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Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"Unfortunately we had to put my best friend down due to an aggressive cancer. Pocono a Chocolate Lab was our family pet and everyone’s best friend for 11 1/2 years. When it was time we were referred to Lap of Love. When we made the schedule date, customer phone service and email correspondence was awesome. They were very patient with me since I could barely muster up a sentence nevertheless pick a time and date even though it had to be done. We selected a date and waited. The day arrives and we decided to do this outside in the fresh air on our back deck where we spent much family time with Pocono. Dr. Kristine arrived and walked up to the deck, Pocono got up and greeted her. Dr. Kristine sat on the deck and began to pet my buddy and they became instant friends. Eventually it was time so my family and I hugged him one last time. Kristine told us everything she was doing and how Pocono would respond. For one of the toughest days of my life, I was so thankful that Dr. Kristine was there. I had this perfect stranger doing something that has to be incredibly tough to do but did it with a love and understanding. She took into consideration the comfort of our pet as well as ours. Thank you Dr. Kristine and Lap of Love. The Galante family."Rich GalantePatchogueJuly 15, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"It has been just over two months now that Dr. Kristine came to our home to help us help our sweet girl Noula - we grieved unbearably but are moving through the inevitable process so in Noula's honor and given our experience, we are happy to share with others who may gain comfort from knowing the care, dignity and respect you provide in what can seem completely impossible and overwhelming. There are no words to fully express our gratitude for Dr. Kristine, the Lap of Love service and availability when we so desperately needed it. All was done with kindness, skill and understanding. I cannot imagine getting through such a difficult decision any other way. We take solace in knowing we did the best we could for our girl. Thank you for giving us that peace of mind."LISA NIKOLAIDESWESTHAMPTON BEACHJuly 10, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi"Putting Leila to rest was the most difficult experience of my life. I never wanted to fathom what this would be like. When I knew that it was getting toward the end, I looked into having the procedure take place in my home. Though it was truly heart-wrenching and devastating to see her go, Dr. Manfredi (Heather) made the experience as calm and peaceful as possible. Leila was in her bed, in my lap, and completely relaxed. If I ever have to go through this again, this is the only way I would ever recommend doing it. Thank you, Dr. Manfredi and Lap of Love; your support was everything for Leila that day."Joanna LaMarianaSmithtownJuly 5, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi"Our dog Chelsea was 16 years old and we got her when she was 12 weeks old. Unfortunately we woke up one morning an
Chelsea was not doing good.I called Lap of love because I had heard great things about this company, this was the hardest phone call I have ever made and they were amazing.The women on the phone was so patient through my hysterical crying and made
me feel like she had all the time in the world to set everything up. and explained all of our options. We where able to have someone come to our home the same day and have our dog Chelsea in her own back yard, on her own bed, surrounded by her family and our other dogs. We where so grateful for Dr. Heather Manfredi for coming to our home and making a very difficult situation a very amazing experience.She was wonderful,she spent a lot of time explaining what was going to happen and was so good to our Chelsea.I could not of asked for anything better.I could not thank her enough! We would highly recommend Lap of Love to everyone.They are a amazing and caring organization."
