Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
6/22/2002 - 7/22/2020Here’s to Sammy! His first five years seem to have been tough, and he was literally saved at the 11th hour for 13 bonus years (see the next tab). In them, he patiently waited for his two adopted brothers to go over the rainbow bridge, and then he flourished! He was a lover, a goofball and, on rare occasion, a nipper (thank you Feliway!). His became a strong personality and he was devoted to his adopted mom & dad, and they to him. He helped them through major moments and moves, and they tried to help him with his increasing health issues, only bringing out the dreaded cat carrier and car ride when absolutely necessary. It was such a comfort to help him move on, from the couch he loved to lounge on.John & Dee WhartonBonita Springs, FloridaJuly 23, 2020
9/19/2000 - 7/22/2020Hi! My name is Maddie. You may be wondering how such a beautiful girl got such an amazing name. Well, my mom was living in California and decided I was hers. She drove to Petaluma to pick me up when I was only 10 weeks old and I was MAD the entire ride home. So, MADdie made perfect sense. That also seemed to solidify my diva status... along with princess. Did I mention that I was promoted to Queen once my little sister Zoe came along? I always KNEW I was queen of everything...but I digress. I have done more in 19 years/10 months than a lot of humans do in their entire life. Don’t believe me? Check it out! Many plane trips - including one in first class. I have lived in multiple states - CA, VA and IN. CA was my favorite. So much sun there! Took several cross-country drives (NOT my fav - see first class plane trip reference) and I have lounged in the sun all I want at my retirement home in Indianapolis. Not to mention, I taught Zoe how to be a REAL cat. I mean-she didn’t even TALK when mom brought her home. I fixed that and taught her some of my patented tricks - walking across mom and dad in bed when food is required regardless of time), sitting on the nightstand, and my flip and roll how cute am I move. I also let my bonus dad force me to love him. And boy did I. He was my person because my mom traveled a lot and he took such good care of me. Let’s face it- he had zero choice! Speaking of mom, the crazy pandemic thingy kept her home and gave me four whole months to boss her around. It has been such a full life. But, the time came to say see you later. And it was TOUGH for my mom and dad and Zoe. They love me so very much (seriously, who wouldn’t?). I love them, too, but my body wasn’t doing great, cancer came calling (bitch) and I had more bad days than good. I got so many hours on the patio, cuddles, fries, kisses and dad’s special chicken. I knew that my grandad, Angel, Riley and Lucky were waiting on me across the rainbow bridge. Well, maybe not so much Lucky as I liked to chase him at my Granny’s house - what a good time that was! As Winnie the Pooh says - “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”Kimberly AyersIndianapolis, IndianaJuly 23, 2020
8/1/2006 - 7/17/2020Bruce was an incredible member of our family and was one of those truly special pets that only come around ever so often. Bruce survived cancer, twice, with multiple surgeries and radiation treatments. He overcome every obstacle that came his way including infections and diabetes and he did it with an attitude that was something to behold. In the end, there was nothing more that he, or his family, could do and as sad as it was, it was time for this magnificent cat to let go.

One of the most incredible things about Bruce was his friendship with my son when he was a shy, introverted child - because I think he knew my son needed that bond. No matter what happened in his life, Bruce was there to comfort, demand attention, and force love and comfort upon whomever he deemed worthy. And we were lucky enough to be chosen and for that, we will always love him.

This photo encapsulates Bruce in all his glory and is how we will always remember him: large, in charge, not taking anything from anybody, and loving the sunshine. This is Bruce.
