Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
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Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"Dr. Liz is one the most humane and empathetic people I have ever met. She was extremely patient and walked me through one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make in my life. My Dakota never suffered throughout the whole procedure and she was treated so lovingly and with the utmost respect. Dr. Liz allowed me all of the time needed to say goodbye and reflect on my 22 years with my dear friend. I will miss exploring the outdoors, sharing an ice cream cone, and having you next to me during all our in home activities and always remember how much you are loved... Thank you again Dr. Liz for your gentleness and kindness and your loving words to Dakota while she crossed over...Namaste and much respect~ Barbara Hunt"Barbara HuntCroton on HudsonOctober 26, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"Lap of Love is a wonderful organization. I would recommend their services to anyone faced with the difficult decision of euthanizing a pet. A good friend who is struggling with serious health issues recently said good-bye to her beloved cat Dakota. Fortunately her burden was lightened through the kind and compassionate care of Dr. Liz Hilton. I can't thank her enough for enabling Dakota to pass peacefully in the comfort of her home beside the woman who loved her for 22 years."Catherine DavidsonCroton on HudsonOctober 22, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"My family and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Liz for the utmost compassion and professionalism that she afforded us. Dr. Liz exuded peace and tranquility and calmed our fears as we were faced with losing our beloved Munchkin. I was despondent at having to make the heart wrenching, painful decision to let Munchkin go. Dr. Liz was supportive and her kindness and sincerity made a very difficult, anguishing time less stressful. She is truly an “Angel” on Earth who graciously and gently enabled our beloved Munchkin to pass peacefully. There aren’t enough words of praise for Dr. Liz who made Munchkin’s last moments filled with love as was his entire life.
Forever Thankful,
Munchkin's Family"
Michele TorsielloPutnam ValleyOctober 14, 2019Munchkin's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"Dr Liz is so kind ad caring, she really helped me through a terrible time. She truly cared about my dog and made everything easy and peaceful. I am forever grateful."Catherine DaliseraDobbs FerrySeptember 24, 2019Charlie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"Liz was compassionate and gentle. She helped make Floppy's passing peaceful. I am indebted."Susan ZieringMamaroneckSeptember 22, 2019Floppy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"Dr.Liz was so caring , spent so much time with Harley to make sure that he was treated right in the end ."Joe PNew RochelleSeptember 13, 2019Harley's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"Dr. Liz was absolutely wonderful and kind of one of our most difficult days ever. Thank you to her for being so great and allowing us to take our time with Mack. I would recommend Lap of Love to anyone having to go through this process."Christine TraditiBuchananSeptember 2, 2019Mack's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"I almost NEVER submit testimonials but today ( 8/18/19) I had to send my cat, Milk, over the rainbow bridge. She was a fat cat
( over 23lbs) and was a nervous cat with new people or new situations. I knew I could not put her in a car to bring to a vet because her anxiety level would hit the roof. I was lucky enough to find a Vet Angel who goes by the name Liz Hilton come to my home and I witnessed a miracle. The miracle did not lie within her expertise as a doctor, but it was her compassion and true love for animals that was felt by me, Milk and her pet mates. There was not 1 second that Milk felt any anxiousness, pain, nervousness or fear. It was such a peaceful transition. Even after Milk's passing, Dr. Hilton carried her outside in a beautiful basket with a pillow and blanket to complete the act of love and respect. I am sure that Milk's arrival into this world was more stressful than the ending of her beautiful life. Milk was such a loving cat that I am happy that her ending was deservedly surrounded by love and peace. Thank you from my heart and my soul for sending my Milk off to her just reward. You have my unending appreciation and respect."
Terry MarottaBrewsterAugust 18, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"Dr. Liz was absolutely amazing. She was so compassionate and kind. She was in no rush and we took our time with everything. I couldn't have asked for kinder, gentler or more compassionate person to help us give our fur baby the peace he deserved. She is just a lovely and gentle soul. Thank you Dr. Liz for setting our Bailey boy free from his pain and giving him peace. Thank you for your email and the lovely card we recieved from you today! ❤❤❤"Valerie Wolf WolfYorktown Heights, NyAugust 12, 2019Bailey's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"Dr. Liz was the one who helped me during this time of sorrow. She was very caring and made the process so much easier. She went above and beyond and will always remember how caring she was. I mentioned to her , that with my first cat, the vet had stamps and would put the name in the clay with the paw-print. To my surprise, when she came to my home to return the ashes of my Xena, she actually went out, bought stamps and made a second paw print cast for me... unbelievable. I could never repay her for the amount of kindness and caring she showed us that day."Andre LucianoPort ChesterAugust 11, 2019Xena's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"Dr. Liz was extraordinary in helping us say goodbye to Ollie. She so carefully and gently helped us let Ollie pass. She also gave us the needed time to grieve throughout the whole process. Having Dr. Liz by our side at a very critical moment with Ollie was extremely comforting. Thank you very much Dr. Liz!"Lizzie MWestchesterAugust 1, 2019Ollie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"Dr. Liz was incredible understanding, compassionate and probably the sweetest person we've ever had the pleasure of meeting with. She turned a desperate situation into something far more bearable - truly an Angel."Pierce FinneganBronxJuly 20, 2019Maura's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"Dr. Liz was very kind and compassionate. She made the process as easy at it could be. She sent me a wonderful message afterwards that is helping me with this process."Ortensia OlivaNew RochelleJune 11, 2019Gizmo's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"If you are reading this testimonial then you are in the process of making one of the most difficult decisions you may ever have to make. I know because in March of 2019 I was in the exact place.

