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8/15/2017Our hearts are broken now that Sophie has left us. She was our joy, our light, our little girl. She was happiness, fun, and comfort.

It was like having a toddler around for 14 years! Bubbly, energetic, cuddly, devilish, sweet. Our home feels so empty without her and her personality. She brought us so many smiles and laughter – so much happiness from our little ball of fur! And she was full of life, love, and happiness up until the end.

We miss seeing her sweet face every morning and her ‘morning dance’, hearing her bark, chasing squirrels, giving us kisses, waiting for treats. We loved taking her for long walks and holding her – how we loved to hold her and she always indulged us that. She filled our home and our hearts up!

We will always miss her so, so much.
Ann & Gerard CassoWashington, DC, VirginiaAugust 18, 2017
8/13/2017Our beloved SKIP passed away peacefully Sunday August 13th 2017.
Although he was ready our hearts were not.
There are not words that can describe what you meant to us.
You loved us unconditionally!
I could go on for days with stories.
Thank you for your love of shrimp, caring for us when we were upset, greeting us at the door when we came home from work, being outside, boxes, ice cubes, couch time and your sassy cattitude and countless other things.
We have a HUGE hole in our household.
Who will greet me every morning and have coffee with me?
Who will get into the pantry? Who will sit on my desk while I work?
You were truly the KING of our house!
Chrissy KrackowLancaster, PennsylvaniaAugust 17, 2017
7/4/2003 - 3/19/2017I’ve been meaning for months to write my tribute to my dear Merry, but somehow I haven’t managed to do it until now. Maybe my heart hurt too much? Maybe I kept waiting until I found the perfect words? But are there ever words perfect enough to express love? Love is felt. We feel it in our hearts, our bones, our souls. It is personal and unique. It is as simple as a four letter word: ‘Love’. Yet, it is as complex as every being ever created.

My dog Merry was named after a Hobbit in Lord of the Rings. We had already had a Pippin, and Merry would complete the set. And what a set they were. Pippin was outgoing and friendly and bossy. She had complete confidence in the fact that she ran the show. Merry was her minion. And he was totally okay with that. Merry was shy, quiet, fearful. After looking for a while, we knew Merry was the right match for Pippin because she didn’t hate him. She tolerated him in that “he’s okay” kind of way, which was a ringing endorsement from a dog who had barked, snarled and eyed other dogs we had considered with contempt. But together, they shared a special bond. She gave him confidence, example, direction. And he gave her loyalty, deference, companionship, and a soft butt to lay her head upon.

Over the years, as our dog family expanded beyond Pippin and Merry, we wound up with dogs that had all kinds of colorful personalities. And Merry . . . we would say Merry was happy being ‘just a dog’. He was simple, and through that simplicity I learned so much about love.

In the end, he was a heroic, debonair older gent. He didn’t complain about his ailments. He did his best to adjust to the changes in his body and mind. He never asked for much: some food, a comfy bed, and to be near us. When he had those things, he was happy. He remained shy all his life, so it was a true blessing that when his Rainbow Day came, he could rest his head on his familiar bed with his family and go to sleep. Lap Of Love and Dr. Sarah gave that final gift to him . . . to us. No fear or stress or strangers for my sweet boy. Just a peaceful journey over the Rainbow Bridge.

Merry was simple, and yet, magnificent. He was a beloved family member and I miss him more than I can express. I cherish every moment from the first day he looked at me with those gorgeous brown eyes, fearful and wondering if I would hurt him, yet hopeful at the same time. It wasn’t easy for him to connect because of his fears, yet once he loved you, you never doubted it for a moment. He was yours and you were his, and the joy in his word was just to be with you.

