Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
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Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"To a true angel, heaven sent! Dr Jenn visited me a year ago for Shadow-Alexander. She came again 07-02-2019 for Lacey. She is the most compassionate, loving, genuine person I have had the pleasure of meeting. She showed such compassion and love for Lacey. I have never met an other DVM like her. Losing Lacey was a tremendous lose, having Dr Jenn present made it easier, she was totally present in the process and made sure Lacey did not suffer. Words really cant convey the admiration I have for Dr Jenn!"Dana BishopDaytonJuly 6, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Jenn was fantastic, patient, friendly, and welcoming. She made the process as painless as possible and gave me all the time in the world to mourn, hesitate, hold him, and move to the next step. She said this job is "a calling" and believed every word. I had no qualms going through the process with her, and given the peaceful experience I would use Lap of Love again."Rosie ScottCincinnatiJuly 3, 2019Thomas Ray Scott's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Thank you so much Dr Jenn. I met you first w/ Shadow just over a year ago. I was so impressed w/ you, so compassionate and caring. You are an ANGEL! I so wanted you to come for Lacey, I was glad you were able to. You make the world a better place, thank God for Veterinarians like you! Be safe and well!"Dana BishopDaytonJuly 3, 2019Luna's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Dr. Roedig was the veterinary angel I needed at my most difficult time. I woke up on a Monday and knew I had to make the call, even though that hadn't been in my thoughts when I went to bed the night before. Dr. Roedig was so patient and kind, and she never made me feel rushed. She answered all of my questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. When it came time to give my sweet dog his peaceful goodbye, she was very gentle and calm. In fact, she was so unobtrusive I forgot she was in the room for a while. Even though it is the hardest decision I've made to date, I'm completely at peace with it because of Lap of Love and Dr. Roedig. They gave me and my boy peace in our last few minutes while in the comfort of our home. I couldn't have asked for anything more from the whole experience. In fact, I've passed Dr. Roedig's name along to several of my colleagues for when that awful day comes for them.

Do yourself a favor and call Lap of Love. Give yourself the memories of kissing your pet goodbye at home in a calm and dignified manner without having to exit a vet's office or arrange for cremation on your own. It's everything I didn't know I needed until I absolutely did."
Alicia HardenElsmereMay 17, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Jenn was wonderful. She was very compassionate and let us take the lead. She was very respectful of loralis, even when we had some difficulty with the injections that were out of her control."Sara CowdenLebanonMay 15, 2019Loralis's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Dr. Jenn was very compassionate during the most difficult time when we said goodbye to our kitty Jetta who was our 'fire cat' we called her. After a house fire 18 yrs ago in which we lost 5 animals, this kitty was gifted to us two days after the fire. To say goodbye to her was like saying goodbye all over again to all the animals and her.
I didn't know prior to now how less painful the euthanasia can be or that it has to be very painful and shocking to an animal at the veterinarian office. When we put my Dad's doggie to sleep, it was hurried, fast. The sleepy shot put Ichi into instant coma like state. The euthanasia shot killed her almost immediately.
With Dr. Jenn, the sleepy shot was a slower process, slowly relaxed our fur baby kitty. I would say maybe 15 minutes of slowly relaxing her versus the instant result in the vet office. We had time for her to hear us, pet her, love on her. The euthanasia shot was administered discreetly without us seeing it put in, thank you Dr. Jenn SO VERY MUCH for that. It was a while before the shot took effect which helped us instead of an instantaneous bam like at a vet office.
I appreciated Dr. Jenn so much. She also had a special kitty as a child and sharing that with us, helped us also. When one has a very special animal who helps them through the hardest of times in life, it is very hard to let go.
Big hugs to Dr. Jenn, we will never forget you. Thank you for being so calm, caring, loving, compassionate with Jetta and us both."
Rebecca FraleyCincinnatiMay 4, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Shadow was our 12 year old Lab mix. He rescued us when he was 12 weeks old. We noticed a small red spot on his flank one day, then went to the vet. They thought it was a bite that got infected. So we did antibiotics and waited for it to go away. It did not. We noticed some other spots and went back to the vet again, this time they took a biopsy. We waited for the news, and when the vet called and left a message for me to call them, I knew it was not good news. We received the heartbreaking news that it was cancer.

