Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
7/5/2012 - 4/12/2017You will live on in my heart my little friend forever, and memories of you will fill my mind
until I go to you. My beloved Riley r faithful friend, and your love you shared till the very end.
For 5 years our family was blessed, now it's time for you to rest. You still live on in the hearts and minds,
of the loving family you left behind.
Brian RossWashington, District of Columbia (DC)April 20, 2017
1/23/2013Shiloh was a sweet faced little black pug. He was always ready for a cuddle, a hug, or just a pat on the head. If you happen to have a cheese curl in your hand at the same time, that was double pleasure. He brightened the day of all who met him. God Rest his Kind Soul. He is missed and was loved as much as we could ever imagine loving anyone. Xoxo until we meet againSharen UlmerPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaApril 20, 2017
4/1/2005 - 4/9/2017We adopted Jake 12 years ago when he was less than a year old. He was a cute kid who was just happy to be. He always made us smile. He was not a real loving dog but he was a good companion who loved to be brushed and pampered. His little nub of a tail was always wagging and we said many times that if his tail ever stopped wagging, we would know it was time. Well, Jake's time came rather unexpectedly after beating pancreatitis again but then discovering 2 weeks later that he had lung cancer. He was a happy trouper til the end. His tail wagged its last as we tearfully said goodbye to our beloved friend.Jay WillsLexiington, S. CarolinaApril 19, 2017
6/9/2011 - 4/17/2017Bear you are the light of our lives and your only desire was to be with us and please us in every way. We will miss the way you would back up to us so you could have your hind quarters scratched and petted. We often called you Bear Butt with love and humor. We were so sorry when you first injured your right leg and we tried to keep you protected, safe and happy. It looked like you were in somewhat of a recovery when you injured your left leg after you chased that squirrel in our yard. It pained us so much to see you lying in the grass and unable to move. You never complained and I know you didn't understand why we couldn't bring you inside after your injury. We just couldn't lift your 162 lb. body up the porch stairs. We had to have your short life ended to end your suffering. Our hearts are broken and so wish you could still be with us. We miss you terribly. We thank Dr. Katie for helping us say our goodbyes.Linda MillerWest Columbia, S. CarolinaApril 19, 2017
10/26/2003 - 4/16/2017In loving memory of my pretty girl, you were with us when Angel was 5 you were just 6 weeks old when we adopted you. When you turned 4 we got you a four legged companion, Jubie. Then Eli was born. We bought our first house and you were there, always our loyal companion. When we decided to move to NC you gave me a big scare. I thought I was going to loose you then. But no, you stayed strong for me. Then we bought our second home and we welcomed Kai into our family. And still you kept me company. You grew older and weaker and then in late June 2016 I got the news. The vet said "I should count myself lucky if you lived until your birthday" he gave you an average of four months. But my pretty girl you proofed him wrong you made it to 10. I never wanted to make this decision, for my heart breaks to know I will no longer see your pretty face. But it pained me more to see time pass. How you slowly started loosing more weight, the cancer was spreading and becoming more visible. On that awful Sunday morning I knew I had to make the decision to let you go. I'm glad I got to hold you tight and tell you how much I loved you and how much I was going to miss you. It was hard for me to look into your pretty eyes to know that was the last time I would look into them. My heart aches for Angel who has grown with you. He is almost 19 and in collage now. Eli will be 7 next month and he too morns your lost. Kai is 1 1/2 he will probably grow up hearing about you and how great you were. I will keep Jubie safe for you.
Until we meet again my pretty girl!
Monica BurgosApex, North CarolinaApril 19, 2017
4/18/2017Goodbye sweet girl and thank you for all the love you shared with Sasha (cat) and I. We logged many miles together walking the trails and I know you are now running free again.rebecca jeffersFort Worth, TexasApril 19, 2017
12/8/2003 - 4/18/2017Our loving scotty Milton passed lasted night at the age of 12. He was the most loyal, charismatic pup. He will be so so missedCoral Springs, FloridaApril 19, 2017
6/10/1999 - 4/18/2017From Mommy: I loved to call you my Boo Boo, you were the center of my world. You adored me as much as I adored you. For a senior you still had the mind of a young boy. You would chase after my feet when I was in the kitchen, your way of letting me know it was your dinner time. When you saw the plate, you would leap and run like a young buck towards the bedroom door, you always scared me that you would hurt yourself, but you just loved to do it every time. I miss your sneezes that sounded like Donald Duck, and they would sometimes knock you off your feet. I miss our play time, when i would come home from work. Up until a week before you passed you were bottom up in the air and trying to play chase me.
Even although you were deaf and had partial sight you were such a smart little boy, we communicated with sign language. We slept together every night, and I always talked to you even although I knew you couldn't hear me. I would waken through the night and reach down to the bottom of the bed to make sure you were comfortable, or i would feel you snuggled into my back.
I miss our morning routine of you eating breakfast as i get ready for work and before I left I would always pick you up and smother you with kisses and place you in your bed, and say "I love you Boo Boo" before I left. I miss you so much my Boo, my heart is aching like a pain i have never felt before. I love you more than any words could describe. I'm waiting for you to come into my dreams. I pick up your fur that we have and smell your scent, and sleep hugging your little sweater at night. I will smother you in kisses when we meet again. I will love you forever Boo Boo.
Love, Mommy

From Daddy: You were such an amazing little dog. Full of so much character for such a small boy. So smart, you almost always knew when someone was home and would bark to come into the main area of the house. You had the cutest little sneezes I've ever seen. Life will just never be the same without you around but I know you'll be running around in doggy heaven waiting for us to rejoin you. I love you boo boo.
Amanda RamosHouston, TexasApril 19, 2017
7/17/2006 - 4/17/2017In loving memory of my best friend, Jack. Jack was my first baby and he was there for all of my “first” experiences as an adult. He moved cities with me, lived in many apartments and houses throughout the years, and was there when I met my now husband. He was my study buddy throughout law school, my companion when my husband worked countless hours in his medical training, and he helped us welcome our first human baby. He was full of personality and oh so smart! We don’t know when he slept because he followed us around all day and was a constant presence. He was my best friend and I miss him so much it hurts. But I am thankful for the memories, he made our lives so much richer. I will miss him everyday, but will cherish his memory for life.Ashton SawyerLexington, KentuckyApril 18, 2017
11/12/2000 - 4/17/2017Glory was with me for most of my adult life. She was the first pet I'd ever owned as an adult, and the first cat I'd ever had experience with. She showed me unconditional love and taught me what it's like to give that love in return. She made coming home at night something to look forward to. She gave me companionship and affection, and demanded only treats in return. She lived a long, happy life, and although it was hard to watch and worry about her as she slowed down in her last years, the love was always worth the pain. I will have other pets in the future, but she will always be the first, and the one who taught me how amazing the human-animal bond can be.

I miss you desperately, Glory, but I know you're peaceful and free of pain. I hope to see you again someday, but even if I don't, your impact will last through eternity. Rest in peace and joy, baby girl.
Cynthia BurressFort Worth, TexasApril 18, 2017