Anne WagonerOcoee, FloridaJuly 23, 2020
12/4/2004 - 7/8/2020My best friend and sweet and (bossy) boy, Maxximus! You were my soul partner we truly understood each other. You absolutely lived up to your gladiator warrior name down to your last, fighting breath. You brought so much joy and happiness to me I could never have imagined loving something so much! You lived a long and wonderful life and I will forever miss you!Anjal ArmbrusterAURORA, ColoradoJuly 23, 2020
5/4/2004 - 7/15/2020Forever in our heart my lovely Snowball.Indra SanicharFloral Park, New YorkJuly 23, 2020
12/15/2020 - 7/13/2020Coal was an amazing and loving dog. I got Coal when he was a few months old. I remember his sharp baby teeth and his playfulness. He was always kind and good with people and children. He helped me announce my first child with a sign around his neck that he was no longer mom’s only baby. I have stories of him chasing two raccoons up a tree, catching a baby bird (which survived), and catching a squirrel (which also survived). We went boating on the Missouri River were he jumped into the water! I was terrified I lost my dog that day and then he resurfaced. He then played with other dogs in the sandbar. Over the years we shared so many more memories. Towards this last year he spent a lot of time with my dad since my dad could give Coal several walks. My dad was extremely tired the last time he was watching Coal because he’d want a walk at 4:30 in the morning. I told my dad to just tell him to lay down and go back to bed. My dad is a sucker for Coal’s chocolate eyes and would get up and walk him. I’m blessed Coal had such a special bond with my dad too. They were walking buddies. Coal was well loved by anyone who met him. I had one person joke saying they were going to take him when they left my house. He loved the snow! He would chase my kids down the hill when sledding. He would catch snowballs you tossed in the air. He loved bubbles as well. I’m glad we took him out to my husbands family cabin this last 3rd of July. We took him on a pontoon ride and he sat with us by the lake as we watched fireworks. We miss him dearly and he will always hold a special place in all of our hearts.Carrie BeachOmaha, NebraskaJuly 23, 2020
Brother & Sister
2/17/2007 - 6/27/2020My love for you both was likened to holding a huge bunch of brightly colored balloons. For 13 years + 4 months I floated just above the ground. Those balloons were filled with all or your love and excitement. Watching you both over the years enjoy the purest form of life and living. Hoping us as humans could find our way back to the simplicity of life and living. You both taught me so much. I did not teach you.
In three days all those amazing balloons popped. I landed to the ground with a thud. Nothing. Emptiness. My body and my soul feels so heavy these days.
I always loved that DOG spelled backwards spells GOD. Dogs and cats are the closest thing to heaven that I have ever encountered....
Vicki StapletonCheektowaga, New YorkJuly 23, 2020
5/13/2006 - 7/10/2020Oh my little Lucky! How blessed Poppy and I were to have you in our lives. I remember the first time I saw your picture and I knew that you would become a member of our little family. You stole my heart and even though you came into our lives for a short time, the happiness and joy you brought us was tremendous. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine! My heart is broken, but I know you are at peace. RIP my sweet boy, until we meet again!Angela CorentinLebanon, ConnecticutJuly 23, 2020
7/20/2001 - 7/21/2020I wish I had words. This love has been by my side for 19 years. We’ve been apart for one day and already I miss him. My heart is broken.Lisa CBuffalo, New YorkJuly 22, 2020
11/13/2006 - 7/19/2020It is with a heavy heart and incredible sadness that I had to say goodbye to my best friend Blaze aka Boo Bear. The decision made was one of the hardest of my life as I never wanted to let go of such a bond we had, but I could no longer see you suffer. Mentally I knew you were still a pup pup, but physically the damage couldn’t be repaired. I knew in my heart it was time for you to move on and become a doggy angel. So on Sunday, July 19, 2020 at 10:30 am you passed away peacefully in the comfort of my arms. Since then I catch myself talking to you throughout the day hoping you will hear me, my heart believes your presence is still around me, but my soul knows you are at peace and no longer suffering. We have shared a lot of great memories all 13 1/2 years of them. You were truly there for me during the best times and the most painful, and with that the house will forever feel empty without you. They say time heals all wounds, but for me this wound will never heal as you were a big part of my life. You will never be replaced as you were truly one of a kind. Just know I will never stop loving you, will always be thinking of you, and always hoping we will be together again.  I believe our journey is not over only delayed until we meet again. I love you Boo Bear always and forever.Nicole McKeonKensington, ConnecticutJuly 22, 2020