How do I express love, I wondered, as I tried to write this. Well, love was right there in my dog’s eyes. I just have to look . . . and remember. Simple.
Gloria RuggeriRichmond, VirginiaAugust 17, 2017
Macy Grace
7/4/2001 - 6/20/2017Macy Grace passed away 6/20/2017, her wings were ready but our hearts were not. Rescue is very hard, sad, scary and quite frankly difficult to do this work. I never thought about that 15 years ago we met a tiny toothless pit bull that was being used as a bait dog for a dog fighting ring. She was a year old and a walking skeleton. When we were able to finally bring her home after needing some medical treatment I was relieved that she survived and had no idea of the journey that she would walk through with her dad and I. She was terrified to come out of her cage, refused to eat and had no idea how to play, go for a walk or anything. Our older golden retriever/Australian Shepherd Bailey would take one of his toys and set it just inside of her cage & he would not leave her side. When the cats would want to say hi, he would be right there to make sure that they maintained the proper perimeter and she wouldn't be scared. Somehow Bailey decided that we needed help teaching Macy how to dog and that he was going to stay by her side until she was ready to learn how to dog. After a few more days she was coming out of her crate and was starting to eat, she even took a toy from our collection and carried it around. She wasn't sure why she had a big stuffed animal in her mouth but she did it. This is girl Macy Grace and has brother passed away four years ago. The basset hound in the picture is Calzone. She is a rescue and didn't know what to do when her yellow lab sister passed away. Macy stepped right in and she did for Calzone what Bailey did for her. This is why we have a nonprofit organization called Pawing it Forward Foundation. The student became the teacher and the teacher became a legacy. The ride has been rough at times and I have lost days of sleep, gallons of tears, a little blood and I can't imagine that I would ever want it to be anything else because I have also been shown love on a different level, caring, overcoming fear and walking through obstacles and many more lessons that I have a heart of gratitude! I am so proud to be a rescue mom and humbled that I have had the opportunity to be their voice.Holly and Nick PacellaDelray Beach, FloridaAugust 15, 2017
Savanna Lee
08/24/2001 - 08/11/2017Our baby Savannie was your typical Min to run and barked at everything. She was the baby and she knew it. Her brother Bruno, was always with her and groomed her daily. She was alittle on the independent side, didn't need to be right beside you, but close enough. Bedtime, now that was a different story. She loved to snuggle, and get and give her bedtime kisses. In her last few days, I noticed dark flashes low to the ground, out of the corner of my eye. When we lost our Nikki and Tiffani, I would notice them from time to time. When I began to see them more often, I knew it was my sweet Nikki and Tiffani, that had come to help her on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Night time is when I miss her most...I know my sweet baby Savannie is healthy, running, playing and basking in the sunshine,and waiting for us with Nikki and Tiffani at the Rainbow Bridge. Her brother Bruno is the last one left of our original fur babies that we raised from puppies. He was by her side as always...when she got her wings.Angie FloydCOLUMBUS, OhioAugust 15, 2017
8/12/2017We adopted Coco in December 2013. We had looked at hundreds of pictures on petfinder and shelter pages and nothing clicked so I took my daughter by the hand, strapped my 3 months old in the Ergo and stepped into the local animal shelter. We walked by so many doors and looked into so many eyes and ended up with a list of several dogs we wanted to meet. So we sat in the room and dog 1, then 2, than 3 were brought in. It did not click. Then Birdie was brought in. And it clicked - she was just so sweet and apparently one of the shelter's favorites. Pictures were sent to my husband and the decision was made to put in an application to foster to adopt. We picked her up December 23.

Birdie was renamed Coco and she stole our daughter's and my husband's heart in no time.
There was just one problem - she kept barking at me which confused the hell out of me. Shortly after we Adopters her my husband was going on a business trip and I was left with a dog that kept looking and barking at me. So I scheduled an appointment with a dog trainer to test her for aggressiveness.  Well, she passed with flying colors... It is so funny to think back at that time and my fear because Coco was the sweetest dog you could meet and would never have hurt anyone. She just liked to talk to me and until the last day she did, even though the last time was just a sad try at doing so :-(
My husband always joked and called me the dog whisperer, lol.

We shared many adventures and Coco was my daughter's shadow for the longest time. She took her everywhere. She just had to call her name and Coco would come running, tail wagging. Emma felt safe with her, and Coco loved making sure she was safe, even if it was just from the dark in the bathroom :-)
In the morning she would see her off and you should have seen the excitement when she saw Emma step out of the bus in the afternoon.
She was great with my son too, and the older he got the stronger their bond got. She was so protective of these two.
The second most exciting part of the day would be my husband coming home from work. She loved greeting him at the door and it did not matter if he was still talking on the phone or tired - she did not take no for an answer. That was their time and nothing could stop her from claiming it.

