Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
11/25/2010 - 8/31/2020Nancy was our first cat and the only one that was worthy of... "that's my girl!" whenever she was greeted. We said goodbye to our beautiful Nancy unexpectedly a week ago today, in her favorite spot in the screened patio, surrounded by her "kittens". We will miss seeing her waiting patiently for dinner, as well as watching her nap in the afternoon sun on a pillow in the porch. Nancy was an important member of our family and will be missed sorely.Tom & Shell SammetOviedo, FloridaSeptember 7, 2020
4/15/2013 - 9/4/2020To our beloved Nori, Nor-Nor, Scoonch, Princess Fluffy Buns, Norita, Scoonchina, Georgie Porgie Pudding & Pie, Princess Peach, Ooncinie Scay, Crumb; our dusty-ass garbage cat, I hope we gave you the life you deserved, because you deserved nothing less than extraordinary.We love and miss you so much already.Angela CimarustiChicago, IllinoisSeptember 7, 2020
1/17/2009 - 9/5/2020We got Harvey when my wife had baby fever (he held her off for 4 years). He was great and had two older brothers Rowdy (lab) Duncan (cocker). He was the baby, but they were a pack. He brought us joy and always greeted us at the door. His favorite thing to do was roll a ball back and forth and play fetch. Even with the addition of three children and another lab puppy he was so much fun to be around. He kept his spirit even after he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Up until his final moments we were able to play ball with him even as he struggled to breath. It was his time and we had a wonderful day with Harvey. We all miss you so much buddy. We will see you at the rainbow bridge. We love you.Charlotte, North CarolinaSeptember 7, 2020
6/20/2020 - 9/5/2020You were the most beautiful, patient, sweetest baby and we will forever be grateful that we had the privilege of giving you the best life we could. We have an empty place in our hearts that no one will be able to replace. Until we meet again my beautiful girl.Blanca & Howard DrexelROCHESTER, New YorkSeptember 6, 2020
Diego Baumhart
1/1/2012 - 9/4/2020We miss you so much buddy!! It is so hard not having you around anymore, but you gave us so many wonderful memories in the short time you were in our lives.Indianapolis, IndianaSeptember 6, 2020
6/15/2005This is my Memorial to my good friend Buddy who has always lived up to his name!Sharon SmithWindermere, FloridaSeptember 6, 2020
Oz Bennett
9/1/2010 - 9/4/2020On September 4th 2020 of the worst year we have ever seen,I lost my sweet boy to pancreatic cancer.
He had bounced back so many times in the past from this awful disease but unfortunately not this time.
I am so saddened by his loss,it just seems so unfair and I have such grief over him.
Oz was a craigslist rescue/re-homing back in 2010 and it was instant love for him, bringing him into our home.
Eager to please and so full of Love whenever he would see me.
He was my buddy and will forever be in my heart.
I am super happy I used "Lap of Love" to guide him on his journey to be free of pain and suffering.
Its not the end I wanted for him but was the kindest thing I could do even though its killing me.
I will never forget him as long as I exist.
Please light a candle for would mean the world to me.
I'm so sorry I couldn't do more for you Oz.
Forever in my heart-Dad
Dustin BennettREADING, PennsylvaniaSeptember 6, 2020
10/4/2020 - 9/5/2020In December 2006, I went to an animal shelter for a new kitten. There were a couple adorable ones, but this tiny gray kitten caught my eye. She was so calm, and immediately purred so hard I was surprised her tiny body could handle it. I knew I’d love her forever. The shelter named her Sally, but immediately I knew her name would be Maddie. She was known by many different names over the years, but Maddie Pie stuck the most. Probably because she was the sweetest cat I’ve ever had. She would talk to you if you asked a question, had endless love to give, and never lost her ability to purr with her entire being. We lost Maddie today after a short fight with pancreatic cancer. Although Andrew and I are more devastated than I can ever fully describe in written words, we are so immensely thankful that working from home meant we spent almost every minute with our sweet girl. I know it’s weird to say animals are your best friends, but she’s been with me for 14 years. Before law school and marriage, and kids and divorce, and happiness and sadness, she was always there to give me love no matter what. She was a once in a lifetime cat, and I am so thankful she picked me to be her mom. I love you Maddie Pie. You are one of the best things that ever purred into my life. My heart is fully broken with your passing, and it will take quite a while to heal from losing my best friend. Rest easy, my sweet girl. We will love you endlessly and forever.Olivia ClavioIndianapolis, IndianaSeptember 6, 2020
5/16/2004 - 6/19/20205/16/04 - 6/19/20

Dearest Coco

Our beloved 16 year old Maltese Chihuahua mix rescued from harsh environment. Despite your rough start,
you always had such a loving and gentle spirit.
So trusting and friendly to anyone wanting to dote on you, always greeting them with kisses.
You never asked for anything in return, never complained, always eager to do whatever was expected.
From the day we met you, you’ve shown us nothing but unconditional love.

Gentle and kind but also independent and strong, the toughest little fighter we’ll ever know. Facing adversity
every day as your little body weakened, you never stopped giving life your best effort.
I know you’d keep trying if we asked you to!

But we want to give you a chance to rest too, you deserve it so so much!
An opportunity to reunite with your old friends Wilson, Emma and Corny.
A chance to play with them with boundless energy.. all of your senses back and all of the pain gone!

We will remember you forever.
I MarquezPasadena, CaliforniaSeptember 6, 2020
1/12/2008 - 9/4/2020Brady has been my best girl for as long as I can remember. She is originally from Eastern Kentucky but spent the majority of her twelve and a half years in Huntington, West Virginia (Go Herd!) before we relocated to Jacksonville Florida. Brady has a younger sister named Nala who is a black lab and a brand new baby brother named Easton. Brady was always extremely athletic and spent her younger days jumping over couches and loving on her mommy and daddy. I got Brady when I was twenty years old, almost twenty one and I honestly can’t remember life before her. She has been my shoulder to cry on and my right hand lady since the day she was born. I will miss her begging for food and giving her sweet kisses on her forehead every day. She was the sweetest dog to those she loved, but a fierce protector against strangers. God knew exactly what he was doing when he made her, and I can understand why he wanted her back. I’m so proud that I was her mommy for those twelve and half years and wish we could’ve had many more. I’ll see you again Brady 🐻! Wait for me at those gates sweet girl!Sarah HallJacksonville, FloridaSeptember 6, 2020