Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
8/5/2000 - 9/21/2019We lived our best, you, and Tucker together for more years than I could have dreamed of. We made so many fun memories and snuggled up together every night. We traveled near and far, and even moved across the county together. We lived life to its fullest and had so much fun. I’m so lucky that I’m the one who rescued you and got to experience life with you. You made me laugh, had the cutest ‘Nash’ trot and chunkiest paws I’ve ever seen. You were there to watch me fly and to comfort me when I fell. You taught me to love unconditionally and to put others before myself. You showed me how to never give up, always be happy, and to just keep going. Your energy every day fueled me and kept me going too. You were so strong and fought until the very end. You were loved by so many. Your life and death has shown me that true love is simple and not at all complicated. I’ll miss your kind spirit and your head mashes when you wanted snuggles. I promised you I would take care of you until your last moments, and I kept my promise. You were my family and Tucker and I will always love you dearly. You may be gone from our home, but you’re in my heart forever. I love you always.Ashley BerrySaint Louis, MissouriSeptember 26, 2019
6/11/2009 - 8/31/2019Swift was our baby and the light of our lives. She survived one round of osteosarcoma for nearly three years before it came back for her. She was the best dog and we're gutted to have lost her. Our lives were immeasurably better for having her in them, and immeasurably impoverished by losing her. Please read her story if you have time.Russell PickettIndianapolis, IndianaSeptember 25, 2019
11/26/2003 - 9/24/2019Our precious Lola (Bean’s). Our hearts feel so empty without you here. We were blessed to have you for so many wonderful years filled with more memories that can ever be written in a note. But please know that your strength and courage during the last year is more than most people could ever see in a lifetime. When I brought you here as a special Valentine Day surprise to Mama Marlene, I never thought that you would also take my heart and become my second love of my life. You made us laugh when we needed it most, and kept guard of the house and Mama Marlene when I was out of town. I’m so thankful that the last several years of our time together as we spent all of it from morning until night with each other. My Marlene is so heartbroken missing you, but I know and believe with all my heart that we will be together again. As we played the special song (your song) “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and shared Genesis 9 13-17 we will always look up for you whenever and wherever a Beautiful Rainbow appears, reminding us that you are waiting for us close to the Rainbow, just like you always did when you waited at the door to remind us and show us how much you missed us whenever we went to run errands. Now it’s our turn to wait until the Lord our Father in Heaven unites us according to his will and timing. P.S. when I drove by Wendy’s today, I tried looking away because I remembered just how much you celebrated your Jr. Cheeseburger every single Friday. And I’ll never forget the one Friday that we forgot, you kept persisting until we got back in the car and went through the drive thru to get your burger. We never forgot your to get your burgers after that.Mike and Marlene GuzmanRoyal Palm Beach, FloridaSeptember 25, 2019
12/4/2010 - 9/24/2019I never had to look far for you as you were always by my side. You loved unconditionally and wanted nothing in return. No matter the day I was having, good or bad, I could always look down and there you were looking up at me with those big brown eyes making me feel so much better. I will deeply miss you greeting me when I would come home, taking my hand and walking me to the cabinet for a Scooby snack and most of all you lying in bed with me and doing your paw taps on me to get me up in the morning cause it was time to eat. No longer by my side but forever in my heart. You will be miss greatly and you were loved so deeply. God Speed Baby high...RIP 🐶❤️Lee PezzulloCoconut Creek, FloridaSeptember 25, 2019
5/8/2005 - 9/21/2019We got Einstein in 2005 when he was two years old. My kids were 2 and 5 at the time and he was just the most gentle, patient dog imaginable. He was with us through every one of the kids milestones from Kindergarten all the way through high school graduation. He was the love of our lives and we are grateful for every single moment spent with him. Sadly, we had to call upon Laps of Love this past weekend. It was the hardest decision we have ever had to make, but his health had declined rapidly and we just couldn't bare to see him in pain. Einstein will be forever in our hearts. <3Linda MurdockSelden, New YorkSeptember 25, 2019
9/27/2007 - 9/24/2019Our handsome Musa passed 3 days shy of his 12th birthday. He was a unique personality and the BEST cat we could have ever had. He was not a solitary cat and loved giving head butts in the morning and snuggling. He would play fetch and loved to sit in the sun. He made our house a home and completely our small family. We will forever have a hole in our heart. Unfortunately, like many pets, he was diagnosed with high grade lymphoma and chemotherapy was not an option. He fought hard to stay with us, but he is now pain-free. We loved him so much and still do. It's hard not to have him follow us around the home. It is now too quiet.Nataly PerezHouston, TexasSeptember 25, 2019
8/3/2003 - 9/23/2019My sweet, handsome Zouk. I got to call you mine for 16 years in which you gave unconditional love and devotion. You were the sweetest, most loving boy and you left me a bouquet of beautiful memories to cherish. Run free and be with your dad who also loved you, and now it is his side you are next to for always and forever.Sandra BustinTampa, FloridaSeptember 25, 2019
10/31/2004 - 9/15/2019RIP our beautiful Siamey. We are beyond heartbroken to say goodbye to you! You will always be in our hearts!LuAnn PadronWesley Chapel, FloridaSeptember 25, 2019
9/20/2019Miss you sweet Bruno. Grateful for the time we had together and looking forward to seeing
you again.
Laura MorrisseyWilliston Park, New YorkSeptember 25, 2019
3/6/2009 - 9/21/2019My sweet boy Luke. You were the best little boy I could ever ask for. We miss you tons. You will forever be in my heart. I love you bud!!!Jeannemarie RippCharlotte, North CarolinaSeptember 25, 2019