Beginning to Heal

Grief is different for everyone including how long they grieve.  Some people even feel that moving past their grief means that they’re being disloyal to their pet. But moving forward is not being disloyal. You’ll start to know when you’re ready to begin to heal. Time really does tend to mend a broken heart and eventually you’ll start to know when the time is right for you.  We’ve included some links of resources to help you begin to heal as well as ideas for things that you can do once you feel that you’re ready.  

Website Resources

The Healing Process:

Ways to Memorialize your Pet

Remembrance Items

Moving Forward - Ideas to Help Get Started 

Volunteering. Getting out in your community and donating your time has long been a source of healing for many people and can be very therapeutic.  If you think you might be ready for a step like this you could consider volunteering at local hospital, museum, zoo, aquarium, animal shelters, rescue group, nursing home or even get your surviving pet certified to be a therapy pet.  You can also find local events to volunteer for in your area.

  • Match - Helps you to find local volunteer opportunities in your area.

  • Join a Facebook group -  There are so many Facebook groups out there that help bring people together. Whether they are national, local or a group of people who just love and want to discuss the same topic.  Facebook Groups can be a great source of things to do at home or out and about and help to bring you together with others. 

  • Help Others in Need - Find ways to help others going through the same thing. Sometimes the best way to begin to heal is to help others who are going through a similar experience.  When we help others who are struggling, we are reminded that we’re not alone, which helps to provide us with some relief.