Pet Memorials
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5/5/2010 - 7/5/2020Lulu,

We lost a part of our soul when you were taken from us. You are such a sweet girl. You filled our home and hearts with love and laughter. I loved watching you play after you ate your food. I am so sorry that you were taken from us so soon. My heart aches for you my sweet baby girl. Now you can run free and eat anything you want.

We love you Lulu-Belle.

Always in our hearts
Rob Wardlow-ToddLexington, KentuckyJuly 7, 2020
1/1/2010 - 6/29/2020It was mid November 2011, when a little black unwanted dog was scooped up by a now defunct farm animal rescuer in Brandon, FL, placed in a cage in the back of an old beat up pick up truck and headed south to her new shelter on a farm with a log cabin house, set down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

Her young life story up to that point was horrible. She had never been in doors. She now roamed with cattle and horses on a farm, not the environment of a small indoor breed of a Cockapoo. Never been potty trained. Never had enough food. Never had fresh clean water. Never even groomed . No one ever checked on her to see if she was doing ok, she fended for herself on a farm where who knows what she endured to survive, but her owners knew she would bring a small fee to them for rescuing her from a breeder that send her to a Macon County Georgia kill shelter when they closed up shop when her first owner suddenly became ill and could no longer run her puppy mill business.

It was January 1st, 2012. One lick on my cheek and I was hooked. Her birth name we were told was Sassy and that she truly was! A shy little two year old girl afraid of her own shadow, who had been through so much neglect of living a caged life in backyard breeder and sent to a kill shelter, and finally in one lick, found her forever home. She chose me or I chose her, I will never know, but her sky blue rope leash made her peril seem so urgent that we quickly signed her Rescue Adoption Contract, paid her fee and swiftly headed back the two hour trek we blindly followed through an online rescue lead. A year later we discovered through a nightly news story had its own horrible animal hoarder situation. Luna could not speak this unbelievable truth, only lick my cheek to say, "please take me away from this terrible place".

We all arrived home very late her first night, she was scared, but such a joy to have her, it was like bringing a new born home for the first time. A brand new bed, new toy, fresh water, special treat. She was loved! We decided her first name should Luna, since she lighted our night like the moon light and made Sassy her middle name.

This little girl melted our hearts with her warm friendly personality. She willingly learned to potty train but on her on time frame. She refused to eat food out of her bowl because I think she had been so used to eating off the dirt ground, the clanging of her collar on the bowls edge freighted her, so the tile floor would be her plate. Every morning she would howl and sing so happily, as she was seeing us fill up filled up water bowl with freshwater is if we were serving her some fancy French meal. She was so delighted in such a pure simple thing as simply water.

She had her favorite spot on our couch. Her spot was smartly chosen by her, on the far right side, she could see out the front door, watch the laundry room door for whom ever entered the garage, she could watch TV, view the kitchen and backyard, she was literally sitting in the center of her universe! The Queen of her castle, she definably reigned in our house. From that point on, no one was going to sit there, but her and we were ok with that.
Is someone was sitting on her couch spot and she wanted them to move, go ring the bell, they’ll get up to let you go potty and while they get up to see what you want, she would go run and jump on sit on her couch spot on the couch. She was unbelievably hilarious. We laughed so hard we cried. Company could not believe it until they saw it for their selves. What if she wanted to know what room you were in and she lost track of you, she’d ring the bell to flush you out of where every you were hiding.

She was a bell ringer. It’s quite a funny story but we trained her to ring a bell, they are actually wind chimes that made a pleasant Zen sound that could be heard across the house to let us know she needed to “go potty”. Only later to find out that she realized, very quickly, that ring a bell got her attention for other things the bedroom door was closed and she wanted to go in there and sit on the bed go ring the bell and run and stand at the door! want fresh water? Go ring the bell and stand at your bowl! Want a late night snack, go ring the bell stand at the food cabinet door.

She could smell a Costco chicken from 20 miles away. She would keep track of that chicken in the fridge in the microwave. She’d give you that look “Wait where did it go”, “mommy did you want me to eat some too?” Our vet said "nope" to table scraps, but we still slipped her a few.

