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Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Dr. Sally Lynch was very gentle and respectful during the whole difficult process of helping us to end our little girl Pug's life.
Having someone come to the house really allowed Pug to stay relaxed during this difficult time.
Pug was calm and ready. It could not have ended any better for her no matter how much it hurts for my wife and I.
I highly recommend using Lap of Love for anyone's ailing friend or at the time they must leave us.
She gently took her from under the bed, where she liked to sleep, and rested her on one of her favorite blankets.
When everything was done, she cradled her in a basket with more blankets and my wife decorated her with flowers.
It was as beautiful as such a difficult time could be and it will help going forward to remember that we did all we could for pug, right up until the end.

Goodbye our little owl eyes, it was an honor to know you and to brush you multiple times a day as you laid there purring, happy to be right where you were."
James HughesWrenthamJuly 11, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"In life we are lucky enough to come across very special people...Dr. Sally Lynch is one of these people!! She is caring and compassionate! She made our darkest day tolerable and treated both our family and Juliette with dignity and respect. I feel so blessed that our paths crossed with Dr. Sally.
Dr. Sally...thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being there with us! You truly are an angel 😇
Tara & Rich
Cameron & Elsie"
Tara TestaAbingtonJuly 1, 2018Juliette's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"My beautiful Lexi died in my arms on Monday morning she fought a hard battle of cancer. She fought to the very end.
It was a very emotional and difficult time for me. Once Lexi passed I called Lap of Love and they came and picked her up. Lexi was scheduled later that day to be put down but instead she died on her own. Dr. Sally was amazing and made me feel like Lexi was taken care of till the end. Dr. Sally was very attentive and understanding and felt my pain. Everyone I spoke to on the phone at Lap of Love was great!!! Even though it was very emotional and very sad Lap of Love made it sort of ease the pain. I will always love my Lexi and think about her everyday."
Christina DAndreaDracutJune 26, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Thank you Dr. Sally for your kindness and support. You took the time to talk through our struggles with Murphy and kept us at ease. We also appreciate the detailed information on his conditions. As grueling of a decision as this was, you made Murphy's passing peaceful and dignified."Jennifer MahoneyWoburnJune 19, 2018Murphy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"We can't thank Dr. Sally enough. Her compassion and the dignity she provided Chubs in the end will never be forgotten. Unfortunately, this is the second time in 4 months we had to say goodbye to one of our fur members but Dr. Sally still took the time to explain everything and did not rush us or Chubs at all. As hard as it was to say goodbye to Chubs, I take comfort in knowing that he left us peacefully in his own home, on his own bed."Tracy KellyLowellJune 11, 2018Chubs's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"April 9, 2018

Today we lost our Mr. Mulligan. “Mulls” was a rescue from the south and a gentle old soul. We often referred to him as a southern gentleman. He was the sweetest and most loyal dog who taught our other dogs so much. As the keeper of our house, he is not only greatly missed but we are forever grateful to have loved you, Mulls! …keep chasing those squirrels and eat all the salmon you can.

We knew it was Mulligan’s time, but we didn’t want to bring him to the vet’s office. It was always so stressful for him and we didn't want that to be the environment to say goodbye. It was so comforting when we found Lap of Love. Dr. Sally Lynch was amazing. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in the backyard on his own bed. Mulligan was very relaxed and Dr. Sally guided us through the process so we could be there for him. She was so very patient with us and Mulligan passed on peacefully surrounded by people that loved him.

