler Johnston"Dr. Tyler helped my sweet girl Izzie transition peacefully at home, and made the process as calm and easy as it could possibly be. I will be forever grateful that I was able to hold my faithful friend of 13 years in my lap and soothe her as she fell asleep, and not feel rushed at all during the process of saying good-bye. Thank you so much for the work that you do, and for taking care of Izzie when we needed it most."Jenni HartmanChicagoApril 24, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Maura Lehmann"Dr. Maura, Shelby, and everyone I interacted with through Lap of Love were incredibly kind, patient, and compassionate. Helping our kitty transition has been incredibly difficult, but every step of the way Lap of Love was there to offer advice and consolation. Dr. Maura was so gentle and loving with our senior and gave us the time we needed to feel comfortable and say goodbye. Seeing how she let our buddy warm up to her and go at our own pace made sharing such an incredibly vulnerable moment so much easier. The service and care of doctors like Dr. Maura is invaluable. Lap of love not only helps pets with end of life care, they help their parents with kind words, education, and follow ups to let us know we are not alone. Thank you so much to everyone who makes this service possible."Kathlynn ThomasonChicagoApril 24, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Miranda Shaw"Dr. Miranda was very helpful in such a difficult time. She was everything we needed her to be."Kristin GraceChicagoApril 17, 2020Murphy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Christie Comm"Christie was amazing, she made this hard time a little bit easier for our whole family."Gina Guzzielmwood parkApril 13, 2020Mika's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Miranda Shaw"Dr. Miranda Shaw is a truly compassionate and caring doctor. In Alphie’s and our time of need, she came to our home and helped Alphie transition. She explained the transition process to us and sat with us as it took place. Dr. Miranda not only helped Alphie but she allowed us the opportunity to share with her our fondest memories of Alphie. She listened and validated our grief. At this time we are under stay-at-home-orders due to Covid-19 , yet Dr. Miranda was willing to help us as she believes that no pet should die alone nor should any pet owner not be able to be there to support their beloved four legged family member. I am forever grateful to Dr. Miranda and her compassionate care of her animal patients!"Emily BoccuzziChicagoApril 12, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Miranda Shaw"Dr. Shaw was a great help to me, and she helped my cat, Dune, transition peacefully. She showed care towards me and Dune, and gave me clear helpful information."Victoria FullerChicagoApril 8, 2020Dune's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Christie Comm"Dr. Christie was so wonderful. I cannot thank her enough for helping me ease my pain just by listening to me talk about Rudy. She was very compassionate and she let everything go at my pace. I know that she wanted to give me a hug but unfortunately, we could not, but I know that the thought was there. Thank you again Dr. Christie. Thank you for everything."Ron AllainRolling MeadowsApril 8, 2020Rudy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Christie Comm"Dr. Christie was absolutely wonderful! She seemed hand-picked to be our vet to assist us and our dear Bailey to pass peacefully into the next life. She treated all of us with love and respect and was so gentle and loving to our dear companion. She asked about his life, listened to our stories and looked at our pictures. She was extremely genuine and personable and also professional. She displayed sincere love and care to us in a very sad and painful time. We will always have the tender memory of the way that she helped us place him in the little basket and gently cover him with a soft blanket. We are so very thankful for her."Linda StirkChicagoApril 8, 2020Bailey's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Christie Comm"We had to let go of our beloved cat Gabby , who was in her early twenties. The thought of dragging her into a sterile waiting room and having it done on a cold steel slab was simply awful. She would have left this world terrified. Our vet recommended Lap of Love and it was well worth the extra expense. Dr. Christie came by our apartment and couldn't have been kinder or more gentle. She explained the procedure and informed us what was happening at each step of the process. Gabby left us, ensconced on our laps, purring all the way. Her passing was peaceful and gentle. Dr. Christie made the ordeal so much more bearable. We are still broken-hearted a week later, but comforted in the knowledge that we afforded Gabby the best farewell that we could. Thanks to Dr. Christie and Lap of Love, we know that Gabby is happy in Kitty Valhalla, where the birds are all plump, dim-witted, and slow."Andrew LisecChicagoApril 4, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Christie Comm"Dr. Christie was absolutely wonderful and understanding and my sweet Bella's passing was painless and quick. I cannot thank her enough for caring for her and myself as I was so upset."Jessica NunziataPark RidgeApril 3, 2020Bella's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tyler Johnston"Dr. Tyler was the absolute best on the worst day of my life. He was kind, compassionate, respectful, and I’m not sure I could have done this without him. Thank you Dr. Tyler for comforting us on this horrible day and helping us get through this and making my Sonny boys final moments precious ones."Chelsea ArthursAddisonApril 2, 2020Sonny's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Christie Comm"We are so grateful that Dr. Christie came to our home today to help us through with the most difficult decision to put our beloved Mugsy to sleep. She was so sweet and genuinely full of compassion and empathy which made the process very calm and peaceful. She didn't rush us at all and explained everything that she was doing. After Mugsy passed, she gently put him on a little stretcher and covered his sweet body with a blanket before taking him out to her car. For such a painful event, it couldn't have been more peaceful. Thank you Lap of Love and Dr. Christie!"Diana O'BrienNorthbrookMarch 28, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tyler Johnston"Dr. Tyler was wonderful. Before he came we were so nervous and didn't know what to expect. I felt at ease the minute he came in and so did maddux. She usually would be nervous but she was very calm. He made the process a little less painful. I'm so happy we chose lap of love. I loved that my baby girl was placed in a basket with a blanket. It broke my heart to see her go but I felt comfortable with Dr. Tyler taking care of her."Christine GreenRolling MeadowsMarch 27, 2020Maddux's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tyler Johnston"Dr Tyler was so kind and compassionate., My Sasha immediately placed her head in his palms and soaked in all the snuggles and pets from him. Dr Tyler’s calm and reassuring demeanor was a blessing !"Kristin MNorthbrookMarch 20, 2020Sasha's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tyler Johnston"We are so grateful to Dr. Tyler -- he was so kind and patient and genuinely interested in our Kiki's story and his life with us.

