Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
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Lap of Love Veterinarian: Peter Gollub, DVM"Dr. Gollub, You are truly a 'gracious man'...all of the pets (families) that you have a part of (ours), will never be able to thank you enough...all I can think of is the story of 'Temple Gradson...' she to, was able to 'connect' the bond between animals and their care givers...Our heartfelt thanks... P.S. We cannot thank the services of 'Lap of Love'...enough...your choice of Dr. Gollub, speaks for itself..."John NewmanFoxborough, MassachusettsApril 26, 2017Grace's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Peter Gollub, DVM"I cannot thank enough Dr Peter for helping us thru this trying time & decision making, but truly feel that we had an Angel at our side to help us to say goodbye & do the right thing by Cozmo.. There will always be doubts & grief in your final decision, but he made this whole process so much more calming & peaceful for all of us involved... He was so calming, kind & compassionate & treated Cozmo will all the respect he deserved as any person would want. just like he was his own."Maureen SousaTewksbury, MassachusettsMarch 4, 2017Cozmo's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Peter Gollub, DVM"We cannot thank Dr. Peter enough for his kind & compassionate help to say goodbye to our 13 year old sweet boy Cozmo. As hard a decision it was, he helped us thru that process and having this done at home was less stressful on all of us. His 7 year old sister Daisy warmed right up to Dr. Peter where she is normally very shy & skittish to strangers so I knew Cozmo was in good hands. Cozmo had been diagnosed a few months back with heart disease, but him being a highly allergic dog, could not handle the medications and started to fail fast. and did not want to see him suffer any longer. Again, I am so grateful to Dr. Gullub for his warmth & compassion & glad we made the choice to have Cozmo leave for Heaven in the comfort & safe feelings of his own home."Maureen SousaTewksbury, MassachusettsMarch 2, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Peter Gollub, DVM"My husband, Mike and I, can not express enough gratitude to Dr. Peter for helping us through this difficult time. Our beloved fur baby Demi was our whole life and will sorely be missed. Demi was diagnosed with bladder cancer in November and continued to fight everyday till his last, February 24th, 2017. Dr. Peter and Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice made this extremely painful and heartbreaking situation a lot less stressful. His kindness and professionalism were unprecedented and we will definitely be recommending his services to anyone we know that is going through a similar situation. Thank you Dr. Peter for treating our fur baby as if he was your own.