Vicki SimpsonMedfordJuly 5, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi"Our Cane Corso, Brutus was a loved family member. He was so special to us and enriched our lives greatly. Brutus wasn’t just a dog but our best friend that we loved dearly, and nurtured through his last few months fighting Cancer. It was a painful decision but we knew we could not let him suffer any longer. We had a terrible experience 3 years prior when it was time to put our other big boy to sleep, due to illness. A Vet came to my home and rushed through the procedure and kept asking me if I was done saying goodbye because she had another appointment. I sat on the floor with my big boys head in my lap sobbing, and all she did was ignore my pain and reiterate the payment process. When It was time for Brutus I was reluctant to have this done at our home again. I couldn’t bare it. A friend reassured me that Lap of love was different, and boy was she right. Dr. Manfredi came in my home, sat on the floor with us and got to know Brutus. She was kind, caring and an animal lover. She shared memories with us as we all pet and hugged Brutus. My 11 year old daughter wanted to be there with him until the end. Dr. Manfredi explained every step of the procedure to my daughter in such a sweet warm-hearted way. We cried, and Dr. Manfredi was comforting us. It was more than a business transaction, it was true caring and kindness. It made a very difficult time more peaceful. I felt like she knew Brutus and truly cared about him, and us. I highly recommend her and will praise her on my Social Media sites and other platforms I associate with. Thank you Dr. for your kind heart, compassion and love of animals, you made a very painful time comforting for us. We will never forget your kindness. The Matalon Family"Lisa MatalonIslip TerraceJuly 5, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi"After almost 11 years of love, friendship and pure joy , our little angel Willow couldn’t continue her fight against kidney disease. We tried everything we could, special diet , meds that made her sick , and numerous vet visits and finally a specialist that said their was nothing else that could be done. Nothing worked and those horrible numbers only got worse. Willow was terrified of the vet and shook uncontrollable. We know we didn’t want the last moments of her life to be terrified. I recently met Dr Heather Manfredi when I helped a neighbor end her dogs suffering. I knew when the time came I would like the last moments of Willows life to end with such dignity and compassion. Dr Heather came to the only home Willow ever knew and sat on the floor with her , spoke to her and made her feel at ease. Everything was explained to us and we had the time to try and tell Heather about Willows amazing life.. Willows last breath was on my wife’s lap as all her suffering finally stopped. Dr Heather made the most difficult, heartbreaking day of our lives , bearable.. From the bottom of our hearts thank you . God bless you and your difficult work. Ed and Leslie Lenahan"Ed LenahanEast PatchogueJuly 5, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi"It was the worst day of the worst. I slept on the floor with Daisy the whole night before. Daisy was a big girl and dragging her to a vets office for her final breathe was not what I wanted. I called LapOfLove very early the next day and they sent DR Heather. We liked her immediately. She got down on the kitchen floor with Daisy and I. She helped Daisy out of her pain and suffering. It went very smoothly. Heather was compassionate, caring, professional, and kind. I miss my doggie but she was so sick I could not have her suffer any longer."Suzanne CoopersmithMedfordJuly 4, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"Upon moving back to NY from Florida, we were on the lookout for quality veterinarian care for our old furball. We came across a Banfield hospital in the Lake Grove area 2 years ago and had the privilege of Dr.Campanelli looking after Rocky for that visit. He, of course, was warm as could be to her despite knowing where he was, me on the other hand, had this overwhelming sense of relief in knowing that this lady would help ease our hearts when the time had to come and David was pleasantly content in knowing this all worked out to be the way it was.....

