Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
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Lap of Love Veterinarian: Laura Porta, DVM"Dr. Laura was amazing. I first made the call in July and to ask some questions about Lap of Love. She checked in with us from time to time via email. When she came to the door on December 8, she was so kind and caring. She talked to Chewy and the whole family. She petted him and told him what a handsome boy he was. She was gentle and didn't rush us and really listened to us talk about our gentle soul. If someone has to make the decision to let their pet go, I could not recommend more highly Lap of Love. Having our precious dog not be stressed by going to the vet office and having him here in our home, with his favorite blanket and toys made the awful ordeal better. It was so peaceful and dignified. Dr. Laura is wonderful and we were blessed to have her help Chewy cross to the rainbow bridge.Thank you for providing this service to us pet parents and thank you to Dr. Laura!"Denise PistanaHighland, MichiganDecember 12, 2017Chewy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Erica Fry, DVM"Dr. Erica Fry was a kind, compassionate, and thorough professional. While some might blanch at the word professional, it does not mean that she was "clinical" in nature. She spoke softly, petted our boy, Argie, and listened to our stories about him. She was even willing to watch the last videos we had of him in his glory. When the time came for us to let go and relieve his pain, she did it on our terms. One of us could only stay through the first part of calming him down and letting him know everything was alright. During the second part, she monitored him and kept informing me of the stages he was experiencing. While it was painful, I felt grateful when she said, "He's at peace."
Thank you."
Scott GonzalezDallas, TexasDecember 12, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Roger Chase, DVM"He was very marvelous and was the kindest man ever!!!!!! He was very understanding"Misti Burgonmidvale, UtahDecember 12, 2017Cocopellas's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Leslie Peltier, DVM"We had the unfortunate experience of having to say goodbye to our kitty of 16 years this morning. Last night my husband asked if it were possible to have euthanasia performed at home and we are so thankful that we could. This morning, Dr. Leslie came to our home and provided the most amazing, supportive, and loving care for our beloved pet Oliver. She took excellent care of us and never rushed the process. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!"Jennifer KoslaWesterville, OhioDecember 12, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Abigail Shearin, VMD, PhD"Dr. Abby was very compassionate and caring. It made a heartbreaking event easier. She gave us all the time we needed to say our final goodbyes. I wouldn't hesitate to use this service again. It is much more personal and loving in the home environment. Thank you again, Dr. Abby."Mary MarteletteWilliamstown, New JerseyDecember 12, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Annie Dion-Byrd, DVM"As all parents of fur babies know, making that gut wrenching decision for euthanasia is a terrible one. But knowing Lap of Love is available to make the process a bit easier for both the pet and owner is helpful. It will never be painless when saying goodbye to a pet, but having Dr. Annie, and other vets like her, come to your home and care for your pet in their last moments is a small comfort."Susie VerdierOrlando, FloridaDecember 12, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Toby Goldman, DVM"Dr. Toby Goldman was the most compassionate and kindness doctor during this very sensitive and emotional times. He made us realize that this was the best for our beloved Jupiter and that he no longer be in pain. Jupiter went to doggie heaven on December 7, 2017 and Dr. Toby Goldman administered in-house euthanasia. It was very peaceful and he was intensely supportive with our feelings.
Thank you to Dr. Toby Goldman, to Karin and Ashley, as well. Lap of Love is a gift to pets and pet owners. We are forever grateful."
CELESTE WILKINSONLAS VEGAS, NevadaDecember 12, 2017Jupiter's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Lauren Shell, DVM"Letting go of Cassie was one of the hardest things any of us have ever had to do. Part of the reason why we went through Lap of Love was because Cassie was not the biggest fan of the vet's office. She was anxious and trying to escape every time we brought her there. We knew that when it was her time, we were going to do what was best for her, and what made her most comfortable. We didn't want her last memories to be anxious ones, but instead, of us loving on her like we always have.

