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8/15/2005 - 9/7/2017Leah was a wonderful, beautiful dog who was adored by many friends and family members. When we let people know that she had cancer and was going to be put to sleep at home, on my bed, by Lap of Love, everyone wanted to come over to kiss her and say goodbye. So many people came with hugs, kisses and cookies(!) that she had to know how loved she was. Her passing was very loving and peaceful, and we miss her like crazy. I know I’ll see Leah again. I’m so looking forward to being with all the wonderful animals that have been a part of my life. Thanks to Dr. Lori for making Leah’s passing so peaceful and serene.Kay CrawfordTigard, OregonSeptember 22, 2017
Sadie Mae
6/16/2009 - 9/10/2017Our sweet girl Sadie was only 8 years old when we had to say good bye to her. She had cancer and while we knew her time with us would soon be ending, we didn’t expect it to happen so suddenly. She rapidly declined overnight on a Saturday, we were worried we wouldn’t be able to have someone come to our house on Sunday. But at 6:30 on Sunday morning Dr. Jordy answered our call and was at our house that morning. She genuinely cared about Sadie, my husband and me. She was comforting, gave us time, and was so gentle with Sadie. Sadie was a really special dog and shared a bond with our 3 year old that I don’t think we will ever be able to replace. She was always there – every time we walked through the door, every morning when we got up, every single feeding during the night for both of our babies she woke up and was right at the side of my bed with me. She was the nurturing mama dog who took care of all of us. She was so in tune with how we were feeling, our hearts and our home feel painfully empty without her. Through all of this, Dr. Jordy has been such a source of comfort. She has checked in with us to see how we were doing, given us advice, and always just knows the right thing to say. Thank you Dr. Jordy, we are so grateful to have had such a kind and compassionate individual help us through one of our most difficult times.Bethany MartinScottsdale, ArizonaSeptember 21, 2017
8/10/2003 - 9/20/2017Our beloved Washington, you filled our hearts with love and endeared us with your gentle presence. You surrounded us with your boundless fur, in our house, on our clothes and every else we never expected. But deep down that was your way of always letting us know that you were always near and those golden threads reminded us that we had a dog named Washington who was and always will be a part of this family.

My gentle giant, how your eyes spoke kindness and understanding as you patiently stood over smaller dogs as they calmed in your presence. How you always waited for me by the door, nose to the window, paws beside your cheeks, knowing that I would be back. You had a mischievousness that was easily forgiven as soon as you gave us that guilty look when you were found out.

As I reflect back on our time together, I realize that the true gift of your friendship was the simplicity of living life together. Cooking dinner while trying to climb over you as you stood by the stove, wiping up the trail of water in our living room as you walked back from your water bowl, bribing you into the tub for your bath (unsuccessfully), or trying to vacuum around you as you napped away the day, it was the everyday stuff that I miss the most.

Washington, you changed me in ways that I never realized until now. You taught me how to be a father before I had kids of my own. You also prepared me in time to be a better son, caring for my own aging parents in your final years with me. I will feel your presence in my life each day as if you were here, living my life in the example you set for me, to be loving, forgiving and grateful for the smallest of joys that life brings. Words cannot describe the amazing gifts you've given me. Maybe therein lies the secret. Your subtle actions spoke louder than words.

Will miss you and think of you everyday. Go run off and play now Washy boy, you deserve it.
David CheungGlenview, IllinoisSeptember 21, 2017
6/3/2004 - 9/20/2017To the OG, The Sheriff, The Peacemaker, my sweet Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds...I love you and hope you find peace and happiness barking at all of the crazy dogs on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Keep 'em in line over there, my angelGayan De SilvaUniversity City, MissouriSeptember 21, 2017
8/28/2005 - 9/15/2017Max was our protector. A gentle giant. He was great with kids and loved people. Max had a peace sign collar because of his gentle nature.Tina ADoylestown, PennsylvaniaSeptember 21, 2017
8/9/2001 - 9/13/2017Rudy was sweet and serious and a loyal, devoted companion. We miss him terribly.Rich & Jane PisarkiewiczO'Fallon, MissouriSeptember 20, 2017
Bear & Max
9/19/2017Bear was a big black fluffy ball of love and affection. He passed in May 2017 at the age of 12 under the loving guidance of our Lap of Love vet, Dr. Erin. Bear was one in a million, a best friend and a constant companion. He loved to sit on the porch with us and to have his chin scratched. He would sleep in bed every night right next to (or on) mom's head.

Max was an adorable seal-point ragdoll mix who was always "talking" and had something to say about everything. He passed in September 2017 at age 13 also with the assistance of Dr. Erin. Max was a sweet and gently spirit who loved to play with squeaky mice and to bask in the sun.

