Pet Memorials
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Sadie Azul Ferry
10/27/2002 - 11/4/2019With a heavy heart, we had to say goodbye our Sadie baby last week.

I fell in love with Sadie the moment my family gave her to me as an early Christmas gift in 2002, and I have literally been infatuated with her every day since. By no means was Sadie an easy dog. Most people thought of Sadie as anxious and antisocial. If the cacophony of barking when entering my home didn’t scare people, then her signature sideways stare did. However, Sadie was the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever known. She was the ying to my yang, and her unconditional love and companionship filled my heart through the best and worst of times.

I will forever be grateful for my family’s support. To Allison and Joe for loving and caring for Sadie all those years we lived together. To Jake for winning Sadie over, adopting her, and falling in love with her. That Lulu’s first word was Sadie. That Sadie protected Lulu, and gracefully accepted the major downgrade in attention when she was born.

I will always remember how Sadie could gracefully soar through the air as she ran, how she jumped privacy fences from a seated position, those crystal blue eyes, her silky fur, that painted smile, the time she chewed through a door, her smile when she sunbathed, how beautiful she was, how she'd sometimes sleep like a person with her head on a pillow and blanket pulled up to her one moment she looked regal and the next like the goofiest dog in town. How she tolerated me dressing her up for pictures every birthday, Halloween and Christmas. Most of all, I will always remember how Sadie made our family complete and our hearts full. I will be forever grateful for having Sadie in my life…she was my first baby and my best friend.

Sadie, although you are gone, you will never be forgotten. I love you.
Katy FerryPaoli, PennsylvaniaNovember 11, 2019
3/30/2010I never dreamed i would of loved this deep. You are my best friend. I am sorry you were in so much pain. I loved sleeping on the floor with you when i thought u were going. I know i said please not yet so many times. I just needed u. What an honor it is to have known you. I look at your paw print and sleep where you where when you took your last breath. I know u are free frim pain and i am in aginy without u. I do not think i have ever noticed a pet cry until i saw you crying. I hope we are together soon.
I kept u here far to long. I love being your momma🥰 i think of u every day and i know Jesus sent u my way.
You were so attentive to me and i know u always stared at me lol but that was your love. I am totally alone now. My sorrow runs deep. Scampers 11 you are the best thing that has ever happened to me!!
Today is 11/11 so i thought i should do this today. I hope there are treats in heaven. I am not afraid to be alone now because if u.
What more can a simple hulan say about a very superior being.? Kiss kiss. I still say i love you my Scampers before bed. 💔🐶
Jodi CampbellWest Jordan, UtahNovember 11, 2019
3/1/2009 - 11/7/2019We miss Moe every single day. He brought us so much joy and happiness throughout his life with us and his passing has left a void that simply can't be filled. He was such a special boy and although we are brokenhearted to have to say goodbye, we will forever live with some wonderful memories of a lost little dog who desperately needed a loving home - and we were more than happy to give that to him. We shared a wonderful life with Moe and he will be forever in our hearts. We love you, Moe.Lisa & Jay McDonnellHaymarket, VirginiaNovember 11, 2019
7/6/2013 - 11/6/2019My little angel Mo, you will be forever missed, you brought so much joy to our family., you were our protection, our companion, I fell in love with you the moment I brought you home at 5 weeks old. Unfortunately, you were diagnosed with TCC a progressive cancer, you were only 6.5 years old. It makes me so sad, but relieved that you are not suffering any more. You will always be my angel , my heart, my soul. Until we meet again our little Mo Mo.Rami RavstenAiken, South CarolinaNovember 11, 2019
Bailey Valle
2/10/2009 - 11/6/2019Bailey you were a great dog and we miss you dearly!! We will never forget all the great times we had together! All your other fur baby buddies miss you as well! xoxo - November 6, 2019 was a very difficult day when we had to put you to rest, but you were surrounded at home by all the ones who loved you. Doctor Shannon was great and explained the entire procedure from start to finish. We did on out terms and had plenty of time to spend with you and love you up before you left us!! Love you "Bail Bail" xoxoScotch Plains, New JerseyNovember 10, 2019
Shelby May
8/25/2010You are my heart, Shelby. Thank you for 9 great years of love and snuggles. I miss you sweet girl ❤️Karen MayAtlanta, GeorgiaNovember 10, 2019
9/10/2007 - 11/9/2019Fiona was beloved by all who met her. She loved giving kisses, belly and butt rubs, car rides, short walks (she was a stubborn English bulldog after all) and her family. She Is dearly missed but will live on forever in our hearts.Tim SmithWaltham, MassachusettsNovember 10, 2019
Junie Bella
11/16/2008 - 6/27/2019Over four months have passed since I had to very suddenly say goodbye to my best friend and my heart, Junie Bella. I haven't been able to write this until now. I still struggle with grief, guilt, and emptiness without her by my side. It often sneaks up on me unexpectedly and I'm reminded of just how much I miss her. My Junie B seemed to be completely healthy and happy and one day she stopped eating her food. She would still eat treats and was drinking water. Everything else about her seemed to be fine. I thought she was being picky or maybe the bag of food was bad. A few days later she had a very scary episode of closed mouth heavy labored breathing that went on for several minutes and I knew something was not right. I called my vet immediately and rushed her there. After bloodwork, xrays, ultrasounds, they found my baby had a large growth on her spleen and she was hemorrhaging internally which was causing her a lot of pain. Dr. Makey believed she had hemangiosarcoma. I then took her to the emergency specialist vet for a better ultrasound to see if surgery was possible. They determined she had multiple growths that had metastasized throughout her liver and her spleen and they didn't recommend surgery. Dr. Jo with Lap of Love came out the next day and helped her leave this world peacefully and without pain. Junie B, I'm so so very sorry. I wish there was something I could have done to save you or prevent this from happening. You were the best dog in the world and I miss you so very much every day.Stephanie KAtlanta, GeorgiaNovember 10, 2019
6/24/2002 - 10/29/2019Dear Pippin, You gifted our family with endless joy and humor. We miss you every day. Love, Mommy & DaddyDaria BlyskalIslip, New YorkNovember 10, 2019
6/1/2001 - 11/8/2019She was my best friend, my heart and soul. The memory of her will live on forever in my heart. Whenever anything went wrong in my life she made it all better just by coming over and laying next to me. Now how do I get through this when she held me together when I was sad. What I wouldn't do to just to hear her purr one more time and rub her face up against mine. Words cant explain how much she ment to me. When I depended on her so much of my life. She knew exactly what to do in these situations. Love and miss my baby.Rose SpakoskyBrookhaven, PennsylvaniaNovember 10, 2019