Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
9/15/2004 - 1/4/2019Bailey, you were our first child. You came to us as we were just starting out. We took one look at you and fell immediately in love.
You were the sweetest, most loving dog with the most gentle soul. There will never be another like you, you touched our hearts in a way no other has or ever will. From your crazy zoomies as a puppy to your gentle spirit with Marley and Emmie as puppies and then Lawson as a baby, you always were the best! I dreaded the day I would have to let you go from the time I started loving you - you were my baby and we miss you like crazy! I know the tears will eventually lessen, but my heart will always hold you and there will never be a day that I don't miss your sweet face. I treasure the time you were with us - from climbing in my lap as a puppy and me sitting in the floor with you for hours in order not to wake you to the days when you would no longer fit so we laid on the green blanket on the couch. Your 14 years with us were not enough - could never be enough - and I would give anything to love on you one more time. We hope you are pain-free now and running those puppy zoomie laps again. We will love you always! You were perfect!
Robin AtwoodMurfreesboro, TennesseeJanuary 7, 2019
5/22/2003 - 1/3/2019Bailey, you will always be our first child. You taught us love, laughter, chaos, frustration and patience. From all the holes you loved to dig, mud to play in, to insisting on drinking water out of the bath tub always kept us laughing. You also were an amazing friend to our son, Logan. You were by his side every chance you had until you couldn't climb the stairs anymore. I don't think I have one picture of him without a piece of you in the picture. You taught him how to walk and run. Never got frustrated when he pulled on your face or stole your rawhide bones during teething. (Granted, you took his teething toys.) Best buds until the end. As for me and your daddy, you were the best bed hog, cuddle buddy we could have asked for. We hope you enjoyed your 15 years with us and hope you are now playing with your sister, Harley in heaven. Love you sweet girl.Alexis LathropGrand Prairie, TennesseeJanuary 7, 2019
12/26/2010 - 1/5/2019You came into my life on December 26, 2014 and you were carried out of my life on January 5, 2019. Such a short time, baby boy! But oh my goodness the impact you made on me in the time in-between cannot be described in just words. From the minute I saw your face on Facebook with the caption “Rescues only”, your eyes spoke to me. On that night, December 24, 2014, I knew I had to get you safe. I had to bring you home. From our first meeting, baby boy, when I knelt down at my door as you came up my sidewalk and you placed your paws on my shoulders and laid your head on my head, we both knew we were meant for each other. I thought I would have you for many many years and when you got sick and the “big C” was diagnosed, a part of me just died. You gave me such joy, you were my friend, my confidante, my bed hugger, for 4 very short years. But buddy, you couldn’t have been loved more by anyone. The house is so empty and so very quiet. You were such a presence. Your fur sisters and brother still look for you and cling to me a little closer. They are so confused. I didn’t want you to go but you told me it was time. You told me it was so hard to breathe and it was taking so much out of you to keep trying, you asked me with those beautiful brown eyes of yours to please let you go and so I did, baby boy. I said goodbye on a beautiful sunshiney January day. Run free, my love, my cherished companion. You will remain in my heart forever.Peggy CarbineFalmouth, KentuckyJanuary 7, 2019
10/1/2018 - 12/27/2018Anyone who has a Pet knows how your heart is breaking!
Brandy was a great dog, a son, a companion. It hurts to lose a beloved pet especially when you have to make the choice to let go, but that last act of friendship was the most caring thing you could have done for your companion.
It also says a lot about the special bond that you shared with your pet a bond that will leave behind many wonderful memories.
Gary and Jessy SmithPompano Beach, FloridaJanuary 7, 2019
3/20/2006 - 12/27/2018My sweet girl I miss you so much! Thank you for being my best friend and loyal companion for all of these years. You were at my side during some of the best days of my life and some of the most difficult times too and having you next to me always made me feel safe and loved. I did everything that I could to help you feel better and will never get over having to make the decision to let you go. I still look for you in all of your usual spots and this house is not the same without you. I hope you are happier now and able to do the pug scuttle again wherever you are. RIP my sweet Petu. I will miss you always and hope that I will see you again someday.Sylvia BarahonaBoca Raton, FloridaJanuary 6, 2019
5/17/2008 - 12/30/2018We will miss Ginger every moment of everyday, she brought us so much joy and laughter over the 10 years that we had the pleasure of being with her. Ginger was everyone's best friend, always there to listen and comfort. At the end of her days, she was diagnosed with diabetes and lost her eye sight, but she never let this stop her from going on her daily walks or continuing to be vibrant. She taught us to meet every challenge in life with fearlessness and to not let obstacles bring you down. The house is very quite without her reminding us its 4pm, time to eat, or without the sound of her tail thumping to greet us in the morning or when we return from work or school each day. We will continue to honor her memory and remember everyday is precious, until we meet again. We love you Ginger.Nancy SolakWoodbridge, VirginiaJanuary 6, 2019
All Ball
06/10/2005 - 1/5/2019Ms. Ball, we will always remember you for your favorite spots: in Mason's lap as he gamed on his computer, on the radiator in the living room on your purple towel, snuggling in Shawn's arms, and lying draped over Lyda's arms as she wrote. You were the social one, always wherever the people were--though you were very jealous of of Mason's girlfriend. It was hard to say goodbye, but you told us what you needed.

Ms. Ball will be greatly missed, every day.
Lyda MorehouseSaint Paul, MinnesotaJanuary 6, 2019
9/14/2002 - 1/4/2019Charles was a small dog with a huge attitude and he made a lasting impression on everyone he met. He was by my side all through my late-teens and early-twenties. We moved across the country multiple times and experienced many changes during that time. He was the one consistent in my life and provided me with countless moments of love and laughter. He was able to meet my husband (whom he lovingly tolerated and bossed around completely), attend our wedding, and spend his golden years with all of us as a family.Maja & Jake VerduzcoDenver, ColoradoJanuary 6, 2019
11/1/2011 - 1/5/2019We should have called her Nanna from Peter Pan. She protected and loved the kids until her last breath.Rachel LackerBENBROOK, TexasJanuary 6, 2019
10/02/2008 - 12/29/2018Fuiste para mi compañía, amor y nunca te olvidare ...Te amo mini y te extraño mucho 💔😭asi me dejaste sola y vaciaDaisy NievesUnion city, New JerseyJanuary 5, 2019