My family and I knew that our beloved 15 year old Ozzy was suffering from complications from cancer. He fought his diagnosis for one year and the last few months were very difficult for all of us. But as bad as it got I still wasn’t convinced that he was “ready” or that we were “ready.” I know now that I was in denial. I found Lap of Love purely by accident, searching for information on knowing if it was the right time. There I found a plethora of information, exactly I was looking for.

More than just information, I found a caring, and loving organization that provided us with a service that would honor the love and devotion we felt for Ozzy. Experiencing this unbearably heartbreaking situation at home (instead of at the veterinary office) with my family was priceless.

Thank you Dr. Liz and Lap of Love for making such a difficult time easier and so special, I would not have wished for a more beautiful and respectable passing for my baby."
Diane ArditiBedfordApril 30, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"Dr. Liz was absolutely wonderful. Words can't adequately express how grateful we are to her for helping us
say good-bye to our beloved Rascal. Her calm demeanor, gentle manner and compassion made us all feel comfortable. We're sure that Rascal could tell she was being well taken care of. Thanks, Dr. Liz!"
Michelle MagnottaMamaroneckMarch 20, 2019Rascal's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Hilton"We can't thank Dr. Liz enough for helping our family. She reassured us that we were making the right decision, and handled a sad situation with such great care. Having a service like this done in the comfort of your own home is the way to go. If we are ever again in a tough situation like this, we know who to call without hesitation. Thank you Dr. Liz, and thank you Lap of Love."Tori MacchiMahopacFebruary 5, 2019Roxy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Laura Parke"We are so thankful to have discovered Lap of Love and Dr. Laura in our time of need. In April 2017, we received a sudden, terminal prognosis for our beloved golden, Trevor. When our regular veterinarian wouldn't even return our calls following the diagnosis, we researched pet hospice options because we wanted to find a place that would treat Trevor with the respect he deserved in his final days. We knew that wouldn't happen in a sterile vet office.

From the first phone call we knew Lap of Love would provide the care, expertise and respect we owed Trevor. Dr. Laura is simply amazing. I wish she could be our vet for our next dog! She was so patient with us in going through the prognosis and treatment options, followed up with emails and calls and even drove to our home late on a sunday night when we decided it was time to set Trevor free.

