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11/24/2002 - 7/12/2019We had the privilege of Ginger in our lives for over 15 years. Almost two years ago, she was diagnosed with kidney disease that was approaching failure and given 30 days to live. She knew we were not ready for that adjustment and managed to give us more time. She handled treatments and medications like a champ to stay with us a little longer. We will be forever grateful for her determination, strength and lessons she taught during her brief life. We love you so much Gigi. We look forward to the day we meet again.Tiffany BurgamyWest Jordan, UtahJuly 17, 2019
10/21/2003 - 7/5/2019Our sweet Willie was one of a kind. We often called him "Wiggle Willie" because his tail was always wagging. He loved to lay outside basking in the sun. Willie loved to play with his fur siblings Trixie and Oreo by running in the yard. Willie also found his courage with his "Crew". He would buddy up next to his brother Oreo and try to bay like no body's business. Only thing was that he couldn't quite get that by right. He sounded more like a walrus! Willie was also fond of his cat siblings Dodger and Taz. He would greet them each morning by giving them beagle kisses even when they didn't want him to. Willie just enjoyed life. He was so grateful to have a loving home that he gave his love back 110%.

You will always be in our hearts little one. Words cannot describe your love of life, nor can they express my love for you. You are deeply missed, and irreplaceable. You fought the good fight, and I fought it along with you until you told me it was "time". I will remember you always my love...

I dedicate this song to you... "Don't Give up on Me" Andy Grammer - I never gave up on you until my heart was black and blue. I'll love you forever my little lamb...
Becky StachLindenhurst, IllinoisJuly 16, 2019
4/24/2009 - 7/15/2019My sweet Bella, words can’t express how much joy you brought to my life. From the little fur ball you were at 8 weeks old to the ten year old, your personality could make everyone smile. You talked like you knew what I was saying, you danced when the camera wasn’t out.. Going to miss walking in the door and seeing you at the top of the stairs wagging your tail and telling me about your day.. Your smile was contagious! I’ll miss our talks and your kisses and B dog I’m just going to miss you! You were the best dog I’ve ever had, always by my side. My you Rest In Peace my sweet girl, and not in pain anymore. Hope you found Callie girl and you two are picking on each other again..
love you Bella Blue!
My B-dog miss you!

Jennifer Janczuk
Jennifer JanczukThornton, ColoradoJuly 16, 2019
1/20/2008 - 7/13/2019My dog Gunner we have had for 11 1/2 yrs will be crossing over the rainbow bridge tomorrow morning with the help of a vet who will come to my home to make Gunner as comfortable as possible. This is the hardest decision I’ve helped my family make. I’ve been with Gunner since I was a kid, growing up with him. On Saturday we noticed there was something wrong with him. Bloated stomach; and leg swollen. We got tests done which ended up resulting in Lymphoma cancer. He has gone down hill so quick it’s unbelievable.. chemo is not an option as dogs are more than likely going to get lymphoma again & it will become harder to treat resulting in euthanasia. It’s not fair for Gunner to suffer. This is the hardest post I’ve had to write. I’m heartbroken my best friend will be gone. Until we meet again sweet boy in heaven one day. I’ll miss you soo much. You were the best dog I’ve ever had. Until we meet again ♥️😪🥺🐾Amy McFarlandNorco, CaliforniaJuly 16, 2019
7/4/2010 - 7/15/2019Maya aka Moma
We will miss you!
Luciana MillardBonita Springs, FloridaJuly 16, 2019
6/24/2004 - 7/15/2019Lady words cannot express how much we will miss you. 15 years of joy and bliss. You were very energetic and happy. You pritectex us and our home. You cannot be replaced. No more pain. Enjoy yourself in heaven. We will always love youWilfredo VargasSun City Center, FloridaJuly 16, 2019
12/23/2003 - 7/15/2019In loving memory of our sweet boy Beau. Beau was the BEST dog anyone could ask for. In his younger days he enjoyed car rides with his head and tongue flopping in the breeze. Wasn’t very fond of leashes, but did love going on outdoor trips with the kids. He was very fond of pizza. He hated getting his feet wet when doing his business and most of the time he would just squat right on the concrete walkway . He has seen us through all our ups and downs over the last 15 1/2 years. We will miss you more than words can describe.Robin TaylorGrove City, OhioJuly 16, 2019
2/23/2009 - 7/14/2019Sammy was the sweetest, most loving dog in the whole world. Sammy was my child. He was my calming presence for ten years and was always by my side. When I met my husband Joe 5 years ago, Sammy finally got a daddy and he was so happy. Joe always wanted a dog, and Sammy always wanted a dad. We had so many wonderful times together. I'm going to miss seeing him point his face up to the sky and sniff the wind while his ears flapped around-- he looked so peaceful when he would do that. We are going to miss how he would come running from upstairs at even the slightest sound of a crinkling bag when we had food. We are going to miss him dancing around the kitchen in excitement when it was time to eat. We are going to miss his smile. He was the most loving dog and loved to snuggle all the time-- we will miss his snuggles, even when he took up the entire bed.
My heart broke the day that we found out he had cancer back in April. We did everything that we could and took him to see three doctors. There was just nothing they could do. It had taken him over so quickly. Letting Sammy go was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life, but we couldn't see him in pain anymore. He was trying so hard to be himself, but he was struggling. He really was the best dog I could have ever asked for and I was so lucky to be his mom. He will forever be our "puppy" . Sammy-- I hope you are up there in doggy heaven running free of pain, with an endless supply of rabbits to chase, and all of the pirates booty and peanut butter you can eat. You will always be in my heart, and I will miss you forever.
Tiffany HozdicWilliamsville, New YorkJuly 16, 2019
4/16/2006 - 7/12/2019To my dearest Vlad,

From the day I got you at 6weeks old til your recent passing at 13, you were always my "puppy." You were unique. You would never go out in the back yard when it rained to do your business. I never understood that because I would have to walk you in the rain for you to do your business. You did love the snow. You will be deeply missed and forever loved, my little dudie head. I will miss you greeting me at the door or at the top of the steps.

Love forever,

Marlene KormanPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaJuly 16, 2019
9/3/2007 - 7/13/2019Gracey was an unbelieveable little "Person" Furbaby.
She is so sorely missed!!!
She was my 'GO TO' friend and knew more than anyone else about my life!
she had quite the personality and loved to do all kinds of things including her morning shower drinking from the faucet.
Miss my baby girl so very much.
susan goldbergKING OF PRUSSIA, PennsylvaniaJuly 16, 2019
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