Pet Memorials
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4/15/2011 - 10/23/2020Mimi was with our family for 9 years. She made a major move with us. She lived through all the changes of a growing family. She was there through many highs and lows. She will be deeply missed.Mckenzie CarrOlathe, KansasOctober 25, 2020
7/3/2011 - 10/22/2020Run free, bark and chase squirrels my sweet boy! It was so hard to let you go but now you are pain-free from that awful cancer. I promised you that I wouldn't let you suffer and I hope I kept that promise. I also hope you enjoyed all the extra love and good food you had over these last few months. You've left a huge void in my life but I will forever hold you in my heart. RIP my sweet Riley. I'll see you again one day over the rainbow bridge.Cynthia WilberSumterville, FloridaOctober 24, 2020
3/5/2005 - 10/23/2020With the deepest gratitude for your unconditional love I release your spirit to run free with Bubba your big brother and your Grandma and her Perry and my Abuela. Please meet me at the gates when I get there with your wagging tail and cries of joy. Until then please look over me and don’t forget to cuddle with me deep in my heart.Vivian de la GandaraBoynton Beach, FloridaOctober 24, 2020
7/1/2011 - 10/23/2020Our beautiful Cleopatra the hardest day of our lives was letting you go. I promised you I would hold you until your last breathe and I'm grateful I was able to keep my promise. You came into our lives unexpectedly and blessed us everyday with your love. You had so much personality and everyone who met you fell in love with you. No matter how big you were to us you are our baby. Thank you for always being my side through all my health struggles. Always faithful companion . Thank you for all the beautiful, happy, and fun memories that we will always keep dear to our hearts. We love you. Run free our beautiful Queen Cleopatra until we meet again. 💜🐾🌈Lourdes NIEVESsmithtown, New YorkOctober 24, 2020
Lilly-belle Fowzer Saunders
3/17/2008 - 10/23/2020Cancer sucks, y'all.

Today CJ and I held Lilly in our arms as she was gently guided across the Rainbow Bridge. I am so grateful we were able to be there with her when she entered into rest peacefully. Our sweet girl grew a doozy of a sarcoma that took over her hind leg and internal organs in a matter of 2 months. It was no doubt the most difficult decision we've ever made, but Lilly is now in a place where the floors are made of tempurpedic matresses and the seagulls are actually slow enough to catch 😅

If our life paths are chosen before we arrive on Earth, I'm positive that God knew I would be having some MAJOR curveballs thrown my way and He sent Lilly here to make sure I survived it all. And yall, she did a bang up job taking care of me and her daddy for the 12.5 years she was here.

Lilly's favorite things were sticking her head out the car window, getting butt scratches, and eating bacon snacks. On the other hand, she hated lightning, squeaky noises and the sound of a washing machine. Lilly took her puppy duties very seriously. She took charge of standing guard at the tub every single time I took a shower and keeping the kitchen floor clean when her daddy cooked.

Do me a favor and hug your fur babies today. Pets are so so precious.