Scheduling the at home service was seamlessly blissful. Mike had genuine compassion, patience, knowledge and just gave me feelings of "everything's going to be okay". There were tears flowing as I'm looking at Rocky, (comfortably resting at the time), and planning what would be a flawless transition, it seems like it was yesterday and it has been just over a month.

It couldn't have been a more beautiful day that Friday, he woke up with both his Doddies, snuggled, did some poops, ate some food, threw most of it up, sniffed an old toy or two, and then we brought him to bed. Dr.Campanelli explained what would go down, how long it would be, just everything so comforting and graceful. She has one of the biggest hearts in the world, you can see it in her aura, if there were ever a case of someone finding their niche in life, she has. When Rocky was comfortable on the bed, we played some soft background music, let the floodgates open and showered him with love until that last breath.

Rocky lived a good life, as most of these furchildren do. The emptiness is there, the sorrow, even some of his things still lay around, but of all the things that handsome boy left, is his love. Love will always be there, and always keep him in our hearts and souls.....I've been privileged to meet AMAZING animals on this floating rock, Rocky was the most special, and always will be......until we meet again puppy, we love you always.

Laps of Love, thank you for making this whole thing, not a bad thing at all.
Dr.Campanelli, thank YOU for being you, and for taking care of our Rocky <3
and to whoever reads this, thank you, I know you will find solace in the decisions ahead no matter how devastating they can be."
Shaun DeLucaHoltsvilleJuly 3, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi"Cookie, our Shiba Inu was the love of our lives. She was a very special dog. She brought love and light to our home - making it truly a joy to come home and see her beautiful sweet face, to play and cuddle and just love her was effortless. She was such a lovely spirit, we were truly blessed to have her in our lives. It was so very important to my son and I that she be as comfortable as possible at the end with no stress or anxiety. We were blessed again, to have Dr. Heather come to our home on June 29th to assist us with her last moments of life and give her wings to go home to God. Dr. Heather was an amazing comfort to all of us, most importantly, Cookie, which was needed. We were heartbroken and still are that Cookie is no longer with us, however she is now at peace and is no longer in pain. I would recommend this very special service for anyone going through this time in life. I don't refer to Cookie as a pet because she was so much more than that for us. She was family... like another child to me, and a best friend to my son and I. It was a peaceful and loving end for her which Dr. Heather helped every step of the way. No rushing us through it, spent time talking about our time with her, and really being so kind, gentle and supportive. It was the way I wanted to say Good Bye. thank you Lap of Love for a wonderful experience, on a very emotionally charged event in our lives."Karen RizzoMelvilleJuly 3, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"I can't put into words how comforting & caring Dr. Kristine was the morning she came to put our sweet old girl Chloe to sleep. She certainly made a heartbreaking experience a bit easier to handle. This is not the 1st time I have had Lap of Love come to our home & they are wonderful. I just had an experience of going to the vet office to put my fiances dog to sleep & we did not have time to make arrangements with Dr. Kristine & I would never want to do that again. It was a terrible experience for both the family & the dog. I really wish they would have had the time to have Dr. Kristine come to their home. She is an angel."Alissa MassimilloMassapequa ParkJune 30, 2019Chloe's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"My Vet gave me Lap of Love's name and card. I did not know what to expect.
My little Maltese was coming to the end of her long life and I didn't want to see her suffer any longer, so I called Lap of Love. The next morning Dr. Kristine arrived. Dr. Kristine is a very soft-spoken woman. She sat down and patted my little dog (who was on my lap) for quite some time. She was not in a hurry at all. After some time of speaking softly Dr. Kristine gave my tiny dog a sedative and continued softly talking while I petted my sweet little dog. Finally the final shot was given. This was a very quiet and peaceful way to end a dear little companion's life. Dr. Kristine waited awhile and returned with a lovely basket and fresh blanket to wrap my little dog into.
I feel Dr. Kristine was a pet lover and understood how difficult it was to end a dear pet's life. I would recommend Dr. Kristine to everyone."
Marilyn WardEast NorthportJune 28, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"In January 2005 it was easy and joyful to say "Hi Nicky welcome to your new family!" In May 2019 how do you say goodbye to such a beautiful soul? Angie T from Lap of Love summed it up with a quote she sent us from Winnie the Pooh "How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard:. We loved him and he loved us unconditionally.

My husband found a picture of Nicky on the internet during our time of grieving for Corky, our beloved chihuahua of 13 years. Although I wasn't ready for a new pup at that time, I surrendered to my husband's sulking like a little kid!! I surprised him and bought Nicky for Christmas. He was so excited jumping around the room saying it was the best present ever. Arrangements were made for Nicky (short for St. Nicholas) to be flown from Tennessee to New York. So begins the reminiscing of our love story with Nicky....

Nicky is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi with no tail. No tail seems to go against nature (a dog without a tail is like a fish without fins)! Tails tell a lot of tales -- they are like a dog's barometer that clues us humans into how they are feeling, we hope for the wag of happiness and dread the down position knowing that they are guilty of something soon to be discovered. He captured our hearts immediately with plenty of puppy kisses. He had big ears that made us wonder if he would ever grow into them and the cutest bunny butt. Being a herding dog he instinctively prevented anyone from leaving the house. We often joked that anyone can break into the house but they would never get to leave. He loved people and enjoyed all the attention everyone gave him. He especially liked to sit on their feet, being a bit on the chubby side didn't seem to bother his human friends.

