Pet Memorials
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12/30/2006 - 7/11/2020To my best-friend Oreo,

Thank you for the 14 years of unconditional love. You provided me comfort on days when I could not get out of bed. You loved me when life was difficult and when it was good. I will forever miss your hound-dog howl and your silly rolling around on the floor. Although a difficult decision, it was the right one for you. I hope that you are running around with Mocha again, I know you missed her. I'll miss you until the end of time.
Courtney CadeNorth Fort Myers, FloridaJuly 13, 2020
10/23/2006 - 7/8/2020Moose perfectly exemplified the attributes of sweetness and loyalty associated with German Shepherd Dogs. Although he had some Labrador in his genes, many people would compliment on how handsome a Shepherd he was.

I was fortunate to have him from 9 weeks all the way until 13⅔ years old, never losing his puppy-like excitement for life. Even when walking became difficult for him, he would still be up and exploring the sights and smells.
Chris NucciOviedo, FloridaJuly 13, 2020
10/2/2005 - 7/9/2020Kako left my loving arms just a few days ago. I am struggling to write something that captures the wonderful, unique little guy he was, so I'm just going to list all the ways he was awesome:
1. Kako was a "hairy-hairless" Chinese Crested. Some people thought his skin felt weird or that he looked funny (he had this wonky, wandering eye), but I believed he was perfect.
2. Kako made the most astonishing screaming sound when he was upset. It was a high-pitched, screechy howl that sounded just like a baby crying. I thought it was amazing, but it did unnerve some people.
3. Unlike most dogs, Kako could not have cared less about food. All he needed to be happy was a warm human lap to sleep on. And I was more than happy to oblige.
4. Kako did not like to walk on grass, and when he was in the backyard, he preferred to just hang out on the patio. We would carry him into the grass, where he would do his business speedy quick, and then run back to the patio.
5. The only time Kako ignored his own grass phobia was when squirrels had the nerve to visit the backyard. He would charge at them, and they would scamper up the tree. Kako would hang out under the tree (standing on the exposed roots to avoid the grass) and bark at the squirrels. He used his regular "I'm angry" bark, not his "where have all the humans gone?" scream.
6. Kako loved riding in the car. Curled up on my lap under a blanket.
7. There are rumors that Kako would sometimes do naughty stuff like bark endless at those jerky squirrels, or sneak out of the house, or have an accident inside. I denounce these slanderous accusations.
8. Kako will always be my wonderful Little Man.
Cheryl BradfordHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaJuly 13, 2020
4/27/2010 - 7/11/2020Mika was adopted December 2017 to be a companion for my boy cat Louie who had lost his sister. Mika was graceful and reserved. She lived belly rubs but only at her asking. My happiest times with her were when she would throw herself against my lap, and allow lots of pets. She loved to go out on the deck, and make her rounds through the garden. A diagnosis of lung cancer on July 3, led to her untimely departure. I miss her terribly, and my other cat, Maia, has been looking for today. My sweet, pretty Mika. I see you everywhere.Noriko BellWashington, District of ColumbiaJuly 13, 2020
7/12/2006 - 7/8/2020We will always remember our sweet little Sydney. Everyone she met feel in love with her.Gail FechterTonawanda, New YorkJuly 12, 2020
9/23/2005 - 6/26/2020Lexxy was a Christmas gift from my best friend. And continued to be a gift every day for 14 yrs, 9 months, and 3 days. She was a beauty with her oh so soft fur, golden eyes, and brown nose with three freckles.
Lexxy blew out her knee and survived cancer. Nothing stopped her; not even the cone of shame after her surgeries. I nicknamed her Houdini because she could always get out of those collars.
Flying through the air, jumping six feet off the ground, or flipping around to catch a frisbee was her greatest joy. She would carry that disc on walks, car rides, and sometimes slept with it, especially after playing.
As a certified Caring Angel Therapy Dog we would visit libraries so children could read to her and build up their confidence reading out loud. She was always so gentle; some kids even used her as a pillow when they read.
Everyone she met instantly became a friend, she forever touched their hearts and brightened their days.
Family and friends gave her nicknames like Cutey Patutey, Boo, Yella Dawg, Snickerdoodle, and Powdered Sugar to name a few. Needless to say she was well loved.
You are my heart and soul; you’ll be forever missed. Until we meet again in Heaven, always remember, Momma loves you baby girl!!
Kate LemmingBristow, VirginiaJuly 12, 2020
9/16/2008 - 7/11/2020Princess was one amazing pitbull. She was loving and kind to everyone. She was very protective with my kids. She was raise to protect the family and to love kids. She was my night guard. Princess was one of a kind. She was a very spoil dog and was given the life a dog will dream off. Even though she is not here with us now. She will always be in our heart. Princess will always be remembered as the best and only one.Ivelisse LebronGainesville, FloridaJuly 12, 2020
6/14/2003 - 7/2/2020Dear Murray,

You were the last of the three little feral kittens.....I am sure you are running and playing again with Jacen and Jaina and all my other kitties you grew up with or didn't even know who were before your time.

You still had some quality of life when I chose to let you go....but I knew you were fading. I watched it happen to your litter mate brother and sister. I didn't want you to have the pain they did by waiting too long. You made it just past your 17th birthday, and I was so happy to see you were still at least able to hear me and could eat some special human foods you'd never had before in those last 2 days.

I'm sorry you were so scared at the end. That feral instinct never left any of the three of you, and for that I am so so sorry for you and your litter mates. I hope you heard me in the end telling you how much you meant to me, and thanking you for moving all those miles and putting up with everything I was dealing with in my life and still am. You have no idea how much the soul has gone out of my house. The 5 left I do love, but it's not the same.....

I miss you, little boy. Say hi to the others......I love you.....
Cheri RobertsonRichardson, TexasJuly 12, 2020
6/27/2000 - 6/27/2020My sweet Wookie left this world on 6/27/20. He was the best cat and companion. Wookie was loved immensely and he is missed terribly.Christine RagerLewis Center, OhioJuly 12, 2020
Sprinkle Dinkles
7/11/2020Dear Sprinkle Dinkles,

We spent close to 17 years together. That’s a long time. You were there for me during the good times and the bad. From the moment we brought you home you had the sweetest soul. They say Maine Coons are gentle giants and you really were. Reflecting back, I can’t remember one time you hissed or even nipped. I loved petting you because you enjoyed it so much. Brandon and I could talk and meow at you for hours and you would answer us right back... for hours. I can still remember the sweet smell of your breath. That was the Sprinkle Dinkles smell. You were my baby.

This house is so empty without you. I really feel your loss. My heart aches. I’m so sorry Sprinkles that I waited too long to let you go. I just couldn’t face losing you and hope you weren’t in too much pain during the last weeks. During those last days when you would get on top of me and snuggle, I was grateful and really appreciated that extra time you shared with me. It was as if you knew you weren’t going to be on earth for much longer and wanted to make sure I was ok as well as you being comforted. I’m so honored that you wanted to lay on me during your last hours and pass as we lay stomach to stomach and I could hear your heart slowly fade away. I love you my Princess Dinkles aka Liz. You were the best cat and I really hope you had a happy life. I’ll never forget you and your beautiful, sweet soul.

Kori BazalCoral Springs, FloridaJuly 12, 2020