It's been 8 months, but we still think back to our experience with Lap of Love and Dr. Laura, knowing that we couldn't have asked for better treatment or more empathy."
Laura EismanBrooklynDecember 28, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Laura Parke"Dr. Laura - Thank you for giving of your self as well as your expertise. It's strange to say that I enjoyed meeting you, but I did. Let me know if you change specialties, because I hope not to need your hospice services again for a long time! Roz"Rosamond GianutsosSunnysideSeptember 17, 2017Penny's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Laura Parke"Today we had to make the courageous decision to put down one of our dogs who was suffering. Dr. Laura was an absolute blessing during this process. She was kind, patient, and compassionate, and helped us through this difficult time. I want to thank her and all of the staff at Lap of Love for the services you provide. Our family could not have done this without you."Lacey HenryQueensApril 28, 2017Zombie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Laura Parke"We had to put our beloved Lizzie to sleep. Not an easy decision to make. She had been with us for nearly 14 years. We got her from a shelter at the age of 8 months - emaciated and scared. In no time she became a part of our family.
From the moment Dr. Laura arrived, she proved to be a compassionate and warm professional. She took her time to assure us that, indeed, it was the right time to let Lizzie go, considering the state she was in.
She was respectful to Lizzie and comforting to us. We could not have expected a more dignified way for
Lizzie to go: resting on the lawn, among the flowers she so loved.
Our sincere thanks Dr. Laura! We shall always be grateful to you.
Drora and Baruch Arnon"
Drora ArnonScarsdaleAugust 14, 2016
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Laura Parke"Having had to say goodbye to many pets over many years i have come to accept the pain of their loss as a sad part of the otherwise predominantly rewarding experience of having them. But deciding when to euthanize a sick pet has always been torturous. Dr. Laura's compassion and experience helped me make the decision with clarity and compassion for both Lulu and myself. She stayed with me for quite a while and was comforting through the stages of Lulu's passing.
And when I called her 2 days later to ask a question she was once again generous with her time. i believe her compassion was genuine, not just good customer service and I am grateful for the care and concern she showed Lulu and me."
Karen Barneswhite plainsMay 13, 2016
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Laura Parke"Today we had to put our sweet baby girl to rest. The hardest thing any person has to do is make that decision of when to put their dog down. She had an amazing 12 1/2 years with us but unfortunately cancer took over and the last two weeks she made a turn for the worse. I cringed at the thought of taking this poor girl to the vet when she could barely walk out the back door. Thankfully after doing research and finding #LAPOFLOVE , the most compassionate doctor came strait to the house and did everything there so she can be as comfortable as possible in her own home as she passes. RIP GINGERBEAR 💜💜

Thank you dr Laura for making this process as easy as possible for us!"
Nicole KonstantatosFarmingdaleMarch 18, 2016
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Laura Parke"Trying to decide when or if to euthanize your pet, is, of course, an excruciating experience. Jonathan had kidney disease and so I knew that it was a matter of time, could be years, could be weeks, but he was starting to go downhill and, because everything is relative, I needed help distinguishing between a drop in functioning and actual suffering. I had no idea that palliative care was available. I had to euthanize my cat Muffin less than two years ago and I was looking for this, the closest I could find was a visiting vet, but he was still focused on cure. I really needed a more balanced approach with Jon. I didn't want to try to save him, but to keep him comfortable and to have that perspective in my vet. I was so happy to find Lap of Love and Dr. Laura Parke. She was like an angel, I think I saw a heavenly glow around her the first time she came to the house. Jonathan was lounging on a bed on the third floor and we went up to see him. He would often run away when a stranger was in the house, but he didn't budge as we lied around talking about him and she eventually, calmly touched him examined him with respect. He allowed this and stayed with us the whole time. She gave me her perspective, he looked good. I was relieved, I guess I was comparing him to himself, but she assured me and gave me some signs to look for. She also gave me some medication if he seemed nauseous, as he wasn't eating well. After that, she came to the house just one other time, besides when I put him to sleep. She was always available by phone if I had questions, which I didn't overuse, she was so generous with her time. When she came for the euthanasia she found her way into the house and to where I was lying with the ailing Jonathan. We had slept on the kitchen floor on cushions together. She was kind and gentle and let me say when I was ready, I was never ready, but she let me take my time with him. Her kindness and gentleness made this difficult experience a little easier, the most anyone could have done. Afterward, I've had those doubts, did I do it too soon, and she's spoke with me to reassure me with her professional as well as compassionate perspective."Melissa ChepuruScarsdaleJanuary 3, 2016Jonathan's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Laura Parke"Thank you Dr. Laura and to all the staff at Lap of Love. What a wonderful organization. Giving us the opportunity to help our Harpo on his final journey with love, peace and dignity. Dr. Laura was so kind and gentle with Harpo and with my husband and me. Explaining everything and listening to our stories and giving us the time we needed to say our final goodbyes. I will be forever thankful for the kindness and compassion we received from Dr. Laura, as well as, Cheryl, Josh and Victoria. Thank you."Liz & Bill D.PelhamDecember 23, 2015Harpo's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Laura Parke"By the time I was in contact with Dr. Laura I was very confused about what I should be doing to help Ruby Tuesday. My regular vet was not equipped to understand the complexities of Ruby's situation, and had not been providing the necessary expertise and guidance required to make appropriate decisions for her. In addition to this I was seriously sleep deprived from worrying about, and caring for Ruby Tuesday Dr. Laura was generous with both her time and spirit in helping me to make, and trust, the most difficult decision of my life. I honestly don't know how Ruby and I would have gotten through this without her. I will be forever grateful for her patience and kindness."Batsheva WeissmanBrooklynDecember 12, 2015Ruby Tuesday's Pet Memorial
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