She was a big love bug and never met a stranger. She even loved going to her vet.. seriously. I've seen dogs shaking, hiding, even putting on their brakes when called... not Coco. She went in tailwagging...

We discovered a tumor in December 2016 and it was removed in January 2017 - it was a mast cell tumor. She recovered well from the surgery but shortly after we found a big mass by her teets. Our doctor gave her little time but she surprised us all. I am not going to go over the various stages of her battle.  It was a rollercoaster ride, and not a fun one.

Shortly after she got sick, relationships changed and over the past 7 months Coco and I formed a bond that I cannot explain. We were just so close. She would lay with me, follow me and talk to me. But our big thing was her just laying her head in between my shoulder and head and us just sitting like that, connecting.

In June we decided to lower her prednisone dose and only up the dosage when acutely needed. Quality of life over quantity. And it really did give her back a lot of good times. She had not played with her toys for months and one day I thought one of the kids was playing with her squeaky toy just to discover it was actually her. It was one of these moments that I will always remember.

July 4 I started packing for our trip to Germany. The kids and I were going to see my family while my husband would stay behind taking care of Coco. She followed me everywhere and every time I sat down she was right there, cuddling up to me. She knew something was up and did not like it.
We stayed in Germany for 3 weeks and every time I talked to my husband I feared hearing that she was getting worse but she kept fighting. She was so happy to see us come home and we spent a great week with her before she started getting worse. Where before she had a bad day here and there, she would have good days but bad evenings, tired and in pain. We tried to keep her pain free by giving her Tramadol and it seemed to work. Friday she was up as usual but by lunch time she was not moving much, panting a lot and just different.  I don't know how but I knew this was different and I called the vet to tell him that I think it was time. He told me we could bring her by and let her go but it had to happen in the next 45 minutes because for insurance reasons his assistant had to be there too and his wife was graduating. 45 minutes... I could not do it. I needed us to be able to say goodbye, prepare the kids, and my husband would not have made it. He told me to keep her on the pain medicine and gave me the info for the emergency vet. We were hoping we would get one more weekend with her and let her go Monday morning.
Well, we did not get another weekend...

Coco's last day was filled with ice cream, cold cuts, doggie biscuits and mostly lots and lots of love. We did not get the weekend but we did get 8 more hours before her heart beat for the last time.

Coco has been gone for 2 days now and our hearts are broken. The house is not the same without her.  I keep catching myself looking for her when I enter the house or when we sit down and eat. I picked a piece of chicken of my son's finished plate this morning and called "Co..", stopping halfway realizing she was not there.
We miss her so so much. I know it was her time but our hearts were not ready.
Melanie ConroyLeague City, TexasAugust 14, 2017
11/24/2008 - 8/5/2017Marley, fiercely loyal like no other.
Smart beyond words.
Protector of home and family.
The enforcer of rules and regulations.
Only wanting a families love, protection, and fair wage of food.
The hole made in hearts of your passing might not ever be filled
even with greatest passage of time.
Marley we love you and miss you bunches.
KATHY MCCARRONBOCA RATON, FloridaAugust 14, 2017
6/1/2004 - 8/12/2017In memory of our dear, sweet Max.

I thoroughly remember the day we met. It was a remarkably mild day in January 2005. We were going to the Humane Society in Bowling Green, KY to officially adopt Tara, the puppy that would go on to become one part of the inseparable duo of Max and Tara. Mom and Tara had connected a few days prior when puppies were brought in to lift the spirits of residents in the nursing home where Mom worked at the time. I remember Mom saying that Tara picked her and not the other way around. I believe it as you and me both know just how clingy Tara could be and still is.

Mom told Jay and myself before we arrived at the Humane Society that she would allow us to pick a dog to bring home along with Tara. I can’t remember how many rounds were made but once we found our way to you, it was love at first sight. Jay saw your first, then me, and then Mom. I’m just glad you were outside of your doghouse that day to greet us. I recall your handler being ecstatic that you were being adopted by a loving, deserving family. There was just something special about you and once we got you home, we were amazed at your ability to show love and appreciation for the three of us.

