Pet Memorials
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7/7/2007 - 7/14/2019We miss your love Chuck, your snuggles, those big brown eyes, your bark at meals. Most of all we miss your sweet and loving spirit.Carla AndersonFairborn, OhioJuly 18, 2019
6/21/2008 - 7/11/2019Our lives we BLESSED to be Gideon's family for 11 years. We brought him home at 13 weeks old and 3.4lbs <3 I used to take him in stores with me, either carrying him or putting him in my purse.. When he was little I would put him on my shoulder and "burp the baby" He was Daddy's Boy, and my most Precious Baby! Gideon was loved by all that met him, he greeted everyone the same, wagging his tail, jumping up and of course bringing a gift, be it a toy, or even one of my shoes. He LOVED to travel! We bought an RV so that he had more room to be comfortable while traveling, so Gideon visited many states. His favorite spot in the RV was a doggie window right next to my feet. He was loved being by our sides or under our feet, I would not of had it any other way! He loved to make holes in stuffed animals, so he could pull out the stuffing, it looked like it had snowed in the house, it brought him such joy! He was silly, goofy, easy going, full of a special kind of something! We have SO many wonderful, special, phenomenal memories! To know him was to love him, he just had a way with people.
Gideon means "mighty warrior or destroyer" which he was! As a baby he destroyed everything, and in the end he most definitely was a Might Warrior!
He was our Earth, Moon, and Stars! One of our most Precious gifts in life! It was my HONOR to be his mommy, and my husbands to be his daddy.
Gideon spent just a moment in our lives, but will live furever in our hearts!
Deborah OrtizLakeland, FloridaJuly 18, 2019
10/13/2019 - 7/9/2019Our Mario was a real character! He was our guard dog, even though he weighed 12 pounds, and made sure that any visitor to our home knew who was in charge. He was loving and enjoyed sitting on his blanket watching TV or taking a nap. He was always the first dog at the door to welcome us home. He led our walks, always looked as if he was on a mission, and we found out after he passed away how important his leadership was to our other dog, Frankie. He had some faults--lots of barking, missing his pee pad (lots of clean up), and biting the toes of people made him nervous (we had to warn our guests to wear closed-toe shoes!), but he was such a wonderful member of our family, and we miss him terribly.Bloomfield Hills, MichiganJuly 18, 2019
7/16/2019We rescued Geronimo and his brother, Apache, in 2006 after losing our girl Indiana. Me and my brother were both teenagers, going into high school, and obviously a little rough around the edges. Apache and Geronimo were always so full of energy and always wanted to play, cuddle, whatever the mood struck up.

Apache unfortunately got sick around seven years old and we had to say our goodbyes to him very early. Geronimo became very depressed and seemed to lose his desire to live happily for a while. I got married, adopted my wife's younger black lab, Stitch, and we rescued an Australian Shepherd puppy, Ela. We ended up taking Geronimo in as well, and he instantly regained his youth and energy back. Although he couldn't run as fast as the younger pups, none of them seemed to mind. They all played and cuddled and loved without any restraint. Geronimo would always greet all of us every time we came home with his iconic smile, and everyone remembers him as the sweetest boy. He loved so much, it's made his passing so difficult, but we know he's not in pain anymore, and is running with his brother again finally.
Nicholas SutliffOcala, FloridaJuly 17, 2019
6/12/2019 - 7/14/2019"Romeo"
" Your Wings Were Ready, But My Heart Was Not"

My sweet angel, Romeo, has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.. he left us very peacefully here at home on Sunday.
My heart is so broken losing him to the horrible disease of Degenerative Myelopathy.
At the same time, I feel so incredibly blessed to have had the most wonderful and special 13 years with the sweetest and best boy ever, my Romeo..
Romeo was the kind of dog that if you knew him, you loved him. He made it hard not to..
He was my security and comfort, my rock and my best friend. I cherished him. I was so lucky to have had the honor of being his mom.
Romeo, I'll miss you so so very much... You filled my heart with so much love and joy for all these years. Until we meet again, run free and rest sweetly my beautiful angel. ❤️ I'll love and miss you forever

A special thank you to Dr. Howard
There couldn't have been a more wonderful person to come to our home to set Romeo free of his disease.
Cheryl WatkinsAuburn, WashingtonJuly 17, 2019
Johnny Aka Little Guy Sadly we had to say good bye to the funniest and best cat a family could ever have. Not only could you play fetch, open cabinets to feed yourself, but you were the best spooner, in the whole wide world. 🌎Whatever (in your 17 years) we went through, you went through also. You’ve always been there. ❤️ God this sucks... 😔 going to miss you Johnny, we loved you so much. 💔❤️🦋 #lilguy #fluffcheeksAmber MichaelCarmel, IndianaJuly 17, 2019
8/1/2019 - 7/15/2019Lucy was a severely abused rescue dog who became an integral part of our family over 12 years. She had her own unique demeanor which evolved. She loved the social interaction while staying with our vet Fairbanks Animal Hospital, family and friends, as we co existed in her universe. Physical challenges ultimately impacted her life. Dr. Annie and the Lap of Love staff were absolutely phenomenal. We first became acquainted nearly 6 months ago as Lucy began to decline. Dr. Annie counseled us and made the final months meaningful. Dr. Annie's compassion and bedside manner is something we will never forget. Words cannot express our gratitude. Blessings to you Dr. Annie and Lap of Love.Brian AlbertsonWinter Park, FloridaJuly 17, 2019
1/6/2006 - 7/16/2019One of Brutus' favorite thing is to be in the car with the window completely open and stick his head out as the air rushed onto his face. It hurts me now to go in the car and not have him in there. I am still numb as he was put down yesterday. Lap of Love was wonderful in supporting me through the process. It was the most compassionate way to say good by to him. The way they do the euthanasia was so incredible and allowed me to take as much time as I need to say good by.Andrew KussoyWest Palm Beach, FloridaJuly 17, 2019
Calvin Chi-chi
8/1/2001 - 7/7/2019To my perfect, precious Calvin Chi-Chi. I can't even begin to express how much I miss you, as you know, you have always been my "reason for existence". Every day when I would walk in the room or the front door, you came running up to me with your sweet tail straight up wanting to be loved. I so miss that more than I can say. I also adored our "love, love" sessions twice each day where we just snuggled and loved together. I haven't slept yet without you there by my side as it is just so empty. You are a perfect sweetheart. I miss you every moment of everyday, not sure how to take a first step without you. It is so empty and painful with you gone. I look at pictures of you many times a day. My heart is broken my love. I miss you, I adore you and I love you so very much. Be well my Calvin, carry your sweet Chi with you until we meet again.Amy ZappitellChesterfield, MichiganJuly 17, 2019
11/24/2002 - 7/12/2019We had the privilege of Ginger in our lives for over 15 years. Almost two years ago, she was diagnosed with kidney disease that was approaching failure and given 30 days to live. She knew we were not ready for that adjustment and managed to give us more time. She handled treatments and medications like a champ to stay with us a little longer. We will be forever grateful for her determination, strength and lessons she taught during her brief life. We love you so much Gigi. We look forward to the day we meet again.Tiffany BurgamyWest Jordan, UtahJuly 17, 2019