As Nicky aged, adjustments were made to keep him as happy and comfortable as possible which was sad to witness. My husband sat with Nicky on a blanket in the backyard to sniff the familiar smells of home an hour before his departure to heaven. He was a trooper and remained so sweet and loving to the end. So how do you say goodbye through all the heartache and tears?? You engage Lap of Love; In walked Dr. Kristine an earth angel. She was so compassionate and gentle with Nicky. She understood our pain and gave us much comfort with heartfelt words. Nicky went very peacefully on our bed with my husband kissing his head while I held his paw. Dr. Kristine made his paw print in plaster, placed some of his beautiful fur in a plastic container and gave us a very touching booklet. She helped us place special mementos in his coffin and was a calming presence as dirt was placed in his grave. Dr. Kristine has since sent us a heartwarming message letting us know that she is there for us even if just for a sympathetic ear. We also received a beautiful "Pawprints Left by You" card. She will always be an Angel in our life -- Thank you Dr. Kristine and Lap of Love. Dolores & Ed Eckerson of Holbrook New York."
Dolores & Ed EckersonHolbrookJune 26, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi"Recently we came to the conclusion that it might be time to put my Newfoundland Champ down after 12 plus years. A friend gave us the number to Lap of Love. We called on a Friday and set up an apt. for Monday. Although the guilt we felt and the uncertainty of whether we were doing the right thing, not to mention dialing their number several times to cancel we held off and waited for Dr. Heather to come to our home. Before we let her see Champ we asked if she would see if we were doing the right thing. He only got up occasionally, ate and drank always but had many accidents in the house. She examined him completely while sitting on our hardwood floors petting him for over 20 minutes. Told us his breathing was labored and he was very nervous which are all signs. She explained the process taking the utmost care in our feelings and Champs as well. She gave him something to relax and then made sure he was calm and pain free as she proceeded. The process only took a few minutes but Dr. Heather took her time very concerned for Champ and our well being. After it was over she took some of his fur from the area she had to shave for the medicine along with a clay footprint of Champ. Although it was very difficult there is no comparison to taking your pet to a veterinarian and having it done outside of the home. From what I’ve been told dogs definitely feel anxieties going to a vet. Overall, Dr. Heather made the experience as pain free and caring as anyone could. Losing my pup was very tough but without her professional help and genuine caring personality I think it would have been much more difficult. I would not hesitate to recommend her and or Lap of Love.
Thank You.
Chris and family"
Christopher MessinaSmithtownJune 26, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi"We were putting off the inevitable and compensating for our cat’s failing health. Our cat finally got to the point where she was soiling our furniture. The resentment I felt at that point was an overwhelming feeling and I started to search for an at home euthanasia. I was still not convinced I was doing the right thing. Maybe another baby gate, waterproof cover, medicine, or an additional test or diet change was the answer. When Dr. Manfredi came to my house, she went over all of my cat’s symptoms and explained that there were many diseases that were working together that brought about the soiling episodes. She also explained the associated pain that my cat must have been experiencing. I was comfortable with euthanasia at that point and I was able to face saying goodbye to my 17 year old kitty. Dr. Manfredi is a gift to animal lovers and I will sing her praises for years to come."Elaine MengerIslip TerraceJune 25, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristen Miller"I couldn’t have asked for a more loving goodbye. Kristen was very sweet and very compassionate. She made this very difficult time more pleasant and accepting. I am grateful I called upon Lap of Love to say goodbye to my beautiful gift, my girl."Carolyn BarwickiIsland ParkJune 24, 2019Fortune Fiona's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"Dr. Kristine helped tremendously as we were able to keep Jasper comfortable and in his own bed. He just drifted off to sleep very peacefully."Thomas BradyCentereachJune 22, 2019Jasper's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"Lap of Love and Dr. Kristine were a God send. Jasper couldn't walk and we knew the end had come. The thought of dragging him into a vet's office and waiting there (with him being very uncomfortable) was a horrible thought. Dr. Kristine came to our house where he was able to stay in his own bed, with my daughter and I present and petting him the whole time. She gave him a sedative and then administered the euthanasia drug. He just drifted peacefully to sleep. It's still heartbreaking but we really feel he was much more comfortable physically and mentally by doing this in his home and in his own bed. Not that cost was a factor for our gentle giant but we found Lap of Love's price very reasonable and well worth every penny."Thomas BradyCentereachJune 22, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"Lap of Love and Dr. Kristine made getting through this sad moment a lot more comforting, and less stressful..I highly recommend Lap of Love."Gloria BSeafordJune 22, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi"Last week, we said goodbye to our beloved girl, Keeper. She was kind and sweet and smart, and my husband and I were so lucky to be her dads for 15 years. We knew that letting her pass at home, in her favorite spot, with us all together was the right decision.