We all know how painful it is to lose our pets and when having to make that difficult decision this is the only organization to use. Thank you Lap of Love and Dr. Sally for being there."
Jim OwensWakefieldMay 28, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Dr. Sally was our Angel on April 20th 2018 she was our hospice vet who came to our home for our beloved dog Daisy who took a turn for the worse and was not going to make it through the night. Dr. Sally was the most caring, kind, compassionate, loving person we have ever met. She talked us through everything in such a loving manner. Daisy had the most peaceful transition that our family will always be so thankful for. Dr. Sally treated Daisy with such dignity. You will forever have a place in our hearts Dr. Sally!"Karen AndersonMarshfieldMay 15, 2018Daisy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"I've never had to make an end-of-life decision for a pet before. Dr. Sally was so compassionate and kind. We felt while this was one of the more awful experiences of our lives, Dr. Sally made our kitty's final hours so peaceful. I would never say goodbye to my pets in any other way than having a vet come to the house and take care of them at the end of their lives. She talked with us about how he was doing medically, offered some treatment options but was also honest with us about how treatment wouldn't buy him much time and might make our sweet boy fear us at the end if we tried things to prolong his life. I so so appreciated the honesty and up-frontness, but I can't say enough about how empathetic and compassionate Dr. Sally was with us and our 12 year old son, who was absolutely grief-stricken and bereft. It's so sad, but being at home in a comfy window seat surrounded by love was a "good death" as they say."Karen NewmanMaldenMay 7, 2018Tommy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"I want to thank Dr. Sally for her empathic and professional approach when she came to our house. Dr Sally explained everything to me and was very considerate in every possbile way. The whole process was emotionally difficult for me but it was tranquil and smooth and I can tell that my cat Gordy was not suffering or scared but calm and peaceful."Pisha ChenLexingtonMay 5, 2018Gordy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Dear Dr. Sally,
Nobody could have been kinder and more perfect for Sage and us to help us say goodbye in the kindest way possible. Every word you spoke eased our anxiety and helplessness. Sage loved you we could tell. You are a blessing in this world and we wont forget you. Its a big deal to be at the end of someones life and we recognize that. You are kind compassionate and we cant say enough about you honestly. Except Thank you and many hugs.
Sarah and liz"
Sarah and Liz FitzpatrickBostonMay 2, 2018Sage's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Dr. Sally was extremely respectful of me, my wishes, my pets, and my home. She helped to make a very hard time a little easier on us and as painless as possible for my cat. She did everything she could to ensure that he passed comfortably and peacefully and with dignity. Furthermore, Dr Sally didn’t rush anything about the process and gave us a personalized experience. She allowed us time alone to say our goodbyes and gave him a really sweet send off. She also made it a point to follow-up with me afterwards and I really appreciate the extra effort."Jaimie KonetchyBridgewaterApril 26, 2018Alastor “bubba” konetchy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"I can't thank Dr. Sally enough for being a comforting and compassionate presence on one of the most difficult days of our lives. I so appreciated the fact that she wanted to hear about some of the little things that made Dayton Dayton and she treated our little angel with dignity and compassion as we said such a hard goodbye."Audrey ZaferosCambridgeApril 22, 2018's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Dr. Sally came over when it was just about Sophies time. As pet owners you don't want to wait too long when it's their time but for me at least you don't want to do it so soon. Dr. Sally came for a consult and did a great job guiding me for what to look for as it wasn't Sophies time just yet. I was able to have one special extra week with Sophie and was lucky enough when Sophie was showing great signs of failure (all of a sudden without warning), Dr. Sally was able to come and assist in her passing. For me and Sophie it was one of the most beatiful passings. I had time to walk Sophie around the entire house and go to her favorite spots and talk to her about her life with me. It was calming to her as her heart rate was very fast and slowed down as a gently patted her head and walked with her. That time was something special and I was fortunate enough to have it. When Dr. Sally arrived she explained the process and talked to me and Sophie (and Sweetie Boy and Coco) to assure us Sophies passing will be peaceful and it was. There is a huge process of a pets passing and when Sophie left in her little basket, I had a smile on my face because she looked so peaceful and looked as if she was sleeping . You don't get that in a vet's office. All the folks at Lap of Love were so comforting and understanding and gave me great information as was Dr. Sally. She was and is a true Angel. i don't know what I would have done without her. Her explainations and help and compasion will always be remembered. She is truly an Angel for us pet owners at this most difficult time."Jean RicciutiquincyMarch 28, 2018Sophie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"I will be forever grateful for the care and love Dr. Sally Lynch provided with the passing of Sweetie Boy. She has also assisted me recently with the passing of my little Sophie. She made the passing so peaceful and beautiful. I will never forget her kindness and compassion and all the care she took. Sweetie Boy did not have to be put down in a vet's office, away from his home and I was so happy for that. I will never forget Dr. Sally and all the folks at Lap of Love for their understanding of my situation and flexibility to help me schedule this hard appointment."Jean RicciutiQuincyMarch 28, 2018Sweetie Boy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"We cannot stress enough how grateful we are to Dr. Sally and this organization. Dr. Sally helped make a difficult decision a peaceful experience. Dr. Sally came into our home with the presence of love and compassion and treated Wallace like he was her own. From the moment she entered until the moment she left, she made the entire process peaceful and painless as we said goodbye to our beloved dog. Dr. Sally made sure Wallace's last moments on earth were comfortable surrounded by the people that loved him most. Thank you again for your kind and loving nature Dr. Sally, you are an angel."Chrissy CarrSouth BostonMarch 5, 2018Wallace's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Dr. Sally is one of the nicest people I've met in a long time. Her caring courteous manner made this difficult process immeasurably easier to conduct. She is a credit to her vocation, and profession."Mark KilczewskiSalemFebruary 3, 2018Shadow's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"We lost our almost 14 year old lab last night. We called yesterday afternoon and Sally was here before 8 pm and we were all by our girl Cari's side. This was the most peaceful experience for something that was going to be the most dreaded. Sally took a very calm step by step approach allowing us to ask questions and ease our minds with the process. We cannot thank Sally and Lap of Love more for helping us get our girl to a more peaceful place! RIP Cari...."Chris & Susan KordishTyngsboroJanuary 23, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Our Sammy, a 13 yr old cocker spaniel, took a turn for the worst on a Friday evening. Sammy hated the car in his senior years, he was anxious, drooling and shaking life a leaf the whole time he was in it. I didn't want that to be how he spent his final hours.
Dr. Sally was, incredible. She fought Boston rush hour to get to us in under 2 hours. She was professional and compassionate, and because of her expertise our Sammy's passing was surrounded by his pack. It was calm, loving, and peaceful - I truly could not have asked for anything more for him.
Thank you again Dr. Sally for being an angel on earth!"
Rebecca GalloLynnJanuary 20, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Dr. Sally came to my home to evaluate 2 of my 3 dogs (2 are geriatric!). I found Lap of Love online when I was searching for an answer for the right time to say goodbye to my dog. I thought this was a great idea, the dogs always get so stressed out when we go to the vet and I wanted them to be comfortable in the home they love. Dr. Sally came and we instantly felt comfort and compassion from her. She took her time and explained so much to us about when to know to let go. She gave us ideas on how to make things easier for the dogs at this time in their life. She even came out of her way on a cold rainy night to see us. Her compassion towards us as a family was very comforting. She truly has a gift. Not only Dr. Sally but everyone in the office whenever I had to call with a question or to schedule an appointment everyone there is truly amazing and compassionate. Thank you for getting us through a very difficult decision."Kim ScroxtonBillericaJanuary 16, 2018Sam's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Dr. Sally was truly amazing in our time of need. She thought of EVERYTHING, and somehow managed to get to know our boy through his pain, and despite only knowing him for the last 30 minutes of his life. I will always be grateful to her for shepherding us through this painful time."Holly RendleQuincy, MAJanuary 9, 2018Lewis's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Dr Sally,

