Pet Memorials
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7/13/2006 - 7/5/2019My beloved Brumby crossed the bridge on July 5th. He was the best dog that I could ever dream of sharing my life with. Our home was Brumby's forth, and I often joked that he kept changing owners until he found someone that could make is steaks right with the perfect amount of seasoning. Honestly, I think he knew he had a mission to bring more unconditional love, smiles, laughter, and loyalty to our home. Brumby had six birthdays with us. Posted are the pictures from his eighth and thirteenth birthdays. His presence is greatly missed. Run free Tipp Brumby; we love you!Erica MillerHouston, TexasJuly 13, 2019
10/25/2009 - 7/12/2019Jack
Today I had to say goodbye to my best friend. You came to me abandoned and alone and I grew to love you more and more over the years. I will never forget you and your silly ways. The way you got so excited over walks. It was your favorite thing to do.
You leave a hole in my heart but i know you are in a better place.
Rest In Peace Jack.
Sharon KreiserHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaJuly 13, 2019
11/1/2008 - 6/26/2019I was so thankful for Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, Inc.. Their in home service was invaluable. Tank and I were together in our own home when he passed the Rainbow Bridge. Dr Kara Fuchs was at my home at 11P. She had to have been exhausted after a long day of home visits that were undoubtedly extremely emotional. She was an angel as she gave Tank the dignified, peaceful pain-free passing that he deserved. She took Tank with her and later hand delivered his ashes. For a hearbreaking time, it was so comforting.Kerry CollinsChaska, MinnesotaJuly 13, 2019
9/29/2005 - 7/8/2019Sammy was a sweet, sleek, panther-like black cat. He also happened to be a vegan; it didn’t make sense to him, or to his human companion, for him to have a loving home while other animals suffered unnecessarily.

Sammy thrived on his taurine-fortified vegan diet for years, and he and his human companion enjoyed countless snuggles and adventures in over six different states. He will be missed and remembered with great love every day. His human companion’s heart may never fully heal from losing him, but her life is infinitely better for having experienced his affection. She carries on with his motto in mind: curiosity is a virtue.
Chrissy BensonNashville, TennesseeJuly 13, 2019
7/1/2004 - 7/9/2019Lola was a crucial family member for us for over 15 years. She was loyal, sociable and very active through most of her long life. She was the ultimate family "protector", and cared for all of us. Lola loved long walks and hikes and was the best "wall walker" we had ever had. We knew her time had come and she hung on for a very long while just to be with us. We will really miss her presence but know her body had betrayed her and she no longer had a good quality of life. We let her go reluctantly, knowing it was the best decision at the right time.Mark AbkowitzNashville, TennesseeJuly 13, 2019
3/7/2006 - 6/27/2019You were born to run with the big boys. Not dogs, but people. You always believed you were one of us from the night you moved in and insisted on sleeping in our bedroom with us. We learned pretty quickly we were to become your caretakers, not your owners or masters, and that you really belonged to your many friends and fans alike. Your life brought joy to so so many, young children, the elderly and dying, business owners, other pet owners, and more than we can ever know. Every day we thank God for the magnificent gift he gave us more than 10 years ago. You transformed our lives and many others as well. You will be remembered forever by everyone who met you during your lifetime. God bless you and wait for us at the bridge.
Mom & Dad
Joe & Pat NamathEstero, FloridaJuly 13, 2019
7/1/2019Archie was our special little “Apple head” yorkie who was always happy and sweet. He went along with us as we moved to a new home and easily welcomed another rescued yorkie we brought into the home who became his best friend and brother. We miss him greatly especially his barks and cries when we came home from work. We hope he is running healthy and free and we can’t wait to see him again in heaven. 💕💕Dawn KingFair Lawn NJ, New JerseyJuly 12, 2019
8/12/2005 - 6/21/2019Said goodbye to my precious ❤️ Tinkerbell on June 21st 2019 😭. She was such a great blessing to us for the 10 1/2 years we had her. She was my doggie soul mate. She got along with everybody and everything. Except: Baths, Ear cleaning and Nail trimming. 😄 She charged forward in life with GREAT gusto and energy! Asked to remember happy things with her and I can’t pick just one. Life with Tinkerbell was happy all the time. Just seeing her in the house, on the sofa, on the bed, on the floor next to the bed, cuddling with our granddaughter or (in the past) our other dogs and cats brought great joy to me. There was no such thing as personal space for Tinkerbell. From the moment we got her home and she hopped up on the sofa and cuddled with me, my heart melted. In the end her 14 year old body couldn’t recover from chronic Pancreatitis. Tink crossed the rainbow bridge with the help of Dr. Sue. Happened in the best possible albeit tear jerking way. Very thankful for Dr. Sue and Lap of Love. Thank you God for such a beautiful loving fur baby who will live forever in my heart. ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏻Lexi WilsonFolsom, CaliforniaJuly 12, 2019
12/5/2004 - 7/11/2019On Monday you woke up spirits high
You didn't feel the pain in your legs
You just felt good
Did your business
Patrolled your domain
It was a good morning
On Monday I came home
There was a glint still in your eye
You dug your head into the garden
Found a favorite ball
I didn't even know was there
From 4 feet away I tossed
You pounced. Stumbled but grabbed
The glint was there
You said again And again
4 or 5 times till it was too much
But you were happy in the moment
On Thursday your gone
But in a better place.
Eric KingJonestown, PennsylvaniaJuly 12, 2019
Daisy Mae
5/8/2008 - 7/10/2019I write this through the tears in my eyes and words cannot describe the emptiness in our home and hole in my heart without you here. You were the perfect kitty, always doing what you think you should be doing...which is whatever would make us happy. You have helped the kids and me get through some rough times with your sweet, quiet, and gentle nature along with many hours of cuddling. Family members considered themselves lucky to be chosen as your lap buddy for your long sweet naps. And we wouldn’t get up for any reason until you decided to get up first.. The entire family understood when one of us wouldn’t get up because “Daisy is on me”. It was an unwritten rule that Daisy on our lap is an acceptable excuse to stay put.

