Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"From now on I will always use Lap of Love Veterinarian. They were respectful, helpful and comforting."MJ MedvedBostonFebruary 27, 2020Sam's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Devlin"Bella had been in the emergency hospital for 4 days and I did not have the heart to take her back for the procedure. I found that this was something that could be done at home from an article, and found Lap of Love. I am so thankful I found them! I sent a contact form and they contacted me right away. The whole process was so easy I was able to spend the rest of the night enjoying Bella’s company! Dr. Mary Devlin was amazing! Her patience and kindness was so appreciated! Everything she did for us and our family was exceptional! I am so thankful that we have angels like her in this life. She took care of my Bella with such good care, and answered all my questions calmly. I just cant imagine having to have done it without her. Thank you Dr. Mary for everything! Thank you!"Carla C. P.WeymouthFebruary 22, 2020Bella's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Devlin"Dr Mary was amazing throughout the journey. She was calm and gentle just as our loving Roland was. She provided our whole family including our 5 year old daughter with a lot of comfort during this very difficult time. She showed Roland the utmost respect, comfort and dignity and made Roland's final journey as peaceful and comfortable as possible."Rebecca MogensenWEST ROXBURYFebruary 19, 2020Roland Mogensen's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Devlin"Thank you to Dr. Mary and Lap of Love for allowing us for saying goodbye to Sheba. Dr. Mary was gentle and so caring she gave me all the time I needed. I couldn't have asked for a more peaceful way for Sheba to leave this world. It was a respectful way to say goodbye to our companion. I wish I knew about Lap of Love when I had to say goodbye to my other furry friends I definitely would've use them instead of having to say goodbye in such a demeaning way laying on a cold table.
Sheba meant the world to me and my family and having her pass in the comfort of the home Sheba has known for 10 plus years was very personal and private. I would definitely reccomend Lap of Love for their compassion and love of animals.

RIP Sheba
Andre FucciEverettFebruary 18, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Devlin"Thank you Dr. Mary for helping our Justin pass to the other side, and confirming we made the right decision to let him go. Having him pass in our home was a thousand times better than bringing him to a cold and sterile office. You are a sweetheart and we appreciate what you do."QuincyFebruary 15, 2020Justin Aka "Jessie"'s Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jeff Carpenter"Gentle, kind, patient — touched by some kind of grace that allows him to do the hardest compassionate work there is. Thank you so much."Steven YakutisCantonFebruary 15, 2020Rosie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jeff Carpenter"Dr. Jeff (As he introduced himself), was kind, caring and compassionate. He was patient and offered extremely professional care during this very poignant and painful process. I would absolutely trust my pups in his care in the future. We are very grateful for his care."Susan FranchiArlingtonFebruary 12, 2020Loki's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"We could not have imagined a better way for Falcor to cross the rainbow bridge. Dr. Sally was beyond incredible. Making sure Falcor was comfortable and relaxed and also checking in on all of us. She talked to Falcor the whole time, being our voice in a time where we were voice less. She was so nice and compassionate, we are truly greatful for the beautiful memory she has given us during such a difficult time."ALISHA AULTROCKLANDFebruary 11, 2020Falcor's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jeff Carpenter"My cat Seamus was very special and I think he thought of himself as a person. He loved everyone and was a source of comfort after my husband died. When I knew it was time to let him go, I wanted him to be in his home and in his favorite spot.
Dr. Jeff was so gentle and caring and let me have as much time as I needed with Seamus. I am so glad my vet told me about Lap of Love."
Marguerite OlivaNorwoodFebruary 8, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Devlin"When I found out about Lap of Love services I knew this was what my family needed. Having our pet chow Tito pass in the comfort of his home and with his family around him was perfect. Dr. Mary Devlin was wonderful, so professional, so comforting, she felt our pain with us and helped us get through it. I wish this service was available when my previous pet passed. Thank you Lap of Love and thank you Dr. Mary Devlin for helping make a sad moment into a celebration of life."Edward YeeBrooklineFebruary 6, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Devlin"Our golden Maggie soldiered on with an aggressive cancer for 7 months. When her quality of life seemed to be declining and pain increasing we contacted Lap of Love. Dr. Mary visited initially to help us with pain management for Maggie. She was incredibly kind and compassionate. She spent quite a bit of time with us talking about our goals for Maggie’s quality of life and getting to know Maggie. Dr. Mary followed up with a pain management plan and suggestions for keeping Maggie comfortable.
Unfortunately things progressed quickly and within a week we had to say goodbye to Maggie. Dr. Mary spent time with us talking things through and, allowing us all the time we needed to say goodbye to Maggie. She is gentle, soft spoken and so respectful. While it is one of the most difficult, sad experiences, Dr. Mary gave us all comfort with her words, behavior and gentle treatment of Maggie.
I cannot recommend Dr. Mary highly enough. We were all grateful she was with us."
lisa barrettBostonJanuary 29, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Putting My little girl down was one of the hardest decision to make and Dr. Sally was incredibly comforting to both Pixel and myself. She asked all the right questions reassuring me that this was Pixels time, and I had made the right choice for her. Having her come to the house I was able to create a peaceful atmosphere for all of us. Pixel did not care to go the vet, and I couldn't bring myself to have her last ride be to her least favorite place. Dr. Sally provided follow up support as well, she understands how deep our bonds are with our beloved pets, I can't express how helpful she was really was during the whole proccess , she even checked in on Pixels 1 year passing."Raeme Marcaurelle-MerlosIpswichJanuary 26, 2020Pixel Rose's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Devlin"Just days before Christmas, our beloved elderly blind and deaf pug Emmett, who we had only adopted 18 months prior, fought his final battle with a host of ailments, and we knew it was time to say goodbye. Dr. Mary Devlin was absolutely wonderful; although we have been through this sad routine before, Dr. Mary brought a calm and comforting presence to our home so that we could all say goodbye to Emmett in the most caring, loving way possible. She didn't rush, gave us plenty of time to say goodbye, and afterwards even tucked Emmett into a little bed in a basket so that would be our last view of him, looking snug as a pug. Dr. Mary followed up with us in the days after to check in and to offer grief resources, which was also very helpful. Emmett is back home now in a beautiful carved wooden urn; although we miss his sweet little face and funny ways, Dr. Mary's compassionate care made saying goodbye to Emmett a bittersweet moment instead of a tragic one, and for that we are grateful."WakefieldJanuary 18, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Devlin"My husband and I feel extremely fortunate to have had her euthanize our cat. Her kindness and gentle manner was so comforting to us all, including our beloved kitty. Mary actually sat on the kitchen floor to be near the cat who responded by hobbling over to her. As sick as our cat was, he sensed someone who was there to help him in a time of distress and discomfort. I really can't give Dr. Mary enough praise. She is a treasure!"Judy ParadisBrooklineJanuary 11, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Devlin"Dr. Mary Devlin your kind and gentle caring for our little buddy Baby gave us comfort during a very difficult time.

