Pet Memorials
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Forever in Our hearts🐾🌈🐾❤️🐾❤️Linda PittiHillsborough NC, North CarolinaJuly 17, 2017
4/2/2009 - 7/16/2017Gabby, Our closet is empty without you hiding in the back. Our nights are quiet without your sweet snore. I'm "starting the dang day" without you and it isn't easy or half the fun. No matter how much I miss you, I'm glad you can finally breathe easy.

I hope heaven is everything I imagine it for you. I hope you were greeted with a giant ice cream cone that made you wag your sweet little tail until your entire body wiggled. I hope you stop and sniff everything and you bark in any direction you choose. I'll miss your sweet smile and big eyes, and your excitement for me (and only me), but I know I'll see you again someday. No need to be afraid without me, you're on the other side of the rain clouds and fireworks now. Find an angel to snuggle with and get your belly rubs in. Until then, I'll be missing you, my dear.
Amanda PurrierManassas, VirginiaJuly 17, 2017
10/1/2017 - 7/16/2017I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge some day, my Big Boy. We were blessed to have you as long as we did. We miss you terribly.Melissa SpurrAugusta, GeorgiaJuly 17, 2017
2/14/2006 - 7/14/2017Deuce was always so loyal and protective. He loved to chase the "laser" and I would love to see his ears pop even more than they naturally did when I would say that word. He would cause that dot like a cat would even to the point of jumping up on the wall. He had a funny way of jumping like a reindeer when he was around certain female dogs. We always said he was kin to Rudolph. He was an avid sniffer and would often give me goose bumps when he would sniff my hairline.Jennifer HedgepethTampa, FloridaJuly 17, 2017
7/10/2017Dakota was the best girl. She loved walks, car rides and splashing in the pool. Dakota had so much personality and was our greatest protector! She was such a good big sister to Bella, too. We are so glad we could give her the long, healthy and happy life she deserved. We love you, Kota!Oxnard, CaliforniaJuly 17, 2017
5/19/2009 - 7/14/2017Born May 19, 2009; Passed away July 14, 2017

The gift of her loyalty and devotion, equal in measure to the grief of her passing.
Tom SternerWestminster, ColoradoJuly 17, 2017
6/1/2001 - 6/13/2017George, my forever cat!! What a gift to have shared so many years together. Your grace and love overflowed, and while I know your feline spirit runs free on the hillside, you are missed - your meow, soft fur, and even those love bites on my tender skin when you wanted my attention. Meow, my friend!!Marianne WunchSimi Valley, CaliforniaJuly 16, 2017
Hershey Kisses Rising
03/14/2004 - 07/13/2017Hershey we miss you every day, the house is empty without you. We know you are finally at peace and no longer in pain. We loved you from the moment we picked you up. You are in our thoughts forever, you were such a good girl!Darlene Risingdenver, PennsylvaniaJuly 16, 2017
Token Bear Brandt
5/15/2002 - 7/11/2017Today we say goodbye to our best friend Token "Bear". We couldn't have asked for a better fluffy family member to love us and keep us company for 8 long years of his long 15 year life. There are so many things we will miss about our Bear, but he will always be in our hearts and we know he is in a better place and is in good health and in good hands. We will always miss your paw scratches on the door to let me know you want in, and we will always miss hearing you bark like crazy when a motorcycle drives by. We will miss you in the car taking the kids to school and our walks up and around the hill. It will never be the same without you, but knowing you're in a better place helps heal the pain. We love you Token Bear. We will always remember you. 🐶❤️🙏🏼 He loved our family and our kids loved him. He was the best loving dog to them. Seth, Brielle, and Bella will miss you!Shea BrandtSantee, CaliforniaJuly 16, 2017
Richard Rosenthal
4/20/2003 - 7/12/2017Shea was the love our lives - sweet, patient, loving and handsome. He made us happy every single day and we will miss him forever.Canton, MassachusettsJuly 16, 2017