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What it’s like being a Lap of Love care coordinator

At Lap of Love, we believe in connecting with people and helping pets find comfort and peace in their end-of-life journey. We also believe that assisting a family through the passing of their pet is one of the most rewarding aspects of this profession. Lap of Love is seeking empathetic, self-motivated individuals with excellent communication skills and the desire to assist pet families. We are dedicated to compassionate end-of-life care with a sole focus on veterinary in-home hospice and euthanasia.

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Care coordinators are special people. They not only have a sincere passion for pets but also possess an incredible amount of care and love for humans. This appreciation for the human-animal bond is what makes Lap of Love care coordinators unique, and the work they do so powerful.

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  • Answers client calls in a timely and supportive manner
  • Addresses client concerns with compassion and coordinates care
  • Gathers and accurately documents the client’s personal and pet related medical information
  • Possesses the ability to schedule appointments in a logical and effective manner
  • Manages and supports client relations for multiple Lap of Love veterinarians throughout the country
  • Goes above and beyond to assist our clients, their pets, and our doctors
  • Other duties as may be assigned and may arise from time to time
  • Communicates routinely with veterinarians and staff, keeping them informed of client requests, appointment information, and any other pertinent information

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