Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
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Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Dr Brad was absolutely wonderful during this tough time for our family. He was comforting to our beloved dog Lucy, and to each one of us. Explained everything so we would understand that Lucy would be in peace, and would not at all struggle. Lucy was our family and will be greatly missed. Thank you Dr. Brad for being there for the DeSantis family...but most of all, Lucy."Barbara DeSantisGarnet Valley, PennsylvaniaApril 21, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Let me just say the Lap Of Love is a godsend. Being able to have Dr. Brad come to our home so our 17 year old cat, Smokee was comfortable & calm with familiar surroundings and not panicked & frightened. He was so sympathetic and soothing to both Smokee and I. He told me every move he was making, so I knew exactly what to expect. So humane and dignified, laying her in a blanket lined basket and covering her up to her neck with a heart blanket. Though it was the hardest thing to go through, he made me feel that sending her to heaven was the right choice, and as I heal, that thought is always going through my head.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Cheryl FioritoHAVERTOWN, PennsylvaniaApril 20, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Laps of love has been fantastic. From the first phone call, and through the whole process. A wonderful group of people who are truly Blessed."Sharen UlmerPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaApril 20, 2017Shiloh's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"even though i am sad and crying as i write this, i could not be more at peace with the decision to call this wonderful company and have this done at the house. from the first phone call , and spoke with a wonderful person by the name of Anjie...who did not rush the call at all, she let me have my breakdowns and spoke to me with respect and concern in her voice...to having dr. brad walk me through the entire process . very caring .

cleo was with us for a little over 14 years and has been a very important part of our family . a rotty/german shepard mix who rescued us 14 years ago. she will be deeply missed everyday.

too have this service is a blessing, and a wonderful thing for your loved ones last days. cleo was so at peace at home, and surrounded by loved ones for her final breath. i owed her that for everything she has given us.

thank you Lap of Love, for giving us such a beautiful way to say goodbye.

douglas schleighphila, PennsylvaniaApril 20, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"He was as old as our relationship #9yearsold. He's been there through our biggest life transitions, #courting #engagement #marriage #firsthome #firstchild . Of course we #held & #lovedhim through his #finaltransition

LAP OF LOVE VETERINARY CARE provided us with in home services so that we could support our forever-pup through his final transition that relieved him from suffering beyond relief. Dr. Brad with Lap Of Love administrated the process that allowed our forever-pup to first experience comfort and then peace as he pass surrounded by us his forever family. Dr. Brad was gentle and nurturing as he guided us to the process and created a memorial plaque with our forever -pups final paw print and lock of hair. Lap Of Love services provided us with intimate moment with our forever-pup that we can cherish and always remember."
Roberta FrempongPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaApril 18, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Dr. Brad brought a calmness to such a sad time in our lives. I am so happy that I heard about Lap of Love. Our 22 year old boy hated to get into the car so the last thing we wanted was to make his last moments any more traumatic than it already was. Having Dr. Brad come to our home and being able to keep our precious boy in his comfortable surroundings was the only way we wanted his last minutes to be."Mary RomanoGlen Mills, PennsylvaniaApril 16, 2017Toby Aka Mr. Boy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Sleep Well Little Man

I am the personal human of four cats and a dog, and had no intention of adding to the crew. But this particular boy was at an overloaded shelter and was among several cats scheduled to be put down. I heard from some rescue friends that this one, at the time named Smith, was a special cat with an amazing personality, and the staff at the shelter was scurrying right up to the last minute to try to find him a home. When I heard that there were still no takers, well he ended up with me. It became immediately obvious why, out of all the cats at the shelter, there were those putting the word out on this one. Smith was a character and very affectionate. I thought “Smith” was too generic (that name was assigned him at the shelter, where he only resided for two days) so I named him after my favorite brand of guitars, “Gibson.”

After only a week he became ill. It turned ouut that Gibson was diabetic and had gone a long time without proper treatment. After a few weeks it seemed we had this under control. But his health alternated between sick and healing, with many hospital and vet visits in between. I made a deal with him, “I won’t give up if you don’t give up.” In the long run, Gibson’s kidneys failed, and he was in serious condition.

This week Gibson left me. It was a short three months and filled with challenge, but hopefully this time together gave Gibby a taste of the good life he always deserved. I have only a minimal idea what his life was like before he landed at my house, based on the neighborhood he was found in, and his medical condition when I adopted him. But I strongly suspect it was a difficult one. He leaves me with a lifetime of memories made in an amazingly short time. He was distinguished, funny, quirky, playful, but most of all loving. He would let me pick him up and pet him for exactly 1.5 minutes – then he wanted to sit at my feet or on the daybed next to my rocker and be petted. He trilled at least twice and usually more whenever I came into the room he was in, and walked quickly to be at my feet. Even in his last minutes, unable to walk, he stumbled to be by my side. I thank God for the time we had and regret that I couldn’t have done more. But Gibson was caught between two very difficult to manage diseases, each working against the other. Still he was a fighter, but finally he gave me the clear indication that he wanted to be at peace.

