Pet Memorials
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12/19/2002 - 3/18/2019Oscar rarely met a person he liked. He loved his Mommy and his Daddy, but was very discriminatory about others. He especially loved to bite at men's feet. He was a gourmet. When I'd take him to the kennel before we'd head out for a trip, I'd pack little baggies of homemade pot roast, meatloaf, chicken, add a little flavor to his food. The last 4 months of his life, he went to the vet three times a week for fluids for kidney failure. The staff always wanted to know what was on Oscar's menu for that day. They always said they were "jealous." Oscar had three beds in our house, actually 4 if you count the couch, to reside wherever he felt like he wanted to at the time. One by the fireplace, one heated, and one by Mommy's desk. Trips out the back door and down to the river were his favorite. He loved roaming (with his Daddy) our 3-acre property smelling all the critter smells he could find! He had his very own cup of water by our bedside, a little treat jar and his favorite stuffed puppy dog he'd play with every single night. Basically, he ran the place and we just were here to bring Oscar joy and happiness every single day of his life. And he gave it all back tenfold. My heart is breaking. There's a huge gaping hole. Over time, it will heal, but forever I will hold my little Oscar Meyer close in my heart.Vickie HutchinsDelaware, OhioMarch 19, 2019
8/3/2007 - 3/3/2019You were the perfect boy we could ever have wanted. You were always happy and never sad even when illness got on top of you, you always had a smile on your face. You weren’t just a dog to us, you were a son. One we treasured with all our heart. A huge part of my life has gone and will never be replaced. There is a comfort knowing you are now with your big brother Bailey. It is a comfort thinking back to your life and how much fun and love you had. You are my darling, my angel, my superstar. We will miss you unbelievably. We would do anything to get you back safe and well but we will have to wait till we can join you at rainbow bridge. We love you with our hearts and soul. Rest in peace my darling, no more suffering. You can go running around chasing Bailey again now.Nicola WilsonStoke on Trent, FloridaMarch 19, 2019
8/1/2001 - 3/12/2019We miss you, Woodstock! The house seems so lonely without you greeting us at the back door. You were our one and only cat for 18 years. You were a big part of our family.

P.S. We found one of your Greenies in the kitchen today. You must be letting us know that you're enjoying all of your favorite treats on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Until we meet again, Buddy. We love you.
Sue BinterWauwatosa, WisconsinMarch 19, 2019
3/5/2005 - 3/12/2019I didn’t rescue him.....he rescued me.Patrick GraffPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaMarch 19, 2019
11/18/2009 - 3/18/2019Maeby... My soul sister. My friend. My unconditional companion. My sounding board. My biggest fan. Yesterday evening you painlessly crossed the rainbow bridge in the comfort of our living room. You had your favorite blue blankie under you and your 'cow baby' by your side. Daddy and I watched as you sunk into sleep, and then Dr. Baker listened to your heart and told us you were gone. I feel suffocated by my grief right now, even though we did the right thing by you. Your poor, thin, aching body has been through so much in your 5 years as our baby, and I'm so sorry for that. I just want to thank you for making me feel so special. You followed me around and paid constant attention to me, even when I didn't deserve it. You were utterly dependent on me, and I felt a connection so deep with you I cannot describe it. You made me feel needed, you gave my daily routine purpose. This morning was agony - I'm so used to getting up and helping you outside with the harness, getting your food prepared the way you like it, changing your foot bandage, getting your boot on you. I felt utterly empty and helpless this morning and I cried my heart out. And then the man from Faithful Companions delivered your beautiful box of ashes to me and I cried all over again. I miss you more than I can express in words, it's something crushing in my chest that I hope gets better with time, and I know it will. Please visit me in my dreams, and allow your spirit to wander our home. I still need you close to me. I will remember you fondly for the rest of my life - until we meet again. I love you.Kelly ConradFlorence, KentuckyMarch 19, 2019
Sadie Girl
8/3/2007 - 3/17/2019Where do I begin? You had the most human personality in a dog I have ever seen.
Your love for our family was as deep as could be. You were always front and center of the family gatherings, singing happy birthday, and when I said picture time to the family you came running. You loved us unconditionally, guarding us when that ferocious doorbell rang lol You greeted everyone who entered our home as happy as could be. Your love for our trips to the lake will be missed so much.
Your family loved you so very deeply (you knew that).
It was so hard letting you go but you held way to strong for us more than you should have. But that was how loyal you were to us.
Forever in our hearts Sadie Girl ❤️
Jenny WeatherlyBrownstown, MichiganMarch 19, 2019
1/27/2005 - 3/17/2019Athena,
I knew that you would eventually have to leave me. After all, 14 in dog years is a long time. But that doesn't make it any easier.
I think the hardest part is that all of these everyday things I used to do with you, I now have to do them alone. Going to work, going to the store, watching TV, playing video games, even going to the bathroom and outside to smoke. I did them all with you, and now they all seem a little more dreary.
It's especially hard at work. No longer am I greeted at the front door when I come back from the other buildings.
I don't get excited for lunch anymore, because now I have no one to share my food with. No one is here anymore to greet the customers. When I walk back from the floor, you're not there at the end of the couch, wagging you tail. No one is guarding the entrance of my cubicle anymore.