Dr. Heather Manfredi was warm and kind. She told us exactly what to expect, and she helped us and our other dog through the process. Keeper was happy to meet one more person, and she went to sleep without fear or anxiety.
As my family moves forward, we are so glad we were able to give this one last gift to our girl that gave us so much love."
Brian MoodyCentral IslipJune 18, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"My wonderful golden Shamus suffered a stroke the day after his 12th birthday last week. I was finally able to bring him home after a 4 day ER vet stay. We both struggled at first as Shamus lost a lot of use of his hind legs. I though we were doing better as we both tried along with my children to make him comfortable and happy. Sadly he was declining he began to lose control of his bladder and was clearly having difficulties. When we noticed blood in urine we knew we had to had to make a decision as a family. My neighbor told me about Laps of Love... i held my breath and made the call. I was immediately put at ease and an told i could have a Sunday appt. Dr. Kristine arrived at my home on Sunday afternoon. The minute i met her I knew I made the right decision. She made me feel relaxed about my decision. She came in and met my family who also felt completely comfortable. She explained the process to my children and after an examination told us we had made the right choice. Probably one of the hardest we’ve made. Although Shamus didn't appear to be in pain he had no quality of life left and he didn’t deserve that. As much as I hated losing my dog, Dr. Kristine made the process so much easier for us. Her compassion and kindness was way beyond anything I expected. I can’t thank her enough for helping us get through this in the privacy of our home with my Shamus comfortable in his own home. Your a wonderful human being and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I'm sure my angel Shamus feels the same and is grateful he is at peace."Arlene PetersonMassapequaJune 18, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi"It took me a rather long time to write this because of the pain of having to relive it. But, I cannot say enough nice things about all the help and support we received through the entire process of having to say good-bye to our sweet Zoey. Dr. Manfredi was incredible with her and Zoey immediately knew she was there help her and, like all dogs know, she knew she was a "dog person". We had our other dog Harley here as well so she was aware of what was happening to Zoey and she gave her plenty of time to smell Zoey and spend some time. She was here with us for well over an hour and did an amazing job helping us help Zoey to cross over and relieve her pain. We couldn't have asked for a better situation of one of the worst situations to have to go through thanks to everyone at Lap of Love."Kelly BaldwinWest IslipJune 18, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi"Anyone who loses an animal is one of the most traumatic experiences they will experience. Our Lacy was becoming worse by the hour. Our out vet who is also very compassionate was not available. So I turned to the internet and discovered Lap of Love. They had very positive reviews. We decided it was time for Lacy. I contacted Lap of Love I was immediately connected to a doctor. Explained Lacy's condition and an appointment was made for Dr. Heather who is a compassionate, loving veterinarian. Dr. Heather agreed with our feeling about Lacy. She explained the process, we said our goodbyes and in a short time Lacy had her wings. Having Lacy's final moments done in our home was the best decision we made. Dr. Heather was wonderful and we were lucky to have Dr. Heather give lacy her wings. Thank you Lap of Love and Dr. Heather."Nancy and James MasiPort Jefferson StationJune 18, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"This was the first tome I have used this company and I will now recommend them. For such a difficult time for our family Christine was very supportive, and patient. It was the most peaceful and private way to lay our dog to rest."Lara PoleRocky pointJune 16, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristen Miller"Dear Dr. Kristen,

As we explained to you when we met, our family had a horrible experience when putting our family dog Brandy (a Golden) down 24 years ago. Our next dog, Angel, died naturally at home 16 years ago. The fear of that happening again is what made it so hard to make the call to Lap of Love to have our beloved Tia, who was almost 16, cross over the rainbow bridge.
We want to thank you from all of our family members for giving us a loving memory of letting her go. You were so kind, compassionate and gentle with her from the moment you stepped through our front door until we carried her out of her home.

We will only remember a peaceful passing and the birds outside "singing her up to heaven".

Thank you for the wonderful work you do.

The Gately Family"
East MeadowJune 11, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"For such a terrible time, Dr. Kristine was so sweet and kind. She took her time to answer all of our questions and make sure our beloved Bella was comfortable. Allowing Bella to be at peace in her home was so much less stressful on her and us! She gave us a paw print that my son cherishes and recommended a book to help him understand that Bella was in a better place!"Jill MacGregorPort Jefferson StationJune 11, 2019
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