As cat lovers, we never stop second-guessing these decisions, but the Dr. Brad took one look and said I hadn’t made the call any too soon – Gibson had been twitching and weak, and was on the verge of seizure. Brad said any further medical treatments would have been for my benefit and not the best thing for Gibs.

Gibson was made sleepy and relaxed, and fell asleep in my arms before any other medical procedure was performed. I had the chance to talk him to sleep and was relieved to see him stop suffering.

Thank you again to all my rescue friends who helped save Gibson when he was at (and shortly released from thee shelter. Carol Spangenberg, Pat Maloney, Sharon Goodman, and all my “PALS pals.” This didn’t last nearly as long as I was hoping, but the memories of this amazing and very unique cat - my “Little Man of Mystery” - will be with me forever.
Sleep well Gibs, you’re a good, good boy and you go with love. I hope your last months were good ones.

Just Passing Through
For Gibson
Bob Woish, April 12, 2017

Born in the streets on a run down city block
My Daddy liked to rap and my Momma liked to rock
Days were long and at night it was cold
My brothers on the streets didn’t live to get too old

Life was good, for me and my friends
We knew we’d be together until the bitter end
But when the sun went down we’d go scavenging for food
Cause if you thought it’s a given you were just a fool

We all took the hit, had to get on over it
But you could get what you need just like we heard from Mick

Got lost downtown and taken to a place
Where there was no friend and no familiar face
Behind bars now and I really don’t know why
Two days to get me out and see the morning sky

Hope you don’t mind if I’m just passing through
You know I love you but I’ve been around too
Wish I could be perfect and stick around with you
But I’m tired and got a calling to the big amazing blue

Gotta go now, and thank you for the smiles
I hope I brought you something to get you through this time
Don’t forget me and the fun we had together
The memories you gave me will keep me warm forever"
Bob WoishConshohocken, PennsylvaniaApril 15, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Gibson had been dealing with both diabetes and kidney failure and I had tried everything I could to keep him as healthy as possible for as long as I could. I may have waited until the last possible moment to make that horrible decision and Gibs was showing signs of oncoming seizure. That was something I did not want him to endure as his last worldly experience.

Because he was declining so rapidly I made several calls to arrange having him put to sleep comfortably. Fortunately I found Lap of Love, and Dr. Brad was here within an hour. I was able to hold Gibs one last time and explain to him that we were going to "make the sick go away," and that I loved him. I thanked him for being such a good boy as the sedative began to take hold. Gibson's eyes blinked slowly a couple of times, and I put him down. Dr. Brad then took care of the rest as I watched. Gibson's body relaxed, and he was out of his misery. It was actually beautiful. I've lost pets before in different ways and later wished for one last moment to say goodbye. This way, I had that chance and there is a lot of comfort in that.

Dr. Brad gave me the paw print he had made before we stared, and a lock of Gibson's fur in a neat little holder. Also a book on dealing with the loss of a pet. So right away I had keepsakes that have been more of a comfort than you might think. I am adding a few items to that and making a little shelf top memorial to my baby Gibson. It's been a rough few days but I can say that it would have been rougher (and I know this from past experience) without these services. The last time I had to have a pet put down it was nothing like this - very clinical and impersonal. I only had Gibson a short time, before me he had been shuffled between various vet hospitals, clinics, owners, and a rescue. My aim when I adopted him was to give him a permanent loving home. I would have felt that I had failed him if he had had to leave the world on a cold, sterile stainless table. Instead he fell asleep in my arms in his own room. What a difference. If not for the fast response from Lap of Love I was preparing to take him to my regular vet and that would have shattered me.

If you need to make that most difficult decision, believe me the best way is at home. This has to be a difficult profession but that is how everything was handled, professionally and with gentle compassion and Thank God there is somebody you can count on. I can't thank Dr. Brad and Lap of Love enough."
Bob WoishConshohocken, PennsylvaniaApril 14, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Dr. Brad and everyone who I dealt with at Laps of Love just seem to get how much our animals mean to us. I am in awe over how Dr. Brad handled my Sweet Cali-Girl's passing. He came into my home with his heart 200% involved. Helped me memorialize her with my friend and I by going through some photos and videos of her life. He was sensitive to the situation, and gentle with all my animals as well as Cali before and after her passing. I really wanted Cali to go with lots of love and good energy and Dr. Brad. was a perfect match for my pack and I. He felt like part of the family in that hour and really aided in helping me honor Cali properly.