You never really had any "dog" tendencies. You acted so much like an actual person and I think that makes it even harder as well.

You were an actual person to me. You were my best friend, and I miss you dearly. I lay in your bed because it smells like you, and if I close my eyes I can pretend I am petting you.

One of the worst parts is also knowing that you would have stuck it out if I had let you. "I don't need any back legs, I got my Dad!", but I couldn't let you live a life like that.
You, in a very literal sense, saved my life Athena. I thought it was too much, and you laid your head on my lap almost as if you were saying, "Dude, it's OK."

I'll have you know; I know that you and Xena never really liked each other, and Xena never really liked me. But I went over to Alex's house yesterday, and Xena showed me so much love. I had laid in you bed before I went, so I smelled like you, and she kept rubbing her head on me and looking into my eyes. I kind of felt like she was saying "Thank you for saving her from the pain."
Shane EntzelFairfield, CaliforniaMarch 19, 2019
10/2/2002 - 3/17/2019Ginger and I have been through everything together. We have grown up together, driven across the country. Dealt with the worst and best that life has had to offer. I’m going to miss you best friend. I’d rather spend time with you than anyone else. I know that you’re in a better place now, with the spirits, free of the worldly pain I have always tried to protect you from. I hope you had a great ride on this planet. I love you more than words can express. But you already know thisMarlene PostPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMarch 18, 2019
4/13/2019 - 3/15/2019In loving memory of Lily. I'm not really sure there are adequate words to express the relationship Lily and I shared and the impact that she had on my life. This was truly the hardest decision I have ever had to make. For 15 years she has been by my side through every up and every down. She accompanied me to work daily for 14 of those years. She was my sidekick, my adventure buddy, my support, my protector, my heart.

Obviously, I knew this day would come, and I knew it would be hard, but I had no idea how gut-wrenching and painful it would be. She lived a full life in her 16 years, and it has been so hard watching her body fail and slowly losing the girl I love so much. I’m not sure if I will ever know that I made the right decision at the right time, but I hope she knows that it was made out of love. The only consolation is knowing that she is free of her old body and mind and relieved of aches and pains. I hope that somewhere she is chasing tennis balls or chasing squirrels and getting all the hugs and love that she could ever want.
Lisa ButlerBaltimore, MarylandMarch 18, 2019
9/15/2004 - 3/17/2019The times me and Chloe shared were unimaginable. We did lots together. She truly changed my life for the best. I lost my best friend. Although her memories I will remember forever. She has the greatest personalities. I will never forget the one time she woke me up out of a dead sleep and was howling like a wolf. What a dream she was having. I know I made the best decision. To see her suffer toward the end was heartbreaking. Believe me when I say this. She may have lost her battle with cancer but she will always remain alive and well in my heart and soul. Until we meet again Chloe bear. Go and chase that tail! Daddy will always love you and think of you at all times.Andrew RayApopka, FloridaMarch 18, 2019