You were often described as a dog trapped in a cat’s body...even people who didn’t like cats loved you. You wagged your little bob tail when you were happy.and loved to have your belly rubbed. When we had parties, you would position yourself in the center of a room full of people, rolled onto your back, and waited for any willing person to rub your belly Many times you ran in front of family members’ path to stop, drop, and roll over for a belly rub. No one could pass you up without doing just that. That adorable tiny belly was too irresistible to pass up. Your sweet high pitched meow and tolerance to anything made everyone who met you fall in love with you. We have had people come over to the house just to see you and no one left without getting to visit with you for a little bit. Even strangers could see how special you were. Whenever I had a garage sale, I had to put you in the house even though you wanted to be with me out on the driveway. People wanted to buy you, not my items for sale! I often worried that a customer would steal you.

You were a loyal companion. There wasn’t a single time that I was working on a project sitting on the floor that you didn’t come up and join me. It was not uncommon for us to be driving somewhere and to turn around to see a beautiful stow away in the back seat of my minivan sitting content on the seat....which was a pleasant and funny surprise to have you accompany us regardless of where we were going. Of course, you were always welcome. Most importantly, you were our rock and strength during some difficult times. Somehow you always knew when I needed a loving cuddle.

The beginning of May (2019), a month before my wedding, you started to walk off balance so I took you to the vet. I was so scared the vet would tell me you had a stroke and needed to be put to sleep but I was beyond relieved to hear that your labs were perfect and it was just an ear infection affecting your balance. I made sure you didn’t miss a dose of your antibiotic ear drips even giving them a few extra days...but.. 2 weeks later, when I finished with the ear drops) your ear was bleeding. So again, I took you back to the vet. This time I was given the dismal news. You had a tumor in your ear canal. With my wedding and honeymoon in 2 weeks, the timing couldn’t be worse. The vet told me that you wouldn’t live til the wedding. I was broken hearted. You were too beautiful to die. You still have 6-8 good years left with us. That night you didn’t leave my side. I spent many days crying when it should have been a happy time before my big day. Once again, you came through for me. You stayed strong long enough for me to get through my wedding and honeymoon. My sister cared and loved you while I was gone. Otherwise, I might not have been able to leave.

You remained strong until your sweet, beautiful little body couldn’t fight anymore. Yesterday we had to make the difficult decision to take your pain away and allow you to go to sleep in peace. You crossed the rainbow bridge and no longer feel pain or fatigue. You remained beautiful as you drifted peacefully to sleep. We all wept as you took your last breath. A beautiful wooden box was make for you and messages of love were written on hearts then placed into the box with you. You looked like sleeping beauty.

Many people said throughout the years how lucky you were to have us as a family. A big house to roam, never lacking attention, etc...but...They couldn’t be more wrong. WE were the lucky ones. You made such a profound impact in our lives for such a tiny little kitty under a thick layer of fluffy fur. Thank you for the time you gave us, Daisy May. Good bye for now, Rest In Peace... until we meet again, sweet kitty!!
Melissa LeeIndianapolis, IndianaJuly 12, 2019