Both our special boys left us far too soon and will never be replaced. We feel comfort in knowing they are no longer suffering and they can play together forever.
Carrie ZahniserPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaSeptember 20, 2017
11/10/2002 - 9/5/2017Homie was my 'angel in puggy clothes'. My homiebaby was never sick. He was my baby and a piece of my heart will forever be missing because it will remain with my boy until we are together again. he is my soul mate and I am lost without him. He has been with me for 14 years 10 months, and for a small boy, he took up a lot of space. He would lick my tears when I cried, no matter where he was in the house-if he heard me crying he would come running to me licking his lips as he came, so he would be ready to lick my tears. If someone got in the way, he would practically run them over to get to me. Homie has been with me through many of the hardest times in my life. I had to quit my nursing career (which I loved and had wanted to be since I was 5), a near fatal car accident in which my parents were critically injured, their hospitalization, rehab, and moving them in with us to continue rehab. My dad couldn't walk, so Homie would stay beside him when he was in his wheelchair and walk with the wheelchair He always made my parents laugh.He was very welcoming of his human brother who came home to stay for awhile. He was with me during my knee surgeries and replacements and rehab, our visits to my mom's, our move to Florida, my dad's dying of cancer, and my mom's dementia. Many times my Homie would keep me sane by lending an ear while I talked things out. Our talks would end with lots of kisses and smiles. He loved to watch me go to the bathroom! He'd wait as long as it took, then inspected as the toilet was flushing. He really tried to stay as long as he could. He smiled until the last day and a half, when he just looked so depressed, lost his smile and cried continuously. They said he would tell us when he was done, and he did. In the last weeks, his hind legs gave out, then he couldn't control his bowels or bladder, and then his front legs gave out. I had already had Lap of Love's information ready for this time. I just couldn't believe this was happening. I would not let him suffer, no matter how much I wanted him to stay. He was too good for me to allow that to happen. we were there, feeding him treats while Dr. Lisa Littlejohn was giving him the meds to end his suffering. My heart was breaking although I know this was the right thing to do, My heart is aching and the house is quiet. Homie has. a little brother-Elmer Fuddge-who had been moping around and missing Homie. Sometimes in the past few days Elmer seems to bounce back, but he is really mourning. The most amazing thing happened right after Homie passed. Elmer was never one to give kisses, but while I was crying he came over to me and licked my tears! I really think Homie was there and told him to take his place and comfort mommy! Homie, you are and always will be the love of my life. You were so kind to me and gave me such unconditional love. You are my gift from God right when I needed you most! Your shift is over now baby, so run and play at the Rainbow Bridge with Bozo, Aja and Hottiedog! We will think of you, remember the good and funny things you did and miss you more than you'll ever know. My sweet boy I will love you endlessly and cherish our time we had together always. You can check in from time to time and I will wait......until we meet again my sweet Homiebaby.Debbie SchaierSpring Hill, FloridaSeptember 20, 2017
4/9/2008 - 9/15/2017My beautiful baby boy! Its only been a couple of days and my heart is in pieces. Losing you has been one of the toughest things I've had to endure. I keep thinking you're under the sheets! No matter where you are you will always have the key to my heart. Thank you for 10 years of unconditional love and laughs. You kept me on my toes. It was a beautiful journey we took together and one that I'll finish for the both of us. Thank you for remaining as strong as you did til the very end. You were sufferring but never let me see. I promise to keep that same strength and keep your memory alive. You helped fill the void I had of losing my mom and now you two are together. Take care of her just like you did me. I love you so much baby...I hope you always felt it and knew you were what I loved coming home to everyday. You were my smile and comfort. They say home is where the heart is well you were my home too. I'm gonna miss you so much but it's NOT goodbye its see you later. One day we'll be reunited. I love you more than words could ever say.Cynthia PocasangreNassau, NYSeptember 20, 2017
1/10/2000 - 9/13/2017It's been one week now since we had our final moments together, with our sweet Ozzy, life seems so silent here without him, though we are thankful and very honored that God placed Ozzy here with us and we got to share an incredible 17 1/2 yrs with him. He gave us such pure, unblemished and unconditional love and such incredible joy. He learned us so much about life love and loss, Ozzy truly was the heart of our family. As heartbroken as we are right now we get our strength in knowing Ozzy has been set free, is safe at peace and in a place where love is everlasting... at home with God. He came into our lives as an angel and is now our little angel in heaven watching down over us. The love we shared with him and his beautiful gentle spirit will never change and will go with us throughout our lives. Thank you my beautiful boy for everything, I love and miss you so very very much, but will see you again in just a moments time, till then run free like the wind and set heaven all aglow like you did our lives, Love Mommy and Daddy Curtis❤️❤️Michelle ElliottRoyal Palm Beach, FloridaSeptember 20, 2017
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