Dr Shell helped us through such a rough time, and did it was kindness. She spoke softly and sweetly, and Cassie remained calm. She helped us achieve our goal of giving Cassie the peaceful passing she deserved. Dr Shell genuinely cares, and we could all tell even in the short time we were with her. We will always appreciate everything she did for us and for Cassie that day."
Amy IvyQUINCY, MassachusettsDecember 11, 2017Cassie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sandra Simko, DVM"Dr. Sandra was one of the most compassionate vets I have had the honor of meeting. She was just perfect in her patience and gentleness during and after the process. I will definitely recommend her services to anyone in this predicament."Marilyn BaezBayonne, New JerseyDecember 11, 2017Rocky's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender, DVM"Dr. Katie is amazing and just the best person ever. Really puts the family at ease and makes the transition as comfortable as possible. Makes the best of a sad situation. We have welcomed her twice in our house now and both pets have been treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Thanks soo much."Jacksonville, FloridaDecember 11, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Annie Dion-Byrd, DVM"When I offered to foster my sweet maltese Sunshine in July of 2012, she had just been released from the vet where she was treated for chemical burns. She was already a senior and had obviously lived a life of neglect. Even though I had been volunteering with rescue for a few years, she was the first "hot mess" in our home and despite her issues, we fell in love with her quickly! When we decided to adopt her, the director of the rescue warned me that she may only live a year or 2 but we were committed to loving her and helping her heal no matter how much time she had left.

I first heard of Lap of Love at a local animal welfare event. At that time, we had 4 dogs and I was fostering for a local rescue so I kept their information on hand knowing that one day I may need to use them. Sunshine lived a happy and healthy life with us for OVER 5 years! We knew her time was coming and when she woke up one morning having trouble walking, I made my first contact with Lap of Love. A support person called me about an hour later and talked with me about Sunshine. Jennifer was so sweet and understanding. She let me ramble on about my baby and helped me decide what type of appointment to make. We scheduled a consultation with possible euthanasia for 2 days later.

Dr. Annie is a wonderful veterinarian. As soon as she walked in the door, she got down on the floor to talk to all my other dogs. We now had 5 and also had a friend's dog visiting. It was a little crazy but it didn't affect her at all. She was down on the floor petting the dogs while she talked to me. After she examined Sunshine, we decided it was time to let her go. Dr. Annie explained the process to my children (ages 15 and 10) and we let them decide if they wanted to be with Sunshine during.

Euthanasia is never something you want to have to do. I hoped so much that my fragile little girl would go in her sleep but sadly, that didn't happen. Using Lap of Love was the next best thing. As we all cried, Dr. Annie remained sweet and understanding, often stopping and waiting until we were ready for the next step. My baby passed away peacefully in my arms.

When it was over, Dr. Annie gave us all the time we needed to continue saying our Goodbyes. She then placed Sunshine in a basket, covered her with a blanket and put a pillow under her head. She assured us that Sunshine would be staying in her house with her overnight until her body was picked up the next morning.

