Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
7/1/2017 - 7/19/2017After 10 years together, including three years of neurological and cardiac deterioration, beloved schnoodle Bella passed away in our home. She was my best friend--I called her my "familiar," a sort of spiritual mini-me that helped me do the hard work of living--and my husband and I feel her absence keenly. As we readied ourselves to say goodbye, we talked to Bella about the happy hunting ground that awaits her, where she'll be able to walk, run and jump again, enjoy the sun and grass, and eat whatever food in whatever amount makes her happy. I talked to her everyday about the sort of house she would build for us to live in for when I join her one day--she prefers ranch style with an unfenced yard, though she's humoring me with a small rock garden--and all of the things we'll be able to do together now that her body is young and healthy again. That is how I choose to remember Bella: as the spry and sweet creature that she always was, even when that carefree nature was somewhat bounded by her limitations, and how that vigor is returned to her now that her soul has passed on.Danielle ChristmasChapel Hill, North CarolinaJuly 20, 2017
11/8/2008 - 7/15/2017We loved you so much handsome boy. We miss you ♡Stephanie SandersWillow grove, PennsylvaniaJuly 20, 2017
10/20/2003 - 7/19/2017I memory of my Coco-Boy, our big bear... he loved to play with his tennis balls, cuddle with people and eat snacks. He loved going on walks and was a very fast runner when he was young! He always had a smile on his face, even at the end when he was in pain. We will never forget you Coco!! You were our first pet and taught us unconditional love. Thank you for being the best pup we could ask for...Elana RosenthalYorba Linda, CaliforniaJuly 20, 2017
4/25/2017Shawn found his way into a loving household, the 2nd arrival in a household of three greyhounds. He was retired from the track at age six. Shawn was a happy dog, with a never ending tail wag. He always looked like he was smiling. Shawn was the litter mate of Derrick, who crossed the rainbow bridge just a year before Shawn. Now they are racing free together looking over their sister Myrtle. Shawn's "smile" and wagging tail is deeply missed.Cindy NaughtonElma, NYJuly 20, 2017
1/21/2007 - 7/17/2017🐾❤️ Forever Pawprints are in our hearts. You will be loved and missed always. ❤️🐾Kevin & Rene PowellAnnapolis, MarylandJuly 19, 2017
1/7/2003 - 7/17/2017Chase,
You were the best dog we could have ever had. You wanted nothing more than to be with us and to please us. You were such a big part of our family for almost 15 years. I will never forget your cute wiggly rear end as you wagged your tail while prancing (you didn't just pranced) on your long, beloved walks. Up until the very end, people always stopped to pet you and say how beautiful you were. Anywhere you went, people loved you. But even more than beautiful and friendly, you were a loving, loyal and best friend to all of us, and we will never forget you. You touched so many people in your 14.5 years. The house seems so empty without you here. As Janice your beloved mail woman friend wrote on the beach...RUN FREE CHASE! We look forward to the day we will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge and run happily over it...together once again! Love you with all our hearts, Chase Keller!
Joyce KellerHaverford, PennsylvaniaJuly 19, 2017
2/8/2005 - 7/17/2017RIP to the most well behaved and loyal dog ever. She was daddy's girl until the very end. It was my first experience with a Saint Bernard since a child as a neighbor had a Saint. She was a gentle giant and a sweetheart to all.....human or animal.....except squirrels!!! She will be missed, but never forgotten....William ShinskeRochester Hills, MichiganJuly 19, 2017
6/3/2001 - 6/9/2017Our sweet boy. Everyone who met you said you didn't have a mean bone in your body. We miss you so much. I am still expecting you to beg every time we have fish, or bacon. You really didn't know that you were a cat, you were just one of the family.
We had you for sixteen years, but it was not enough.
Rest well sweet boy and wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Tell our other wonderful kitties that we love and miss them too.
Janet EduardoSt Petersburg, FloridaJuly 18, 2017
06/01/2002 - 6/27/2017Sunday will be forever missed. 15 years with an amazing family dog. So happy to have had the time with him and so sad it is over.Rosa FeeneyBrookhaven, NYJuly 18, 2017
7/15/2017Bain, momma wasn't ready for you to leave so soon. I didn't have enough time with you. The house is so quiet without you around and the yard is empty.
I hope that you are running, and jumping, and playing with all the orange balls. I'm sure you've become the new Gentle Giant in your new home. Always remember to be a Gentleman just like momma taught you.
I LOVE YOU with all my heart and will miss you forever
Denise MackiewiczWarren, MichiganJuly 17, 2017