Pet Memorials
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Leonardo Di Catprio
3/26/2007 - 1/10/2018My dear sweet Leo,
You were the love of my life as I know I was yours. From the moment we laid eyes on each other we both knew we were the one. Every time I left the house you were absolutely devastated, and it broke my heart to leave you. You came in like a whirlwind with never a thought that my other cat, Beauregard, wouldn't love you too (he didn't...he was so jealous, poor little guy), but that didn't stop you from becoming king of the roost. Even when I brought one of your brothers home (Benjamin), you wouldn't allow anyone else to have my attention... It belonged to you and only you. The many times you disappeared brought me great anxiety, but you always found your way home. You were always out on a great adventure, but you always came home. And now your permanent home is in my heart forever. I will never forget you, and I will always love you. You were my sunshine and my life.

All my love my sweet Leo.
om amideva hrih
Laura UtrechtDallas, TexasJanuary 18, 2018
10/15/2014 - 1/10/2018A letter to my dog:
Dear Ginger, I wanted you to know what a joy it was having you in my life. When you were younger, you let your sisters dress you up in their dress up clothes and take pictures of you. Every time Dad and I put on our tennis shoes, you’d bark, then carry your leash to the door knowing it was time for your walk. You made us laugh when you wouldn’t “give” and would only fetch. You hated thunderstorms, but you ate zucchini. You were jealous when someone hugged me for too long and would bark in disapproval. You loved your stuffed monkey, just like Holly and Shannon loved theirs. You learned our language and understood over 50 words. You learned to do puppy push-ups and spins for treats. You were smart, kind, a good listener, always cheerful, and always waiting patiently for us to get home. Thank you for giving your love to our family for 13 great years. It’s said that grief is the final gift of love given from one being to another, and that the depth of your grief is the measure of the strength of your love. Which is why your passing has been so difficult for me. I loved you with my whole heart and you returned that love to me two-fold. I will never stop loving you, and I will be looking for your smiling face when I arrive one day at heavens door. I love you, Mom
Lynne HoganPlano, TexasJanuary 17, 2018
Callie Girl
2/1/2007 - 1/13/2018It is with the heaviest hearts that we say goodbye to our sweet, furry baby, Callie. Her big beautiful heart ended up being her greatest enemy. At home in her favorite places we loved her, celebrated her and set her free. As always, happy to just be.
We are heartbroken.
Thank you to Dr. Alex at Lap of Love.
Esther BeilensonChappaqua, NYJanuary 17, 2018
01/01/2001 - 12/16/2017I will always have beautiful memories, paw prints on my heart, memories of a deep purr that was so comforting that it could put me to sleep in minutes, beautiful, loving wide green gold eyes, a gorgeous black, brown & tan fur coat, a comforting & loving companion, the memory of a loving, beautiful, graceful being that blessed my life with her presence. I will never forget her, I will always be grateful, she gave me so much.Sue EllisDallas, TexasJanuary 17, 2018
7/5/2006 - 1/15/2018Our sweet puppy boy, you will be forever in our hearts. The four of us were a family. We were always together, day to day , living in each others spaces. When it was time for a car ride, whether it was on a vacation, hours away or just around the block, you would be at the door ready to go. You loved your walks, ready to defend Bella with a loud bark at a passing dog. But your backyard and your home was the only place you truly wanted to be. You wanted to be home and with us. You loved your backyard, always urging Bella to race through the bushes after you. You would tug on the blanket letting her know it was time to play. If that didn't move her, out would come your grunts and growls. Then when you had enough of playtime, you would jump up on your cushioned chair and lie in the warm sun. Every night, you slept between us, your head on one of our pillows or under the covers on our feet. Since the day you entered our front door ten years ago, you were never left alone. We were all bonded. The last day you were with us, we were all here, holding you in our loving arms. You passed peacefully on your favorite couch in your home, in your favorite place , with your family by your side.melanie cooperWilliamsville, NYJanuary 17, 2018
5/1/2003 - 1/15/2018Sadly, we had to say good bye to our beloved cat Agility yesterday. He came to us as a scrawny three-legged kitten (adopted from a barn in upstate New York), and he left us a scrawny old cat (acute renal failure), but during the 15 interim years, this sweet soul lived a full and adventurous life. In total, Agility lived in 10 different locations over three states. He once worked as a visiting therapy cat in a nursing home. He survived a 2-alarm fire at my studio apartment in Boston. He also survived a major car accident in Michigan (my car, turns out, did not have 9 lives). He helped Paul’s mother, a previously agnostic-cat person, convalance in Baltimore after cancer surgery and transformed her into a cat enthusiast. Agility was in a photo shoot for a textbook for the publishing company Houghton Mifflin. He endured the tragic death of his brother with dignity, and he welcomed the arrival of his new sister Lola with such joy, one might not have believed he was a cat. He hissed exactly two times in his life, once at a overly gregarious puppy, and once getting his temperature taken (can’t blame him in either situation). Agility liked to groom Paul’s goutee on a daily basis, he liked the documentary “Winged Migration”, he loved fish (to watch and to eat), but he didn’t like giant lion cardboard cutout standups. He loved twist ties, catnip, Christmas, birds, our backyard, and naps in sunny spots. He thoroughly approved of Paul and my engagement and subsequent marriage, and he welcomed our babies as if they were his own. Dearest Agility, my mighty moth hunter, you will be missed but never forgotten. Thank you for your unconditional love.Lesley MillhouserDenver, ColoradoJanuary 16, 2018
5/1/2002 - 1/11/2018If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. Thank you for all the happiness
that you have given us. xo
Kim ScroxtonBillerica, MassachusettsJanuary 16, 2018
11/25/2002 - 1/12/2018In Loving memory of our beautiful Annie. Dr. Julie with the Lap of Love was every thing you could ask for when saying goodbye to our dog that was in our life for 14 years. It was very special to have her pass at home in her favorite chair with her head on my lap. We miss her so much.Pam AldenBroomfield, ColoradoJanuary 15, 2018
L.o.u.i.e. Hatchell
6/27/1997 - 1/11/2018The list of your kind deeds would fill an entire book, but to sum it up, you were everybody's friend.Will and Jen Hatchell and PlaszczenskiColumbia, S. CarolinaJanuary 15, 2018
6/23/2002 - 1/6/2018To my sweet Ginger girl,

When I looked around you were always there,
Sometimes in my way, but I really did not care.
The years passed us by in the blink of an eye
Until the time finally came for us to say good-bye.
Now you are gone and what do I do,
I still look around expecting to see you.
In my heart you will always be
Until once again you are with me.
Oh, what joy there will be
When I reach Heaven's gate and you come running to me!
Barbara and Bobby MoffettCedar Hill, TexasJanuary 15, 2018