I can't say enough about Lap of Love and in particular, Dr. Annie. We have wonderful vets who love our dogs but in this situation, Lap of Love was the right choice for us. Thank you Dr. Annie for guiding us through this with love and compassion. You are an angel."
Kristi KleinWinter Park, FloridaDecember 10, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Karen Gadberry, DVM"Dr. Karen was the kindest, most compassionate, professional & sweetest vet that I've ever met. She kept making sure we were ready for the next step before proceeding. She explained everything, anticipated our concerns and addressed them. She assured us that it was time for Bailey to leave us, that "she's struggling". I'll always be grateful for those two words as it was so hard to let her go. She went so peacefully. Seeing her no longer in pain was wonderful. Now our pain begins and continues as she's everywhere......"MJ GarayDarien, IllinoisDecember 9, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch, DVM"Lap of Love, you sent the most amazing Veterinarian to our home. Dr. Sally Lynch was compassionate, knowledgeable and explained each and every step to me. Oakie was exquisitely cared for and she soothed my worries. We had a beautiful few moments of reflection and meditation as Oakie passed from this world. Dr. Sally is an angel as she travels to homes to help our poor little creatures who are suffer. Thank you Dr. Sally"Diane GarrowNorth Attleboro, MassachusettsDecember 9, 2017Oakie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Keri Morgan, DVM, MPH"Dr. Morgan helped us say goodbye to our beloved Newman. She took the time to ask about Newman and what kinds of things he loved doing. She was very informative about the process each step of the way, and allowed us to dictate the pace of everything. Newman's worsening mobility difficulties, but otherwise healthy demeanor made the decision quite painful for us. Dr. Morgan helped console us that our decision was in fact what was best for Newman. We will forever miss him, but I can't imagine having to go through that difficult process any other way than in the comfort of our home."Chris ChancellorSt. Louis, MissouriDecember 8, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jennifer Walters, DVM"Dr. Jenn - thank you so much for your kind, gentle, respectful presence as we said goodbye to our loving Greta. I can't tell you how much it meant that you do this work in the way you do it. I can't imagine it being any better than it was, and our family thanks you from the bottom of our grieving hearts."Lisa RasmussenCharlotte, North CarolinaDecember 8, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Erin Gorney, BVMS"Dr. Erin was kind and compassionate. She let us take as much time as we needed. Letting Cody pass at home was a blessing and I am so glad we could say goodbye to him where we were all comfortable."Maureen KoenigPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaDecember 7, 2017Cody's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Amanda Page, DVM"We've loved each of the dozen dogs which have been part of our lives over the past 50+ years, and the end of each life has been hard to deal with. We learned many weeks ago that our thirteen year old miniature poodle, Pershing, had a growth behind his left eye. Our wonderful Veterinarian, who had cared for him since he was a pup, told us recently that the end was near. She would be away for some weeks with her family, and suggested that we consider in-home hospice care for Pershing, "just in case" .
Dr. Amanda Page, who had helped our son's family and their Labrador, Beo, last year, visited us and got to know Pershing. We were pleased with her calm, friendly approach, appreciated her help in knowing what to watch for as Pershing's condition changed, and in understanding the steps he and we would go through. Of course, we wanted to have the little guy with us as long as possible, but didn't want discomfort to become suffering, or worse, to become an emergency.
When it was time, Dr. Page did a marvelous job of helping him through the last step in comfort and dignity, lying in one of his favorite places (my lap) while my wife and I comforted him. Dr. Amanda's relaxed, caring manner helped us tremendously, and we're grateful for the help she and Lap of Love gave us."
Dave & Sarah VanderveenHuntington Beach, CaliforniaDecember 7, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Emily Miller, DVM"Dr. Emily was kind and caring and professional. She made a difficult time much easier. Blessings to you, Dr. Emily <3"Heidi BruzinaFairfield Township, OhioDecember 7, 2017Socks's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender, DVM"The thought of loosing our little girl, Tweaker was one my husband & I never wanted to think about. But that day came when we were told she had cancer and there was nothing that could be done. You are left having to make decisions you don't want to make and dealing with a reality you don't want to face. My husband had heard about Lap of Love and we had decided that we wanted our angel to have her last memory of being at home with her family. When I first contacted them the ladies were so caring and I just pored my heart out to them. By the end of the call there was no question in my mind about their compassion and I knew there was no better way to do this. Dr. Katie called me on her way over and we talked almost until she arrived at our house. As soon as we meet her we could feel the love and tenderness she had for us almost as if we were the best of friends. We spent quite some time with Dr. Katie loving on our little girl, sharing memories, reading poems and expressing our feelings. Dr. Katie even shared some tears with us and that says something about the incredible person that she is. Our angel was relaxed and loved on us to the very end when she feel asleep in our arms. A few days later we received an email from Dr. Katie letting us know she had thought about us all weekend and wanted to check and see how we were doing. I still continue to talk to her as she is a part of our life now. I can't say enough how grateful we are to Lap of Love & Dr. Katie for giving us the chance to honor our girl around her family where she could be relaxed and loved. We wouldn't have done it any other way. I highly recommend them to anyone having to go through this hard decision."TAMMIE REIDJACKSONVILLE, FloridaDecember 7, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jennifer Walters, DVM"I wasn’t expecting the way that everything seemed to fall into place that day. The people who have been some of the most important in both of our lives were with us. We shared a lot of tears, hugs and even some funny stories. I couldn’t have been more grateful.