I can't say thank you enough."
Jennifer NotarfrancescoPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaApril 12, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"We cannot say enough good things about our recent experience with Dr. Brad Bates! As horrible as the experience of putting your beloved pet to sleep is, he made it so much more bearable! He was kind, warm, compassionate, and patient. He took his time. He explained everything. We were slightly concerned that by doing a home euthanasia that we would be rushed through by a vet, especially one with whom we had no relationship. But that could not have been further from the truth. Dr. Brad was truly wonderful with us and our 11 year old daughter. He answered all of our questions, even our daughters. And although he is a vet who loves all animals, it meant a great deal to us to know that he is a cat person who has cats at home. It has been our experience over the years that most vets tend to favor dogs. So it meant to world to us to know that he was a cat person. He made us feel like he was treating out beloved cat as if she were his very own! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Brad to anyone needing geriatric pet care, pet hospice care, or to anyone who has to make that sad decision to euthanize their pet. It's worth EVERY EXTRA PENNY!"Jennifer BundyWyndmoor, PennsylvaniaApril 10, 2017Lucky's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"My little Alfalfa was diagnosed with a cancer that I can't even pronounce the name of back in Dec. 2016, given 3-6 months. It was devastating to say the least. As I love Steinbach Veterinary Hospital, I did not want to drive my baby to his death. They referred me to Lap Of Love. As Alfalfa was getting worse I made the dreaded call to Lap of Love and made the appointment for a week out from that day. As I cried through the whole conversation with Rita, she was calm and understanding. Unfortunately God had other plans for Alfalfa and he took a terrible turn for the worst two days later. I called to change the appointment to that day because I didn't think he would even last a couple of hours. Lap of Love did everything they could to have Dr Brad come that afternoon, He arrived and Alfalfa greeted him in his best happy manner.
Dr Brad was kind and and made this so peaceful. He explained everything and let us have as much time as we needed before and after Alfalfa was gone. I will recommend Lap of Love to everyone that needs to go through this horrible part of loving a pet.
Thank you Lap of Love, Rita, the other folks I spoke with on the phone and Dr Brad for make this a bit easier."
Barb GrabowskiConshohocken, PennsylvaniaApril 5, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Making the decision to call Lap of Love was one of the most heart wrenching things we have ever done. My dog was in pain and we did not want to cause him any more stress. Vet trips caused him severe anxiety yet we were also concerned about his territorial nature when a stranger comes into our home. We explained this to Dr. Brad and he knew exactly how to handle the situation. He was an angel, he listened and knew exactly what we needed to hear and understand. He made an unbearable situation peaceful and left us touched by his devotion.

With Sincere Appreciation,

Bruin's Family"
Hainesport, New JerseyMarch 30, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Dr Brad's kindness and compassion made a terribly sad day, bearable for my family and myself. He made us feel at peace with our decision to say goodbye to our 12 yr old Sheltie, Joey and made his transition as peaceful and comfortable as possible while explaining the entire process of what was happening. We so appreciated him taking the time to give us a paw print and some fur clippings from Joey. Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you are a truly wonderful person Dr. Brad!"Jean DePerroMickleton, New JerseyMarch 28, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Yesterday Dr. Brad came to our home to help us say good bye to our sweet dog Penny. She left this world peacefully, in the comfort of her home and in my arms.
Thank you Dr. Brad for everything you did for us. I will never forget the warmth and kindness you showed to all of us.

I miss my dog so much, I hurt everywhere; but the peaceful transition she had alleviates some of that pain. Thank you Dr. Brad and Lap of Love for making that possible."
Maura JonesPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMarch 27, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Dr. Brad was great! When we had to put to sleep our 16 + year old Jack Russell, Ruby, he was so empathetic, gentle and compassionate."nicholas rotoliChester Springs, PennsylvaniaMarch 27, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Dr Brad,
It was very difficult for my wife and I to make the decision to let our best friend leave us and go to rest. We really appreciated what you did for us yesterday and how kind, gentle, and professional you were. You and Lap of Love made a sad day bearable and actually peaceful. It was very comforting to be in our home and I'd recommend this compassionate service to everyone"
Robert ThomasSpringfield, PennsylvaniaMarch 26, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"I'm thankful for so many things, but the three I was most thankful for on my Lexi's last day were:
1. The time I had with my sweet little bean.
2. The sunspot gifted by the universe to my little girl, keeping her warm and cozy.
and 3. Dr. Brad for being the most wonderful person to help my bean leave this world with all the dignity and grace that she carried all 14 years of her amazing life.