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” - Rumi
Jenilyn SaundersLa Marque, TexasOctober 24, 2020
3/7/2003 - 10/17/2020Today was a day I've dreaded for a very long time and to say I'm devastated is an understatement. Razzle came into our lives at 3 months old in June 2003 and left us today after 17.5 years. She is truly a miralce for making it as long as she did (by far the oldest dog I have ever known). Although she had some troubles in the more recent years, she was always resilient and never gave up on life because she knew her time wasn't up. Razzle was the glue of our family and had been the comfort through other losses we had encountered. I wish we had her here with us today, but that's the irony of it all. I had Razzle in my life for longer than I had a grandparent, relationships that seem secod nature for everyone, so her longevity in our lives really is a testament to how much she meant to my family. Razzle was always a patient, friendly, happy dog who put up with my taunting, teasing & dressing her up for photoshoots (see photos). The memories I have of her will last a lifetime and I know these pictures won't honor her enough for how much she meant to me and my family. Razzle was truly the #1 pet (as she wore as a tag on her collar) and I can't imagine life without her. Razzle, I you're in doggy heaven hopping fences and treating the whole outdoors like your backyard, as you did in our neighborhood. You will never be replaced and I can't thank you enough for the joy you brought us over the years. I'm thankful for all your love ,laughs and family bonding you brought us. Razzle you'll alwlays be a permanent member of our family, even from where you are now. Although I wish you could have lived forever, we are fortunate to give you a peaceful goodbye in your backyard. Love you forever.Jamie VailSterling, VirginiaOctober 24, 2020
3/2/2006 - 10/16/2020Domino was the sweetest, smartest, stubbornest, funniest, most loving, most protective, fur baby in the entire world. We were blessed to have her for 14.5 years and those were the best times of our lives.John and Paulette EvansRaleigh, North CarolinaOctober 24, 2020
3/25/2005 - 10/10/2020On October 10th I had to send my baby girl Cleo to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Making the decision to let her go was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. My heart is shattered. She was a gentle, loving soul and had the kindest eyes. She was always such a good girl and loved by all. I couldn't have asked for better. Not seeing her every day, not hearing her nails gently tap the floor as she walked around the house, not being greeted by her when I walk in the door, not hearing her nudge my bedroom door open at night to make sure I'm ok, not being able to just go hug her, all deeply saddens me. I loved watching her frolic around the yard, roll around in and dig her nose in the snow, seeing how happy she was looking so pretty especially after a bath and haircut :-), the way she would nudge her head under my hand when she wanted to be pet, and so much more. Her happy face and wagging tail warmed my heart to the fullest. What a blessing it was to have her from the day she was born and watch her grow from a tiny playful puppy to a wonderful, cheerful lady. She brought such joy to me and all those around her.
To my baby girl, what a journey we have had. You saw me through the good, the bad and the ugly. You were able to uplift my spirits in a way that no one else could. I am so lucky and thankful that I was able to have you as my best friend and companion for so many years. You were my constant. I miss you so much, words can't describe. I cry every day at the fact that you are gone, but take comfort knowing you are no longer in pain and still with me in spirit. Go find Ceaser, I know he's been waiting for you (tell him mommy loves and misses him too). I will see you on the other side.You will always have a special place in my heart. Mommy loves you dearly baby girl!
Chrissy LessordRochester, New YorkOctober 23, 2020
10/20/2006 - 10/20/2020Nono,
So handsome, affectionate, intelligent, loved to talk, always into everything and always the center of attention. Nono was always there to wake us up early in the morning and always waiting, looking through the door for when we came home from work. You were so loving and trusting and will always have a place in our hearts. Nono we will love you forever and miss you so much,
Paul BrattanFort Lauderdale, FloridaOctober 23, 2020
Sir (bob) Marley Snapperpoodle
11/10/2006Sir (Bob) "Marley" Snapperpoodle came into my world very differently than (Jimmy) Buffett. Marley was a gift for Buffett. I had recently broke up with a guy that had a dog. Buffett was so sad, and missed Flex so much, I found Marley. Marley was bred to be a stud. He came from a champion lineage but unfortunately for them (...fortunately for me) he was too little to meet their standards and they didn't want him.

He spent the first year of his life alone. Shortly after he was born his breeder was diagnosed with breast cancer and everyone focused their attention away from the dogs and onto her. Fast forward a year later and I learned about him. I paid to fly him down from Ohio and he became part of our family. When he came to live with me and Buffett he was very shy and scared. He would not come to me or interact with any people at all. He only trusted Buffett - dogs were familiar, people were not. If I wanted him, I would call for Buffett and he would follow.

There was a tremendous learning curve with Marley. He had massive separation anxiety. He customized 3 couches, 2 kitchen chairs, a jewelry box, a window seal, a coffee table.... (I'm sure there was more) but eventually he became my velcro dog. No matter where I was, Marley was there beside me. I never needed a leash with Marley because he refused to leave me.

Then, I got cancer. It's almost like he remembered the smell. He slept on my right shoulder (my cancer was in my right breast). Nobody was allowed around me - including Buffett. He was very protective of his mamma. Both of my boys were there for me for well over a decade but me and my Marley had a special bond. He was MY BOY.

Marley was very empathic. He was a sensitive soul. So sensitive that he couldn't be in the house when I watched sports! I am passionate and tend to get into a game. That was too much for Marley so he would go out the dog door until either (1) the game would end or (2) I would stop watching and go coax him in from outside.

Despite his love and loyalty to me, there was something he loved more than me..... His ball. He came genetically programed to retrieve a ball and man would he ever retrieve! He would run until his paws would bleed. He swam with the same passion (so long as he was swimming for a ball). My boy has had the same ball his entire life - at least 13 years. His ball was cremated with him, as I know he would want it that way. Marley was the goof-ball in the family. He would dance in circles, he would snap the air, he LOVED fabric (yia yia's dresses were his favorite). He always wanted to be dressed up and it's like he knew how to ham it up for the camera.

Marley was harder to love than Buffett. He was aloof and skittish with many. He didn't trust everyone. But he had certain people with calm energy that he simply adored. Marley, again, was empathic and was very sensitive to the energy in the room.

I was so blessed to enjoy Marley and his quirky silliness for nearly 13 years. My sweet boy struggled deeply when Buffett died. It took 3 months for him to grieve and, even then, he was never the same. However, he grew to love his feline sister Luna. I made the hardest deicison a pet-parent can make to help him cross the rainbow Bridge on Thursday, October 22 - just before his 14th birthday. My sweet boy is now reunited with his best friend Buffett.

RIP my sweet Marls
November 10, 2006 to October 22, 2020.
Leona HamrickDUNEDIN, FloridaOctober 23, 2020