We then went to Dr Lewis (Oncologist ). On our first appointment, we were encouraged . But on our second visit the news was not great. The Cancer had spread. We had maybe 4 week left with our Shadow Boy. We used this time to take him on walks, feed him ice cream, hamburger, cheese and other things that we normally would not have done. We spent as much time with him as we could enjoying and loving him. He was the best dog ever per my husband.

When the days passed and we could see that he was not doing so well and we had to give him pain meds, we discussed what we should do and when and what was our options.

We had never heard about Lap of Love until Dr. Lewis gave us the pamphlet. We had read the pamphlet earlier. We thought we had more time. Having reread the the information, we decided that this was what we wanted to do it.

We did not want Shadow's last few minutes of life spent in the vets office. He always hated going there.
So on a sunny Saturday morning, I made the call that I had dreaded. They had time that day. Shadow was having a hard time breathing and his eyes looked so sad. I knew it was time.

Dr. Jenn arrived, she listened to our stories, we told her all kinds of wonderful moments that we spent with Shadow. She took her time and told us how sorry she was about Shadow and we were making the right decision. When we told her it was time, she made the process easy. Even though it was one of the worst days of our lives, she made it special for Shadow and us. Shadow crossed the Rainbow bridge, laying peaceful on his blanket on the couch in the warm sunshine, with us beside him until he took his last breath. Dr. Jenn is an Angel in a Vet's coat. We could not have asked for a more caring and loving person to help us through this terrible time. We are forever grateful for her compassion for our beloved Shadow.

Forever in our hearts."
Sherri MeyerHamiltonApril 27, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Dr. Jenn Roedig was great with us... She talked us through it and told us everything step by step... Thank you for helping us."Jessica ShaeCincinnatiApril 22, 2019Jackie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Dr. Jenn Roedig was wonderful and made a difficult situation as positive as it could be."Sharon SchmetzerCincinnateApril 16, 2019Kizil's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Dr, Jenn was kind and understanding.
We feel grateful that she took all the time we needed during a very difficult time."
Jeff FoleySpringboroApril 12, 2019Lucky's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Lap of Love helped SunnyB transition in our home where she was surrounded by family, her favorite beds, best toys and it was the best thing I could do for her to ensure it was as stress free as possible. I highly recommend Dr. Jenn Roedig for her compassion, understanding and professionalism."Jo IveyGreenhillsApril 11, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Dr. Jenn was amazing, compassionate and so very thoughtful. She gave me all the time in the world to come to terms with having Queenie girl put down. She watched Queenie to make sure it was right and she agreed with me she was tired and struggling to breath.

My heart is broken however i watched a peaceful final sleep take place and know our Queenie girl is no longer struggling.

I have to especially Thank her for the kind gift of her pawprint, and lock of fur. Highly recommend Lap of Love.

Forever in my heart Queenie girl"
Robin TidwellHAMILTONMarch 27, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"God Bless you Dr. Jenn. You made the last moments of Furby's time with us painless and in in peace. I am so grateful that you came to our house to help us say goodbye to our sweet Furby."Deborah Dutton-LambertMt. HealthyMarch 26, 2019Furby's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"I do not know where to begin. My husband and I rescue senior labs. I have worked for a local hospice organization for over 8 years. I know death as I see it each and every day. However, saying goodbye to your very best friend, the other half of my heart, was the hardest decision I have dreaded having to make ever since my special girl was just 6 months old. She was my first dog and she saw me through the darkest parts of my life. Fast forward 13 years, when she started declining after a cancer diagnosis last fall, we swore when the time would come, we would let her go with dignity. It took 3 solid months to make the call. I knew that I did not want to put her in the car and have her last hour be in an office (although I love my vet dearly.) I knew I wanted her to be at home with her family, in her own space, surrounded by love.

Dr. Jenn was amazing. I could not have asked for such a heartfelt experience, short of her living forever. That evening, my husband looked at me as said, "I believe Dr. Jenn would have sat with you until 8pm if you needed her too." Before she succumbed to the sedation, the last thing my beloved did was kiss Dr. Jenn.