You would go to Mom wagging your tail and without even calling you over, you would go to the next person and so on. I’m pretty sure you did a few rotations in those first few minutes. You continued to do this for many hours, maybe even days. You were just so grateful and loving and you even made sure to show Tara love as well.
I always looked forward to coming home even more so knowing that you missed me and that you would shower me with affection and attention every single time. We had so much fun playing in our big, fenced-in back yard. I was happy we could give you a lot of space to roam as you needed a large area to protect, explore, and to appreciate smells (good and bad) more than we humans ever could.

When I moved to Tennessee in March of 2013, I wanted to bring you with me right away and even entertained the idea, but I never wanted to take you from Mom, Jay, and Tara. It was better for one creature to miss you as opposed to three. Besides, moving away only made you more excited to see me when I made my almost weekly visits to Bowling Green. I was more excited as well, Max. On said visits, you would enthusiastically jump up on the couch and into my lap to give me kisses. I know sometimes I turned my head to the side so that you wouldn’t lick me in my mouth, but I hope you know I really enjoyed all the many, sweet moments we shared together in 13 years.
In July of 2014 when we lost Mom to Cancer and subsequently our home as well, I was honored to have you, Tara, and your other human (Jay) come to Tennessee to live with me. I wish that I had a big, fenced-in yard for you to enjoy as that is what you were accustomed to. However, the apartment complex did have plenty of grassy areas for you to explore. You and Tara settled in quite nicely and it was a much easier transition for you guys than Jay and I had anticipated. You seemed content in your new life and I hope that by having me nearby again helped you to recover from Mom’s passing. Having you all around certainly helped me to cope.

We had some great times together, buddy. I really hope I showed you enough times how much you meant to me and how happy I was to have you in my life. I miss your silly sounds and habits, your sweet and handsome face, and just knowing that you were present. I wanted you around always and never wanted to have to make the decision for you, but seeing you suffer was just too much for all of us to bear. The Canine Cognitive Disorder was hurting your mind and the cancer was hurting your body. You had lost so much weight and were so frail the last week that your hind legs could no longer support your back end. It was terrifying and heart breaking the time you collapsed just trying to drink from your water bowl. You fell asleep from the effort with your face resting in an empty bowl. That, as horrible it was to witness, was even more evidence to Jay and me that we were making the correct and merciful decision. We had another dog before you and Tara. Her name was Xena and she died of cancer. We almost made the mistake of waiting too long to end her suffering and we certainly didn’t want you to suffer more than you already had.

I’m glad I could give you a week full of treats and foods that I seldom let you eat. Some were foods you remember having had in the past while under the care of Mom. I just wanted to make you were as comfortable and happy as possible. I, at times, avoided eye contact with you but only because I could see the pain in them. You never really expressed it otherwise. However, on Saturday August 12, 2017, I made sure to make plenty of eye contact as this was the last day I could show you via my face of how happy you’ve made me ever since we were introduced. I turned off all electronics and spent those last 5-6 hours just focused on you. I got to bathe you one more time which filled me with joy as I could love and treat you at the same time. Although grief-stricken now and at the time, I couldn’t have been more at ease with the process of saying goodbye. You were in your home surrounded by loved ones. You had gotten plenty of sleep the night before and you had a great day and I’m sure you felt better than you had in recent weeks. You were so brave and dignified. I looked at you with loving eyes, caressed your face and fed you lots of delicious treats as you were beginning to fall asleep on my pillow which I had placed by your side.

I wish I could have spent more time with you and that our circumstances were much different. I only hope that you’re out there somewhere thinking of us and that you know I will always love and never forget you. I need you know that I kept wanting to postpone and cancel the appointment and almost did until I saw that you were just too exhausted and in so much pain that it hurt for you to stand, walk, or even eat and drink.