Dr. Tyler made the experience as positive as possible--it was a day we've been dreading for years, but with Dr. Tyler's assistance, we were able to honor our sweet Ki and give him the most loving good-bye we could have hoped for.

Dr. Tyler is truly a natural with this type of work and we feel so fortunate that he was able to help us navigate through this time.

We would also like to thank Lap of Love for choosing to work with a company that can respond so quickly in returning our pet's cremains to us by the next day.

We will always remember Dr. Tyler's kindness and will recommend Lap of Love to others who struggle with the loss of their beloved pets.

Julie & Mike"
Park RidgeMarch 11, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Maura Lehmann"Dr. Maura was wonderful. She explained everything to us, answered our questions and made the process a beautiful experience for our family. At a time when you are not sure if you are making the right decision we feel we absolutely did. I would highly recommend Lap of Love. We are very appreciative to Dr. Maura and the staff."Sue BeljungWoodridgeMarch 4, 2020Mia's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tyler Johnston"Dr. Tyler was a godsend in our time of need. He was so gentle and compassionate with Tucker the entire time. And he was so patient and comforting with us as we talked about Tucker and our life together, and how we came to make this heartbreaking decision. We are eternally grateful to the compassionate Dr. Tyler and Lap of Love."Carolyn and Joe OlsonMount ProspectMarch 1, 2020Tucker's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tyler Johnston"Tyler has a special place in our hearts forever. He is so compassionate and we felt so loved and taken care of. He made the most difficult time in our life something that was peaceful and special. We can never thank him enough for making sure our baby girl went in peace while comforting us."Lauren SheehanChicagoFebruary 26, 2020Veela's Pet Memorial