Jolene & Mike Harrington (Demi's parents)"
Jolene HarringtonPeabody, MassachusettsFebruary 26, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Peter Gollub, DVM"Thank you Dr. Gollub! I can not express how thankful I was when I heard you would come to the house instead of taking my dog to the vet at her end of life experience. What could've been such a horrible experience you made a peaceful ending for my little girl. You and your staff, I can't thank enough! I received your card today, and that was amazing. It is a horrible decision to have to make when you love your animal so much. I knew she was suffering and I thank you so much for all your help and support. You and your staff are wonderful! God Bless! Sonja Halliday"Sonja HallidayWilmington, MassachusettsJanuary 9, 2017Harley "Lady Luck"'s Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Peter Gollub, DVM"Our red Maine Coon tabby mix Harry was in his final days so I called Lap of Love for an evaluation with the possibility of euthanasia in the same visit. Dr. Peter visited with us twice. He first came over on Thursday morning and after giving a Harry a brief exam - as much as Harry would tolerate - Dr. Peter said that Harry could be euthanized at any point from here on in. He did not push us at all in one direction or another. He gave us an honest evaluation and was extremely patient with us as we publicly discussed our options. We decided we were not ready at that point though, and thanked Dr. Peter for his time. That evening, however, it became evident after a coughing fit that it was time for us to say goodbye to Harry. We did not want Harry to suffer any pain, and we certainly didn't want to be in a crisis point over the weekend where we would have no option but to bring him to the local animal hospital. Dr. Peter came back the next day on Friday afternoon. He was extremely understanding of the situation, explained how the process worked and was genuinely kind and caring at every point. He also sent us a follow up email after the weekend and a handwritten letter which were truly appreciated. We couldn't have asked for a more considerate vet to help us give Harry the best possible care at the end of his life. If you are looking for an at home veterinary service to assist you, I can not recommend Dr. Peter enough."Katherine GrisetCambridge, MassachusettsDecember 13, 2016Harry's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Peter Gollub, DVM"I can't thank Dr. Gollub enough for helping our family in our time of need. We were blessed to have our dog, Bentley for 13 wonderful years. He was diagnosed with lymphoma this past October and his health declined very quickly afterwards. We called Lap of Love the morning before Thanksgiving as Bentley seemed to be experiencing excruciating pain. We were able to schedule an appointment that day. Watching Bentley suffer in pain was the most difficult thing I had ever experienced having loved him so much. When Dr. Gollub arrived, I immediately felt that Bentley was in good hands. He was sincerely compassionate and sympathetic to our cause. He treated Bentley with much consideration. He was gentle and provided Bentley with a very dignified passing. He explained the process very thoroughly and helped us in understanding that our decision was a compassionate one despite how difficult it was. I highly recommend the services that Lap of Love provide to anyone looking to relieve their furry family members of their suffering. I opted for a private cremation and I received Bentley's ashes much sooner than expected. Thank you again Dr. Gollub, and thank you Lap of Love."Carina Saint GermainRandolph, MassachusettsDecember 6, 2016
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Peter Gollub, DVM"This difficult day was made so much easier by the visit from Dr. Gollub. My 17 year old kitty, Tuesday, had been struggling the past few days and a trip to the vet in the dreaded pet carrier was more than I could impose on her. Dr. Gollub was compassionate, informative and gentle. The appointment went smoothly and he was so considerate and thoughtful.
I did not realize this service was an option until I contacted my vet. I think it was more humane to have it occur at home. I wish those of you well that face this difficult day. Believe me when I say, it was made easier with the services of Dr. Gollub and Lap of Love."
Erin McDonaldCharlestown, MassachusettsNovember 17, 2016
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Peter Gollub, DVM"We're very grateful for Dr. Gollub's compassionate visit to our home to put down our 15-year companion, Willin. I can't imagine this difficult and sad occasion being handled any better than it was, and wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Gollub to other pet owners in this situation."Jerry CallenCambridge, MassachusettsSeptember 13, 2016
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Peter Gollub, DVM"I highly recommend this service to anyone thinking about putting thier animal down. Dr Peter was wonderful to me and my 13yr old American Bulldog named Lucy. He befriended her and took his time. She went to sleep on her beloved bed eating slices of american cheese. He then gave me some privacy with her and was extremely understanding of how difficult this was. It is the way to go and I wholeheartedly recommend this service and Dr. Peter. Thanks again."mary tomerquincy, MassachusettsAugust 30, 2016
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Peter Gollub, DVM"Less than a month ago, our 16 year old best friend began truly failing in health. Given that she was our first "child", it was a terribly heartfelt, rough decision when we decided the kindest thing to do was to let her go. Our vet gave us several recommendations for vets who would come to our home. I called Lap of Love and the receptionist was kind and gentle walking me through the details which was not easy for me. I scheduled an appointment for Dr. Gollub to come to our home. The day he came, my husband and I were home with our dear friend, Mo. Our two boys chose to say goodbye to her that morning and, given their young ages, that was a good choice. Dr. Gollub came into our home and could not have been more kind, helping us through one of the saddest times of our lives. He let us go at our pace making sure we were ready to move forward. He let us know every step of the process which we appreciated because my husband wanted to say goodbye but did not want to be there at the very end because it would've been too sad for him. I stayed with Dr. Gollub and he waited until I was ready. The process was all very peaceful for Mo as she lay in her comfortable bed in her familiar surroundings of our home with me patting and hugging her. Dr. Gollub made two paw prints- one for each of our boys as keepsakes. Although I'd known him for a very short time, after I felt the need to hug Dr. Gollub for treating our sweet Mo with such kindness and dignity. We feel fortunate having Mo at home in familiar surroundings with us there to comfort her during her last hour. It was as positive as an experience as I could've expect for such a trying time."Winchester, MassachusettsAugust 11, 2016
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Peter Gollub, DVM"Dr. Gollub is an amazingly compassionate, kind soul who made the awful process of letting my cat Miika go as unpainful as could be. He was totally committed to making sure she was as comfortable as possible the whole way through, even to the end. His demeanor was very calming and he took the time to answer every question with honesty and clarity. I can't thank him enough for what he did and the peace and comfort he gave to me, my family, and Miika."Najeema Holas-HugginsRandolph, MassachusettsAugust 5, 2016
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Peter Gollub, DVM"My experience with Lap of Love and Dr. Gollub were comforting, professional and the only way that I would ever say goodbye to an animal and member of my family again. From the start of the emails to the telephone calls to set up the appointment and then meeting Dr. Gollub, it was all truly an amazing experience. From his arrival ,when I started crying again, to the end and our tearful goodbyes to our wonderful 13 year 4 month old Yorkie LuLu, Dr. Gollub guided us, took the time to speak to us to make sure the decision was in the interest of LuLu and ourselves. He was extremely gentle with LuLu and showed her the LOVE that we were giving her and his gentleness to LuLu and ourselves was so appreciated. It could not have been a better ending for LuLu, but for us we are still of course mourning her loss as she was so important to us. I hope that pain of her loss diminishes, but I know that we will never stop loving her, and being thankful for Dr. Gollub's tenderness and support through the process."Jean MaxwellDedham, MassachusettsAugust 3, 2016Lulu's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Peter Gollub, DVM"From the beginning, our experience with Lap of Love was professional, soothing, and helpful in guiding us through a very difficult and painful time.

Dr. Golub called us in advance to give us a detailed explanation of what we would expect and to ask us if we had any special requests. This call was particularly important and helpful. The day of our dog's departure, Dr. Gollub entered our home with such a gentle demeanor and calming presence, that we immediately knew we had made the right decision in choosing Lap of Love. We couldn't have hoped for a better person to help our dog through his final journey.

If you are facing the brutal decision of having to euthanize your pet, Lap of Love is by far the most helpful and supportive organization that we know to exist. We are so grateful for them and we are so appreciative of Dr. Gollub's kindness and professionalism as we faced this emotional experience."
Claudia De PianteCambridge, MassachusettsJuly 31, 2016
Records count: 14