I will forever be indebted to your service, compassion and love for end-of-life care."
Marlene CobbFranklinMarch 25, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"So...I have been putting this off for a few weeks now. If Dr. Jenn hadn't been so amazing, I probably wouldn't be on here at all! Saying goodbye to my Emma Girl was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I wished she would go peacefully in her sleep but at 17 years old she had just deteriorated to a point that wasn't fair to such a loyal and loving friend. With that said I still struggled up to the moment to let her go and thank goodness for the lovely and kind Dr. Jenn! She was so sincere, kind, and gentle, I cannot imagine a better person for such a difficult moment. Before the goodbyes we had to prepare my daughter for her first big loss and Lap of Love sent amazing resources to me to help us. Dr. Jenn also sent a handwritten card and an email filled with the kindest words. She made the process so peaceful and calm, that it made coping a little bit easier (though I am still working on that part!). I will absolutely lean on Dr. Jenn when/if the need arises with my other furry babies, I wouldn't go through it any other way..."Sara WestrichFairfieldMarch 12, 2019Emma Girl's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Dr. Jenn - Thank you so much for everything. I've never had to make that decision before, and I hope it will be a long time before I have to do so again. But you helped to ease what was an exceptionally difficult and emotional decision, and I was so glad to be able to help Elsa to go quietly and peacefully in her own home. I can't thank you enough for everything that you did for me, and do for other people and their companions."CovingtonMarch 7, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Thank you so much....While it was one of our worst days, Dr. Jenn was so patient and compassionate. That Josie immediately seemed to like and trust her, was all we needed to know that we were in good hands. She was very wary of strangers and did not make friends easily, I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Jenn and Lap of Love. To be able to keep Josie in her home where she was relaxed and comfortable was SO nice.

From the initial phone call to schedule the appointment, to her ashes being returned to us yesterday, everyone we encountered were loving and caring and understanding of how hard the loss of a family member is....Dr. Jenn is a special person to do what she does for others.

It has been a rough couple of days, and yes, our house feels seems so empty without her large presence there. But we know she is in a better place and no longer in pain and her well being and dignity was all that mattered."
Mindy JamesMiddletownMarch 6, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"The veterinarian and staff were professional, compassionate, and attentive to my elderly parents needs in making the tough decision to euthanize their beloved Emmett. Many times circumstances beyond our control force us to make those tough decisions that hurt us left behind more than our beloved who have gone onto to heaven. Please know your love and mercy made this heartbreaking experience a tad bit more bearable. Blessings to all of love as you spread the love that is needed so much in this hurting world.
Collette EisenCincinnatiMarch 4, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"I am so thankful that Starr went so peacefully thanks to Dr. Jenn. She deserved the best. I could never thank Dr. Jenn enough for her compassion and the loving care that she gave Starr."Melissa PoffFairfieldMarch 1, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"I wanted to thank Dr. Jenn so much for being there for us. It was the biggest decision but she helped me know that I made the right one. Blessings to her. Lucy is missed so much and I've never loved a pet more than I loved her. She truly was my best friend and has been through thick and thin with me. The last year has been rough but now I know she is in a much better place. Thank you again."Ali PollardCincinnatiMarch 1, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Nina was scared of the car ride to the vet, and the vet itself. Lap of Love was able to eliminate that unnecessary anxiety and allowed my little Nina to keep her dignity until the end. The process was at my pace, it was gentle and comfortable (mainly for Nina). This made all the difference in the world because it was an impossible decision made easier. I also was able to reach out by email to schedule, talking on the phone was impossible and emailing allowed me to make "the call" much easier."Miranda JacobsOxfordFebruary 20, 2019Nina's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Dr. Jenn made my first experience with pet euthanasia a very positive one. My cat Spooky was able to be in surroundings that were familiar to her and her BFF cat friend Socks could be with her. Dr. Jenn is a gentle, caring person which put both myself and Spooky at ease. Thank you so much for your support and care."Beth AkridgeCincinnatiFebruary 20, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Scott and I talked about how your services helped us know that we did the very best for Sammy, all the way up until her death. Your compassion, kindness, and gentleness made that terrible afternoon as easy as it could have been. We trusted you with our baby girl and you came through for all of us just perfectly."Kathleen PachinDaytonFebruary 6, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"Dr. Jenn is an angel here on earth!
She explained everything in a gental way, with the patience of a Saint.
She had a gentle touch with Misty showing sincere compassion , as well as my mother and I.

Dr. Jenn is an irreplaceable asset to your company, she's the perfect temperament for this specialty .

We feel blessed to have had her care for our Misty with such heart and love."
Charlene WagsterCincinnatiJanuary 30, 2019Misty's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"She was WONDERFUL! Patient and kind and compassionate. She was an answer to prayer. She gave us the reassurance we were looking for and I highly recommend her. Thank you Dr. Jenn. 🙏🤗🥰"Janette WagnerWest ChesterJanuary 24, 2019Phoebe's Pet Memorial
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