Thank You from a grateful family"
BostonJanuary 8, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Sally was absolutely amazing. My Peanut passed away in my arms before our appointment. I called Lap Of Love to inform them. They still sent Sally to help with after care. She was amazing. Very kind and thoughtful. She was very gentile with my sweet Peanut. She had a beautiful basket with lovely blankets inside to take Peanut in. As a vet she even explained a bit of what had happened. She showed genuine interest in Peanut and who she was. Dr Sally Lynch helped ease our minds and calm our broken spirits. She was absolutely amazing! Her coming made all the difference on such a difficult day. Thank you beyond words from the bottom of our hearts to Dr. Sally and LapOfLove. Love, Peanuts family. "Shauna CBostonJanuary 7, 2020Peanut's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"The past month was one of the hardest of my life. My best friend Champ and I had been together since I was 21. He was my constant throughout the years always by side. You could call him a velcro dog - where I was he had to be so we were linked at the hip or at least the same room always. We shared so many great moments together, morning and night he was one of my favorite parts of my life. My husband was the first other person he bonded to and we became a little family- he was our favorite part of life besides each other. It pained our hearts to know it was coming to an end. He had end stage melanoma and within a few days declined very fast. Lap of love was able to accommodate a last minute appointment- we tried to be the owners that could schedule before the time was obvious but we held on to our sweet boy because he seemed to still be enjoying some quality of life. Dr Sally Lynch was a gleaming light in the hardest day of our life. She was very comforting and helped us guide of love over the rainbow bridge and stop his suffering. We were able to do this at home so he did not have to travel- he was able to go to sleep one last time with his pack at his side. We cannot thanks Dr. Lynch enough - it was one of the most personal moments of our life and one of the saddest. Champ is back with us in a beautiful urn. We have a paw print in clay and a beautiful paw print on a beautiful card that we are going to frame and keep forever. Thank you Dr Sally Lynch and Lap of love. We could not be more grateful for the service your provide."julianne lordNorwood, MAJanuary 3, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jeff Carpenter"Lap of Love was able to respond to our need the same day we called to set an appointment.

Dr. Jeff was professional, respectful, kind, gentle and understanding. He helped us let go of a beloved family member, by coming to our home and making sure our sweet dog was in a loving place. And he sent a lovely follow-up email the following day."
ConcordDecember 31, 2019Yuri's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Devlin"In one of the saddest moments of my life Dr. Mary provided comfort, care and patience. She listened to our story and gave us all the time we needed. We feel very lucky that our sweet boy could spend his last day and last moments at home. While I opted out of receiving ashes, I am very grateful to have the paw print as a memorial."Katy BrownMedfordDecember 30, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"When I contacted Lap of Love, I wasn't sure when the right time to let my beloved cat companion of 17 years go. How would I know it was the right time?