I am so thankful for Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, Inc. and Dr. Walters for coming to my home to lay her to rest. Chloe’s last moments were comfortable, painless and dignified. Dr. Walters was so comforting, she allowed me to find peace knowing that the choices I made on behalf of Chloe were the right ones. It was my obligation and my promise to her that she both lived and died with the dignity she deserved. When you care for a pet, it’s hard to let go, but it’s harder to watch them suffer. Keeping their best interest in mind is the most important gift you can give them when you are facing death- no matter the reason.

Before the doctor began, I squeezed Chloe tightly, I whispered in her ear “Thank you”. I trembled uncontrollably and tears streamed endlessly down my cheeks. Each tear landing on her soft, silver hair as they had so many times before.
She was at peace as she snuggled into me as close as her warm, little body could get. I held my left hand over her heart until I felt it slow and eventually stop."
Amber MillerMooresville, NC, North CarolinaDecember 7, 2017Chloe - "The Boss"'s Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Annie Dion-Byrd, DVM"Dr Annie made the process comfortable for me and my Rocka. Hard decision but know it was best for him. Feel bad to lose my silly boy. Dr Annie was kind, empathetic and displayed the expertise I needed to confirm my decision. I appreciate the staff from beginning to end. I also never used an in home service before so this was my first time and I really feel its the best. Lap of Love takes good care of the animal and whole process. Thank you
sorry dont have a picture. I wish I could submit my video of how excited Rocka would get when I mentioned the word "ride" Dancing up a storm so funny If I learn how to I will send it later (not technically good)"
Winter Springs, FloridaDecember 7, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Dana Lewis, DVM, CHPV"Oakley was a beloved friend and family member to us. As a young pup he charged around this house as if we were part of the "herd". He loved the outdoors and all his squirrel friends. Oakley was known to show compassion as he was a true companion for Padmae, our cat. He always greeted our friends with a bark and a sniff to ensure we were safe. Throughout his life he aged gracefully and we were truly blessed to have him as a part of our family.

Dr. Dana showed love and understanding to our needs as care givers to Oakley in his last hours. The most difficult thing in life is to say goodbye to a family member like Oakley. We are thankful for Dr. Dana's compassion and professional care to help us provide Oakley with a gentle and loving goodbye."
Ed & Michele LeeRaleigh, North CarolinaDecember 6, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Samantha Souther, DVM"It was a very difficult decision to call lap of love as we have had our husky for 14 years. She was our baby especially my husbands. Dr. Sam came and was very accomodating as Sophie was out in the back yard. She helped Sophie to feel more comfortable and made things much easier for my husband and I. We appreciate the footprint and lock of hair that was given for us to remember her. We appreciated that Dr. Sam understood how much Sophie meant to us and allowed us time to say our final goodbyes."Jenny McMullenLevittown, PennsylvaniaDecember 6, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli, DVM"Having to say goodbye to a furry little buddy is really one of the toughest things in life. When my wife and I made the decision that little Casper had reached the point in his life where there was no quality left, we contacted two local veterinarians and received different recommendations. When we went to the Lap of Love website, we felt confident that they provided the level of care and compassion that we were looking for. Dr. Kristine arrived at our home at the exact time she promised and from the minute she walked through the door, we knew we had made the right choice. She explained the entire process and allowed my wife and I all the time we needed to say goodbye. As much as it hurt to lose a great friend, it was extremely satisfying knowing that he expired very peacefully right there in our den on his favorite love seat. Dr. Kristine was compassionate, sympathetic and very professional throughout her visit. My wife and I both feel that we could not have made a better choice."Mark CisterninoNesconset, NYDecember 6, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heba Kashkosh, DVM"Dr. Heba was such a calm and warm presence during this incredibly sad time. She told us she would stay as long as we wanted and wouldn't start the process until we told her we were ready. She asked us questions about our beloved Remy and reassured us that he wouldn't be in any pain. We are so grateful for Dr. Heba and being able to let Remy leave in the peace and comfort of his own home with loved ones around."Sara CrookeSarasota, FloridaDecember 6, 2017Remy's Pet Memorial
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