I can not say enough about this service and this man.
Thank you,
with all of my heart
Jennifer....and Lexi"
Jennifer ArtmanTabernacle, New JerseyMarch 26, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Our sweet 9 year old Golden Retriever Bevy was diagnosed last Friday with a large mass on her spleen. After discussing treatment options and securing a second opinion it was clear that Bevy had litttle time left in this world with or without surgery. With the threat of an imminent catastrophic event on Tuesday we decided to call Lap of Love on the strong recommendations of two friends. Donna, who answered my initial call and set the appointment for first thing Wednesday morning, was immediately sympathetic, kind, supportive and gave me the information I needed. The followup emails allowed us to prepare for the appointment. Bevy and I woke up early to go for a walk. She enjoyed a breakfast of her dreams and had her ears scratched and face kissed incessantly. I brought her bed down to the front hall. When Dr. Brad arrived he was so kind, so professional, yet warm and supportive. He explained exactly what would happen. Bevy went to sleep in my arms, still wagging her tail. As hard as it was to let go of this dear, loyal, beloved friend we truly knew, and Dr. Brad affirmed, that we were doing the very best, most loving thing for Bevy. She left this life so peacefully feeling loved and happy in the home and with the people she was happiest with. No pain, no drama, no emergency, no clinical, unfamiliar vibes. What a remarkable and important calling Dr. Brad has assumed. We will be forever grateful advocates for this compassionate service to pets and their families."Sally WilliamsBlue Bell, PennsylvaniaMarch 25, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"I would like to thank Dr. Brad from the bottom of my heart. Words can not express the kindness, compassion and professionalism Dr. Brad showed my Dad as he had to make the hard decision to put his beloved Sammi Girl to rest. I really don't think we would have been able to make this decision without the guidance and kindness from Lap of Love. Truly a God send! I can't say enough good things about Lap of Love & Dr. Brad. I would recommend them to everyone. Dr. Brad was so kind, gentle and efficient. You can tell that he truly loves animals. That really meant a lot to me & my Dad. So even though I can't put into works how grateful we are, please know how you really helped us!"Karan BeaumontCinnaminson, New JerseyMarch 21, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"We are very grateful to Dr. Brad for his sincere compassion and kindness that made the difficult situation of saying goodbye to our beloved Howie much easier to bear. He was understanding of our grief, and so very gentle and sweet with Howie. We are truly appreciative of all he did for us - thank you, Dr. Brad."Laura SMedford, New JerseyMarch 17, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"We want to express how grateful we feel to have met you during such an emotional period in our lives. You were there for us and our beloved Dukie all the way to the final moments of his life. I could not think of anyone else I would even consider sharing such a personal moment in my family. YOU are a GODSEND and made Duke's passing so much easier on us. I will never forget your kindness, empathy and compassion during our loss.

Thank you again, Dr. Brad. You truly are a very special man"
Moorestown, New JerseyMarch 14, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"We had to make the heart breaking decision to put our beloved dog Riley to sleep this weekend, and Dr Brad was absolutely wonderful to both Riley and our family. He was extremely sensitive, courteous and empathetic to our situation, and took every measure to ensure we were at peace. My heart is still broken about losing our beloved dog of 11 years, but feel Dr Brad and the team's approach made my last memory of our loving pup a very peaceful and loving one."Suzanne LawtonBlue Bell, PennsylvaniaMarch 13, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Words do not express the gratitude I have for Dr. Brad. Having Simba for 15 years is a long time. We have been through so much together. He was always my comforter. There is a huge difference between being in the comfort of your own home and taking your cat to the Vet. Simba was always freaked out. This made me freak out. Simba transitioned to the other side in calming, peaceful serenity. It was the least I could do for him. Dr. Brad was gentle, kind and loving. I highly recommend this as an option for that time."Deborah WASCOWBroomall, PennsylvaniaMarch 11, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Thank you, Dr. Brad, for helping me say goodbye to my best friend, my buddy, my confidante, my heart and my everything. I knew that the day would come when I'd have to say goodbye, but nothing ever prepares you when it actually comes. From the first phone call to the last goodbye, everyone was so kind and compassionate. My heart is broken and nothing will ever fill the hole left by my Jack. Thank you again and I will not hesitate to recommend you to all my friends with fur-kids."Nicole MacLeanHavertown, PennsylvaniaMarch 9, 2017"One-eyed Jack"'s Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"I wanted to express my gratitude to Dr. Brad for helping me with the passing of my cat Magnolia. Dr. Brad is so knowledgeable and shows such kindness and compassion in all that he does. I miss my sweet girl immensely. However, I take such comfort in knowing that she passed peacefully in the comfort of her own home and did not suffer.
I also want to thank Cheryl, the person who took my initial phone call regarding Magnolia. She was so kind, caring and patient."
Maria CacciatoreBoothwyn, PennsylvaniaMarch 6, 2017
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