We cannot thank you enough for all you did for us yesterday. You helped make the absolute worst day of our lives a bit better with you kind, calm and understanding nature. Thank you for taking such great care of our Myles, and for all of your support throughout the process. Also, thank you for the wonderful tribute to Myles. We loved how you captured who he was, and appreciate the thought you put into it. Thank you for everything, Kim, Jason, Madeline and Zachary"
Kimberly and Jason BellNewburyportJanuary 1, 2018Myles's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Lap of Love, you sent the most amazing Veterinarian to our home. Dr. Sally Lynch was compassionate, knowledgeable and explained each and every step to me. Oakie was exquisitely cared for and she soothed my worries. We had a beautiful few moments of reflection and meditation as Oakie passed from this world. Dr. Sally is an angel as she travels to homes to help our poor little creatures who are suffer. Thank you Dr. Sally"Diane GarrowNorth AttleboroDecember 9, 2017Oakie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Dr. Sally Lynch was truly the angel we needed to guide us through this difficult decision and process. From the moment Dr. Sally entered our lives she was compassionate, understanding and professional. The first visit she stayed and got to know Ace and heard our story for over 2 hours! From then she was available whenever i needed her- almost daily via phone, email or text. On Ace's final day Dr. Sally gave us so much time with him, explained everything and made the process beautiful and peaceful. Not only was Dr. Sally an advocate for our Ace, she also counseled us humans- making us all really feel cared for. Thank you Dr. Sally- as heartbroken as we are you gave us such a gift by facilitating such a peaceful passing- we will always remember Ace at peace."Taylor LaLondQuincyNovember 8, 2017Ace's Pet Memorial
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