The intake person was very sensitive to my uncertainty and encouraged me to fill out the assessment survey, which I found to be a valuable reality check. Although upsetting, it helped break through any denial I had that my darling kitty was really leaving this life.

When I made the appointment, Dr. Sally came right on time and was extremely warm, kind and professional. To my relief, she did not come into the house intent on euthanizing Ermengarde -- she came to examine the patient and to help me make the best and most ethical decision. She was tender and caring with my sweet old lady cat, who showed none of her usual signs of distress or reluctance at being looked over by a vet. Dr. Sally's rapport with my cat was instant and completely trusting.

After learning more about my cat's medical reality (failing organs, seizures, etc.) I decided to let her go that very day rather than let her suffer any longer. We did the procedure in my bed while I held my calm, purring girl in my arms wrapped in a little blanket. Dr. Sally was incredibly gentle and supportive through the entire process. When I felt the life go out of my cat, I sobbed and sobbed, and I appreciated that Dr. Sally quietly left the room to give me plenty of time to be with my beloved companion before we finally tucked her into a little basket to be transported away for cremation.

Dr. Sally was also very sweet to my dog and made sure that he was part of the process. I think seeing his feline friend lifeless and being able to sniff her helped him to understand that she was gone and would not be coming back. He grieved some with me but he never exhibited any agitation or anxiety looking for her.

So, while putting down my first pet was a harrowing experience, it was peaceful, calm, and actually really beautiful. I have been recommending Lap of Love to everyone. Losing an animal family member is just awful but I feel that it helped me cope so much doing it at home where my cat was most trusting, calm and comfortable."
Victoria WeinsteinLynnDecember 27, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Devlin"On December 23rd, Dr. Mary came to our home to assist in the passing of our beloved Maisy. When she arrived, we were surrounding Maisy on the floor, as she sat on her favorite pillow. Dr. Mary spoke in calm tones to us to explain the process. She never asked us to move, but rather joined us on the floor and stroked Maisy's back. We showed her pictures of Maisy and told her stories and she understood our pain and laughed along with us as we shared happy memories. Maisy was always scared of the vet's office and would shake the entire way there and we would have to hold her for her visits. We did not want her last moments on earth to be filled with anxiety and fear. Instead, she crossed over surrounded by her family, in the place she loved. Dr. Mary gave us all hugs and her condolences. We could not have been more satisfied with the experience."Phyllis KiznerPeabodyDecember 25, 2019Maisy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Devlin"As unfortunate as the circumstances were in meeting Dr. Mary, we are so grateful to not only how caring she was with Gigi but how comforting she was to us throughout the process. Dr. Mary made sure to explain what would be happening, how Gigi will feel, and allowed us the time we needed to help Gigi cross the rainbow bridge. The follow-up email, sympathy card, and the paw print are all small but significant details that truly touched our hearts. We received Gigi's ashes a few days ago and the box that they came in is so beautiful, I was blown away. As hard as this decision was, I could not be happier that with the help of Dr. Mary and Lap of Love we were able to help Gigi go peacefully, relaxed, and in her home where she was loved so much. Thank you Dr. Mary, there are not enough words to express how grateful we are for your kindness and compassion."Kristina BelangerEverettDecember 24, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Devlin"Dr Mary helped my wife and me through one of the most difficult processes we could go through. She was caring, informative and allowed us to manage the process according to our needs. We we're never rushed in saying goodbye. I can't imagine having anyone else take care of helping my beloved boy out of his pain. I thank her for helping my wife and me through this difficult journey. She made the terrible more bearable and for that I am forever in her debt."MedfordDecember 23, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Remy and I both loved Dr. Lynch, from the moment she entered the front door. She is kind, loving, very nurturing, and is all about the dignity of Remy, and his comfort level.
I have mentioned to several people, that, " If only Dr. Lynch could see human patients as well!"
Dr. Lynch has great clinical skills, rolled up with the skills of a wonderful therapist, caring both, for Remy and for me.
I highly recommend Dr. Sally Lynch to anyone that needs her type of services.
In my career, I have worked with many doctors from so many disciplines. Dr. Sally Lynch wins grand prize.
What a comfort she was!"
Orene MorinRandolphDecember 15, 2019Remy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Devlin"We're so thankful Lap of Love provides the service of in-home euthanasia. We had to say goodbye to our cat Toby last year and our cat Max just a few days ago, and we used Lap of Love both times. We just couldn't bear the thought of their last moments being spent at the veterinarian's office, because visits to the vet always stressed them out so much. Dr. Mary was so gentle, kind, and caring. She even drove in the awful snow storm to make sure our cat Max passed away peacefully at home. We honestly can't thank her enough! Dr. Mary and Lap of Love are amazing! They really know how to help you get through a tremendously difficult time."Nicole GiantonioWoburnDecember 5, 2019