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4/6/2005 - 4/25/2017Tank made out lives so much better! Our family as a whole misses you so much but we know you are in no more pain and waiting for us on the other side of the rainbow! We will never forget how you made and still make us smile! Always a part of our family! May your paradise be restful and happy, until we meet again!Bree & Jay JonesRaleigh, North CarolinaApril 28, 2017
11/04/2002 - 4/25/2017Levi passed away this afternoon at home.

I first met him in Tallahassee on the coldest January night of 2003.  He curled up on the passenger seat for midnight ride back to Gainesville and really never left my side again. He was loyal to the core, never requiring a leash, always ready to take on whatever came our way, but at the same time the most gentle creature anyone could meet.

In those early years he ran 6 miles each day alongside me, and spend another 45 minutes at the park in the evenings chasing down tennis balls relentlessly. On the weekends we'd head out to the trails and for 15-20 miles he'd run ahead and then patiently wait for me to catch up.  He never left the trail and he always kept me in his sights.

In 2006 he helped raise a future weim show champion.  After she left for her show career he settled down with his companion for the next 10 years, her sister. We spent the next few years splitting time between Florida and Georgia, and he was fast friends with all the horses in the nearby paddock.  He and Sadie would run over to my neighbor's property and each take a horseshoe in the early morning before coming home.  I didn't even realize they were heading over there each morning until said neighbor told me about it many months after we'd move there.  In the mornings I'd head off to work and they would stay behind in the house or barn, and in the evenings I'd head out with a baseball bat and hit tennis balls for him into the sunset.

In 2010 we headed to city life with his new mama and he adapted easily.  We'd have to cover him with a blanket for the winter nights, as the old house had a bit of a draft and he would shake uncontrollably. 

In 2014 he helped us welcome a daughter, and then a son, to the family and remained a steadfast presence and lookout for us as he navigated his senior years.
Atlanta, GeorgiaApril 27, 2017
6/10/2003 - 4/26/2017Cubby, my sweet boy! I'm crying as I write this because I already miss you so much. You had such a gentleness about you. The calmest little chihuahua I had ever seen. I will miss your sweet kisses when you laid down next to me. You were my constant little shadow. You always had to be where I was. And I love you for that. Chloe is looking for you and I know her heart is broken too but I promise I will make the rest of her life as happy as yours and when the time comes for her to rest I can only hope it's as peaceful as yours. All my love! ❤️❤️❤️Judi CanchaniWindermere, FloridaApril 27, 2017
Angelskye Finnegan's Dream
1/4/2003 - 4/25/2017To my best friend and soulmate. thank you for beeing with me for more than 14 years. I will miss waking up with you in the mornings, strolling the neighborhoods with you and sitting on thee couch watching our favorite programs. You picked me to be your forever mom and I will never forget you. I love you forever.
When I get to heaven, he first thing I am goiing to do is find you and never let you go.
5/8/2017 - 4/23/2017You were such a wonderful and sweet girl. You will be missed by us all.Allie MathesRoseville, CaliforniaApril 26, 2017
3/8/2003 - 4/17/2017Fenway girl ~ we hold your love & memories in our hearts forever & your sweet soul surrounds our family. I am truly grateful for the 14 years we shared with our beautiful pup and simply heartbroken over our final goodbye. We love you, Fenway. Rest easy, sweet girl.Shelbi TablerAshland, VirginiaApril 26, 2017
8/19/2005 - 1/21/2017Took three months to even do this. Vishnu was/Is the Kindest,sweetest, smartest being I have Ever known.He was /Is also a Very Stunningly Beautiful Boy.Loved by Everyone who ever met him,Missed Horribly every moment of Everyday. Dr. Ashleigh was a gift to Him and Us.We could never Thank Her enough for Her kindness and Gentle way of easing his Suffering.Robert ArnouxAuburn, WashingtonApril 26, 2017
1/3/2009 - 4/17/2017Hi Miss Grace...'Maggie, Angel and Johnny and Alex' have realized that the 'absence of you being in the pack' has totally changed the 'dynamics' of our house...You, from your ALERT BARKS...SOMEONE IS TRYING TO 'STORM THE CASTLE' how you 'handled' all of us. Grace, you had all of us under 'your strong and confident spell'...'GOOD WORK!!!'...and now you can 'LAY DOWN, and, GO SLEEP'...Thank You Grace...Maggie and Angel...John NewmanFoxborough, MassachusettsApril 26, 2017
Mocha Bear
4/5/2001 - 4/7/2017On April 7, 2017, we had to say good-bye to you, our beloved Mocha Bear. I knew the day would come and I knew it would be difficult to see you go, but the pain is far more powerful than I imagined. Mocha, the moment we met 14 years ago at Operation Kindness I knew you were special. I looked into your beautiful brown eyes and saw the sweetest soul. You entered our lives at a difficult time, a time when I desperately needed a friend, and I have no doubt that you helped to heal our hearts. You ultimately fulfilled a far greater purpose as you faithfully stood by us through all our major life events from marriage, to grueling medical training, to the addition of your furry brother and three human siblings. You endured every change with patience and love, and through it all, you were forever by my side, asking for nothing but a snack and a belly rub.

In life, we learn looking backward. Now that you are no longer with us I have been absorbed with all the life lessons learned from you. We live looking forward and somehow I know new lessons will emerge, surfacing to guide and remind me that your purpose continues. Our lives have been forever changed because of you and I only hope that I can somehow change a life as you did for me.

Mocha, I miss you. Life is just not the same without you here. And yet, your presence is all around. I cannot escape you, for you have become a part of me, of us, of our family and our story. Thank you Mocha Bear. It was an honor to be your mommy. We love you.
Vanessa ZertucheIrving, TexasApril 26, 2017
2/15/2017 - 4/25/2017In loving memory of our sweet Pepper. Lap of Love assisted us with Jake last year when we had made the painful decision to let him go. This year, Pepper declined very rapidly and we made the decision on the same day to end his suffering and made the trip to our vet. Lap of Love is wealth of information and support for those of us with geriatric pets. Thank you for your dedication and support.Lora McPhailGreeensboro, North CarolinaApril 25, 2017
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