I will end this memorial here, because I could write a book on the life and times with our sweet girl. She was more like a daughter than a dog to me. Rest in peace my sweet angel.
Diana LewellenTarpon Springs, FloridaJuly 7, 2020
1/14/2020 - 6/22/ are a part of my heart forever. For some reason, I thought you'd live forever. But instead you'll live in my heart forever. You will never be forgotten. My promise to you is that for as long as I continue to breathe, I will be a voice for the abused and abandoned. I love you sweet Gracie Girl.Nicole MacLeanHavertown, PennsylvaniaJuly 7, 2020
Toby Wu
12/23/2020 - 7/4/2020We are so grateful for your love Toby and grateful to spend the past 14.5 years with you. You came into our lives when I left for college and took care of my parents while I was gone. You taught my parents how to show unconditional love and helped mend my relationship with our dad. For that alone, I will never forget you. You left a hole in our hearts and in our house and your brother is still looking for you. Seeing you suffer these past few weeks has been so hard to watch and it makes me smile that you are in a better place. Your family will always remember the bright, handsome, always hungry boy that you are. You are forever loved and please find a good spot up there for Bailey. Until we meet again, I love you and miss you Toby.John WuYorba Linda, CaliforniaJuly 7, 2020
Shayna Maidel Allen
4/23/2007 - 6/26/2020Shayna our love, you may now run as fast as you want, chase squirrels and cats up trees and catch them, eat grass and dirt, catch the Amazon delivery person, never bathe again, roll in the grass to your heart’s content, enjoy endless belly rubs, and never be afraid of thunder. All you will know now is a pain-free wonder-world of sunshine, butterflies, soft breezes, boundless energy and love.
Bark well of us when you tell the other doggy angels about your humans.
We love you. We’ll miss you. We’ll see you soon.
Keep a weather eye for us on Rainbow Bridge.
ELIZABETH ALLENLongwood, FloridaJuly 7, 2020
10/31/2007 - 7/1/2020My dear sweet boy I miss you more than anything right now. I take comfort in knowing you are not in pain anymore and knowing that we got to experience a ton of adventures together. You always let me kiss your nose even though you didn't care for it. You were loyal and patient and stayed by my side through the best and the worst times. I will always love you and I can't wait to see you again. I know you're in heaven finally catching some squirrels and eating a million bajillion bones and steaks. Please think of me and remember how much I love you so.Grapevine, TexasJuly 7, 2020
Dinozzo Oliver
11/15/2008 - 7/4/2020We honor our sweet boy, DiNozzo, who gave his love and companionship for 11 years. He was a watch dog, our personal door bell, mail delivery dog, entertainer, support companion, babysitter, crumb recovery agent and exercise buddy. We are so sad to have him leave us. We will miss him tremendously!!

DiNozzo Oliver, Nov 2008-July 2020, May You Rest in Peace
Danielle OliverMooresville, IndianaJuly 6, 2020
12/20/2005 - 6/13/2020To my precious Winnie (The Pooh), I miss you so very much. I still look for you everywhere. I miss our routines. You were so very special. Our years together were amazing. I've never been or felt so loved. I cry for you every day. I love you Winnie. You put up a good fight. I'm never going to get over losing you. I hope you are happy and with Lady, Sunshine, and Freddy. Running around on legs that don't hurt you anymore. Thank you for all the years of love and fun. I'll see you when I get there.Judy HarriganSimi Valley, CaliforniaJuly 6, 2020
7/3/2018 - 7/3/2020Falkor was abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles. We're not sure how long he was on his own, but for at least a year, and possibly two. He was taken into the shelter system, but I guess it's hard to find homes for pets in LA, so he was sent up here in a transport with a dog, where he landed at Seattle Area Feline Rescue. I lost my last boy, Skitch, to lymphoma in May 2018, and had been looking for another boy for about a month when Falkor arrived. He was big, white, had one folded ear from repeated infection, and was covered in scabs due to skin allergies... and I fell in love with him immediately. He was named Colonel Valentino - way too big a mouthful for a cat. My mom suggested we name him Falkor because of his folded ear, after the Luckdragon in The Neverending Story.Elizabeth HanningSEATTLE, WashingtonJuly 6, 2020
3/1/2003 - 7/3/2020I'm sure a lot of people have the lyric "that would be enough," in their heads after watching Hamilton, which was released the day Hammy passed. I do too. But even a lifetime would never have been enough. How silly is it that a couple of stray barn kittens would mean so much, for so long? I tell myself that, that it's silly, that it really isn't supposed to hurt so much, to be so hard. On New Years Eve I realized it would be this year, that I'd have to say goodbye. He had a tumor on his side, I could feel it getting bigger. So I hated that 2020 had arrived, because even before it was diagnosed I knew. I didn't know at the time that all of 2020 would be a steaming pile of poo, and we would add this to the list of agonizing grief. Everything about my life has changed since I was 21, except for him and his sister T Willie. They were there, through all of it. Med school in Detroit, my first time living alone. Countless hours resting in my lap, keeping me company while I poured over books and prepared for board exams. Moving to Cinci for residency, when I'd be gone for 30 hours at a time and come home exhausted, and he'd know that all I needed was for him to curl up next to me while I slept. Then back to MI for fellowship and marriage. He definitely made it clear that Chad's bachelor pad was now his. When I had to lay still for 10 weeks to keep Avery from being born way too soon, Hammy never left my side. He tolerated a new puppy, which he basically helped raise, and 2 babies, which he allowed to love him fiercely as only toddlers can do. He stayed loyal even when my attention for him drifted to other things. There were times I surely took him for granted, in complete denial that there'd ever come a day that he'd be gone. Finally we made our way to TN, moving to a new home or apartment with me a total of 9 times. He now rests right next to his sister, T Willie, together again. Her passing 2 years ago was sudden, like she was snatched away with no time to grieve. Ever since she died, I've been dreading the day when I'd lose him too. The blissful denial was over. Hammy's cancer was aggressive, but he fought it, hard. I could see him trying to stay with me, fighting past what I can only hope was not too intense pain. We had 6 months since his diagnosis to slowly grieve, to prepare, to dread. But for the most part, he hung on and was still himself. Then in the last few days, his tumor basically consumed him, and his fight was over. All I wanted was for it to feel like withdrawal of support and not euthanasia, and when the day came, it did. He needed mercy, he needed me to let him go. T Willie died alone, resting peacefully under our bed. Hammy died in my arms. Both are haunting and painful in their own ways, but I wouldn't change either story. Hammy gave me so much, just by being there. We can't imagine life without him yet, gonna take some serious getting used to. Rest easy Hammy dog, you left your mark.Stephanie LynemaKnoxville, TennesseeJuly 6, 2020