I know you had a great life and while I was close to being a perfect caretaker and companion, I was not. I could never tell you this enough, but thank you for being the perfect dog and companion. You weren’t just a good boy, you were the best. We love you with all our hearts and we will forever cherish our memories of you. Please rest assured knowing this, we have never felt safer in our homes than with you around and that we will try our best to protect our home(s), Tara, and each other for the rest of our lives.

Goodbye, Maximus Greer.

Lovingly yours,

Josh GreerGoodlettsville, TennesseeAugust 14, 2017
10/24/2001 - 8/7/2017Creamy I can't believe you are now in heaven. In 2001 I got you and your sister Dreamy when you were just little tiny babies. You used to both knead my hair and seek out my earlobes thinking they were going to provide milk if you suckled on them hard enough. I used to joke about my two clip on kitten earrings. You 2 have been the lights of my life for all these years. The BEST thing I have ever done in my life was answering that notice on a bulletin board announcing kittens for adoption. When I arrived I told the lady I would adopt 2. She said then I will give you the "twins" you were the 2 out of the litter that looked alike. Both of you Grey, Peach and White. From that day forward we were together, the 3 of us, always.. up until now.
Dreamy passed away on Nov.11th 2016 and now my other baby and love of my life, Creamy, you have joined your sister on Aug.7th, 2017.
Dreamy and Creamy you will live forever in my heart and in my soul. You brought Love, Life and Light into my life. You both greeted me by running to the door when I would get home each & every day from work. When I was sick the both of you would NOT leave my side, you both huddled around me until I got better. You were both super affectionate lap cats 24/7. You spoiled me rotten with all of the love you gave me. I hope to God I spoiled you both rotten too! I know I sure did try! My entire cell phone is filled with just pictures of you two. How could I help it? Every time I looked over at either one of you, you were just too darn CUTE and ADORABLE for words!!! Times when I had to work late I would often look at your pictures to make me feel better knowing I would get to go home to you soon. Every day of your lives I showered you both with kisses, cuddles affection and sweet talk. And you both reciprocated!!!! Dreamy, you would always talk to me and we carried on many, many conversations. Creamy, you let your sister do all the "talking" but you would ever so gently put your little paw up to my face when you wanted mommy's attention, and you would tap on my face.
I just can't believe both of my babies are gone now. I can't stop crying.
One thing is that I know you both had a wonderful life and both had complete love and affection and were cherished. I told both of you each and every day how much I loved you, how cute you were and how lucky I felt to get to be your mommy.
Dreamy and Creamy you are in my heart and in my soul for eternity.
Rachel StrayerCherry Hill, New JerseyAugust 14, 2017
3/2/2000 - 8/1/2017On August 1st my best friend passed away peacefully on his favorite rug. For seventeen and a half years, Max was devoted to his family, loving us without conditions. He was there for so many great times, but he was also there during the worst.

I lost my son in 2015 at the age of 27, and it was Max who gave me a reason to get up. He needed me, and I had to face the world for him, even when I didn't want too. Max was my rock, the one I could pour my heart out to when I was lonely or sad. He always seemed to understand that if he just sat in my lap and purred, I would feel better.

Max was always glad to see me. When I came home, he was usually standing at door waiting for it to open. If not, all I had to say was "Where's Max?'' He'd come from his resting place to rub his whole body, nose to tail, around my legs, as if to say "I'm glad you're back".

Bedtime was my favorite time with Max. He always wanted to drink water from the sink while I brushed my teeth. Then he would jump on the bed, lay on my chest, and rub his forehead against mine as if to say "I love you, mom. Goodnight'. Then he would curl up beside me and we would go to sleep. I miss Max so much, especially when I return home and when I go to bed.

Saying thank you to Dr. Amanda and the people at Lap of Love is not enough. I'm not sure I can ever adequately express my appreciation for the way they helped me let Max leave his life here to be reunited with Zack in Heaven. He left with the dignity he deserved and he was happy. I am so grateful for their kindness and caring towards me and Max.

A dear friend sent me this quote by Anatole France and I believe it wholeheartedly.

"Until one has loved an animal, one's soul remains unawakened".

I love you Max, with all my heart and soul.
Sandy UnderwoodHigh Point, North CarolinaAugust 14, 2017
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